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[], 找到 10901 個
adj.one; all, whole, throughout; radical; uniform, single; alone; same; each, per
adv.once, as soon as
n.one, unity; the first; a, an, the; the same, uniform
rad.Kangxi radical 1
v.unify, unite
adj.T-shaped; fourth
n.an individual; person; male adult; imitation of tinkling sounds; member of a family; population; cube; fourth of ten celestial stems.
rad.KangXi radical 2
n.gentleman, man, husband, elder; unit of length in old China equal 3.3 meters
adj.three; several; many
adj.supreme; top; first; best; preceding, previous; before; upper, upward; higher, superior, better
prep.above; on
v.ascend, go up; go on; send to; pay in; go ahead
adj.inferior; lower; next; latter; downward
prep.below; under; beneath; underneath
v.descend; fall; bring down
adj.his, her, their, this, that (arch.)
n.a flat top instrument used for holding things; surname
adj.no, not
prefixnegative, non, un-, not
v.beg; ask for; remit; give, bestow
n.clown, comedian, second of the twelve Terrestrial Branches
adv.moreover; now; still; further
adj.big, great
n.generation, era, age; world; society; life, lifetime
n.hillock, mound; mountain, hill; grave; a surname
n.Third, third of the ten celestial stems
n.assistant officer (in ancient China); deputy
v.to assist; to come to rescue
var.prototype of
v.lose; throw; lay aside; display
adv.also; together
conj.and; or
idiomat the same time
n.fork, bifurcation
adj.the middle; target hit, attained; related to China
n.mean; halfway
prep.among; within; in; between
classifierstring, cluster
v.to connect, league, to string up
n.ball, pellet; anything like a small ball; pill
adj.red, vermilion
n.cinnabar; pill
adj.primary; main
n.lord; master; owner; ruler; host; person or party concerned
v.manage; be in charge of; indicate; signify; hold a definite view about something
n.a morally and intellectually outstanding personality
v.mow; govern; control; punish
conj.but, if, namely; also, and, however, then
pron.your, their, that, those
n.a long time
v.to depend on; to entrust with
adj.last in a series; tender, small
particleinterrogative particle
v.shout at someone, cry out
pron.him; her; it; this; that; them
v.arrive at; go to; to do; leave
adv.suddenly, abruptly; first, at the beginning; for the first time
v.mow, cut down shrubs and trees (arch.); spread, extend
particleexclamatory final particle; interrogative particle
prep.at; in; from; than
adj.lack, exhausted
n.crack (of a rifle or pistol); table tennis
onomatopoeiaforas in pingpong
adj.cunning, crafty; perverse, unreasonable, erroneous; endearing, good, acquiescent
classifiernumerary adjunct for vehicles; the count of four (arch.)
n.vehicle (Buddh.)
v.avail of; ascend; ride; multiply (math.)
adj.second; one; twisted, bent, crooked
n.black bird; swallow; duck; guts of a fish; second of the ten celestial stems
rad.Kangxi radical 5
v.to squint; to narrow the eyes into a slit; to hlance side ways; to tuck
n.a surname
v.beg, go begging; ask, request, hope; give, bestow (arch.)
adv.also; too
int.exclamatory particle suggesting pause in speech
n.female sex organ or genitals (arch. acc. to Xu Shen) [sic]
particle(in Classical Chinese) final particle implying strong affirmation
v.to divine by means of a willow stick writing on the sand
adj.young, newborn, sucking
n.breasts, teat, nipple, tit; milk
v.suckle, breast feed
adj.having an position merely in name
n.the first of the eight trigrams; the first of the 64 hexagrams, sky; monarch
adj.reckless; confused; indiscriminate; random; arbitrary
n.rebellion; disorder; upheaval; chaos; riot; unrest; turmoil
v.confuse; mix up; jumble
v.finish, complete, settle, dispose of, end
pron.I, me
v.grant; confer
n.incident, affair, undertaking, business; matter, thing; trouble, accident; job, work
v.to serve; to wait upon; be engaged
adj.two; different
rad.Kangxi radical 7
n.Korean place name; step with right foot (arch.)
v.to take small steps
n.flute (arch.); sigh (arch.)
prep.on; to; from; with
var.variant of
v.say, speak
adv.mutually; together; each other
pron.(archaic form of 其) his, her, its, their; that
var.variant of
adj.orderly, neat
n.well; pit; shaft of a mine; The Well, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
v.draw water from well
adj.eternal; everlasting
adv.all over
v.extend all across, stretch; span
adj.a little, a few; some; slightly; a bit
adv.rather; somewhat
adj.inferior; secondary; second to; ugly (arch.)
v.weigh down; press down
adj.urgent, imperative
adv.repeatedly, time and again
adj.absent, escaped
v.die; perish; be lost; go away; forget
adj.high; firm; arid; supercilious
n.surname; The Neck, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
v.resist, withstand; shelter, shield
n.friend, acquaintance, friendship, relationship
v.mix; cross, intersect; exchange, barter; communicate; bargain; deliver, hand to, hand over, give up; commit to; pay; have intercourse with, to copulate; join, interwine, interlace; engage; associate with
n.The last of the twelve Terrestrial Branches
adv.also, moreover; likewise; further; however; then
adj.smoothly, prosperous
n.henry; surname
v.enjoy, receive
n.metropolis; capital city
n.pavilion, arbour, shed, kiosk
adj.light; bright; clear, transparent; firm; straightforward; loud and clear
n.brightness; faith, confidence
v.assist; spread the wings; shine; show
n.Bo, capital of Shang Dynasty; a city in Anhui Province
adj.trustworthy, sincere, true
adj.diligent; beautiful; indefatigable; unwearied; resolute
n.a gate
v.to enter; to self-cultivate
n.human being, man, mankind, person, people; others; personality, character; manpower
rad.Kangxi radical 9
adj.sundry; miscellaneous; ten
n.file of ten soldiers; ten
var.a variant of
n.benevolence, charity, humanity, love, kindheartedness; edible kernel of seeds or nuts of plants
n.a surplus, an excess; a tithe
adj.inclined, slanting, oblique, humble, narrow
n.oblique tones
n.hatred, resentment; enemy
adj.modern; present, contemporary
adv.now; today
v.sigh (arch.)
adj.small; insignificant; trifling; determined; resolute; alone; great
n.armour; mail; scale
v.lie between; border on; take seriously, take to heart
adv.yet; still
idiomas before; yet again
n.child, young
n.post; official; surname
v.be an official, fill an office; study
adj.other; another
pron.he, she, it
n.fight, war
v.rely, trust, depend
v.hand over; transfer; commit to; give to; pay
n.celestial being, immortal; fairy; dead; cent, coin
adj.same; together
adj.pliable but strong
n.ren,an ancient measure of varying length; Ren village
v.fathom; admit
n.leader of one thousand men; thousand
adj.upright; towering; robust
adv.successively; repeatedly
n.generation; era; dynasty; substitute, replacement
v.replace; take the place of
adj.good, excellent; your (honourable), esteemed
n.order; season, commandant
v.command, order, decree; tell; cause, make, render
adv.thereby; therefore
conj.because of
idiomin order to; by means of
prep.by, through, with; according to
idiom(coll.) three in count (cannot be followed by a measure word like 個)
v.admire, respect, look up
v.part; merge, combine; distinguish
n.five; funeral director; an opponent; a match; an equal
v.to be equal to; to cover; to violate
classifiernumerary adjunct for article, piece
n.an article; letter; corespondence; paper; document
n.duty, office, official position
v.trust to, rely on, confide in; appoint, employ; bear, be responsible for, assume office, take up a job; allow, tolerate, let
n.part, portion, share, dividend; duties of a post; lot; position
仿v.imitate, copy; ape; resemble; to model after
adj.erect, upright (position)
v.to stand on tiptoe; to look for; to anxiously expect; to look forward to; to plan
adj.fearful; nervous
adj.tall and big, noble, lofty; firm; strong
v.match; resist, withstand
pron.he; she; it; that one
n.file of five men; company; comrade; a group of five families having mutual responsibility; five
v.associate with
n.a female performer; artistry, skill
adj.secret; hidden
v.prostrate; yield; suffer; lie in ambush; hide; conceal; suppress; sit on eggs
v.cut down, fell
n.blessing; prosperity; good-fortune
v.rest; stop, cease; desist; resign; separate from; divorce
n.husband; laborer
n.utensil; goods; furniture
n.child, kid
adj.senior, elder
n.father's elder brother, uncle; earl; count
v.estimate, guess, presume, value, consider, appraise
n.companion, partner, associate
adj.lonely, solitary
n.actor, actress
v.stretch out; extend; straighten out; redress; report to
v.wait upon, serve; examine, spy
adj.like, resembling, similar
idiomas if
v.seem; appear
trans.Character used often in the transliteration of proper names of foreign languages; transcription of first syllable of Gamma Ray; transcription of Sanskrit 'gha' in Buddhist texts; transcription of first syllable of the Carmelite order
adj.powerful; moving; ugly
n.ranges of hills
v.rent land from a landlord
adv.yet; merely; still; however
conj.but; only; nevertheless
v.stand for a long time; look forward to, wait for
v.extend; diffuse; inform
trans.transliteration of Sanskrit kh- (ख)
n.throne; position, post; rank, status, location; seat; situation; place; figure; digit
v.to take position
v.hang the head, bow the head; droop, hang down; lower
v.dwell, live, reside; stay, stop, cease
v.assist; company
v.bless and protect; help, assist
v.unsurp; take by force; occupy; seize; take; constitute; hold; make up; account for
adj.which; what
adv.why; where
adj.easy, graceful in movement; hunchbacked
pron.other; he
v.dishevel; carry
n.I, me; surplus
adj.dissolute; easy; beautiful
n.recluse, hermit; ranks
v.be lost; be discarded, escape
n.Buddha; Buddhism
n.work; writing
v.make; do; act; write, compose; rise; pretend; affect; regard as; act as
adj.confused due to old age
adj.flattering; hypocritical; glib
pron.you, thou
n.Wa nationality
n.ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient China
v.wear; express admiration for; bring with
n.a surname
n.fellow, guy; a grown-up male person
v.pretend, feign
adj.a hundred; all; every
