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ㄑㄧㄚ [qia1. [Dist. tau]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To gather with the hand (cogn. 夾 [jia2]): 把東西在一起 gather the things together with fingers;
把紙在一起 nip the papers together with paper nip;
把頭髮起來 gather up one's hair;
手裡著一把青菜 holding or grasping a bunch of vegetables in his hand.
(2)  To pinch, nip: 他一把 pinch (s.o.);
得好痛 give a painful pinch;
斷了 break off with hand;
花 break off a flower from stem;
頭去尾 to nip off unwanted parts (of vegetables, etc.).
(3)  To choke: 住了,喉嚨 to choke, be choked in the throat;
死了 choked to death.
To bend fingers in counting: 算,指一算,弄 count by fingers.
Words1.把 [qia1ba1], v.t., to pinch, hurt by pinching; (fig.) to treat harshly. 
2.尖兒 [qia1jiaeer0], v.i., (1)  to nip off young branches for better growth of plants; (2)  尖兒,尖落鈔 make illegal profit, nip off profits for oneself. 
3.訣 [qia1jUe2], v.i., (Taoist) to make finger gestures during incantations.