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{Servers & Directories}
{Computation & Language} {Computation & History} {Computation & Arts}
{Computer Information} {Computer Languages} {WWW & HTML} {SGML & TEI} {Unicode}

Servers & Directories

  • Software for Philosophers, Occidental College

  • Computer Professionals & Social Responsibility
  • Computers & Academic Freedom
  • The Ada Project: Women in Computing
  • Women & Computer Science (Essays)

  • Humanist Discussion Group: The oldest surviving resource for Humanities Computing
  • Humanities Computing at OUCS: Oxford University Computing Services
  • Center for Research in Computing & the Arts, University of California
  • Chorus: Academic & Educational Computing in the Arts/Humanities
  • Human-Computer Interaction Virtual Library
  • Humanities Computing Resources
  • Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities

  • Automatic Reasoning Project, ANU
  • MacPsych (Macintoch in psychology research & teaching)

    Computation & Languages

  • Association for Computational Linguistics - Click here for an alternative URL
  • Computational Phonology
  • Computer-Generated Writing
  • Computerlinguistik: Links and Literature
  • The Computation & Language E-Print Archive
  • FraCaS: A Framework for Computational Sematics, University of Edinburgh
  • Head-Driven Phase Structure Grammar
  • Stanford HPSG Project
  • UCREL: Unit for Computer Research on the English Language

  • CELIA: Computer Enhanced Language Instruction Archive (Softwares for learning languages)
  • Chinese Language Related Information Page
  • Chinese Educational Software
  • Chinese Software Digest
  • Introduction to Text Analysis: Aston University

  • Corpus Linguistics:
    Corpus Linguistics: Michael Barlow of Rice University
    Corpus Linguistics: University of Birmingham

  • Concordance: Information Retrieval System

  • Center for Machine Translation, Carnegie Mellon University

    Literature & Languages

    Computation & History

  • The Association for History & Computing
  • Centre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research

  • Electronic Antiquity: Communicating the Classics
  • History Computerization Project


    Computation & Arts

  • Center for Research in Computing and the Arts: University of California San Diego
  • Amiga
  • University of Illinois Electronic Visualization Laboratory, NCSA
  • International Interactive Genetic Art, CMU
  • NCSA Fractal Microscope
  • Vern's SIRDS Gallery
  • Strange Interactions
  • A Mathematical Art Gallery

  • ICMA Software Library

    Fine Arts & Performing Arts

    Computer Information

  • PC Webopedia: online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology
  • MacMillan Computer Publishing: The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Computing
  • A Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies an der Universit„t Karlsruhe
  • Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List, Mirror in Hong Kong
  • Virtual Computer Library, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • The Software Musemum
  • UWP, University of Parkside

    Chinese Computing & Softwares

    Other Asian Languages Computing

  • Japanese Computing


  • Apple
    The Apple Virtual Campus
    Apple World Wide Technical Support FTP & WWW site
    QuickTime Online
  • BMUG (Boston Mac User Group)
  • Info-Mac
    Mirror sites
    Mirror at WIT
    Mac Archive
    WAIS Database
  • Inside Macintosh
  • MacInTouch (Mac consultation)
  • MSC Mac
  • MERIT Mac Archive
  • Mac FTP Sites
  • Mac Software Catalogue
  • CU-SeeMe for Teleconferencing: Cornell University

  • MacHead
  • MacUser
  • MacWeek
  • PowerPC News
  • TidBITS (a popular Mac magazine)
    WAIS search

    PC & Unix

  • IBM PC
  • World Internet Technologies: Lots of pd software for various OS
  • Windows Shareware Archive (CSUSM)
  • Windows 95 Info Page
  • MS-DOS software archive
  • PC Week
  • PC/Computing Magazine
  • PC World magazine
  • Windows Magazine
  • Windows Sources
  • Windows Traning, bug reports and utilities
  • IWI.Web (Serveral German computer magazines)


  • LAN on the Web


  • CD-ROM World
  • The CD-ROM Shop
  • Database Union List for Oxford Academic Libraries
  • The Colour is Black (a local CD-ROM shop)
  • Directmedia: Der CD-ROM Katalog:
  • Microsoft® U.S. Academic Products Estimated Retail Price List

    Computer Languages

  • Prolog

  • The University of Florida Perl Archive
  • PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language: Reference Manual and Tutorial
  • Perl TutorialNik Silver
  • Newsgroup: comp.lang.perl.misc
  • Website Builder Resources: Guide to Perl Programming

    WWW & HTML

    HTML stands for "Hypertext Markup Language" which in practical terms
    is a collection of styles that define the various components of a WWW document.
    HTML is part of SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language).

  • Web66 (Help teachers to set up WWW server)
  • Web Developer's Journal
  • WWW Related Information: compiled by Ernest Yik
  • WWWorld of Software...
  • Steve Stuczynski's Internet Tools Page
  • Internet Tools Summary
  • WebMaker
  • Uniform Resource Locater primer

  • Web Weaver HTML Editor
  • WebWatch
  • WINAudio (Netscape audio player for Windows)

  • Internet World Magazine
  • The Net Connection

    WWW serach engines & What's New


  • UniCode Home Page
  • History of UniCode
  • ISO Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set home page
  • Unicode and the Chinese Writing System
  • The Unicode Character Encoding Standard: The Arabic Scientific Alliance
  • The ABCs of Converting to Unicode: A page from MicroSoft

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