n.the commanding officer; establishment (for ancient army unit); a hundred
adj.beautiful, fine, nice; lucky
v.combine, incorporate; annex
adj.right; robust and sturdy; bent; shrugging; trembling
adj.perverse, strange; quibbling; crafty, treacherous
adj.graceful, supernormal; handsome, beautiful, good-looking; outstanding
adj.nimble; active
v.to order; to help, to aid
n.the ranks of ancient dance; a row of dancers employed at the ancestral sacrifices under the Chou dynasty
使n.envoy; messenger; ambassador
使v.employ; use; send; order; cause; allow; apply; make
v.depend on; destroy
adj.upright and outspoken; amiable
n.wheat (arch.); coming; returning
v.come; return; arrive
adj.large; exaggerated; profligating, extravagant, wasteful
adj.big and clumsy; speak with an accent
adj.regular; routine
n.precedent, example, instance; rule, regulation, law; custom; usage
n.gentlewoman; servant
v.wait upon, attend upon, serve
adj.dwarf, midget, short; fat, corpulent; ignorant
v.urge somebody to drink or to eat; repay kindness, helping each other
n.logical sequence; coherence; doctrine
adj.honest; ignorant; long and big; through
n.Dong nationality; boy
v.supply, feed; contribute to
prep.according to
v.follow; comply with; trust to; depend on; obey; be near to; listen to; yield to
v.insult, bully; slight
n.dukes or princes; nobleman or high official; marquis
v.usurp; encroach upon; appropriate; raid; invade; intrude into; infringe upon
v.associate; conjoin, marry
便adj.convenient, handy; ordinary, plain; advantageous; cheap
便n.convenience, ease; urine; excrement
便v.ease nature, relieve oneself
adj.huge, gigantic
v.belong to; be, is, are
adj.hurried; close; crowded; short; urgent
v.urge; promote
adj.sudden; soon
adv.suddenly; momentarily; presently
n.(Chinese name for) Russia
v.amputate one leg (arch.); lean to one side
v.wear; save
adj.great, fine; robust; handsome
n.a sacrificial utensil; a chopping block
adj.pretty, handsome, smart; nimble; profitable
v.resemble, be alike
adj.sharp, fast, clever
adv.complete, cleanly executed
adj.vulgar, common, worldy, custom, convention, popular
v.capture, take prisoner
adj.folk; rustic, vulgar
n.sth.to live for; Li nationality
v.bend; submit to
n.guarantor; guardian
v.protect, safeguard; defend; care, nourish; guarantee, ensure, insure; keep, maintain, preserve
adj.stable, pleasant
n.surname; acupuncture points
v.consent, promise
v.wait for; wait until
adj.chivalrous; bold; generous
n.truth; sincerity; confidence; letter, mail; symptom, indication, sign; message, word, information, news
v.trust, believe
v.repair, mend; regulate; study, cultivate; reform; prune, trim; embellish; decorate; build, construct
v.bow down, face down, look down
adv.all, completely; together, in company
v.in the company of, along with
adj.comic; not serious
n.farce; buffoon
v.distribute; praise, cite
adj.good; thick; strange
adv.at beginning, first; suddenly
v.build; put in order
n.salary; year's qualifications; surname
pron.I; my; our (northern dialects)
倀n.madness, mania; traditional ghost who was devoured by tiger; spy
倀v.not know what course to take
n.two; several, a few, some
n.storehouse, warehouse, granary
adj.single; individual; piece
classifiernumerary adjunct for piece
n.officer in charge of royal chariots; assistant; herdsman
n.time; fold
v.act contrary; rebel
v.run fast
pron.pronoun for plural
adv.but; yet; nevertheless
idiomon the contrary
v.fall over; lie down; knock down; pour out; invert
adj.serene; composed; calm
adj.stubborn, unbending; crafty; towering; gruff, surly
v.banker after, covet; make a pet of sb. , favor sb
conj.if in case; perhaps
v.wait, await; expect; visit; greet
v.lean by; rely on; depend on; be near to
adj.unrestrained; unoccupied
v.to ask for
conj.if; supposing
v.borrow; lend; avail of; make a pretext of
v.guide, lead, introduce, initiate, advocate
v.imitate; like, resemble
adj.unenlightened; boorish; ignorant; urgent, pressing
v.to pull a long face
adj.tired, weary
v.be weary of; be tired of; decline
adj.haughty; arrogant; bended; rude; bold; strong
v.to rely on
adj.smiling; pretty, handsome, beautiful
n.man; son-in-law
v.ask somebody to do something
adj.feeble, tiny, young and weak
n.child; end, main threads of a complicated affair; surname
n.logic, order; relation
adj.tall and big; notable; striking; pretty, charming; manifest, clear
adj.dwarf; short
n.Japan (arch.)
n.price, value; a turn in course
v.worth; happen to; meet
v.praise, appellation
n.Yan; surname
v.fall in ones back, lay down; cease, stop; lodgy
adj.false; unreal, fake; sham; phoney; artificial
n.leave of absence; vacation
v.pretend; bestow; grant; borrow; avail oneself of
adj.brave; rushing
n.Budhist's chant or hymn
adj.admirable; extraordinary; fine-looking; powerful; big, great
v.to walk alone
pron.so, such
v.be close to; lean close to, snuggle up to; comfort
adj.inclined to one side; leaning; partial; prejudiced; determined
v.be together with, be in the company of
v.work, make; act; be; do
adj.suitable; satisfactory
v.stop, cease; desist; delay; halt; pause; stay; park
adj.healthy; strong; robust; vigorous; constant, regular, persevering
v.strengthen; invigorate; toughen
adj.inclined; awry; prejudiced; perverted
adv.aside, askew; awry
v.incline; lean; slant
n.spy, scout
v.investigate, detect, spy
n.image, idol, mate, spouse
adv.stealthily, secretly
n.burglar, thief
adj.false, counterfeit, bogus, fake
v.pretend, feign, forge, falsify
adj.great; strange
n.teacher; a surname
v.teach, instruct; lay on, apply; close to; depend on; assist; stick to
adv.beside, be close to
v.depend on; assist a ruler in governing a country; accompany; follow
adj.outstanding, remarkable
n.path; Jiangxi people; servant
n.a word used in one's name
adj.vulgarian, rude, rough; ugly, hideous; lose face; find fault with sb.
n.umbrella; sth. like an umbrella
adj.ready; prefect
n.quiver, arrow bag (arch.); equipment; perfection; readiness; completeness
v.prepare; provide; put in order; complete; be equipped with, have
n.the Dai nationality in South China
v.urge; press; hasten; hurry
adj.common; vulgar
n.hired labor; servant
v.hire, employ
adj.complicated, urgent, pressing
adj.proud, arrogant; refuse to yield to; brave; defy
n.record, chronicle
v.summon; propagate, preach; transmit, infect; interpret; spread; conduct; send, pass; hand down; convey, express
n.wound; injury
v.injure, wound, hurt; grieve
adj.stupid, foolish; silly; muddleheaded; dumb; think or act mechanically
n.an imbecile
v.upset; be overthrown; collapse; subvert; fall flat; pour out; incline; bend the head; lean to; assay; test; smelt
adv.exactly; hardly; scarcely; barely, merely; almost; only
adj.all; unanimous
adv.all; together
n.flail; the whole
v.sign; transfer; assist
adj.like; similar
n.appearance; resemblance; image
adj.tall, stately
n.companion, colleague
adj.be greedy for, request endlessly; lucky; flighty, superficial
n.Jiao yao state
v.rent; hire
n.monk; a surname
trans.transliteration of Sanskrit sangha
v.fall down; overturn; be defeated
n.legendary dwarf
adj.sham, hypocritical; undue; fault, crime, in disorder; modest
v.usurp; exceed ones responsibility of office
adj.ignorant; humble
n.boy; youth; servant; page; name of the Zhuang ethnic group
n.Bo nationality
v.hire; employ
n.minority name
adj.stark; dull; rigid; deadlocked
v.become stern; lie flat; die
n.value; price; valence or valency
adj.remote, out-of-the-way; evil; stubborn; rare, uncommon; eccentric
n.ceremony; usage; rite; rule; deportment; manner; present; instrument; apparatus
n.Nung, an ethnic nationality in Yunnan Province
pron.I; you; he; person
adj.quiet; at rest
n.a hundred thousand
v.contrive; calculate
v.guard, warn, outpost
n.middleman; surname
adj.thrifty, frugal, economical; poor; thin
n.Dan prefecture; Dan county; a unit of weight
v.carry on a shoulder pole; carry by two persons
v.to be greedy for; to attack; to assault; to intercept; to accuse; to charge; to do
n.scholar server; Confucianism; Confucianist; scholar
n.low-grade slave; a servant
n.partner, companion; a party of four; a class or kind; comarade, friends
v.to compare
n.fellows; associates; a class; a company; a sign of plural
v.repay, recompense, restitution, indemnify
n.puppet, dummy, imposter
v.injure; destroy
adj.abundant; plenty; enough; excellent
n.actor, actress
adj.rude; barbarous
v.store, collect
v.follow; steal
adj.black; fast; dark green silken fabrics becoming white in color
n.name of the god of South Sea in ancient Chinese myth; flash; name of fish
var.variant of
n.spouse, couple, pair
n.temperance; abstinence; a group of fearless warriors in ancient Yueh; an ancient festival to exorcise the demons causing any plague; to drive away pestilence
conj.if; supposing; in case; in the event of; in case of accidents; if anything untoward happens
adj.dignified, majestic; beautiful; just like
v.hold ones head high; arrange
adj.lazy; tired out; worn; fatigued
adj.towering and level; bald; utterly ignorant; unstable; dazzed; independent
adv.still; upright
pron.this, that
adj.just, fair; unbiased
v.to permit, to consent; to allow
adj.first; primary, basic, fundamental; principal, chief
n.dollar; head, chief, first; unit
n.wizard (arch.); brother, senior
adj.sufficient, full
v.fill up; satify; act in place of; become; pretend to be, pose as; charge; serve as
n.a sign; omen; million; billion (old); trillion; megabyte
v.escape, to flee from flood (arch.); portend, foretell
adj.inauspicious, ominous; ferocious, fierce; terrible, serious; fearful
n.act of violence, murder; disaster
adj.first, foremost; former, previous, former, earlier; deceased
v.put first; take preference over
adj.glossy; smooth; bare, naked; alone
n.light; favour; brightness; honour, glory
adj.competent, adequate; certain
modal v.can
v.be able to; subdue, overcome; fix upon; restrain
n.one of the eight trigrams of baguah
v.convert, exchange, commute; weigh; add
v.avoid; avert; escape; evade; remit; spare; excuse; forego; remove from office, dismiss
n.son, child; surname ([PTH] Ni, [Cant.] Ngai)
n.rabbit, hare
n.female rhinoceros (arch.)
