Special Topics in Western Philosophers

- Kant's Critique of the Power of Judgment

(Dr. Tze-wan Kwan)



Course Code: PHI 5030       (Fall, 2006)    Venue: MMW-707               Time: Wed 06-08


Course description:


     This course focuses on Kant's third major work in his programme of “critical philosophy” - the Critique of [the Power of] Judgment. As the keystone to Kant's philosophical edifice, the Critique of Judgment is well known for its wide scope of interest and its complexity in structure. This course covers both parts of the third Critique, namely, that of Aesthetic Judgment and of Teleological Judgment. In order to expound the contextual significance of the third Critique in the midst of Kant's philosophical work, excerpts from other related texts, including the first two Critiques, The Metaphysics of Morals, as well as the posthumously published Reflexionen, will be introduced wherever appropriate. For the sake of better dialogue between the participants, a good knowledge of the general history of Western philos­ophy is required. Previous enrollment in courses on Kant is a definite advantage although not a prerequisite for taking this course. The course consists of both lectures and seminar sessions to be held in alternate intervals. A written report on a topic previously agreed upon is required toward the end of the semester. Assessment will be made on the readiness for discussion in class as well as on the final written report.



Main Texts:


Kritik der Urtheilskraft, in: Kants Gesammelte Schriften (Akademie-Ausgabe), Band 5 (Berlin: de Gruyter, 1908)

Kritik der Urteilskraft : Philosophische Bibliothek Band 39a (Hamburg: Felix Meiner, 1968).

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《判斷力批判》: 宗白華 [上卷], 韋卓民 [下卷] 合譯(北京: 商務, 1964/1987.

《判斷力之批判》: 牟宗三譯註, 上下冊(台北: 學生書局, 1992-93.

《判斷力批判》:鄧曉芒譯,楊祖陶校(北京: 人民出版社, 2004


Other Related Texts by Kant:


Critique of Pure Reason, translated by Norman K. Smith (London: McMillan). See also Smith’ translation in electronic format. Etext provided by Steven Palmquist of the Baptist University, HTML and on-line search engine prepared by Tze-wan Kwan and Chong-fuk Lau of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, available at: http://humanum.arts.cuhk.edu.hk/Philosophy/Kant/cpr

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Die drei Kritiken in ihrem Zusammenhang mit dem Gesamtwerk. Mit verbindendem Text zusammengefasst von Raymund Schmidt (Stuttgart: Kröner, 1975).

Philosophical Correspondence (1759-99), edited and translated by Arnulf Zweig (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1967).


Secondary Readings:


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