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[up], 找到 292 個
𠂤v.to store up, to pile up
v.to wrap up
v.ascend, go up; go on; send to; pay in; go ahead
v.to connect, league, to string up
v.confuse; mix up; jumble
v.mix; cross, intersect; exchange, barter; communicate; bargain; deliver, hand to, hand over, give up; commit to; pay; have intercourse with, to copulate; join, interwine, interlace; engage; associate with
v.admire, respect, look up
v.trust to, rely on, confide in; appoint, employ; bear, be responsible for, assume office, take up a job; allow, tolerate, let
v.unsurp; take by force; occupy; seize; take; constitute; hold; make up; account for
n.fellow, guy; a grown-up male person
v.be close to; lean close to, snuggle up to; comfort
v.fill up; satify; act in place of; become; pretend to be, pose as; charge; serve as
v.confuse; wrap in; wrap up, bind up, move around; canvass,canvas; take sth.with ladle,dipper, etc.
v.draw up, write; prepare; possess, have; provide, furnish
n.bamboo tablets bound up with strings (arch.); book, volume; imperial edict; a formal writ
v.override; bully, encroach on, insult; rise high, go up, soar; ride; cross, negotiate
v.arrange in order; enumerate; classify; line up; list
v.to cut open; to hollow out; to kill; to eliminate; to injure sombody cruelly; to rip up
v.brush, scrub, clean, wash; clear away, eliminate; daub, paste up
v.change; transform; smelt; influence; turn; convert; melt, dissolve; burn up
v.ascend, arise, rise, go up, hoist; advance in office, promote
v.roll up; curl; grasp firmly; sweep off; carry along
v.be satisfied; loathe, abhor, detest; be fed up with, be bored with
v.go away; remove; get rid of; do away with; kill; depart; go up; go in
v.extend; reach to; come up to
v.eat; drink; suffer, incur; absorb; use up, annihilate, wipe out, exhaust; take; live on
v.shut, close; enclose; combine, unite, join, joined, pair; gather; agree; total; suit, agree; be equal to, add up to
v.draw in the breath, inhale; suck up; absorb; attract
onomatopoeiagee; gee-up
v.cough up
v.block up or choke
v.to sip; to taste; to drink; suck up; to weep; to keep talking
v.cough up
adj.a fish sticking its mouth out of the water; looking up to
v.call out; call up; be called
v.to vomit; to throw up
v.choke; block up; choke with sobs; be depressed
v.close one's mouth; close; shiver; be used up
v.store up, hoard
v.pen up; limit, constrain
v.to fly upward; to gush; to assemble; to gather; to turn up the soil; to dig; to bring together
n.an octapole land; a domain; a limit; a hundred million; a battlefield; a front; flight of steps leading up to a house; a boundary; wilds beyond the frontier
v.pile up neatly, stack
v.bank up with earth; nourish; strengthen; cultivate; foster; train
v.heap up; pile; stack
v.block up; bury in oblivion; waste
v.block up
v.stop up, block up
v.stop up; block; cork; fill in; squeeze in; stuff
v.put sth. under sth. else to raise it or make it level; fill up; pay for sb.
