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{Fine Arts} {Art History} {Galleries & Collections} {Photography}
{Performing Arts} {Drama, Dance & Film} {Music}

Fine Arts

  • AusArts, Institute of the Arts, ANU
  • Art from the Well
  • ArtSource
  • FineArt Forum & its Art Resources List
  • Gallery Walk
  • Online Art References (an index)
  • Internet ArtResources (searchable)
  • World Art Treasures

  • FINE ART at Staffordshire University

    Art History

  • Art History with Images at ANU
  • Getty Art History Information Program
  • History of Art, Whole Internet Catalog

  • The Art of Renaissance Science: Galileo and Perspective

    Art Galleries & Collections

  • Fine Arts Collection in Humanum
  • National Gallery of Art: Washington DC, USA
  • White Lotus Gallery: twentieth century Asian art, with a strong emphasis on original prints
  • WebMuseum, Paris: covering nearly 200 artists
  • The Boston College Museum of Art: with a wealth of paintings
  • Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence: official site
  • Complete Catalogue of Uffizi Gallery
  • Web Gallery of Art, Hungary: powerful search, well organized!

  • Chinese Archaic Jades from the Kwan Collection. Exhibited at CUHK.
    Surfers from Europe can access a mirror of this page via Video on Line in Italy.
  • Chinese Cultural Relics (images from Cheung's collection)
  • Chinese Folk Art & Paper Cutting

  • Indian Art (the Vedic Age)
  • The Tokugawa Art Museum

    Renaissance Artists

  • Albrecht Drer Page: WebMuseum Paris
  • Mathias Grnewald Page: WebMuseum Paris
  • Albrecht Altdorfer Page: WebMuseum Paris
  • BaptisteryMasolino da Panicale featuring St. John the Baptist

  • Les impressionistes
  • Gauguin & the Russian Avantgarde Show
  • Avant-Garde Listservs Archive

  • Leonardo Da Vinci Museum
  • M. C. Escher:
  • Paul Klee
  • Monet: A Cyberspace Gallery
  • Rodin, list of images of his sculptures
  • The Rossetti Archive, IATH

  • Vatican Archive Images
  • Louvre
  • Le WebLouvre


  • Asian Art
  • Modern Chinese Woodcut (Images from Cheung's collection)
  • The On-Line Museum of Singapore Art & History

  • Art Gallery, The Ohio State University
  • Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Museum of Arts & Crafts)
  • The Edgerton Center, MIT Online Gallery
  • Fine Arts, Mount Allison University
  • Huntsville Museum of Art
  • Krannert Art Museum
  • La Trobe University Art Museum
  • UA Museum of Art Online Gallery, University of Arizona
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art: with a page Featured Work of Art -- Asian Collection in which the The Kwan Jade Collection of the Chinese University is featured!

  • aart Gallery
  • Art Gallery - Home
  • ArtMetal Gallery
  • The Electric Gallery (Haitian & SW American arts)
  • Chesley Bonestell Gallery
  • Linda Cannon Gallery
  • The Powersource Art Gallery (Native American Art)
  • Wentworth Gallery

  • NWHQ (a jounal)
  • Critique: The Reviewer's Choice

    Computer Art Galleries.

    Images & Photography

  • (Art)^n Laboratory (Visual Photography/PHSCologram)
  • Ansel Adams: Fiat Lux Photography Exhibit
  • OTIS Net Image Gallery (UNC)
  • NCSA Digital Gallery
  • Guild Exhibit (Digital Photography '94)
  • Digital Image Center
  • Digital Wave Photography Gallery
  • Smithsonian Image Gallery, & Archives

    Performing Arts

  • Chinese Performing Arts, includes opera, classical & modern music
  • Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
  • Performing Arts, Digimark
  • China Shadow Play Institute
  • CultureFinder: The Online Address for the Performing Arts


  • International Folk Dance Resource Guide
  • Tango
  • Scottish Dances
  • Greek Dancing through the Centuries


  • Peer Gynt in Hypermedia
  • Internatinal Shakespeare Globe Centre, Universit酹 K闤n
  • Alabama Shakespeare Festival


  • Chinese Movie Database: 中文電影資料庫
  • Frankfurter Filmschau
  • The Internet Movie Database of US and UK: Vast amount of searchable information
  • The Film Zone
  • Spielfilm.DE
  • Gewi Film Home Page: University of Graz, Austria (in German)
  • Movie Link: 777 Film Online
  • All Movie Guide
  • Movie Magazine International
  • Early Motion Pictures (1897-1916): Library of Congress
  • Everyman CinemaThe oldest repertory cinema in the world.
  • Videoflicks: Search over 65,000 titles
  • Digital Cinema
  • Films-Philosophy
  • Archiv: Germany based, equipped with search engine. Covering a lot of English films!

  • The University of Iowa Film Studies Program
  • National Film Board of Canada

  • The Hollywood Online
  • James Bond

  • Hong Kong Movies
  • Spanish Film Studies Program
  • Belles de Jour: The Actresses of French Cinema

  • CinemaSpace, University of California
  • Video and Movie Review database
  • Film/Video and Medicine
  • Wiretap Film Documents
  • 100 Classic Documentaries
  • Film Reviews Database Search Engine, University of Minnesota
  • Teen Movie Critic


  • Dept of Music, CUHK

  • Batish Institute of Indian Music and Fine Arts (music only)

  • Bach Central Station
  • J.S.Bach Home Page
  • J.S. Bach Archive and Bibliography
  • J.S.Bach Midi archives
  • Bach Cantata Page: since 1997
  • Bach-Archiv Leipzig
  • What Bach is for Me: Albert Schweitzer

  • Standard Midi Files on the Net: The List of Sites With MIDI Files
  • The Complete Midi File Directory
  • Early Music Midi Archive
  • The Classical Midi Archives: with 4000+ midi files! & a searchable index
  • Classical Midi with Words:
  • The Classical Guitar Home Page: includes a midi archive
  • BMG Classical Music World
  • Classical Music Home Page
  • Classical Music, The World
  • Harmony Central Music Page
  • Music

  • Music Resources on the Internet - service offered by the Indiana University Music Library
  • Index to Music Network Resources: Rhodes College
  • Music Resources Register, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Musical Ekphrasis and other musicological resources by Siglind Bruhn of University of Michigan

  • Composers' Biographies and their Works: HNH International Ltd.
  • Hector Berlioz Homepage
  • A John Cage Page: Cage on the internet
  • Pachelbel's Canon Home Page
  • Richard Wagner Archive

  • The Kosmic Free Music Foundation WWW & FTP site
  • Free Music Programs from SIMTEL
  • Bach 3.0: TrueType Fonts for Musicologists
  • ICMA Software Library
  • Public-Domain Opera Libretti and Other Vocal Texts
  • The Lied and Song Texts Page
  • Jack's Harmonica Page: with guides to song singing
  • Computer Music Journal Sound Archive

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