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Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 20:59:04 -0700
From: "B.C. ALPHA"
Organization: B.C. ALPHA

Subject: Support Bill C-479 Campaign

Dear friends,

Attached is the news about the Support Campaign for Bill C-479 Recognition of Crimes Against Humanity Act. The purpose of the Bill is to mandate the establishment of an exhibit in the Canadian Museum of Civilization to recognize the crimes against humanity as defined by the United Nations that have been perpetrated during the twentieth century.

If this Bill is passed in the Canadian Parliament, then exhibits on the systematic and organized atrocities and crimes against humanity committed by the Japanese military machine throughout Asia before and during WW II will be included in the national Musuem of Civilization.

So please ask all your CANADIAN friends to go to our newly designed website here to send an ELECTRONIC POSTCARD to the Members of the Canadian Parliament to petition for their support to this Bill C-479.

Thekla Lit
President of B.C. ALPHA & Co-chair of Canada ALPHA
Please visit our Websites.

Campaign Against Shokun Magazine

Houston Chronicle Tampers With An Obituary to Cover Up Japanese War Crimes

Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 12:18:31 -0700
From: Ignatius Ding
Subject: Stand up to censorship
From: Eugene Zheng  10/2/97 

[Eugene Zheng's Note:

When I received a thick package from a Dr. Lu whom I have never met, I did not anticipate to read a history long before I was born. And while I was tempted to say "What do *I* care?", like so many other people may have shrugged off, I could not escape from this call for justice after I read it. 

I knew I had to do something. The least is to write to the paper to take my stand. And to bring up the issue to you. If you just forward the following petition to any on-line news agency, preferably The Houston Chronicle (see the web address I included below) , or call Dr. Lu and/or Mr. Kyle Alan Dromgoole as I did, you will be giving much help to a Chinese woman in her battle over a news media giant. Thank you!] 

Dr. Lu's letter
Bee Sun Lu
3935 Westheimer, #238
Houston, Texas 77027

Dear Reader,

I am writing to expose a case where The Houston Chronicle (the only major newspaper in Houston, Texas) suppressed the mentioning of WAR CRIMES in the obituary of my mother, and to call for you to TAKE A STAND in this issue. 

In spring 1942, my late father, Ping Su Lu, Chancellor of the Chinese Consulate in Manila, Philippine, were unlawfully detained together with seven other Chinese diplomats by the Japanese military police since they refused to hand-over funds from overseas Chinese to the Japanese invaders. Disregarding the common practice of diplomatic immunity under the international law, the Japanese MP murdered these eight Chinese diplomats. The Japanese military officers who were responsible for executing the diplomatic staff were later tried and convicted as war criminals by Allied Military Commissions. My late mother Tian Yew Cu Lu was a key witness in the court. Attached are the copies of local newspaper report at the time. 

Yet with no explanation, The Houston Chronicle in effect forced me to change one line in the obituary that reads my father, together with seven other Chancellors, "ALL WERE EXECUTED BY THE JAPANESE DURING WW II" to "WHO ALL BECAME CASUALTIES OF WWII". The Obituary department of Houston Chronicle demanded this important change by calling me 20 minutes before the scheduled print time, or else they would not print the obituary. To gave friends and relatives enough advance notice of the funeral, I relinquished with great distraught. How am I going to face all the consequences, if by acquiescence I have twisted the fact!

That was February 27, 1997, one day after my mother passed away. I had later written to The Houston Chronicle and submitted evidences on April 2,1997. I demanded an explanation and republishing my mother's obituary. One of my friends, Mr. Kyle Dromgoole, also wrote a letter on my behalf ( enclosure 4). Yet The Houston Chronicle never responded to any of us till this date.

