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[A], 找到 393 個
𠦒n.pan with stalk used for disposal of dung or manure; a surnamea>
𠦝n.a script component depicting the scenario of a rising suna>
𣎆n.a legendary animala>
𣪘n.a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handlesa>
𤏻v.to burn and roast in a big fire (arch.) to liaise and harmonize (archa>.)
𦵯n.a herbal plant in Hunan province, very close to thymea>
𨚵n.Name of a state during the Spring and Autumn eraa>
𩛥v.to prepare a meal; to serve fooda>
n.a tree; a kind of birch found in Manchuriaa>
n.a bag opening at both ends, an enlarged bag, a parcel, a bundle, a packagea>
n.utensils, earthen pot; a deep cooking pota>
n.simplified form of 筴; pincers; a kind of grass used for divination in ancient times, (same asa> 策)
n.black silk; a dark, drab colour, typical of Buddhist monksa>
n.bough, branch of tree used as a walking stick (arch.); obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks releasea>
n.a surnamea>
idiomindecent intention of a womana>
n.a slick sly persona>
v.to interrupt during a conversationa>
v.to kill or execute a person in secrecya>
n.a kind of headgear; scarf; kerchiefa>
n.a person assuming a kneeling posture (archa>.)
n.seal; a person assuming a kneeling posture (arch.); one of the characters used in kwukyel, an ancient Korean writing systema>
onomatopoeiaroar or howl of an animal; bellow of rage; sound of a Buddhist incantationa>
n.a smiling countenancea>
classifier(Cantonese) a few; some quantity of; a littlea>
n.proverb; a saying of olda>
n.movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of watera>
n.beak of a birda>
n.a border; a limit; a dike; a frontier; a boundarya>
n.a display of musical instruments (particularly drums); primitive graph for druma>
adj.related to a senior female member of the familya>
n.a legendary figure of the Xia Dynasty revered as the patron of fishermena>
pron.A pronoun used in antiquity by a woman referring to herselfa>
n.a pretty woman; a beautiful girl; a fine ladya>
adj.A woman being uglya>
n.ancient name for a star, probably Venus; planet Venus in the morninga>
n.a disreputable womana>
adj.a man being jealous of his wife (arch.); enviousa>
conj.used as a term of comparison:-rather; it is bettera>
adj.a little, a few; some; slightly; a bit (Canta>.)
n.name of a legendary hill in Shanxia>
n.proper name for a mountain in Chinaa>
n. a nationality in South-Western China; one revolution or one round of circular motion; cuckoo the birda>
n.warp of a fabric (arch.); vertical threads on weaving machine; streams running underground; flowing watera>
v.to go round, to circumscribe; to make a revolution, to turn rounda>
n.a skirt; long robe for womena>
n.object held by dancer; a multicolored prop used in dancinga>
n.a cloth for binding the haira>
n.a villagea>
n.middle part of a bowa>
n.a fully stretched crossbar or archera>
n.divinatory commentary in The Book of Changes; a hog; a hedgehog; a porcupinea>
n.gap between two fingers; remainder of a divided sum during the process of divinationa>
n.name of a state in Western region of ancient Chinaa>
n.arrow-quiver; a move in Taichi (太極), being the first part of a sequence of four moves constituting the trick Lanqueweia> 攬雀尾
n.a kind of hairpin usable as a scratchera>
n.a surnamea>
n.a dustera>
n.a pennant, a banner; a streamera>
n.banner made of feathers in five colors used to decorate a leading vehiclea>
var.possibly a variant ofa> 昊
n.daylight; a surname in Chinese legendsa>
n.a kind of treea>
n.a kind of tree, probably lindena>
n.a wooden instrument for combing silka>
n.a kind of tree with very hard wood (Quercus glauca Thunba>.)