n.Yan River; one of nine empire divisions of ancient China
n.pocket; helmet; pouch
v.confuse; wrap in; wrap up, bind up, move around; canvass,canvas; take sth.with ladle,dipper, etc.
adj.careful, cautious; strong
v.enter; come in, come to; join, be admitted into; put in
adj.inside, interior, inner; domestic
prep.within; among
adj.perfect; entire, whole, all, full, total, complete; absolute
v.keep; keep intact; make perfect, complete
adj.two; both; a few; couple
n.two; pair; couple; a unit of weight
adj.fair, equitable, just, equal, impartial; public, open to all, collective; common; general
int.exclamatory particle suggesting affirmation
adj.all, total, altogether; common, general
adv.together; collectively
v.venerate, to revere (arch.); share; work together,
n.soldier, troops, army; military; arms, weapons
adj.his, her, its, their; this, that
n.sieve (arch.)
n.tool, implement, utensil
v.draw up, write; prepare; possess, have; provide, furnish
n.statue; law; code; canon; document; record; standard
v.be in charge of; control; mortgage; give in pledge
adv.double, twice, together, both
n.one of nine empire divisions of ancient China; short for Hepei province
v.hope; wish; aspire
v.do not have; there is not (Canton.)
adv.readily; gradually; tenderly
n.bamboo tablets bound up with strings (arch.); book, volume; imperial edict; a formal writ
v.to enthrone, to crown; to invest with rank; to confer honours
adv.again; then; further
n.hat (arch.)
v.rush, risk; feign, imitate; dare; to emit; to emerge
n.crown; hat-like thing
adj.free and at leisure; superfluous; miscellaneous; useless
adj.the best, ranked the first; coronary, coronal
n.hat, crown, cap; first prize; ceremony marking a man's coming of age at twenty (arch.)
v.precede ;to put on a man's hat ceremonially signifying one's coming of age
adj.eldest; of the wife
n.burial mound; top of hill
n.injustice, wrong (being done); feeling of bitterness, hatred, enmity; bad luck, loss
v.oppress; bend
adj.dark, obscure, dim; profound and lasting, far-reaching; void, hollow; quiet
n.the nether world; night; surname
v.die out; tacit agreement
n.cloth cover; power; exponent (math.)
v.to cover with cloth, cover
n.winter, a season
adj.cold; frosted; frozen; crystallized
v.to freeze
v.freeze; condense
adj.bewitching; seductive; gorgeous
n.metallurgy; blacksmith
v.smelt, fuse
adj.cold; indifferent; solitary; quiet
n.a surname
adj.cold; clear; pure
v.allow, grant, permit, authorize
adj.fresh; cool
v.to cool
adj.withered and fallen; poverty-stricken; exhausted
v.wither; decline
adj.cold; in disorder
n.ice; ice cell
v.override; bully, encroach on, insult; rise high, go up, soar; ride; cross, negotiate
adj.cold, icy
v.freeze, congeal
adj.cold; severe, chilly; awe-inspiring; afraid
v.freeze; congeal; coagulate; curdle; accomplish; bring to pass
n.small table
adj.all; common; general; mortal, secular, earthly; every; ordinary
n.tray, tablet (arch.)
n.female phoenix
adj.balmy; soothing; gentle; triumphant, victorious
n.victory; triumphant return of an army
n.stool; bench
adj.inauspicious, ominous; fierce, ferocious; terrible, fearful
n.act of violence
adj.convex, protruding
v.protrude, bulge
adj.concave, hollow, sunken, dented, depressed
n.a depression, a pass, valley; notch; dent
v.come out; go out; manifest, appear; exceed, go beyond
n.pouch for keeping arrows, a quiver (arch.); letter; armour; case, box, envelop
v.contain; envelop
n.knife; sword; razor; a kind of metal currency circulated in Chinese antiquity in the Qi State
adj.tricky, sly; knavish; unkind; having partiality for a particular kind of food
v.tempt; create difficulties; inveigle
n.knife-edge, blade; sword, knife; an ancient measure of varying length
v.to kill (with knife)
n.one tenth of an inch; part; function, duty; a unit of length; a unit of area; a unit of weight; minute; a unit of interest
v.divide; share; distribute; assign; allot; seperate; distinguish; differentiate
adj.eager; anxious; intimate; related
v.cut, mince, slice, carve; feel, urge; correspond to; be sure to
v.to mow; to cut off; to behead; to reap
n.periodical; publication
v.hew; cut; carve; engrave; erase by cutting away; print; publish
v.cut one's throat; cut off
n.law; example; punishment; torture
v.punish; imitate
v.to pare the edges and corners, to round off, to trim; to be worn or torn (away); to neglect; to dig
v.punishment of cutting off the feet of the criminal
n.file; rank; series; row
v.arrange in order; enumerate; classify; line up; list
adj.elementary; original
n.the beginning; the first
v.cut in two; divide; judge; decide; distinguish, discriminate; sentence; condemn
adj.other; another
v.separate, leave, part; differentiate, discriminate, distinguish; do not; twist around
n.a carpenter's plane
v.to plane; to level; to peel with a knife; to dig; to excavate
adj.sharp; favourable; cutting; witty
n.profit, gain; advantage; interest; benefit; merit
v.to cut; delete, erase
v.scrape; make a racket, clamor; blow; plunder, fleece; shave
v.arrive at; reach; attain to; go to
v.to cut open and clean; to slice off; to scratch; to kill; to sacrifice; to stab
v.to cut open; to hollow out; to kill; to eliminate; to injure sombody cruelly; to rip up
v.regulate, govern, restrain, restrict, control; determine, decide; fix; prepare; establish; overpower; make, manufacture; work out, formulate
n.brush; swish, rustle
v.brush, scrub, clean, wash; clear away, eliminate; daub, paste up
n.ticket, certificate; bond, contract
n.thorn; tentacle; splinter
v.stab; pierce; brand; lampoon; criticize; penetrate; assassinate; irritate; stimulate
adj.close; stingy; oppressive; cutting, penetrating
adv.already; now
n.quarter of an hour; moment
v.engrave; carve; cut; fix
v.chop, cut; mince; hash
v.cut the neck, behead
adv.then; immediately; consequently
n.rule, law, regulation; grades; pattern; standard, norm, criterion; list
adj.sloping; sheer
n.small knife (arch.)
v.pare; scrape; delete from tablets by scraping; sharpen to a point; seize territory
v.to scold; to censure; to beat; to subdue; to destroy; to overcome; to cut down; to deduct; to embezzle
adj.hot; perverse, disagreeable, eccentric and unreasonable
v.slit, cut
adj.former; preceding; in front of; before
adv.formerly; forward
v.(arch.) to cut
trans.transliteration of Sanskrit ksetra
v.stop, apply brakes
v.pick out; scrape off; get rid of, scrape meat
n.cuting of the feet
v.cut open, split open; analyze
v.prick with knife; stick in the ground; stab
adj.hard; firm; strong; indomitable; unyielding; constant; enduring
adv.recently; just now; just, exactly; barely
v.dig; cut out; gouge out; scoop out
v.flay; peel; strip
n.carving or engraving knife
v.rob, plunder
v.to omit; to cut; to carve; to prick
adj.sharp, sharp-pointed
n.Shan county; Shan River
v.sharpen; recommend
n.residue; overplus; remains; remnants
n.scissors, shears, clippers
v.cut, divide, separate
v.dismember; kill; get cut
adj.deputy; assistant; auxiliary; subsidiary; secondary
n.assistant; pair; set
v.aid; second; rend, tear; correspond to, fit
v.cut; hack; reap; buy
adj.pertinent, true
v.grind; admonish; kill, cut
v.create; make; invent; begin; wound; cut; punish
v.level off; trim; pare down
adj.intrepid; agile; frivolous
v.rob; pierce; attack; plagiarize; float
n.exterminate, annihilate
v.rive, divide, cut; mark; engrave
adj.troublesome; acute; severe; intense; more
n.comedy; play; theatrical work; drama; opera
v.chop, cleave, split; strike; be right against (ones face)
v.kill; destroy
v.to cut off; to amputate; to behead
v.to stab; to cut off; to cut; to wound, to injure; to meet; to get together
n.sword, dagger, sabre; swordplay
v.kill with sword
v.trim; adjust; compound medicine
v.cut off the nose (a punishment in ancient China); cut off
v.to cut; to divide; to partition
n.a simple farming device used for ploughing (arch.); strength; force; power; a unit of strength for testing bows; ability; capability; influence
n.merit, achievement; efficacy; good result; skill; work
v.add to, add; plus; augment; put in; append; increase; grant; raise to; appoint
adj.bad, evil; weak, small; violent
v.to aid, to help, to assist
v.exert; strive; put forth; protrude; bulge
n.calamity, disaster, misfortune
v.plunder, raid, rob; coerce, compel
n.labour; toil
v.to give gifts to
adj.eminent; excellent; admirable
v.to stimulate an effort, to encourage; to exhort
v.examine, inquire; impeach, accuse
adj.strong, powerful, sturdy
adv.sudden, quick
adj.brave; daring; courageous; valiant; brave, courageous, fierce
v.make great efforts, do all one can; encourage, exhort; urge
adj.strong; violent
n.horizontal stroke in writing
v.bridle; restrain; extort; force; coerce; engrave; rein in
v.move; start; shake; excite; rouse; take action; stir; act; get moving; change, alter
v.to encourage; to excite; to stimulate
v.collate, survey
modal v.must, should
n.duty, affairs, business
v.be engaged in; devote one's efforts to
adj.superb; wonderful; lovely
n.victory; success
v.overcome; vanquish; excel; be equal to; sustain; bear; be worthy of; surpass; be superior to
adj.weary, fatigue
n.work, labour; meritorious deed, service, toil; shrikes (a species of bird as in 伯勞)
v.toil; suffer; give trouble to; reward, recompense; encourage
v.enlist, recruit, raise, collect
n.power; influence; authority; strength; aspect; circumstance; condition; tendency
n.conduct that deserves reward, achievements; accomplishment; merit
var.variant of
adj.diligent; industrious; willing to toil; hardworking
v.encourage labour; aid
v.attack; destory
n.toil; affliction
v.to put forth effort
n.medal; nobility; exploit;meritorious service; contribution; achievement
v.encourage, urge, incite
v.exhort, advise, persuade,urge, admonish, encourage
n.ladle, scoop, spoon; a unit of a capacity
adj.equal; even
v.assemble; gather
v.hook, join, connect; entice
adv.not; don't
n.parcel; bundle; package; pack, packet; bag, sack
v.wrap; include, contain; undertake; contract, hire, charter; manage; guarantee, asure
n.Hsiung-Nu; abbreviation for the Central European State of Hungary;chest, bossom; breast
v.crawl; lie prostrate
n.the bottle-gourd; music instruments using a gourd as base
v.to fall prostrate
n.spoon, knife, dagger
v.change; transform; smelt; influence; turn; convert; melt, dissolve; burn up
adj.north, northern
adv.back to back (arch.)
