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ㄑㄩㄢˋ [qUan4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To persuade: 不了,不動 cannot persuade (s.o.);
把他們開 break up fight, quarrel between them;
他 try to persuade him;
慰 to comfort one in distress or anger;
善,人為善 exhort one to go the right way, to do good;
戒,[qUan4jie4], [qUan4gao4]↓.
(2)  To encourage: [qUan4mian3]↓.
Words1.酬 [qUan4chou2], v.i., urge to drink, gather for drink. 
2.導 [qUan4dao3], v.i. & t., to urge, exhort. 
3.告 [qUan4gao4], v.t., to exhort by friend, teacher or government, to persuade by gentle advice; n., exhortation. 
4.和 [qUan4he2], v.t., to offer services for reconcilliation. 
5.化 [qUan4hua4], v.i., (1)  to urge one to do good; to convert others; (2)  to solicit contributions for temple. 
6.誨 [qUan4hui3], v.i. & t., to teach, exhort. 
7.驚架 [qUan4jia4]1, see [qUan4he2]↑. 
8.駕 [qUan4jia4]2, v.t., to help persuade one to accept invitation or post. 
9.諫 [qUan4jian4], v.t., to advise and admonish against. 
10.戒 [qUan4jie4], v.i. & t., to exhort against (lawlessness, smoke, drink, etc.). 
11.進 [qUan4jin4], v.i., formerly, (associates or ministers) make formal appeal for s.o. to mount the throne. 
12.酒 [qUan4jiu3], v.i., urge to drink. 
13.捐 [qUan4jUan1], v.i., to solicit contributions. 
14.勉 [qUan4mian3], v.i. & t., to urge and encourage. 
15.募 [qUan4mu4], v.i., see [qUan4jUan1]↑. 
16.說 [qUan4shuo1], v.t., try to persuade (s.o.). 
17.世 [qUan4shi4], v.i., gen. homily on morals. 
18.誘 [qUan4you4], v.t., to win over by gentle persuasion.