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ㄔㄢ [chan1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To support or assist (person) gently while standing or walking: [chan1fu2]↓;
起來 assist to get up from sitting position;
著他 supporting him.
(2)  To mix, blend (materials): 水 add water;
假,[chan1jia3], [chan1za2]↓.
Words1.親 [chan1qin1], v.i., to assist bride to come down from sedan chair. 
2.放 [chan1fang4], v.t., to mix in other ingredients. 
3.扶 [chan1fu2], v.t., to assist (aged or invalid) to walk. 
4.合 [chan1he0], v.t., to mix, blend with other materials (also 摻合). 
5.夥 [chan1huo0], v.t., to mix up (cards, chess pieces). 
6.假 [chan1jia3], v.t., to adulterate (medicine, lotion). 
7.雜 [chan1za2], v.t., to mix in other things; v.t., p.p., adulterated. 
8.嘴 [chan1zui3], v.i., to interrupt while others are speaking.