n.back (arch.); north
v.run counter to, act contrary to (arch.)
n.spoon; key
n.the gourd-shaped ladle; a washbasin with a tubular handle to let the water run off
adj.dense; full
n.circumference, circle; time
v.circle; encircle
n.carpenter; artisan; master
adj.upright; comfortable
n.basket; shell; Kuang town (arch); Lushan mountain; surname
v.correct; help, assist; save
n.small case, chest
adv.not, no
v.bad; meagre
n.waters converging to one spot; whirling waters; bank draft; letter of credit; collection, assemblage
v.advance money; remit; converge; gather together
adj.deficient, short of; rout
n.dung's basket; surname
adj.alone standing
classifierclassifier for horses or mules; classifier for bolts of cloth
n.bolt, piece; company; mate; match
v.compare, be equal to; be a match for; on a par with
n.a horizontal inscribed board; a big round shallow basket
v.hide; conceal
adj.small, unimportant
n.area, district, region; ward; place
v.discriminate, distinguish; classify; subdivide
adj.ten, tenth; complete; perfect
n.ten, tenth
adj.thousand; many, numerous
n.measurement unit for grains, one tenth of a dou or dipper; litre, pint
v.ascend, arise, rise, go up, hoist; advance in office, promote
adj.interlacing; crosswise
n.noon, midday; the south; the seventh of the twelve Terrestrial Branches
n.general term for plants; myriads
adv.half; partly
v.to halve
adj.humble, low, inferior, modest
adv.hastily; suddenly; at last
n.infantry, infantryman, foot soldier; soldier, private; end; pawn
v.finish; stop; obiit; die
adj.distinguished, outstanding; erect; special; profound, brilliant; lofty
adj.united in; joint; common
n.agreement; mutual help
v.aid, help; harmonize, be in accord
adj.south, southern
adj.broad, rich, abundant, plentiful, extensive, ample
n.ancient board game (arch.)
v.fight (arch.); play games; gamble; speculate
n.prophecy; divination with tortoise shell
v.fortune telling; prophesy
n.law; Bian town; surname
n.omen; a surname
v.guess; estimate; practise divination
n.guard-house at a pass; customs barrier; check post
v.cough; wedge; get stuck
n.wine pot
n.divinatory symbol, diagram; trigram, hexagram; fortune telling
n.a container for holding wine
n.fourth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches; double knife (arch.); early morning hours; mortise; slot cut into wood to receive a tenon
v.kill, slaughter (arch.)
n.seal; stamp; chop; print; mark
v.suppress (arch.); print; stamp; mark; engrave
adj.dangerous; perilous; lofty
n.danger; peril; The Rooftop, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
adv.about to (arch.); immediately;promptly, quickly, accordingly; now
v.approach, reach, be near; assume, undertake
n.egg, spawn, ovum
n.a roll of paper; book; essay, document
v.roll up; curl; grasp firmly; sweep off; carry along
v.unload, retire, get rid of, remoave, discharge
adv.but, yet, still, however; while
v.reject, decline, withdraw; retreat, step back
adj.uncomfortable; unsteady
v.to limp
n.a minister or a high official; your; an emperors form of address for a minister; a term of endearment formerly used between husband and wife or among close friends
n.cliff, precipice, (river) bank, cave (arch.); factory, workshop
rad.KangXi radical 27
v.make things difficult for, injure, persecute
v.hinder, stop, prevent
adj.small; minute
n.the thousandth part of a Chinese foot; likin tax; the thousandth part of a tael; unit of annual interest rate
v.regulate; give
adj.thick; deep; profound; substantial; generous; sincere; virtuous; genuine; secure; rich or strong in flavour
v.favour; stress
n.wetstone; house; a grave or tombstone
v.to place a coffin in a temporary shelter pending burial
adj.primary, original; former; natural; raw, unprocessed
n.source; origin; beginning; cause; reason; plateau, plain; excuse, pardon
pron.his, her; its, their
v.be faint, fall into a coma; kowtow; be short of
v.be satisfied; loathe, abhor, detest; be fed up with, be bored with
adj.harsh, severe, stern, cruel, oppressive
v.grind, sharpen, whet, discipline, oppress
n.lid; operculum; a covering flap ; shell
v.go away; remove; get rid of; do away with; kill; depart; go up; go in
adj.uneven, irregular
n.The Three Stars, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky; corresponding to the three stars in the centre of the constellation Orion (arch.)
v.counsel; consult together, refer; join, enter, take part in; intervene; consider; collate; compare; impeach; report; mix, blend; visit a superior; reach to, penetrate
adv.also; again; moreover; further
idiomin addition
n.fork; cross
v.cross; fork, stick
idiomin time for
v.extend; reach to; come up to
n.friend; companion; associate
v.make friends of
adj.reverse, opposite, contrary
v.turn over; retreat; rebel, revolt; turn back; oppose; combat
n.father's younger brother, uncle
v.picking beans or peas (arch.)
v.take; fetch; get; receive, obtain; select; adopt; assume; choose
v.receive, accept, get; bear, stand, endure, suffer
v.betray, rebel, revolt
n.an old man; Sou nationality
onomatopoeiasou sou; sound of rice-washing
v.to search
adj.shrwed; discreet; astute; being quick of perception
n.the divine sagacity of sages
n.chump, grove, jungle, scrub
v.crowd together
n.mouth; open end, opening; cut, hole; entrance, gate
adj.ancient, age-old; old, former
n.ancient times; books or orthodoxies of ancient sages; the ancients; a surname
adj.crook, crooked (arch.); bend, curl
n.hook (arch.); sentence; expression; phrase
adj.separate; another, other; extra; besides
adv.besides; in addition; separately; again
adj.excessively talkative, blabbermouthed; quarrelous; garrulous
v.knock; kowtow; expose, inquire
adj.single; one only
adv.merely; simply
conj.only; but; yet
v.cry, shout; hail, greet; call, summon, ask, order; hire, engage; cause; permit; name
v.call; summon; cite; give notice; convene
n.clackle; trumpet
n.tickling sound
onomatopoeiasound of small bells
v.give advice repeatedly; sting; stick with
adv.but; yet
modal v.may; can; might; could
v.fit; suit
n.terrace; raised platform, stage; stand, support; table, desk; broadcasting station
v.to like, to take pleasure in, to regard with favour (arch.)
v.loudly rebuke; shout at
n.history, chronicle, annals
adj.right; west
v.honour; esteem; assist; protect
adv.impossible; so; very, much, many
n.officer; department
v.control; manage; preside; take charge of; attend to
onomatopoeiasound of pressing tiles
v.hold or contain in mouth
v.sigh; breathe out; appeal, petition
v.eat; drink; suffer, incur; absorb; use up, annihilate, wipe out, exhaust; take; live on
adj.each, every; various; different
v.enter (arch.)
v.cry out; bawl; yell
adj.whole; proper
v.shut, close; enclose; combine, unite, join, joined, pair; gather; agree; total; suit, agree; be equal to, add up to
adj.lucky, happy, auspicious
n.Short for Jilin province
v.suspend, hang, lift
n.English inch
adj.same; together; alike; identical; similar; in common
v.share in
n.name, rank, title, position; fame, reputation
n.ruler, sovereign (arch.); queen, empress
n.officer, deputy
v.spit, vomit, disclose
n.direction; trend
prep.to, towards; from
v.face; turn towards
v.shout with anger; upbraid; roar
n.a chief; a sovereign; ruler; gentleman; monarch
adj.mean; difficult
v.stint; feel shame, feel disgrace
v.devor, swallow; annex
n.song (as a type of classical poetry)
v.sign, groan; chant; recite
v.deny; negate
v.move; persuade
v.hold in the mouth; contain; cherish, nurse, harbour; embody; restrain
v.utter a sound or a word
v.suck with mouth, sip, lick
n.chime; clang
n.squeaking, chirping
onomatopoeiachirping of birds or rats
v.make (a sound)
n.The Kingdom of Wu (one of the Three Kingdoms); A surname
v.speaking aloud (arch.); bawl
v.make a noise; bicker, squabble; wrangle, hubbub
adj.slow (of speech)
v.cry out, shout
v.draw in the breath, inhale; suck up; absorb; attract
v.blow; breathe; puff; praise; buff
v.kiss; coincide; close
v.roar; shout, cry out; howl
n.I, me
onomatopoeiasound of laughter
particlefinal particle
n.vertebrae (arch.); some kind of meta plates (arch.); a surname; musical note
int.placed at the end of a sentence to express astonishment
n.crow; hiccup, hiccough
v.to swindle; to cheat (HK Cant.)
adj.dull, foolish, silly, idiotic
n.petition; accusation
v.present to a superior; submit; assume; reveal, disclose, manifest
v.tell, inform, notify; declare, announce to; accuse, lay an accusation, indict
n.foot (British and American unit of length)
n.a necktie; a tire
v.suddenly greet loudly to catch one's attention
n.foreign woollen cloth; wool
onomatopoeiaum; um-hum
adj.all round; complete; entire, whole; comprehensive; thoughtful; attentive
n.circumference; periphery; circuit; week; cycle
n.the cry of a baby
v.to rebuke; to give a talking to; to break with
n.flavour; taste; smell, odour
v.breathe; scold
v.bulge; move, shift
onomatopoeiaquack; ha-ha
int.pah; expression of reprimand
v.groan, moan
v.call out; cry out; shout; exhale, breathe out; name
n.life; will of god; order, command, decree; lot, fate, destiny, luck; government notification
v.order, command, decree; assign; name
v.to taste; to chew, to masticate
onomatopoeiamake clicks of admiration, praise, etc.