n.hedge thorn;trifoliate orange;(Cant.) a pluga>
n.a specie of oak; silkworm oak; drumsticka>
n.leaf (arch.); a table, flat pieces of wood, a slipa>
n.handle of a sicklea>
n.cage, pen for wild animals; scabbard (of a sworda>)
v.to lock up in a cagea>
n.a wooden bat (serving as a game for children); a kind of farm tool; tip of a twiga>
n.handle of dagger-axe (a kind of weapona>)
n. a device used for divinationa>
n.a kind of hammera>
n.quince (a kind of tree); a flail used for threshing cropsa>
n.a kind of tree (Chinese ash), with medical valuea>
var.an old variant ofwhich refers to a bowl for keeping fooda>
n.a kind of date (treea>)
n.a kind of tree mentioned in antiquitya>
n.a tropical tree with pear-like fruitsa>
n.thorny shrub with yellow flowers; a kind of oaka>
n.(long) oar; boat; a kind of treea>
v.to row (a boata>)
n.a kind of tree known in antiquitya>
n.wooden block; a kind of treea>
n.a kind of treea>
n.hairpin; a kind of wooda>
n.spear, long lance; a board game in antiquitya>
n.a wooden wheel without spokes; ridgepole of a housea>
classifier(Cant.) classifier for plants or trees; a tree-trunka>
n.a kind of hawthorn; rose hipa>
n.name of a plant with small leavesa>
n.(arch.) tool used for shaping wood; to edit a texta>
n.a kind of tree recorded in antiquity, with very hard wood, ilexa>
n.sound of wind blown over a wooda>
n.a species of tree; cork treea>
n.A kind of oaka>
n.small evergreen shrub; the tea plant (Camellia sinensis); Catalpa, a genus of mostly deciduous treesa>
n.a kind of tree suitable for use to make axles for large cartsa>
n.obsolete name of a fruita>
n.a kind of pagoda tree with large and black leavesa>
n.sandalwood (Santalum album), a Nepalese tree producing fragrant oil; comet; tail of a cometa>
n.a wooden bucket; a kind of incensea>
particleused to begin a sentence or a discoursea>
n.A phonetic trasncription of the Sanskrit name of river Gangesa>
n.a thick congee cooked from finely ground ricea>
n.xenon (Xe), no. 54 of the periodic table, a chemical elementa>
n.name of a river and a villiage in Shandong provincea>
v.floating on board a shipa>
n.name of a river in Shanxi province, originating in the Zhongtiao Mountains and merging from north to south into the Yellow Rivera>
浿n.ancient name of a river now in North Korea; ancient name of a countya>
n.tributary; a branching river (used in place namesa>)
n.a state of buoyancya>
n.name of a river in Yong prefecture in ancient Chinaa>
n.name of a river in today's Henana>
n.name of a river in antiquitya>
n.(proper name) a spring in Henan provincea>
n.a well that intermittently runs out of water supply; water from a well or springa>
n.overflowing of a great amount of watera>
n.a river in Shandong province; a sluicea>
n.a group of springsa>
v.to roast or simmer on a slow firea>
n.one half of a divided paira>
v.to string a cow by its nosea>
v.to run; to rush about (of a herd of bulls); to fleea>
n. Gelao, a non-Han ethnic group in Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhoua>
n.a badger like animal in ancient China; an ethnic minority in Chinaa>
v.(of animal) flee in a frightened mannera>
n.(arch.) vicious dog; beast resembling a wolfa>
n.a river in Hu bei; a bank; a foreshorea>
n.a fabulous beast, a tribute animal presented to the Chinese emperor, probably a liona>
n.a minority in southern Chinaa>
n.scream or roar of a tigera>
n.a dog giving birth to tripletsa>
n.(extinct.) an animal that resembles a harea>
n.dog with a short snout; smoke or flames from firea>
n.a kind of otter; mythical beast similar to an ape with dog's heada>
n.a dog breed in Southern part of the Zhao statea>
n.a kind of wild animala>
n. an ape-like animal black in color but a white waista>
n.a breed of hunting dog in antiquitya>
n.a species of wolf; name of an aboriginal tribe in South China, mostly huntersa>
n.a kind of ape; a minority in ancient China (in today's Sizhuana>)
n.jade with defect; jade carver; surname; a state in the Western regiona>
n.semiprecious stone; a kind of jadea>
n.a place in south-eastern Shantong, namelya> 琅琊
n.fine gold; a kind of jade; an alternative name for golda>
n.a kind of jadea>
n.large plate or pan; bricks for fixing the inside wall of a well; brickwork of a well; surnamea>
n.earthen pot with a large mouth but shallow enough to be used at table as a chafing disha>
n.wall or brickwork of a wella>
v.to build a well with bricksa>
n.a jar without ears; bricka>
n.urn; earthen jar; a squat jar for holding winea>
n.a white tigera>
n.a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handlesa>
n.a look with big eyes; name of an ancient statea>
n.a deep and piercing gaze; surname Suia>
v.to look askance at, to take a glance at somebody in disdain; to glare ata>
n.a legendary birda>
n.a kind of precious stonea>
onomatopoeiato make a loud sound; water splashing on rock; cracking noisea>
n.a heap of stones; boulders; grievancea>
pron.He, Him (honourific form of third person pronoun usually used for a deity such as Christian Goda>.)
