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ㄊㄢ [tan1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NA collection of liquid: 一水,一泥 a pool of water, mud.
([tan1zi0], [tan1er0]) A stall, booth, mat on sidewalk displaying goods for sale: 香煙 cigarette booth
測字 fortuneteller's booth
果子 fruit stall
spread out goods for sale in booth or (排地 ) on mat.
V(1)  To spread out: 開 spread out;
看 spread out and see;
位 assign seats;
(2)  To distribute: 還,[tan1huan2], [tan1chang2]↓;
責任 distribute responsibility;
認,[tan1ren4], [tan1pai4]↓.
Words1.償 [tan1chang2], v.t., to pay back (debt) by installment. 
2.販 [tan1fan4], n., stall keeper; seller on sidewalks. 
3.還 [tan1huan2], v.i. & t., to pay back by installment. 
4.簧 [tan1huang2], n., a form of storytelling in rhymes at teahouses, partly sung (also wr.灘). 
5.黃菜 [tan1huang2cai4], n., scrambled eggs. (from Peking custom of avoiding word 卵“egg”). 
6.派 [tan1pai4], v.t., assign contributions, work. 
7.牌 [tan1pai2], v.i. & n., make a showdown (lay cards on the table). 
8.認 [tan1ren4], v.i. & t., to pledge contribution individually to gen. fund. 
9.銷 [tan1xiao1], v.t., amortization; also distribute sales.