v.suck, sip
v.bluster, roar
adv.how; why
v.bite; cry out
adj.gentle; mild; kind; harmonious
n.harmony; peace; conciliation; the sum; peace
v.be on good term with; be in accord with; harmonize; rehearse ensemble music; draw
n.disaster; bad luck; calamity; fault; error; adversities
v.blame; feel guilty; catastrophe comes into being
onomatopoeiagee; gee-up
n.incantation; spell; curse
v.to curse
trans.first syllable of foreign words such as coffee or curry
onomatopoeiaa dropping sound; rat-a-tat
int.alas; well
n.stretch mouth, grimace
v.to grin
v.take counsel, consult; sigh
onomatopoeiathe bleating of lambs and sheeps
onomatopoeiameow, waw
n.measure of length equal to eight inches
v.bite, gnaw, snap
n.cackle, chuckle; cluck
v.cough up
pron.we; us
int.hi; damn it; alas
v.sign; child laugh; cough
adj.salted, salty
onomatopoeiacrying and breathing
v.make a din
n.a wry mouth; a surname; name of an ancient country
v.chat, jaw, gossip, talk
v.swallow; fill
onomatopoeiasound of creaking or squeaking; sound of babbling of young children learning to talk; chirp, laughing, moving
v.to squeak
adj.grieved, sorrowful, sad
v.pity, sympathize with; mourn; grieve
n.article; product; commodity; action; conduct; kind; class; series; order; degree; rank; quality; grade; character
v.taste; classify; estimate
v.to smile; to sneer at
onomatopoeiaroar of laughters
v.roar; bamboozle, humbug, cheat; lull, coax
adj.loud, noisy, uproarious
n.loud noise
v.tremble; chatter; shiver, shudder, quiver
int.descriptive of sb.'s cries; wow
v.vomit; cry
onomatopoeiasound of laughter; sound of yawning
v.to bend (one's waist)
int.an expletive; an expression of surprise, of admiration, or of grief
int.yes; aha; look out; why; hello
adj.amusing; funny; cruel; ferocious
v.to pause
n.member; personnel, staff member; official
n.elder brother
int.wow; what
onomatopoeiasound of ripping, giggling, or laughters
adj.of mouth wry; slender
n.lookout post; whistle
v.patrol; reconnaitre; whistle
adj.which; what
pron.which; what
v.cry, weep
n.asthma; sound; yelling of pig
v.roar; cry
adj.wise; sagacious
n.wise man; sage, philosopher, philosophy
v.know intuitively
v.feed; nurture, feed young
int.humph; tut
v.groan, snort; hum, croon, chant in a low voice
v.block up or choke
adj.delighted, gay; good and kind; excellent
adv.maybe, fine
v.extend condolences
int.placed at the end of a sentence reconfirming assertion; modal particle indicating that things should only or can only be done a certain way
v.to chant (as in Buddhist singing)
v.abet sb. to do evil, instigate, incite
n.short and asthmatic breathing; palpitation
particleyes, well; alas; oh
v.laugh; sigh; whimper
adj.hasty; bold; rude; boastful
n.descriptive of the sound of reading
n.vomiting of animals
v.to use bad language
n.buzz, chirp, twitter
v.to recite; to chant, to intone
v.to bluff, to intimidate, to frighten, to scare
v.sell; dispose of
adj.only, alone
v.answer promptly
n.a song or a singing part of a Chinese opera
v.sing; call out, cry
n.the cry of a crane, wild goose, etc
v.to cry
int.expression of amazement or doubt
v.recite, read, chant
n.a speaking evil
onomatopoeiagobbling sound made by ducks
v.to eat; to peck; to suck
n.saliva, spittle, drool
v.gnaw, nibble; delve
v.to peck; to preen; to bite (usually referring to birds); to slander (fig.)
n.quotient (math.); travelling merchant (arch.); commerce, business, trade; trader, businessman, dealer; Shang Dynasty; Antares (lat.), main star of the Scorpio constellation (arch.)
v.trade; discuss; deliberate; consult
v.to humbug, to hoodwink; to tell with an irritating voice
particleexclamatory particle
n.visit; letter
v.ask; visit; hold responsibility; interrogate, examine; ask after
v.to drink, to taste,to sip; to expectorate, to spit; to scold
v.wail; weep
v.to eat; to taste; feed; bait, entice; chew; bite
v.to sip; to taste; to drink; suck up; to weep; to keep talking
adj.mute, dumb; keep silent
n.laugh; sound by craw; babble
v.explain; inform; state; begin, start, initiate
trans.second syllable for foreign words such as coffee or morphine
v.hold in the mouth; harbor, cherish; contain; accept
idiomwhat? interrogative
particlefinal particle of assertion
onomatopoeiaclap, sound of cracking
onomatopoeiasound of noise
particleindicating polite suggestion
n.the nitrogen hetero-cycle of organic compound
onomatopoeiaclang, clank; bang, crash
v.weep aloud, cry
n.cry of a child; noise
n.noice made in coughing or vomiting
v.cough up
adj.a fish sticking its mouth out of the water; looking up to
n.responding voice
v.chatter; mumble in repetition
adj.good; virtuous; satisfactory; apt; expert; familiar with; kind, friendly; whole
v.perfect; make good; approve
n.description of a sudden sound
adj.the sound of chirping; strong wind or rain
n.larynx, throat
v.call; halloo; shout; cry out; yell
v.talk endlessly; chatter; babble; stramp on; suck
adj.a wry mouth
int.hi; look
v.cry ceaselessly; anger; keep silent; chock with sobs
onomatopoeiasound of insects
v.to call out
onomatopoeiacock's crow
v.breathe heavily, pant; gasp for air
adj.tired, weary
n.beak, snout; mouth; muzzle; point
v.call out; call up; be called
adj.pleased; happy; delighted
n.pleasure; joy; pregnancy
v.be fond of; like; have an inclination of
v.drink; shout
v.sigh heavily
onomatopoeiacry of new born baby; sobbing; sound of bells
n.mourning, funeral
v.mourn; lose, die; destroy
adj.tall; lofty; proud
n.a surname
adj.one; single; individual; only; lone; odd; simple
n.sheet; bill; list
trans.the second syllable of curry
int.oh, ah
n.chatter, whispering; yes (arch.)
onomatopoeiathe meow of the cat
v.inform; know; report; raw an analogy
int.what; yes; ah
adj.olfactive, olfactory
v.smell, sniff, scent
v.peck; irritate the respiratory organs; choke; feel unwell; bear
adj.stingy, miserly; poor harvests
v.harvest; cherish; economize, save
onomatopoeiathe sound of bird; singing of birds
n.crop of a bird; small bottle
n.name of an ancient song
v.pushing forward or upward
n.throat; vital communication line
onomatopoeiasound of flattering
v.choke; quarrel
v.to suck
particlefinal interrogative particle
int.oh, an interjection expressing regret or sorrow
v.chat; crack sth. between the teeth; talk
onomatopoeialatter, rattle
n.throat; voice
v.get angry; blame, complain
v.to boast; to speak figuratively
int.exclamation of regret
onomatopoeiasound for sobbing or crying
v.to cry, to sob, to express regret
v.have a liking for; have an insatiable desire for
n.the cackling of fowls
v.to belch; to chirp; to gag; to vomit
int.alas; hello; interjection
v.sigh, heave a sigh; gasp in admiration, highly praise
onomatopoeiabuzz (e.g. of bees or of airplanes)
adv.later on
n.inheritor; progeny; a surname
v.inherit, continue; adopt
int.expression of amusement and abandonment
onomatopoeiasound of tearing
v.sneer at
v.howl; wail, cry loudly
adj.talking excessively, gabby
v.suck with mouth; shiver
int.hey; hip
n.flute-like wood-wind musical instrument introduced from the Uyghurs
int.hum; heh
adj.affectedly sweet, talk and act like a spoiled child; rever in, be proud of; excellent, outstanding
onomatopoeiamake a hubbub, whine; cry
v.cough; suck or draw with mouth; gargle
v.to give vocal signals to a dog; to set a dog on; to instigate; to order about; to urge; to incite
onomatopoeiatick tack
v.whisper; murmur; harbour suspicion
onomatopoeiajabber, murmur, buzz
v.sigh, lament, exclaim
adj.beautiful, fine, good; happy; lucky
v.praise, laud
adj.passing swiftly
int.used at the end of the sentence
adj.naughty; eccentric
adj.great; large and strong
n.luck; birthday; felicity; prosperity
v.to bless
v.vomit, purge, disgorge
v.cry out; argumentative; click of the tongue
adv.ever, once
v.taste; try; experience
trans.the first syllable of Mcdull
onomatopoeiasound of tooting
v.mutter, grumble
n.thump, gurgling
v.clamor, noise; boast
v.to lap; to swallow; to bite; to suck
v.clatter, be garrulous; chat, gossip
n.a whistling; hissing sound
v.whistle; call; howl, roar
int.sigh of disapproval; a sound
v.whisper; emit a small sound
v.ridicule, deride, mock, scorn, jeer at; sing
n.mouth; bill of the bird; mouthpiece; nozzle, spout
v.fear; shout garrulously; argue, querulous; chatter
adj.hoarse, chirping
adj.resonant, clear (voice)
n.cry (of cranes etc.)