v.block up, stop up, clog up; cover; pile up, heap soil or fertilizer over and around the roots
v.press; squeeze; insert between; pick up with incers or with chopsticks; carry secretly; mix; mingle
v.to bind, to tie up
v.depute; send; appoint, entrust, put in charge of; commision; give up; abandon, throw away, cast aside; bow under a burden
v.to warm; to rear, to bring up
v.study; learn; imitate; train up
v.lay up
v.seal up; blockade; appoint to office; bestow honours; confer nobility; canonize
v.assemble; garrison; store up
n.cloth used by ancient males for binding up their hair
v.bind, tie up
v.bear, carry, take, bring with, have; involve; lead, head; look after, bring up, raise
v.to protect (arch.); to administer; to prepare; to regulate; to hand up
v.do away with; abrogate; waste; destroy; dispense with; be out of office; stop short; give up; abolish
v.collect, store up; provide grains
v.establish, found, set up; erect; build, construct; propose, advocate
v.to hide; to cover up
n.nature; disposition; spirit; temper; property; quality; character; sex; gender; character used to make up abstract nouns in the translation of loanwords
v.wake, up to reality
v.guard against; be careful, caution; abstrain from;give up;stop
v.(Cant.) to pile up, to upright
v.store up; stop; converge; live in seclusion; restrain
v.pull up; pierce; cut out; bind; fasten
v.dig, climb; rake up, gather up, rake together; steal; stew, braise; row
v.be dressed up as, play the part of, disguise
v.clutch, girp; guard; stop up
v.oppose; resist, refuse; defy; combat, fight; raise; set up; screen; secrete
v.pull up, pull open; draw out; take out; divide up; levy; whip
v.enclose, press together; close lips together; smile with lips puckered up
v.pick up; take with fingers
v.expand; open up; support or push
v.pull up, draw; choose; pluck
v.break; turn, bend; disobey, violate; hard to pronounce; force sth. up or open; turn back
v.forsake; give up, discard
v.salute with the hands folded; hump up; surround
v.pick up; collect
v.hang up; suspend
v.shake; move; excite to action; flap; relieve; save; restore order; recall; receive; contain; rise with force and spirit; brace up
v.draw, pull; lament sb.'s death; reverse; roll up; restore
v.to pick up; to take; to impeach
v.poke; stir up; stab
v.mold, knead with the fingers; pinch, hold beween the fingers; fabricate, make up
v.to give up willingly, to surrender; to abandon; to give alms, dispense charity; reject; spend
v.wind thread or rope; seek, get to the bottom of the matter; deck out, make up
v.to roll up
v.lift,raise; lift up; stir up; expose; turn upwards
v.pick up; select
v.hang up, put up; suspend; think of
v.push, shove; expel; shirk; decline; yield; extend; enlarge; infer; investigate; deduce; include; elect; promote; recommend; praise; esteem; give up; hand over to
v.to roll up sleeves; to slap with the palm; to hit; to push; to lift up; to fill
v.lift in the hand; raise, put forward, bring up; pull up; pick up; mention; refer to; bring forward; suggest; carry; promote
v.cover up; take by force; shut
v.to tug upward, to pull up; to promote; to hold the saddle; to eradicate
v.lift up; lift off; uncover; raise; pull open; make known; publish; borrow; tear off; take off
v.to fold; to trot; to divide into portions; to abandon; to give up; to sort out the divining stalks
v.lead; take hold of; pull up; rescue; assist; aid; help
v.to dab with a soft dry object that is sopped up with the liquid; to move; to wipe tears; to bind
v.twitch; tie up; flinch
v.beat with a pestle, pound; attack; cause trouble, disturb, mess up
v.do; carry on; be engaged in; make; produce; work out; set up; start; organize; get, get hold of; secure
v.to fan; to strike on face; to stir up; to incite
v.to pull up; to pick; to hold up; to lift up; to seize; to gather; to pluck up
v.to strangle; to mess up with; to inquire
v.to stack up; to pile up
v.draw sb. over one's side; gather up, rake together; embrace
v.to take up; to collect; to improve; to pick up; to pluck; to select; to choose; to censure
v.lift up; dig, scratch, pick; seize, grasp
v.to pull; to lift up (Cant.)
v.poke together, move with a stick together; stick up, turn upward; snap, break sth.long and narrow
v.fish for, dredge up, scoop up from the water; drag for; gain by improper means
v.support from under, buttress; sustain; move or push with a pole; maintain, keep up; open. unfurl
