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ㄌㄢˊ [lan2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
VTo bar, separate, cut off, hinder, obstruct: 遮 to screen, cut off from;
hinder, obstruct;
住 stop, hold back;
不了 cannot be stopped or held back;
著 hinder or bar;
[lan2dang3], [lan2zu3], [lan2jie2], [lan2kai1]↓;
門 bar the gateway;
路 bar the road;
街阻路 obstruct traffic;
路虎 a highwayman;
門牆兒 just talk for form's sake (not to be taken seriously);
腰抱住 hold (s.o.) by the waist, usu. from behind.
Words1.勸 [lan2qUan4], v.t., dissuade from. 
2.擋 [lan2dang3], v.t., restrain (s.o.), stop, persuade not to. 
3.撌 [lan2gui4], n., a shop counter. 
4.截 [lan2jie2], v.t., (=闌截) intercept, hinder ,cut off.  
5.開 [lan2kai1], v.t., break off (fight). 
6.阻 [lan2zu3], v.t., hinder, obstruct.