int.grief; highly praise
v.grin; bitter smile
v.to snort
v.remain silent
v.spit water from the mouth
v.to reproach; to scold
v.choke; block up; choke with sobs; be depressed
v.breathe out slowly; sigh
onomatopoeiathump, flop; burst into laughters
v.keep in the mouth or eyes, contain; hold in the mouth
int.sound addressing a horse or cart-animal to command it to move forward
int.oh; interjection for pain or sadness
v.close one's mouth; close; shiver; be used up
adj.long-winded, wordy; strong; murmur, in a whisper
onomatopoeiasound of vomit
v.to hiccup; to vomit; to split; to spurn
n.receptacle, vessel; utensil, implement, ware; dish; instrument; organ; capacity, ability, talent
v.think highly of
adj.shocking; fierce; severe; simple; fat
v.make an uproar, clamour
v.to belch; to breathe out, to exhale, to sigh
v.bite; devour, swallow
n.cry; shout
v.to wail; to call; to neigh
int.oh,well; pooh
n.words or act meant to amuse or to excite laughter
v.laugh heartily, laugh aloud
adj.free from inhibition; spacious; mediocre
v.swallow; gasp
v.spurt; blow out; puff out; snort; emit; spout; gush; spray; sprinkle
trans.sound transliteration
onomatopoeiasound of a large bell
v.to enjoin; to charge; to order
onomatopoeiaah; oh; to laugh heartily
v.to bawl
v.wish to speak; wisper
v.call out
v.intimidate, scare, threaten
v.howl, roar; wail
v.taste, try the flavour of; experience
onomatopoeiasound of respiration
v.speak; mumble
v.gnaw, masticate
adj.ruthless, ignorant and thickheaded; fraudulent and crafty, insincere; stupid and dominant
adj.crafty, cunning; silent
particlefinal exclamatory particle
onomatopoeiachirping sound
adj.tired, weary; thick, broad
v.droop, hang down; hide
n.Ku,a name of legendary emperor; inform quickly; an urgent communication
adj.stern; strict; dignified; private; tight; severe
adv.very; extremely
v.chirp; sob
v.uproar; shout; call; rebuke; brawl
v.chew, munch, masticate; eat; bite; play with; prattle
v.sound of folding; warble; chirp
v.to move the mouth as in speaking; to chatter
adj.blatant; arrogant
n.clamour; hubbub
v.be noisy, loud
v.to laugh; to burst into laughter
v.somniloquy; speak in ones sleep; shiver
n.a note in singing
v.prattle; chatter
n.bag, pocket; anything bag-shaped
v.order, urge, enjoin, instruct,l eave word
n.muttering; indistinct speech
n.convict, prisoner; captive
v.imprison; confine; capture
n.son; children; child, pet
n.a time, an occasion; a chapter
v.return, turn around, go back; answer, reply
n.top of the head or of the skull, fontanel; gap between the bones of an infant's skull
n.cause; reason
v.follow; rely on; accord with
n.grain bin; wood bin
v.store up, hoard
n.window (arch.); chimney
adj.round; entire; whole
adj.surrounded by; weary, tired; sleepy
n.distress; difficulty; anxiety; poverty
v.be stranded; be hard pressed; surround, pin down
n.prison; enclosure
adj.firm; strong; established; solid
adv.assuredly, decidedly; originally; obstinately; firmly; resolutely; admittedly
v.solidify; consolidate; strengthen
v.pen up; limit, constrain
n.the lavatory, the toilet, the privy; the pigsty; the rubbish heap; grain-fed animals
n.garden, cultivated field
n.jail, prison
v.put in jail; defend
adj.whole; complete
n.circle; ring; group
v.encircle; punctuate; enclose
n.jail; horse stable, stall; groom; border
v.arrest, stop; keep horses; defense
adj.of the state; national
n.country; state; nation; kingdom; dynasty
n.Chui Mountain;granary
n.circumference; span
v.surround; invest; besiege; enclose
n.garden; orchard
adj.round, circular, spherical
n.circle; dollar; official name of the Chinese legal tender (currency) and of the currencies of some other Asian countries
n.diagram; chart; map; picture, drawing; portrait; scheme, plan; intention
v.scheme, plan; desire; pursue, seek; intent
n.sphere, ball, circle; mass, lump; group, society; regiment (a 300-man troop); organization
n.sky; circle; prison; Korean currency unit
adj.local, native; homemade; indigenous; unrefined
n.soil, earth, land, ground; territory
prep.at; in; on
v.consist in; be present, exist; be alive; rest with; depend on
n.dyke; embankment; depression; country fair
aux.combine with other verbs to show the continuation of the action
onomatopoeiasounds of quarrel
n.auspicious jade; jade tablet
n.earth; soil; ground; a place; locality; territory; position; situation; region; field; background
n.furrow in field, small drainage
n.capital; boundary; bent shore
n.garbage, refuse, waste, rubbish, junk, litter, danger
n.foundation, ground; place, site, location; address
n.end; brae
adj.equal, even; all
adv.equally; fairly
n.potter's wheel
v.rule fairly; adjust
n.memorial archway; office; shop; worship; mill
n.dust; earth; a bank of earth
v.to fly upward; to gush; to assemble; to gather; to turn up the soil; to dig; to bring together
v.collapse; wither; fall into ruins
n.hole, pit; bank, ridge; one of the eight trigrams; one of the 64 hexagrams
v.dig, sink
v.sit, take a seat; try a case at law; travel by; be situated; assign; recoil; kick back
n.pit, hole, gully
v.involve, entrap
n.bank; slope
adj.female; southwest
n.earth; one of the eight trigrams; one of the 64 hexagrams; representing the earth
adj.level; smooth; satisfied; calm, composed, peaceful; open, candid; frank
v.lay bare
var.variant of
n.lump; bar in sea; word used for place's name
n.level ground
n.earthen terrace; an earthen stand for putting goblets in ancient ceremonies; circles
n.unburnt bricks, tiles
n.hollow; col; a flabland in a mountain range
n.a crack
v.to crack; to split open; to tear; to chap; to burst
v.hang down; droop; let fall; hand down; condescend; be favourable to
n.garbage, refuse, waste, rubbish, junk, litter
n.mould; statute; law; model; type; pattern
n.an octapole land; a domain; a limit; a hundred million; a battlefield; a front; flight of steps leading up to a house; a boundary; wilds beyond the frontier
n.the name of the ancient emperor of China
n.buttress; target; pile, stack
v.pile up neatly, stack
n.small mound; Cha
n.the field
n.boundary, limit; bank
n.dirt, filth; scale; disgrace, humiliation
n.wall; surname
v.be defeated, fail, collapse
n.small hollows for sowing seeds; a quantifier for plants
n.earth dyke; pit; long, narrow mound; a lowbank of earth between fields
n.fine dust; dirt
adj.barren; stony (soil)
v.bury, secrete, conceal
n.city; wall of a city
n.the path leading to a tomb; a tomb passage; a boundary; a limit
adj.same, identical
classifiernumerary adjunct for lump i.e. gold
n.toe wall; raised path between crop fields; margin; water flow on the mountains; ancient name of a place in Shanxi province
n.plain; arena; port; mart
n.the field of razor calm; a large earthen wine jar without handles having a shape like a pear
n.frontier; boundry; region; country; territory; domain; field; realm
v.keep within bounds
n.pier, port, dock; big city
n.strip of land between hills
n.earthen dam
n.yellow clay; earth
v.grasp; hold; seize; retain; manage; direct, control, take charge of; attend to; carry out; observe; catch; capture
v.bank up with earth; nourish; strengthen; cultivate; foster; train
adj.basic; key; primary; cardinal
n.foundation, base; property
n.the bull's-eye; the centre of the target for archery
n.curved shore
n.a cavity; a hole
v.to bore a hole
adj.venerable; grave; referring to relationship between cousins of the same clan (usually bearing the same surname)
n.hall; reception room; meeting-place; court of justice; polite way of referring to a friend's mother
adj.hard; durable; firm; strong; solid; robust; determined; obstinate
v.strengthen; confirm; maintain; establish
n.heap; pile; mass; crowd; stack
v.heap up; pile; stack
adj.few, little; difficult
n.violet; aconite
v.to ask divine favour of rain by sacrificing human (arch.)
n.chalk; The Cretaceous Period (geological period 140-65m years ago) as in the term 白堊紀
v.whitewash; plaster
n.flat ground in either end of a bridge
v.block up; bury in oblivion; waste
n.earthern watchtower; milestone
n.small camp; fortress
n.dike, dyke; base; embankment
n.law of nature and its development
v.bear, endure, can stand; can, may
n.Yao; a surname
n.weir; ridge; pond
v.block up
n.retaliation, retribution; newspaper; periodical; journal; bulletin; report; telegram
v.reply, respond, requite, reciprocate; retaliate; recompense; report; tell, inform; announce; declare
n.open space, field, market
v.stop up, block up
n.a ridge; a dam
prep.till, until
v.paint a roof; paint, adorn; take; rest
classifiernumerary adjunct for articles and for money, dollar, piece; lump; chunk
n.graveyard; mound
adj.flat, tired
v.collapse, cave in; lose, fall; keep close to; settle down; sink, droop
v.model in clay; mould
n.chicken roost
n.tower; pagoda; spire; lighthouse
v.spread, apply, smear, daub, paint
n.pool, pond
n.cork; stopper; pass; frontier
v.stop up; block; cork; fill in; squeeze in; stuff
n.castle; depressed area; col; dock
n.sand ground
v.fill, stuff
n.dust; dirt; this world; vice, sensual pleasure
n.moat; setback, reverse
n.a high and clear place
n.side house; private school
n.the painted floor; the step
v.plaster the wall; to pave the wall or the floor
n.border; boundary; frontier; area, region; place; territory; state; position; circumstance; condition; situation
n.country house; villa
n.high dyke of a bank, dangerous bank; cliff, dangerous cliffside
n.city wall; high wall; a fortified wall
n.mat, cushion, pad
v.put sth. under sth. else to raise it or make it level; fill up; pay for sb.
n.grave, tomb
adj.nearby (adv.); halfway (adv.)
n.the edge of utensils
n.a hanging object
v.fall, drop; lose
v.increase, add to, augment, gain
n.big mound; ruins; country fair; village
v.enslave; ruin
n.the grave
adj.black; dark; silent; covetous
n.ink, ink stick; a measure of five feet; handwriting, painting, calligraphy
n.mound; pier; cluster, block
n.earth, ground (arch.)
adj.fallen; degraded
v.fall, sink; degenerate
n.grave; ancient classics
v.mound, bury
v.reclaim, cultivate
n.partition-wall; wall of a house; screen-wall; cliff; The Wall, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
v.block up, stop up, clog up; cover; pile up, heap soil or fertilizer over and around the roots
n.alter; courtyard; circle; earthen jug
n.ravine, gully; pit; moat
v.press; oppress; crush; repress; keep in order; urge
n.moat; trench; ditch
n.rampart; base in baseball
v.build by piling bricks,clay,stones,etc
n.grave; prairie, field
v.fell into disuse
n.black and solid earth; adobe table in ancient wineshop; wineshop
adj.bad; spoilt; useless; vicious; corrupt
v.go bad; spoil; ruin
n.grave, mound, ridge; monopoly
n.mould; earth; soil; place; region; land; area
n.dam; dyke, embankment; flatland;plain
n.scholar; gentleman; officer; soldier; bachelor; person
n.the ninth of the ten celestial stems
v.carry on a shoulder pole; quibble
adj.stout; strong; able-bodied; healthy; fertile; flourishing
adj.single-minded; united, identical; all, one and all; one
n.pot, kettle, bottle; vase
n.age, life, longevity, birthday
v.go back; retrace; return; repeat
var.prototype of
n.summer, a season; Xia Dynasty; Chinese ethnic group(s) (arch.)
