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China warns Japanese academics over massacre denial (17/6/98)

Japan's Debate Over the War-Memorial Plan (17/6/98)

New Document Reveals Japanese Troops Used Poison Gas in China (14/6/98)

US WWII Japanese Internees Get Compensations (13/6/98)

Japan Revisionist Historians Attacked Iris Chang's Book (12/6/98)

Japanese Film Glorifies War Criminals (8/6/98)

US WW II Veteran Recalled Japanese Brutality (7/6/98)

Iris Chang Challenged Japan's Ambassdor to a Televised Debate (11/5/98)

Japan Officially Apologise to WWII POW (12/1/98)


Japan's War memorial construction hits obstacles above and below ground (17/12/97)

Nanjing Remembers the Forgotten Holocaust (13/12/97)
A multimedia report

US POW protested the Houston Chronicle for protecting Japanese War Crimes (27/10/97)

Japanese Lawyer-scholar group ready to battle for war compensation (8/10/97)

Japanese Ex-Soldier Tells of WWII Atrocities (1/10/97)

Japan Steelmaker Compensate WW II Forced Labor (22/09/97)

The Hashimoto Government is Unlikely to Apologize for War Agression (3/9/97)

China Blasted Japan Government for History Textbook Censorship (1/9/97)

China Hosts Nanjing Massacre Conference (13/8/97)

Japanese history revisionists: Japanese army were not particularly brutal (4/8/97)

Holocaust Exhibition in Nanjing (1/8/97)

Japan Rightists Land on Island (13/6/97)

Japanese Nationalists Landed on Diaoyutai Islands (7/5/97)*

Japan Created War Fear Alert (6/5/97)*

Japanese Right-Wingers Pushes for Tokyo to Scrap the Anti-War Constitution (5/5/97)*

Former Nagasaki mayor slams A-bomb memorial (23/4/97)

Two Japanese politicians preparing WW II Atrocity Investigation and Reparation Legislation (1/4/97)

26 Japanese intellectuals set up a group to fight history revisionism (25/3/1997)

The Legacy of War Crimes: Japan's War Criminals Are All but Ignored (23/3/97)

Japan to dismantle weapons at plant (10/2/1997)

A Japanese Professor Blamed China For Starting the 2nd Sino-Japanese War (10/2/1997)

Seiroku Kajiyama: "Comfort women" are prostitutes for money (27/1/97)


Even Nazi member Appalled by the Massacre and Helped the Chinese (12/12/96)

Japan sued over chemical weapon legacy (10/12/96)

Nanjing Massacre Art Exhibition opened in Tokyo (10/12/96)

Japan wants visiting world leaders to pay homage to war criminals (6/12/96)

U.S. Department of Justice Established a "Japanese War Criminal Watch List" (4/12/96)

Imperial Japan Inc. On Trial (15/11/96)

Japan's Ruling Party Endorses Official Visits to War Criminal Shrine (1/10/96)

Petition Urges U.N. Members to Reject Seating Japan at Security Council (30/9/96)

China To Japan: Back Off Claim (30/9/96)

Protest Leader Died in Diaoyutai (26/09/1996)

Chinese urged the government to send troops to Diaoyutai isles (02/09/96)

Japan shot Taiwan fishing boat near Diaoyutai islands (02/09/96)

Japan giving a "green light'' to right-wing groups interested in reviving militarism and claiming disputed territories (31/8/96)

Japanese Foreign Minister Ikeda on run from Hong Kong protesters (29/8/96)

Japan refuses to pay official reparations to former sex slaves (31/7/96)

China Conducts Its Final Nuclear Test (30/7/96)

Japan PM Visits Controversial War Shrine (29/7/96)

Japan Assured China of Dismantling Lighthouse on Diaoyutai (24/2/96)

Japanese Right-wing Group Built a 5 meters High Lighthouse on Diaoyudai (22/7/96)

Japan wary as China builds military might (22/7/1996)

