The No War Resolution Issue

To the disappointment of peace-loving people in Asia and Japan, the Japanese government adopted a No War Resolution without making a formal apology to its victims during the War. Japan missed a golden chance to reconcile with its neighbours.
We sincerely recommend to our viewers, especially Chinese viewers, Hajime Takano's essay on No War Resolution.

  • Japan's No War Resolution
    Downloaded copy

  • Now is the Time for a Resolution that Provides an Apology and Repentence for Japan's War-Time Past (1 Apr, 1995)
    Harudi Wada, University of Tokyo
    Downloaded copy
  • Japan's Ambiguous Apology
    VOA's Interview with Prof. Nathanial Thayer (23 Jun, 1995)
  • Pros & Cons of No War Resolution
  • Japan's Lost Opportunity
    Nobuhiko Shima
    Downloaded copy
  • Let's do it again - A personal comment on the No War Resolution
    Hajime Takano, Editor in chief, Insider
    Downloaded copy
  • Personal Reflection of the No War Resolution (6 Jun, 1995)
    Yosuke Nakae
  • The No War Resolution corner in SMN's Discussion square

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  • A Different "Declaration of Apology"
    Yoshimi Ishikara
  • "No War Resolution" by Japanese citizens

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