n.a legendary one-legged creature; Name of musical official in Chinese antiquity; Kui prefecture
n.evening, night, dusk
adj.outside, outer; outward; foreign; barbarous; extraordinary; other; external; besides; unofficial
adv.beyond; out
idiomin addition
prep.besides; beyond
adj.long-standing; early; former; in normal times, usually
n.morning; one's early years; surname
adj.many; much; more; numerous; too many, too much, excessive
adv.often; mostly
n.night, evening; darkness
adj.enough, sufficient, adequate; quite
adv.rather; fully; really
n.dream; visionary
adj.late [at night], distant; remote; deep
n.lean pork taken from under the spinal column (arch.); distant place
v.respect; climb the official ladder
adj.much, many, numerous
n.company, partner, assistant
adj.great, big, large; tall; vast; extensive; noble; high in rank; major; much
adv.greatly; fully; in a great way; in a large scale; very
n.man with stretched arms, human being (arch.)
adj.celestial; natural; overhead
n.sky, firmament; heaven; weather; a day; god; nature
adj.too; excessive; highest; greatest; remotest
adv.much; very; too; over; extremely
adv.now; therefore; moreover; however
n.male adult (arch.); sage; distinguished person; man; husband; labourer
adj.parted; certain
n.one of the Sixty-four Diagrams; secret signs made with the fingers
v.to fork
adj.luxuriant; young; be delicate and charming; tender and beautiful
n.young; young plant
v.to break; die young
v.finish; conclude; beg; entreat
n.ramming tool, rammer, punner
v.shoulder; fish for; swell; to ram; to tamp
var.variant of
n.omission; mishap; defect; mistake
v.lose; slip; neglect; miss; err; fail
adj.smooth, safe
n.foreign country, foreigner; surname
v.level to the ground
adj.extravagant, luxurious
v.(arch.) exaggerate; brag, boast, overstate
n.pit, depression; used in name of places
v.press; squeeze; insert between; pick up with incers or with chopsticks; carry secretly; mix; mingle
adj.the breath is dying out
adj.strange, queer; wonderful; rare; odd (strange); odd (number), single
pron.how, what; this
v.deal with; stand
v.offer; receive; serve; respect
n.hip, the stride of man; name of constellation; The Legs, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
v.report to the throne; memorialize the emperor; play music; celebrate; go forward, advance; display; achieve; produce
adj.numerous; bright, brilliant; leisurely
n.friendship; contract; agreement
v.get along well
v.run quickly, flee, hurry
adj.bright; great; generation, age; in sequence of generations
n.case; wrapper; covering, cover; snare; sheath; sleeve
v.encase; slip over; harness; cover with
adj.strong; stout, be big and thick
n.name of a prominent Buddhist monk in the Tang dynasty
n.slave; big belly; surname
pron.what; which; why; how
v.pay respect; pay offerings to the dead, lay foundation
adj.luxurious, extravagant; excessive; wasteful
v.exaggerate, magnify (arch.)
adj.mysterious, obscure, profound, abstruse
n.a mirrored dressing case for lady; a box; dowry; a bridal trousseau
adv.lacking, absent, without (arch.)
v.snatch; grasp; take away; rob; surpass; determine, decide; take by force; seize; wrest; force one's way
adj.flourishing; red; angry; disappearing, fading out
n.anger; ire
adj.impetuous; determined
v.rouse; spread the wings; diffuse; exert oneself; act vigorously; raise; lift
adj.be angry
adj.female, feminine
n.woman; daughter; girl; The Girl, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
n.slave; servant; term of depreciation
n.milk; woman's breasts
adj.evil, wicked, treacherous; false
v.to commit adultery; to rebel, to steal
pron.she, her
n.young girl; beauty
adj.good; excellent; well; superior; right; fine; nice; friendly; kind
adv.well; exceedingly; better; extremely
v.love; fond of; be addicted to
n.a matchmaker; a go-between (representing the side of the female)
v.to act as a go-between
conj.if; supposing
prep.like; as; as if
n.couple (arch.); wife; imperial concubine; the wife of the Crown Prince; goddess
adj.unreal; rash, unrestrained; absurd, preposterous; wild; reckless; disorderly
adv.at random
v.be pregnant
adj.clever; beautiful; fine
adj.a woman being jealous of her husband (arch.); being jealous in general
n.female dancer, entertainer; prostitute
adj.weird; gorgeous; seductively charming; evil; bewitching, coquettish
n.abnormal thing or phenomena
n.the wife of mother's brother; the wife of wife's brother
n.a surname; a word used in woman's name
adj.mysterious, beautiful, excellent, wonderful, subtle, exquisite
n.woman's personal adornments; decorations; style
v.apply makeup; pretend
n.mother in general (arch.); a deceased mother; woman ancestors
adj.satisfactory, appropriate; finished, settled
v.damage, injure, harm; hamper; hinder; restrict; stop
n.maid; little girl
n.sisters-in-law; wives of brothers
n.a word used in woman's name; a concubine of Chou (紂) or Hsin (帝辛) who was the last ruler of the Shang dynasty
n.young sister
n.the wife of Chich, the last ruler of the Hsia dynasty
v.give as wife (arch.)
n.concubine, hetaera
adj.peaceful and happy; handsome; cheerful
n.an old woman; a woman
v.to chatter like an old woman
n.elder sister; mother (arch.)
adv.only then
n.beginning, start
v.begin; be the first
adv.slowly, leisurely
n.elder sister; term of respect for a young lady
n.girl; paternal aunt; maiden; meanwhile
v.be lenient; tolerate; act under pressure
n.wife of husbands elder brother; elder sister; surname; the elder ones among the many concubines married to the same husband
n.name; clan; people
adj.crooked; wrong; indirect
n.petty; grievance
v.depute; send; appoint, entrust, put in charge of; commision; give up; abandon, throw away, cast aside; bow under a burden
n.illicit sexual relations; cohabit, paramour
adj.handsome, elegant
n.Jiang River; an ethnic group in Western China; a surname
n.concubine of the Yellow Emperor
adj.graceful, beautiful; outstanding; promiscuous; sexually alluring (Cant.)
n.old woman; sister of maternal grandfather
n.adultery; fornication; debauchery
v.debauch; ravish; rape
n.wife's sister; mothers sister, aunt; fathers concubine
n.Ji River; concubine; professional female singer; beauty
n.Chang'e the goddess of the moon
adj.beautiful; fine; extravagant; luxurious; sumptuous; fascinating; pretty
n.marriage; relation by marriage
adj.good, elegant, pleasant
姿n.appearance, looks; natural gift; disposition
n.the name of a concubine of the father of the Emperor Yao
adj.severe; stern; majestic; imposing; awful
n.awe; pomp; mother-in-law (arch.)
n.baby; girl; child
adj.beautiful; graceful
v.to betroth; be engaged; to marry
n.couple; brother's wife; sister in law
adj.dancing; fluttering
v.tantalize; lounge
adj.beautiful; tireless
v.be obdient to; work hard
n.girl; woman; ma, mum, mother; wife
adj.pleasurable, amusing, enjoyable
n.amusement, pleasure
v.please, give pleasure; rejoice
adj.elegant; courteous; fascinating
n.word used for womans name
adj.beautiful, pleasing; elegant, graceful, fair
n.female slave; horse-breeder
v.be pregnant; contain
n.younger sister; sister-in-law; the younger ones among the many concubines married to the same husband
n.beautiful woman; delicate eyebrows
adj.complaisant; agreeable
v.to give birth to a child
v.to play
v.take a wife, marry
n.actress; bitch, whore
n.Aries; sow that seek for life mate; surname; The Bond, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
n.old woman, mother-in-law
adj.pleasant, pleasing, amiable; dulcet; restrained, shy, indirect
n.prostitute, whore
adj.handsome; attractive; gorgeous
n.female/women court official; imperial concubine
n.goodliness; relatives
n.bridegroom; marriage; wedding
v.marry a wife, marry, wed
adj.obstinate, stubborn
n.slave girl, servant-girl; your servant
n.wife; lady; woman
adj.slender; chaste and undefiled
n.beauty; a word used in womens name
adj.greedy, avaricious, covetous
n.mutual term of address used by sons-in-law; a brother-in-law
adj.(of color) pleasant; graceful
n.name of a star; Wu river; Wu prefecture
婿n.husband; son-in-law
婿v.become son-in-law
n.go-between, matchmaker; medium
adj.charming, enchanting, fascinating
v.fawn on, toady, favor with; flatter
adj.beautiful; feminine, elegant
n.beautiful woman
adj.indecent; obscene; to be improperly familiar with someone
v.to commit an outrage on a woman; to lust after
n.a surname; Gui River; Gui prefecture
v.marry; match; compare, draw a parallel
n.daughter-in-law, wife
n.bridesmaid; concubine; humble person
v.accompany; give, present
n.a woman; an old woman; mother
n.old woman; ma, mother, mum, mummy; waiting woman; nurse
n.sexual intercourse, copulation; marriage; bigamy
v.to copulate, to have sexual intercourse; negotiate peace; dote on; meet
v.girl gets married; to shift, to transfer; to attribute to (some one)
n.elder brother's wife
v.envy, be jealous; hate, detest
n.suspicion; ill will, grudge, hatred
v.suspect; dislike, disgust; scorn
adj.lewd; lustful
v.to patronize whorehouses; to visit prostitutes
n.mother; woman; old woman
v.to warm; to rear, to bring up
n.The legendary concubine of Emperor Huangdi, a surname
adj.proud; negligent
n.girl (in a intimate or mocking tone); affront
v.humiliate, despise, insult, scorn, neglect, affront
adj.of lineal descent; orthodox
n.legal wife; the wife's eldest son
adj.tall and beautiful; sweetly; strong; charming, captivating
n.name of a lady who stole the elixir of immortality and fled with it to the moon
adj.tender, delicate, immature, young, soft
v.hanker, cherish
n.The supposedly ugly wife of the ancient emperor Huangdi; nurse
adj.charming; lovely; enchanting
v.be skillful at, have the knack of
嫿adj.tranquil, serene; good; swift, hurry
n.elder sister
adj.weak; beautiful and charming; trifling
v.trouble, disturb; make fun of; get angry
v.beautiful, pretty (arch.); romp; make fun of; amuse
adj.beautiful, lovely, pretty, gracious
adj.sweet and charming; delicate; capricious
v.pamper; act like a pampered child
n.a baby rabbit
adj.lecherous; depraved; partial
n.a favorite; a parasite
v.to take as favorite
n.evolution; succession to the throne; transmutation; abdication
v.evolve; transmute; hand over; replace; abdicate; change in succession
n.lady-in-waiting; ancient term for female court officials
n.grannie, granny; mother
n.woman; a concubine of an emperor; a woman attendant at court
v.marry; follow
n.baby, infant
n.snail (arch.); surname; Royal family of Chin Kingdom, later Empire; Ying village
v.gain; bear; surround
n.aunt; wife of father's younger brother; younger brother's wife; sister-in-law
n.son; child; posterity; bride; wife; the young of animal; bullet; shot; an officer; gentleman; a philosopher; person; offspring; fruit, seed of; first of twelve Terrestrial Branches
adj.lonely; small; residual; outstanding; without right-hand
n.opening; hole; aperture; Confucius
v.be pregnant; contain
adj.in pairs
n.twins; two
n.letter; written character; word; style name given to a man when he comes of age
v.to rear or raise children under a roof (arch.)