v.to burry; to put a coffin in a gravea>
v.being in a cavea>
n.a hollow depression; denta>
v.to sing and dance, dancing while singing; beating a druma>
n.a kind of bamboo; basket made of bambooa>
n.bamboos placed across wooden frames for drying grain; a wooden frame; a kind of music instrumenta>
n. a species of bambooa>
n.rope made of bamboo for fastening a boata>
n.a species of bambooa>
n.a kind of bamboo used as a walking sticka>
n.trumpet for chariots; a wood wind instrumenta>
n.a wood wind instrument in ancient Chinaa>
n.a kind of bambooa>
n.a kind of bamboo; luxuriant growth of bambooa>
n.a bamboo sieve or cagea>
n.A flute made of bamboo with 7 holesa>
n.bamboo; a musical instrument made of bamboo, likea> 笙
n.projecting overhang at the lower edge of a roof; eaves of house; brima>
n.a style of seal script used throughout the pre-Han perioda>
n.a kind of bamboo used for making flutes or pipesa>
n.a weir of bamboo to catch fish or crabsa>
n.a round and thick cake made of ricea>
n.a rope for leading cattle or horsea>
n.part of a garment in antiquity; knee covera>
n.a kind of fishing-net or animal trapa>
n.a belt or ribbon made of silka>
n.knot on a thread of silk; flawa>
缿n. a jar-like container made of clay and with a small opening, used for keeping moneya>
n.bird net with a long handlea>
n.a black ram or goata>
n.a species of goata>
n.a kind of goat with small hornsa>
n.magpie; shoes with a thick double-layered sole; the sole of a shoe; clog; footgear worn by the emperor or high officialsa>
n.kayak; a long knife-shaped boata>
n.a ponton bridge; a floating bridge; pontoona>
n.s small boat; a place in Taipei city, Taiwana>
n.bow of a shipa>
n.skiff; a light boat typically just for one persona>
n.bow of a Chinese boat or junka>
n.a large ship made of wooda>
n.a kind of straw found on seaside used for making matta>
n.a herba>
var.a semantic variant ofa> 蔥
n.a herb mentioned in ancient texta>
n.licorice(arch.); glycoside; name for a series of organic compoundsa>
n.a kind of wooden chips (vitex) used for divination; chaste tree wooda>
n.henbane; a kind of poisonous herb that might lead to hallucination, licorice being an antidotea>
n.a kind of herba>
n.a kind of grass used as animal feeda>
n.processed monkshood daughter root; a poisonous medicinal herba>;
n.a kind of herb, Aralia cordataa>
n.a medicinal herb; milkwort (Polygala myrtifolia), with roots used in Chinese medicinea>
n.a kind of grass mentioned in ancient texts, used as inlay of shoesa>
n.a medical herb; nasturtium montanuma>
n. rue, a herb used to repel insectsa>
v.to die (applicable to a feudal prince or a high officiala>)
n.name of a herb; surnamea>
n.a herb used as a medicinea>
n.a kind of berrya>
n.Hemiptelea davidii; a species of elm treea>
n.lotus-like plant, a plant which resembles wheat but has no edible graina>
n.a kind of herba>
n.radish; turnip; a creeping plant; doddera>
n.a variety of red-stalked fine milleta>
n.an amphibious beast resembling a tiger with horn(sa>?)