v.raise, hold up a curtain,skirt,etc.from the bottom; sprinkle; wind, disorder; incite, provoke, stir up; flirt with
v.stick up; prize, pry up; force with a lever
v.take up with three fingers; carry; cluster round; extract, summerize; gather
v.contrain; pick up, collect; put in order; examine
v.lift up; prop up, bear, support; hold; cup one hand in the other before the chest
v.roll up; dismiss from ones post; temper oneself; slap with palm
v.come alongside; be near; sum up
v.hold; monopolize, dominate, take on everything; take sb.into ones arms, embrace; pick up
v.disperse; pay, advance, draw; support, prop up; manage; withstand; put up
v.scatter; disperse; break up, separate; dismiss; fall into pieces; fall apart
v.stop; cut off, sever, break, snap; interrupt; decide; give judgement; abstain from, give up
v.hold (one's head) high; force up the prices
v.dry up; to dry in the sunexpose to the sun
adj.arid, dry; hot; dried up, withered; parched
v.to dry up; dried by exposing to the sun
v.lay on a frame; put up, erect; support; fend off; ward off; withstand; support; prop; help; kidnap
v.to lock up in a cage
v.to divide; to distinguish; to open up
v.to seek out; to search into; check; to examine; look into, to investigate; look up, consult
v.grow; plant; set up, establish
v.plot, implicate; complete; construct, form, compose; fabricate, make up
v.put up a notice; put a mark; label
v.plant, cultivate; erect; sow grain; appoint; set up, establish
v.stick up; fall forwards
v.arrange; collate; sort; gather; examine, check up, inspect; search; restrict, regulate
v.use up, exhaust; exterminate; be in a coma
v.fatten; prosper; become wealthy; plant; set up; colonize; breed; multiply
v.beat up, hit; brawl
v.rear; give birth to, bring up; nourish; educate
v.adjoin; echo; assist; make up,emedy
adj.dried up
v.pour water into a pot; soak; arrive, reach, up to
v.get dirty, to smear, soil or defile; contaminate; to mess up
v.silt up; precipitate
v.become silted up
v.settle, clear up, clean up
v.wash with water colour in Chinese painting; play up; exaggerate
v.converge; gather together; hurry to; move close to; make up; happen to
v.be neglected, fall into oblivion, bury; submerge; clog up, fill
v.to accumulate (water); to pent up
v.strain liquids; dry up; seep through;
v.rise, go up, inundate, expand
v.to dry up; to totally disappear; to exhaust; to drain dry
adj.dried up; withered
v.to overflow; to level up
v.help, aid, relieve; cross; complete; be up to standard
v.drip, trickle; use up, exhaust; ooze
v.fry in fat or oil; scald; explode; burst; blow up; blast; bomb
v.to warm something up
v.illuminate, light up
v.illumine, illuminate, shine, light up; reflect; look after, take care of
v.to heat up by steaming
adj.dried-up; dry; arid
v.heat up in hot water; scald, burn; iron; perm;wave
v.To shine, to illuminate; to light up
v.to fill up; to stuff
v.to prop up obliquely; to keep off water with mud and stone
v.to till (soil); to plough up
n.sacrifice, give up
n.a kind of fierce Mongolian dog; a species of wild dog with black mouth and nose; the prison; the lock-up; the elk
v.be fed up with; to eat to the full
v.offer up; present; show; dedicate; donate
v.manage; run; put in order; tidy up; pay attention to; acknowledge; regulate; arrange; regard
v.scoop up with a dustpan
v.rear; feed; cultivate; accumulate; store up; restrain
v.pile up, overlap; fold; knock at
adj.shrivelled; blighted; flat; empty; dried up
v.rise; mount; advance; step up; commence; ascend; scale; publish; record; enter
v.exhaust; use up
v.interrogate; examine; estimate; coil up; wriggle; turn; wind around
adj.be blurred in eyesight; dull and mixed-up; dim-sighted; bewildered
v.look up or forward; look at with reverence
adj.mixed up with sand; ugly; miserable
v.halt; put up at; change into mourning garments after the allotted period has passed
v.accumulate, store up, amass
adj.narrow; petty; hard up; badly off, difficult, pressing
v.harbor; curl up; wrap or cover disorderly
v.stand; let stand, stand up; establish, set up; fix; draw up; erect
v.stand up; stop; occupy
v.respect; crane; shoot high up, tower; jump up; vibrate, bestir oneself; hold; fear; advise
v.dry up, drain; use up, exhaust
prefixused in front of a number to build up an ordinal number
v.bring up (arch.); marry off (arch.)