v.exist, be; live; survive; remain; accumulate, collect; deposit; store, keep, reserve, retain; file; preserve; lay by
v.capture, have confidence
adv.luxuriantly, disorderly
v.change color
adj.diligent, hardworking; delighted
adj.filial; dutiful
n.filial piety, obedience; mourning, mourning dress
adj.great, eminent
n.eldest son (arch.); first month of each season (arch.)
n.spore; cryptogam
adj.young and tender
n.season; a quarter of the year; crop; the youngest brother; last of a series
adj.fatherless, solitary, lonely, alone, lonesome
n.son; wife and children
n.child; young of animals
n.grandson, grandchild; descendant; posterity; second growth of plants
adj.bad; cowardly
pron.who; which; what
adj.narrow; meagre, mean, inferior; be cautious and meticulous; cowardly; fragile; feeble; lowly; cowardly
v.to moan
v.propagate, multiply, breed in large numbers
v.hatch, brood, incubate
n.a branch of learning; learning; knowledge; subject of study; school; college
v.study; learn; imitate; train up
adj.young; affectionate
n.child; blood relation; surname
adj.born of concubine; humble; evil
n.sin; disaster; offspring
v.disobedient to ones parents; harm
adj.other, another
n.snake (arch.)
n.a thief; a treacherous fellow; a traitor; a villain
v.to create an internal disorder; to usurp
n.residence, dwelling, home; grave
n.house; building, structure, eaves, space
v.guard; protect; observe, abide by; keep; attend to; hold on to; maintain; defend
adj.peaceful, tranquil, quiet; still; contented; calm; safe, secure
v.pacify; soothe; settle; place; fix on; arrange; set; rest in
adj.whole, completed; unbroken; intact
v.complete, finish, settle
adj.spacious; grand, great; magnificent; wide
adj.peaceful, tranquil; static, silent; secret; rapid
n.cave; pit; stone quarry
v.to assess or survey (arch.); to pass; loaf about; to indulge; to procrastinate; droop; to delay; to defer
adj.ancestral; the most distinguished
n.clans descended from a common ancestor; class; kind; school; sect; ancestor; principal aim, purpose; model, master
v.follow; honour
adj.excellent; governmental, official; public
n.officer, official; mandarin; sense, organ; standard quality
n.eaves of a house (arch.); time as a concept; infinite time
adj.decided; calm; stable; fixed; settled; established
adv.certainly; surely; definitely
v.fix; settle; arrange; decide; set
adj.mild and roundabout; gentle and soft
adv.as if; clearly
v.bend; sway; dispersing
adj.right; fitting, suitable, appropriate
modal v.ought, should
v.order rightly; be fit
n.guest, visitor; traveller; travelling merchant; stranger; customer; passenger
v.settle in a strange place, live in a strange place; be a stranger
adj.wide; comprehensive
v.proclaim, declare; announce; display; drain
n.house; mansion; home; apartment; room; wife; The encampment, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
v.to treat with leniency; to forgive; to remit; to excuse
n.official; eunuch
n.northeast corner of a house
n.library stack; storage house; room of collected books
v.to live in groups
n.palace; temple; college; dwelling
n.government official in ancient China; prime minister
v.butcher, slaughter; invade, govern
n.injury; evil; harm; calamity
v.injure, do harm, impair; cause trouble to; destroy; suffer, contract; take a disease
adj.easy, leisurely; peacefuly; happy
n.feast, banquet; bedroom
v.entertain at a banquet; eat, take
n.night, evening
adj.domestic; tame
classifierclassifier for families or businesses
n.house; family; home; relatives; household; residence; specialist in a certain field; noun suffix for a school of thought (eg. Confucian or Taoist) or for a specialist of some kind (eg. physicist or musician)
pron.(polite) my (father, brother, etc.)
n.eaves (of a great mansion); Polaris (Earth's present northern polestar); imperial palace
n.looks, appearance; countenance; figure, form; manner; bearing; capacity
v.allow, permit; bear, endure; forgive; contain, hold; admit; tolerate
宿adj.predestinated; old and long-standing; overdue; overnight; last year; experienced
宿adv.usually; in advance
宿n.lodging station; night; residence; famous person; former; constellations
宿v.stay overnight; be in; be stationed; imply
n.officials in charge of the allotment to the feudal nobles
adj.quiet, silent; solitary; desolate; lonely, lonesome
v.die, pass away (Buddhist monk entering nirvana)
v.send; depend; entrust
n.the third of the twelve Terrestrial Branches; fellow officer
adj.secret, confidential; intimate; thorough; close; dense; fine, meticulous; thick; esoteric
n.invader; enemy; foe; bandit; a surname
v.invade, plunder
adj.wealthy, rich; abundant
v.sleep; be silent
adj.cold; wintery; poor, poverty-stricken; petty and low, of humble origin; desolate
pron.a humble way of saying 'my'
v.live away from home
v.lay up
adj.silent, still, lonely, lonesome, solitary
v.examine into judicially; find out; scrutinize
adj.few; lonely, alone; weak; wishy-washy; widowed, sole, spouseless
v.live in solitude (arch.)
adj.ugly (arch.)
n.bedroom; imperial bedroom; coffin chamber in a imperial mausoleum
v.sleep, lie; put down
v.to awake from the sleep; to realize; to meet
adj.few, scarce; empty, deserted
adj.solid; substantial; hard; real; true; truly; really; authentic; sincere; genuine; honest
n.reality; fact
n.repose, serentiy, peace
n.stockade; military outpost; brothel; walled village; pen for stock; camp
v.judge; hold an official inquiry; investigate; examine, go over; interrogate; try
v.write; sketch; compose; paint, draw
adj.broad; spacious; wide; liberal; forgiving; lenient, generous
n.width; breadth
v.extend; relax, relieve
n.small window; official; small house; Liao nationality; surname
n.great domain, country, world, the Earth
n.honor; kindness; imperial; pet
v.revere; bestow favor on, dote on; spoil (children)
adj.precious, treasured; rare; valuable; your
n.treasure; bullion; jewel
adj.little; short
n.one inch below the wrist where a Chinese physician takes the patient's pulse (arch. , med.); inch
v.seal up; blockade; appoint to office; bestow honours; confer nobility; canonize
n.archery, being one of the 6 basic items of classical education in Chinese antiquity
v.to project; to shoot out, to fire; to aim at
idiomabout to
modal v.will
n.general; leader
v.take; hold; lead, command
adj.unassisted; focused; expert
adv.only; specially; solely; alone
n.junior officer; a military rank (above the rank of warrant officer and below that of major); vice-county magistrate
adj.honourable; senior
n.polite way of referring to a friend's father
v.to honour; to venerate; to respect
v.search, seek, find
adj.right, correct; opposite
int.correct, yes
n.answer, reply; pair
v.oppose; face; make a pair; compare; check; identify; set; adjust; suit; treat; cope with; counter
v.direct, guide, lead; instruct, teach; conduct, transmit
adj.small; tiny; insignificant; petty; minor; young
adj.few, a little; less; inadeqate, short of; scarce; young
adv.seldom; briefly
adj.small, little
adj.tapering; pointed; acute, sharp
n.sharp point
adv.still; yet
idiomand besides; in addition to
v.add; append to; honour; esteem; surpass; ascend; go to; proceed; be in charge of
adj.more; still more
adv.very; furthermore; particularly; especially
n.evil; fault; calamity; fault; wrongdoing
v.blame; bear a grudge; murmur
v.hinny jumps and kicks backwards with its hind leg
n.a staggering gait; an embarrassing situation
adv.then, thereupon
idiomat once
prep.according to
v.come to; go to; complete; follow
adj.embarrassed; awkward
n.corpse, cadaver; wizard acting as surrogate for the dead during funeral rituals (arch.); a spirit tablet (arch.)
rad.KangXi radical 44
v.to impersonate the dead (arch.)
n.court officials, governor, mayor
v.govern; oversee
n.a foot (unit of length); foot rule, ruler
n.buttocks; end of the spine; rump; sacrum; coccyx
v.to sexually abuse, to copulate; to have intercourse with
n.nun; mountain
v.stop; approach from behind
n.tail; rear, behind; the end; extremity; stern; promontory; remaining part; remnant; The Tail, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
尿v.urinate, piss
n.position, circumstance, state of affairs; style, fashion; a game, set; office; shop; association; company; board; bureau; gathering; ruse, trap
n.fart; nonsense; bosh
adj.bent on
n.residence; house
v.dwell, reside, live; remain; be in; occupy; put into practice; sit; claim; assert
classifiernumerary adjunct for term, class, or regular meetings
n.in time, in place; the set time
adj.no tail, short-tailed (arch.)
n.wrong, injustice
v.bend, flex, crook
n.house; room
int.(Cant. vulg.) obscene exclamation equivalent to "fuck" in English
n.male genitalia
n.corpse, dead body, remains
n.excrement, dung, faeces, shit (vulg.)
n.wall; screen; shield; set of scrolls
v.hide; protect; cover
n.clogs; shoes
adj.trifling, trivial
n.bits, scraps, crumbs
v.open, unfold, unroll; stretch, extend, spread out; unfurl
v.discharge excrement or urine; to defecate or urinate; to ease nature
n.drawer; window screen; tray, pad
n.butcher; a surname
v.slaughter; massacre
adv.repeatedly, time and again, again and again
n.shoes; straw