Immanuel Kant's
trans. by Theodore M. Greene & Hoyt H. Hudson

The e-text version of this book, originally prepared by Stephen Palmquist, appeared on Internet for the first time in January, 1996, in the Hong Kong Baptist University To browse the text you can either visit the original HKBU-version, or the present modified CUHK-version with an add-on search engine provided by the RIH of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

The text presented here is based on the Greene and Hudson translation, with some minor corrections and, unfortunately, without the italics. The English edition page number is given in square brackets at the point where each printed page begins (except that words hyphenated across a page break appear on only one page). The text is presented here in five segments, with the footnotes appearing at the end of each segment. After each footnote number/symbol, the English page number on which it appears is given in square brackets.

Table of Contents

Preface to the First Edition [3]

Preface to the Second Edition [11]

Book One. Concerning the Indwelling of the Evil Principle with the Good, or, On the Radical Evil in Human Nature [15]

    Observation [17]
  1. Concerning the Original Predisposition to Good in Human Nature [21]
  2. Concerning the Propensity to Evil in Human Nature [23]
  3. Man is Evil by Nature [27]
  4. Concerning the Origin of Evil in Human Nature [34]
Book Two. Concerning the Conflict of the Good with the Evil Principle for sovereignty over Man [50]

Book Three. The Victory of the Good over the Evil Principle, and the Founding of a Kingdom of God on Earth [85]

Book Four. Concerning Service and Pseudo-Service under the Sovereignty of the Good Principle, or, Concerning Religion and Clericalism [139]
We also have a page dedicated to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, translated by Norman Kemp Smith.

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