n.poles of a rack on which musical instruments were hung, support structure for bell; bell pendant standa>
n.a kind of cicadaa>
n.a worma>
n.a kind of shella>
n.a kind of worma>
n.a kind of very small crab known in antiquitya>
n.millipede; a kind of anthropoda>
v.to move slowly (in the manner of a worm); to tip-toea>
n.a kind of cicadaa>
n.a red spotted lizard; horned toada>
n.water-beetle; a form of money in antiquitya>
n.a kind of locusta>
n.scales on the belly of a snake aiding locomotion; snaila>
n.A tick, acari, acarina, ioxdes, cause of Lyme diseasea>
n.a weevil found in rice etc; mantisa>
n.a kind of locust; lizarda>
v.to move in a zigzag or meandering fashiona>
n.a small cicada with a square heada>
n.a short-lived insect; mayflya>
n.eggs of mantis; cicada; a small buga>
n.a kind of marine craba>
n.a kind of frog or toada>
n.a small green cicadaa>
n.lapel of a large size clothinga>
n.the legging of a pair of socksa>
n.foldings on both sides of a funeral dress; funeral gowna>
n.scarf worn by a man for mourning purpose; an aprona>
n.a border or band on the edge of a dressa>
n.swaddling band, a cloth for carrying small childrena>
n.a piece of string attached to clothes, used for hanging a jade pendanta>
v.to carry in the bosom or the sleeve; to wrap, to conceal; to conceive (a childa>)
n.the sheath of a sworda>
n.a small goblet for ceremonial purposea>
v.to confer a title posthumouslya>
v.to speak with a friendly voice in a relaxed pacea>
v.frame a case against somebody; cheat; accuse falsely; slandera>
n.a feast, banqueta>
n.A hole or openinga>
var.archaic variant of 禮; nowadays often regarded as a variant of 豐 (sica>)
n.a wild boar; animal fighta>
n.a kind of wild dog in the steppe; prisona>
n.a kind of wild beara>
n.a pig-like animal; badgera>
n. a kind of rounded coin minted in the Qi State during the Warring States Period; a ship with the figure of a bird carved in the fronta>
v.to jump; moving about in a hurry; to stand out markedly; to show fortha>
v.to kneel for a long time, to go down on hands and kneesa>
n.a short stepa>
v.to follow a path; imitatea>
n.movement of an animal (refering mostly to a dragona>)
n.a crossbar in carriage for guiding directiona>
n.two ends of yoke of a carriagea>
onomatopoeiasound of a birda>
n.covering sail of a carriagea>
onomatopoeianoise of a moving vehiclea>
n.cart wheel with no spokes used as a bier; cart carrying a coffin; mediocre talenta>
n. a car-ruta>
onomatopoeiarumbling of a carta>
n.a pall to cover the hearse; funeral carriagea>
n.blinds on both sides of a carriage for guarding off dusta>
n.large ring on the yoke of a carriage, used for grouping the reinsa>
n.a proper name in antiquity, notably as in the case ofa> 關龍逄
n.name of a placea>
n.crack; a special group of acupuncture points;animositya>
n.name of a country in Spring and Autumn period in modern Shandonga>
n.name of a district in ancient Shandonga>
n. a place in Henan province; an ancient state in Henana>
n.(proper name) name of a district in Gansu, close to present Xininga>
n.name of place in the state of Song during the period of Spring and Autumn; a surnamea>
v.to pour wine in a libation; offering wine to a deitya>
n.gadolinium (Gd); No.64 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.holmium (Ho); No.67 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a carpenter's planea>
n.californium (Cf); No.98 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a kind of utensila>
n.thulium (Tm); No.69 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a old translation of the chemical element Thorium (Tha>)
n.americium (Am); No.95 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.ornament atop the head of a horsea>