Former Chinese Sex Slaves Testified in Japanese Court (21/7/96)

Koreans Not Satisfied with Hashimoto's Apology (25/6/96)

Ryutaro Hashimoto's Apology for "Comfort Women" in Soul has Nothing New (6/23/96)

South Korean women protest near the "Soccer summit" for "Comfort Women" (23/061996)

30 Korean Women Groups Demand Direct "Comfort Women" Compensation from Japanese Government (22/6/96)

Comfort Women Issue May Hurt Cheju Summit (18/6/96)

Seisuke Okuno: "Comfort women 'did it for money'" (6/6/96)

US Congressional Resolution Calls for Apology and Reparation from Japan (17/05/96)

Queen Elizabeth II apologized to the Czechs for Britain's 1938 role (28/3/96)

South Korean president cancelled meeting with Japanese to protest Tokyo's claim over Tokdo Islands (10/2/96)

69 Asian "Comfort Women" Rejected Japanese Offer (28/3/96)



Japan, South Korea to discuss historical research (26/12/95)

Japanese Foreman Slapped a Chinese Employee in Shanghai (21/12/95)


Oil Drilling Ship Anchored Closer to Diaoyutai than to Mainland (18/12/95)

Chinese Ship Surveyed near Diaoyutai Islands (13/12/95)

Japanese Ex-medic Testify: Chinese in Cage for Germ-warfare Tests (12/12/95)

New York Times Rejects Japanese Ad Distorting WWII History (07/12/95)

Japan Deny War Crimes in Newspaper Ad (07/12/95)


First Hearing on Unit 731 is Held in Tokyo (29/11/95)

South Korea demanded Takami Eto resign (13/11/95)

Japan will seek permanent UNSC seats (31/10/95)

Murayama qualifies remarks on Korea (13/10/95)

Japan's Prime Minister seeks expanded military force role (11/10/95)

Li Peng Criticizes Japan's Move to Freeze Aid to Beijing (22/9/95)

Japanese Delegation to Clean up Chemical Weapons in China (14/9/95)

Rape Will Be A War Crime and the War Criminals Should be Hunted Down (UN women conference resolution, 12/9/95)

Sharp Exchanges Between China and Japan at Disarmament Conference (6/9/95)

Jiang Zemin's Talk on the 50th Anniversary of Japan's Surrender (3/9/95)

Beijing Berates Tokyo for Failing to Apologize for WWII (22/8/95)

Australia's Reponse to the Apology: "Comprehensive" but "More Personal & Not Representative" (15/8/95)

British Veterans Accuse Murayama "Fudging the Issue by Making the Apology a Personal One" (15/8/95)

Chinese War Victims Welcome the Apology But Demand Compensation (15/8/95)

Beijing Welcomes the Apology But Not Satisfied (15/8/95)

50th anniversary of the end of the Pacific War in Japan (15/8/95)

Japanese Prime Minister Apologizes for WWII (15/8/95)

China Remembers (14/8/95)

Japan's Education Minister Yoshinobu Shimamura : "There is no need for additional apologies" for Japan'es Role in WWII (10/8/95)

Chinese Victims To Make First Claim of War Compensation (5/7/95)

Australia's Complain about Japan's History Textbook (30/6/95)

Chinese forced labors sue big Japanese construction company (29/6/95)

China Attacked Japan's "No-War Resolution" (16/6/95)

JAPAN'S GERM WARFARE CAMP (VOA correspondent Gil Butler visited Unit 731 site, 15/6/95)

Japan's Chemical Weapons in China (VOA background report, 15/6/95)

Japan's War Resolution VOA report (7/6/95)

Michio Watanabe: Japan Didn't Colonize Korea (7/6/95)

South Korea's Anti-Japan Protest (7/6/95)

Japanese Imperial Army's oison gas production detailed (25/5/95)

Japanese apology plan scrapped (29/4/95)

Japan's problems of drafting an apology (21/4/95)


China and Japan shelved the Diaoyutai issue (1975)

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