By bringing this issue to the public attention, I am not provoking vengeance, but to instill the value of courage, to promote patriotism , and to honor both the victims and the veterans of war, the loved ones who paid the price for the achievement of peace. Most of all, we should pay tribute to thousands of lives sacrificed for the generation-to-come to enjoy= 

Should the horrendous fact of the NANKING MASSACRE (, the animally rape committed by the Japanese soldiers to the thousands of women and girls in China, Korea and other occupied countries, the killings of innocents like my beloved father and so many others be forgotten? Should the prisoners of war , or those who were widowed, orphaned, keep their mouths shut about the past? If not, why did The Houston Chronicle refused to acknowledge the truth, the FACT?!

Thank you for your attention. And please feel free to distribute this letter or any of the supporting materials. If you have internet access, please email The Houston Chronicle to voice your opinion. You can find editors' email address at the following web page: 

Thank you for your help.

Yours truly,

Bee Sun Lu

Chasing Japanese War Criminals!

      Global Alliance For Preserving The History Of WW-II In Asia

           P.O. Box 2066, Cupertino, California 95015 U.S.A.

                       International Chase Center


                         Japanese War Criminals

     The Global Alliance For Preserving The History Of WW-II In Asia is

officially establishing an International Chase Center that will collect

information and track down Japanese war criminals who have committed crimes

against humanity during the Sino- Japanese War (1931-1945).

     The information will be provided to governments of the United States and

other nations which have laws prohibiting war criminals entering their national

borders.  The information and investigation results of the reported/documented

war crimes will be made available to courts and international organizations,

such as the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, litigating war responsibilities

and compensation cases.

     The general public is hereby requested to assist in providing information

of the Japanese war criminals to the International Chase Center of Japanese War

Criminals by sending in the name, rank and approximate age of each war

criminal, and the military unit number and the nature, the time and the

location, at which the crimes were committed.  Please also include the last

known address of the war criminal if possible.  The Center will treat all

information confidential and will not disclose the source of information to

anyone.  The information can be submitted to the Center by:

     - mailing it to the International Chase Center of Japanese War Criminals,

       P.O. Box 2066, Cupertino, CA 95015-2066 USA.

     - sending a fax to one of the following numbers:

       . (408) 446-4641 USA West         . (708) 969-4851 USA Mid-West

       . (202) 625-0583 USA East         . (305) 861-8550 USA Southeast

       . (604) 439-7738 Canada West      . (416) 446-0938 Canada East

       . 886-2-397-1264 Taiwan           . 852-2805-5526  Hong Kong

Sending an e-mail to

Japanese History Revisionist Video Games Wanted!

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 11:44:46 -0800
From: Ignatius Ding

As the author of a forthcoming book on the Rape of Nanking (October 1997, Basic Books/HarperCollins), I have heard scattered accounts of a proliferation of Japanese video games and novels that glorify the government's wartime past. For instance, a few years ago I watched on television a news segment about the popularity of fantasy novels in Japan that describe the Japanese winning World War II. (One such novel depicted former president Truman cowering under his desk as Japanese forces stormed the White House). Unfortunately, I was not able to record the specific titles of those novels.

I would be grateful if people could email me the titles and descriptions of any recent Japanese novels, comic books or juvenile literature that either distort WWII history or encourage a revival of Japanese military aggression. Also, I am interested in gathering the citations of scholarly papers, if any, that document this phenomenon in Japan.

In addition, any information about video games that insult the memory of WWII victims of the imperial Japanese army would be greatly appreciated -- especially if such video games are available in electronic stores in the US.

I can be reached by email at or by regular mail at PO Box 70366, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.

-- Iris Chang

Petition against Japan's Campaigning for a Permanent Seat in UN's Security Cuncil of the United Nation

Prepared by the Global Alliance for Preserving the History of World War II in Asia
Posted: 31/1/97

Dear Ambassador,

In recent years, the Japanese Government has been actively campaigning to obtain a permanent seat in the Security Council of the United Nations. Japan's intention has caused great alarm among the Southeast Asian nations, especially those who suffered tremendous pains and losses during WW II resulting from Japanese aggressions. One must note that, other than a vague verbal apology from the former Japanese Prime Minister, the Japanese government has made no effort to atone for its countless war crimes.

