To Japanese people who are looking at this page

From the producer:

I wish that Japanese people, we, were more serious about our history. If so, we could have really faced our past. We have never realized: it was the event that should have been carefully recorded and that the peoples of the next generation have to learn.

Blaming our counter-part by emphasizing that we were victims of the bombing and asking for an apology to satisfy ourselves are senseless from the history perspectives. The issue is: "What can we learn from our past?"

History is a class room to learn our past. What we learn are not just names, words nor numbers in textbooks; they were real lives. We need to share our knowledge of the past with others.

After reading the recent report by Newsweek on "Hiroshima: August 6, 1945" (July 24, 1995 issue), I realized how our counter-part people seriously confront their past and are serious to learn what it was and what it means. Have we reviewed our past to that extent?

Have we seriously examined what Nanjing Massacre was or what Pearl Harbor was? After starting this service, I have received two e-mails from the persons who looked at this WWW museum and who wrote about Pearl Harbor; they are an American and a Japanese.

It should be noted that the Nanjing Massacre WWW home page is linked to this WWW museum in the related work section. We have to undestand and to learn what World War II was and what we did.

Mitsuru Ohba


Pearl Harbor

visited you page today, well done, very professional. I have mixed feelings, the japanese killed two members of my family that were aboard the arizona when they bombed pearl. whenever the japanese apologize for their atrocities then I'll feel better.

Nanjing Massacre

Dear administrators, I'm disappointed by your description of the event. Not one word about why the bomb was dropped. Surprisingly I don't even recall seeing the words "World War II" on the museum page. Did the bomb fall down from the sky and explode for no reason?

In the main page, you've stated:

"Rather we want you to work with us to ensure that all of us can live in a safe world."

Well... My suggestion on the issue is--NEVER START A WAR!

The Japanese government has been repeatedly ignoring the main part of history, even denying the fact that Japan did launch a war, did commit war crimes, and did surrender the war. While remembrance of the atomic attacks keep rendering Japan as a victim of the war, not a word about even a war, not to mention any apologies about the war.

The A-Bomb Museum page is a similar effort--describing the davastation in Japan, calling for peace, BUT IGNORING WHO LAUNCHED THE WAR!

I strongly suggest you compare the number of deaths in the atomic blasts with the number of people died under the Japanese guns, bombs, and swords.

In the section of "Related work," I suggest you to add some other links:
Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre
The Revisionist Usenet Experience

One last thing: there is another home page about the atomic bomb in Nagasaki. I'm quoting one of the response in the discussion forum. This line pretty much expresses what I feel about your A-Bomb Museum home page:

Quoted from

"What's your point? War is hell. Should have told that to the Japanese BEFORE Pear Harbor."

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