FTP Server, RIH, Arts Faculty

The FTP server of the RIH was created in Summer 1993. According to the original design, the FTP server was structured in the form of a subject tree embracing the major disciplines of the humanities. After the establishment of our Gopher server in Summer 1994, the FTP server was integrated into the Gopher platform for the sake of a more powerful user interface. As a result of this, some gopher links were inserted into the subject-oriented directories originally belonging to the FTP server. Knowing such a history of our FTP server, you can now choose between:

  1. accessing our FTP via our Gopher client, [with all the embedded gopher links], or
  2. accessing our FTP via the traditional FTP channel [without gopher links], or
  3. accessing our FTP server via the HTTP protocol. also without the gopher links. This channel of access is brought about by a soft link in our UNIX file system and it provides practically the same amount of information as the original FTP channel, but with better page layout when html files are encountered!

Unless you have technical problems, we always recommend the first method of access if you need the embedded gopher links, and the third method if you don't.!

Please also note that owing to manpower shortage, the FTP and Gopher servers are not updated as frequently as the WWW server!

Your webmaster: Tze-wan Kwan