Longitudinal Studies

This is an on-going longitudinal study of three simultaneous bilinguals in a one parent-one language environment. Bi-weekly audio recordings in subjects' homes were transcribed in the CHILDES format.

Subjects Native language of parents Age span during longitudinal study
Name Date of Birth Mother Father
Kathryn 1.92 English Cantonese 2;10 - 4;6
Timothy 5.93 Cantonese English 1;6 - 3;6
Llewellyn 6.93 Cantonese English 1;6 - 3;6

The background of the three bilingual children

All three children have grown up in bilingual families in Hong Kong, with one parent speaking Cantonese and the other English. Each of the parents knows the other's language to some extent. The community language is Cantonese.