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ㄌㄢˇ [lan3. [Equiv. , ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  Take hold of, grasp, exercise control over: 總權綱 hold the reins of government;
城郭之兵 command all troops in the city and its suburbs;
鏡自照 hold up a mirror to look at one's own reflection;
筆 take up a pen to write;
轡 hold the reins.
(2)  To round up (talents): 延人才.
(3)  To contract sales by district or quantity: [lan3huo4]↓;
得了 be able to obtain business deal;
,承 to contract for;
solicit (business).
Words1.契 [lan3qi4], n., written guarantee given by a shipper undertaking to ship goods; cargo receipt. 
2.權 [lan3qUan2], v.t., seize or extend (political) power. 
3.取 [lan3qU3], v.t., take hold of. 
4.單 [lan3dan1], n., see [lan3qi4]↑. 
5.貨 [lan3huo4], v.t., undertake to ship or market goods. 
6.頭 [lan3tou2], n., (1)  contractor; (2)  gen. term for shipping company. 
7.總(兒) [lan3zong3]([er0]), v.t., assemble together.