n.terbium (Tb); No.65 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.roentgenium (Rg); No.111 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.neptunium (Np); No.93 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.spoon, key; a technique in acupuncturea>
n.frontlet; ornament mounted on the forehead of a horsea>
n.a mineral like micaa>
n.technetium (Tc); No.43 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.Bronze or champagne colored horse (arch.); Masurium (a now disqualified candidate for the Element No. 43a>)
n.the trigger of a crossbow; the old translation of the chemical element samarium (Sma>)
n.outdated translation for vanadium; an axe with a long bladea>
v.to remove with a spadea>
n.frontlet; ornament mounted on the forehead of a horsea>
n.darmstadtium (Ds); No.110 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.ytterbium (Yb); No.70 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.einsteinium (Es); No.99 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.bolt of a locka>
n.ruthorfordium (Rf); No.104 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.iron parts connected to the bridle of a horsea>
n.gate of a village; portal at the entrance to a settlement; doorwaya>
n.Dougong, a unique structural element of interlocking wooden brackets used in traditional Chinese architecturea>
n.a passa>
adj.rough and meandering (of a roada>)
n.the steep bank of a stream; a rough mountain patha>
n.name of a place in antiquitya>
n.a owl-like bird (archa>.)
n.a kind of bird, probably a white pheasanta>
n.a flock of birdsa>
v.birds flocking on a treea>
v.to stretch a skin on a frame for a druma>
n.a grass that gives red dye; socks (rarea>)
n.a big heada>
n.a lean and sickly countenance; dry facial featuresa>
idiomThe appearance of a container full of things (fooda>)
n.a fierce horse; name of a tribea>
n.horse with a white marking on its foreheada>
adj.in good condition, in good shape (referring to a horsea>)
n.a strong and robust horsea>
n.a fierce horsea>
n.a horse in blue-black colour (blue roana>)
n.horse with a bluish white color; buckskin horsea>
n.wild horse with a mottled skin or coata>
n.a hunchbacked horsea>
n.a putrid carcase; remains of dead animalsa>
idiomhair rolled up in a bun; hair dishevelled, as in mourninga>
n.tip of long hair, tail of a cometa>
idiomto make a top knot; (Cant.) ; to be slovenly dresseda>
n.ghost of a childa>
n.legendary animal like a brown beara>
n. name of a stara>
n.a bad ghost that drains your moneya>
n.grouper (a kind of fish); fish paste; seasoned rice mixed with fish or vegetable; sushia>;
n.a type of fisha>
n. a species of fish; enualosa reevesiia>
n.fresh water fish similar to a river dolphina>
n.a fish like stingraya>
n.a proper namea>
n.a legendary creature with a human face and a bird's beaka>
n.owl-like bird; Otus scops; buzzard; in antiquity supposedly a bird that signals bad lucka>
n.owl; cuckoo; a small wild goosea>
n.a pheasant-like bird in antiquitya>
n.a kind of bird in the Eastern part of Chinaa>
n.a kind of hawka>
n.a bird like a magpiea>
n.a seabirda>
n.a mythical monstrous birda>
n.A species of owla>
n.a bird that resembles a crow but with white feathersa>
n.a type of eaglea>
n.oriental bullfinch, weaver bird; a mythical bird which supposedly can tell the fortunea>
n.a bird that resembles a crow but with white feathersa>
n.a wild bird, probably a sparrow hawk with a white spot on its taila>
n.shrike, a kind of birda>
n.an aquatic bird; a young legendary phoenixa>
n.bit of a horse (archa>.);
n.a female elka>
n.a male elka>
n.a kind of goata>
n.buck; stag; a male deera>
n.a large deera>
n.(arch.) day time; a kind of sea turtle; surname (ega>. 鼂錯)
n.a kind of turtlea>
n.speak with a nasal twang; stoppage of the nosea>
v.to grit one's teeth as a result of anger; grinding or clenching one's teeth while asleepa>
n.appearance of a dragon flyinga>