v.to draw forth; to collect; to investigate; to follow up
adj.exhausted, used up, finished; desperate, hopeless; unique; superb; matchless
v.bind up, tie; measure girth with a rope; measure
v.arrange the threads for weaving; arrange; gather up; take count of; sum up; inquire into
v.to wear; to tie, to bind up; to coil up; carry on the arm; to string together; to roll up
v.grab; lift up; comply with, conform to; gently pass
v.seize, arrest; join, meet; continue, follow up
v.plait; weave; fabricate, invent, make up, cook up; arrange in order, organise, group; edit, compile; enroll; register; write, compose
v.to bind; to tie up
v.draw in; draw back, withdraw, recoil; coil up; contract, shrink; shorten; bind fast
v.to tie up with rope or chain; to fetter a prisoner; to take into custody; to restrain; to connect
v.tie up; consume; smashed to pieces
v.collect; assemble, put together; sum up, summarize
v.stretch tight; jump out; stitch up; scowl; strain; split open
v.bind; be attached to; depend upon; remember; draw; connect; unite; let; tie; fasten; do up; button up
v.enwind; wrap; be tangled up; pester; deal with
v.use up, exhaust
v.dismiss, put aside; place, put; arrange; lay out; establish, set up, install; purchase, buy
v.raise; become warped; stick up, turn upwards
v.hill up; seed
v.hoe, weed; get rid of, remove; earth up
v.shoot high up, lofty, towering; jump up, draw up suddenly; alarm, shock, alert
v.give birth to; nourish; bring up, rear, raise; educate
v.bring up
v.to slice or chop up meat
adj.dried up
v.adorn; dress up
v.to open up a wasteland; to reclaim a wasteland; to plough and weed
v.to weed, to eradicate; to pull up, to pull out
v.curl up; creep like worm
v.repair, mend; patch; add to; help; fill a vacancy; supply; make up for; nourish
v.make up, remedy, help, aid, benefit, supplement
v.wrap up, bind together; bring; surround
v.(Cant.) to tie up, bind
v.cover, wrap up things
v.to show up abruptly
n.one horn turned up and one turned down; odd; strange; single
n.drinking vessel (filled up with wine); wine goblet
v.arrange; settle, fix, conclude, draw up, agree on; edit; collate; subscribe to
v.establish, found, set up; build; arrange, work out; devise; suppose
調v.transfer; move; change, shift; tune; stir up, instigate, provoke; mix; blend; harmonize; adjust; train; investigate; arrange
v.talk nonsense; to make up (a story)
v.stand straight up; rise
v.yield; resign; abdicate; cede; give up; let, allow; make
v.slit, break, crack; give up, sacrifice; remit, exempt; divert oneself from; dredge
v.store up; hoard; save; lay aside; stockpile
v.rise; raise; start; begin; discharge; get up; stand up; remove; extract; pull; appear; build; set up; work out
v.hesitate; separate; inclined, slanting; stick up; recline
v.follow; expel; drive; pursue; avail oneself of; catch up with; overtake; try to catch; make a dash for; rush for; hurry through
v.urge; quicken, speed up, step up; accumulate, save; move
v.jump, well up
v.follow up; search out
v.jump up; mount
v.fall; suffer a setback, suffer loss of; run; tramp; dig; exhaust, use up
v.lift up; hold up; stand on tiptoe; lame; hold one's head high
v.buy or sell wholesale; to store; to stack up; to stock
v.pace up and down; treadle and kick
v.load; carry; transport, convey; contain; fill up; complete; record; enter
v.stop halfway, give up halfway; abandon; cancel, rescind; take
v.bombard, explode, blow up
v.manage, do, handle, tackle, attend to; deal with; do business, transact; provide; set up, run; buy
v.till, up to
v.to look up; to distinguish
v.match, pair; to mate; become man and wife; be loaded with; be charged with; suffer punishment; compound; mix; distribute according to plan; deserve; to make up (a prescription)
v.to wake up, arouse; startle, sober
n.minced pickled meat; an excruciation by mincing up a victim into meat
v.fill up cracks with molten metal; imprison; debar from holding office
v.lock up; come in
v.pick up sth.with tweezers
v.shut, close; stop up; obstruct
v.open; initiate, begin, start, found, set up; explain
v.to bend; to stop up; to block up
v.to fill up; to stuff
v.to shut, to close; to lock up, shut in; to close down; to connect; implicate; to involve; be concerned with
v.open up, bread; refute, repudiate
v.clear up after rain or snow
v.rain stops; clear up after rain or snow; calm down
v.call in a subordinate, invite; make up
v.depend on; trust to; lean on; lean against; get near; keep to; come up to
v.restrain, constrain, restrict; tie up a horse; pick
v.decorate, garnish, embellish; adorn, dress up, polish, cover up; play the role of, act the part of; impersonate
v.nourish; rear; bring up, raise, grow, keep; care for; bear children; support, maintain, provide for
v.fear; delay; ruin, be defective; lift up, fly up; soar
idiomhair rolled up in a bun; hair dishevelled, as in mourning
v.block up, stuck; choke
v.drum; rouse; swell; bulge; agitate; pluck up
v.(of pigs) digging up earth with the snout