On the other hand, it repeatedly whitewashed Japanese high school text books to distort the historical facts: Japan's invasion is justified as "a war to liberate the Asians from Western colonialists"; it openly worships ClassA war criminals in a national shrine as national heroes; and it vehemently denies that atrocities were committed against the innocent people of the countries invaded by Japan.

This attitude has not only rekindled the animosity but also deepened the distrust of Japanese government by the people in Asian countries.

Furthermore, militarism has steadily risen again in Japan in recent year. The Tokyo government has encouraged Japanese rightwing groups to build lighthouses, and erect land markers and a war monument on Diaoyutai Islands, a Chinese territory since 1403. Even more shockingly, its warships, helicoptergunships, and fighter jets have invaded the region. The Japanese military forces are occupying Diaoyutai and ejecting Chinese citizens from their own land by force.

Japan is not a nation at peace and is in no way fit for the permanent membership at the Security Council. On behalf of our worldwide member organizations, we strongly oppose its application for such status at the United Nations.

Enclosed please find an executive summary and a copy of a photographic book for your reference.

Truly yours,
Charles J. Shao
Global Alliance Secretary-General

Stop Japan from Disposing Chemical Weapons in China

Date: 1/30/97 10:57 PM

Dear Everyone,

Shocking news: Agreement reached to dispose CHEMICAL WEAPONS in China by the Chinese government and the Japanese government. These are chemical weapons left in China by the Japanese imperial army. Please read the most current issue of the online magazine `Dong Bei Feng', out on Jan. 29, 1997.

This is bigger than the issue of Diao Yu Tai islands, bigger than the NBC comments. Why are people so silent, especially Chinese?

I'd like to call everyone's attention to this issue. Please dissipate this piece of news to as many people as you can. I strongly suggest Chinese organizations all over the world to act IMMEDIATELY. Protest any plan to dispose the WEAPONS in China. They should be returned to Japan AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Our protest has a high chance of winning. Unlike other issues where there are no specific agenda, this time our demand is specific: move these weapons out of China, as soon as possible.

So please please please ACT now, for the sake of human justice.

L. Zhao

From: Ignatius Ding

Diaoyutai Defense Coalition of Northern California
c/o APTSJW, P.O. Box 2066, Cupertino, CA 95015-2066

Press Release
September 13, 1996

Diaoyutai Defense Coalition Protest Rally

What: The Diaoyutai Defense Coalition of Northern California will sponsor a rally protesting the Japanese incursion of Diaoyutai Islands and its unlawful declaration of sovereignty over this region, a Chinese territory since its discovery in 1403.

Where: Portsmouth Square, Kearny/Washington St., San Francisco Chinatown.

When: 2:00 to 5:00PM, September 22, 1996 (Sunday).

The Diaoyutai Defense Coalition of Northern California (a coalition of community, professional, and business organizations throughout the Chinese American community) will sponsor a demonstration in response to a renewed Japanese aggression against China.

As many in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, U.S. cities and other nations, the local community will hold a rally and a signature drive condemning the recent military intervention around Diaoyutai by Japan's so-called "Self Defense Forces," and the unlawful construction of lighthouses on the islands by Japanese right-wing radicals.

Organizers expect that tens of thousands of local residents will turn out to participate in the demonstration -- a worldwide event.

Send Your Protest Letter Against Japan's Invasion in Diaoyutai

The protest letter is here.

Provided by Sing Tao Daily

JWRC's Petition for "Comfort Women"

Urging the Japanese government to adopt the UN resolution Here is the form.

Call for Unity to Protect Diaoyutai Island!

> From: (Qing Jiang / Process Eng) > Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 14:32:45 -0800 (PDT) >

> To whom it may concern,
> Assuming that we all have known what has happened and what is still >going on there: Diao4 Yu2 Tai2.
> Should we (overseas CSS) take any action?
> Do we want to take any action?
> How strongly should we act?
> What actions can we take?

