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ㄕㄜˋ [she4 (*ㄋㄧㄝˋ [nie4).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To gather up (skirts going up steps): to grab [she4qU3]↓;
to hook up;
to attract by magnetic force (related 吸);
(fig.) to photograph (“grab image”) [she4ying3]↓.
(2)  To act as regent or deputy: [she4zheng4]↓;
任,篆 to act as deputy;
to act concurrently as deputy or acting officer;
(3)  To conserve (life, energy): 生,護,[she4sheng1], [she4hu4], [she4wei4]↓.
(4)  (*[nie4]) To pacify: 鎮.
Words1.取 [she4qU3], v.t., to absorb, assimilate (nutrition, food), take between the fingers. 
2.護 [she4hu4], v.t., to conserve energy, life force; 護腺 the prostate gland. 
3.政 [she4zheng4], n., (also 政王) prince regent. 
4.力 [she4li4], n., magnetic force. 
5.理 [she4li3], v.i., to be acting officer. 
6.生 [she4sheng1], v.i. & n., the art of conserving life energy. 
7.行 [she4xing2], v.i., to act in some capacity. 
8.氏表 [she4shi4biao3], n., Celsius thermometer, centigrade. 
9.衛 [she4wei4], v.i., see[she4sheng1]↑. 
10.影 [she4ying3], v.i. & n., photograph, -y; 影機 camera (also 照相機); 影師 photographer, cameraman.