> Qing Jiang

This is the time to call for unity and joining force to speak out against foreign intruders.

Japan sneaked onto Daiyutai and uniliterally claimed it to be Japan's in 1879. The Chinese Qing government officially ceded the islands as part of Taiwan-Fu to Japan after the 1895 defeat in the first Sino-Japanese War. Japan is now insisting that China never made clear and it has never been officially documented in the 1952 San Francisco Peace Treaty that China wanted all the stolen territories back, therefore "finder is the keeper" -- Japan by default is the owner of the Diaoyutao Islands. What a joke -- only made in Japan.

A petition drive should be initiated to ask the Chinese government protecting the territory, and the Chinese fishermen and boats in the area. Plus, the Beijing government must take this case to the World Court in Hague to settle this once and for all.

Modeling after the sucessful internet campaigns pressuring CBS and NBC, the nationalistic Chinese should have no trouble to speak out as strongly, if not more, against the Japanese government and their right-wing radicals as well as against the dubious attitude of the Chinese government.

We, at the Alliance for Preserving the Truth of Sino-Japanese War, will do our share starting at the memorial event for the 65th anniversary of the "9-18 Incident" in San Francisco on Sunday (9/8).

Down with Japanese imperialism. And, raise to the occasion, fellows!!

Ignatius Y. Ding APTSJW Secretary

Make Urgent Protests to the City of XXXX
That Called Off the Nanking Art Exhibition, Yielding to the Rightist Organization

Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 11:36:00 +0900
From: "The Nanking Massacre Art Exhibition" citizens projecting group in XXXX Japan

The City of XXXX called off The Art Exhibition Nanking 1937 painted by the Chinese American artists living in New York, which was to be held from August 30 to September 4.

In the City of XXXX was the start of that art Exhibition, which has been held in the cities of XXXX, XXXX, XXXX and so on one after another. The Chinese American artists started to paint the arts in 1982, when the history w as rewritten in the process of the revision of history textbooks on Japan, in order to record the historical fact, protesting against the Denials of the Nanking Massacre and against Claiming the Nanking Massacre "Phantom."

In XXXX, the Exhibition had been prepared, sponsored by the City of XXXX and the XXXX City Board of Education, cooperated by "the Nanking Massacre Art Exhibition" citizens projecting group in XXXX.

However, the City of XXXX has decided to call off the Exhibition, yielding to the "Protests" by the rightist organization at the Executive Meeting, which was composed of the Mayor of XXXX, the Superintendent of Education of XXXX and so on.

On August 9, the Superintendent gave an account of the calling off which was quite unclear and out of recognizing the seriousness of the problem, to t citizens projecting group.

That Decision of Calling Off the Exhibition means that the administrative organ denies the historical fact of Japanese agression, yielding to the threats by the specific violent group. That Decision is, before anything else, disrespecting the victims of Japanese agression, including those of the Nanking Massacre.

We protest about the decision of Calling Off the Exhibition to the City of XXXX and the XXXX City Board of Education and demand them to hold the Exhibition, withdrawing the decision.

There is not a moment to lose till August 30. We ask the readers of this article to make urgent protests to the City of XXXX.

NOTE: Visitors who want to know more about the above incident can contact the group directly. The group's e-mail address provided.

Video Donation Appeal

A Message from Iris Chang

As an independent author who is writing a book on the Nanjing massacre for Harper Collins Publishers, I had the opportunity this summer to visit the Memorial Hall for the Nanjing massacre. The museum needs extra videocameras to film oral history interviews of the survivors of the massacre and has considered appealing to local television stations for donations of used equipment. Would you be interested in posting a message on the web about this need for video equipment? (The museum would prefer PAL system cameras.) Perhaps readers of your page will donate cameras they haven't used in years. Cameras can be mailed directly to me at

or to

Best wishes, Iris Chang

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