Dr. Tze-wan Kwan Ãö¤l¤¨
Name:Tze-wan KWAN,
(B.A.; M.Phil., CUHK)
(Dr.phil., Bochum, West Germany)
Professor Emeritus in Philosophy, CUHK
Family:Married to Marjorie Hoi-lan Lam
two children: Clemens Han-yi (deceased) and Valerie Han-yin
Address: Department of Philosophy,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, NT, Hong Kong
Phone: (852)-3943 8554 [Office at Philosophy Department]
(852)-3943 7165 [Humanities Computing Lab.]

(852)-3943 8525 [Secretary, Philosophy Department]
(852)-3943 7159 [Assistant, Humanities Computing Lab.]
Fax:(852)-2603 5323 [Philosophy Department]
Telex:50301 CUHK HX
WWW: (personal) (Department of Philosophy) (Research Centre for Humanities Computing) (Archive for Phenomenology & Contemporary Philosophy)


Primary1957-60Tai Tung Middle School, Primary School Section
1960-63Semple Memorial School
Secondary1963-69New Method College, Kowloon
1969Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (English)
1969-70Queen's College, Hong Kong
1970Matriculation Examination, the Chinese University of Hongkong (CUHK)
Tertiary 1970-71Study of Biology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, CUHK
1971-74Study of Philosophy, History and German at the CUHK
1974Bachelor of Arts with Honours (B.A.)
1974-76Study of Philosophy at the Graduate School, CUHK
1976Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)
1976-81Study of Philosophy, History and Orientalistic at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum, Nord-Rhein-Westfalen, West Germany
1981 (June)Doktor der Philosphie (Dr.phil.)

Teaching, Research & Administrative Experience:

1974-76Part-time tutor in Philosophy Department, Chung Chi College, CUHK
1982-85Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Tunghai University, Taiwan
1985 (Jun-Oct)Visiting Scholar to the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, West Germany
1986-94Lecturer in Philosophy, The CUHK
1989 (Fall)Visiting scholar of the year 1989 to the Psychology Department, Duquesne University at Pittsburgh, USA. Hosted as the first Asian scholar to the Duquesne Doctoral Mini-Course series.
1993-2001Director, Humanities Computing & Methodology Programme, RIH (concurrent appointment)
1994-1995Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, The CUHK
1995-96, 97-98Division Head in Philosophy, Graduate School, The CUHK
1996-2004Professor II, The CUHK
1998-2005Chairman, Department of Philosophy, The CUHK
1999 (June-July)Visiting Scholar to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and the University of Zurich, Switzerland
2000 (Sept-Dec)Visiting Fellow to Robinson College, Cambridge University, United Kingdom
2001-Director (founding), Research Centre for Humanities Computing, RIH, restructured from the previous Humanities Computing & Methodology Programme, RIH (concurrent appointment)
2004-Visiting Professor to Department of Philosophy & Sociology, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
2004-Professor 1, The CUHK
2005-Director (founding), Archive for Phenomenology & Contemporary Philosophy (concurrent appointment)
2005 (Fall)Visiting Professor to Philosophisches Institut, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
2008-Visiting Professor (客座教授), Philosophy Department, Wuhan University (武漢大學哲學系), Wuhan, China
2009 (Fall)Visiting Professor to Philosophisches Institut, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Aug 2010- Promoted to Professor (A3) - equivalent to "chair professor", The CUHK
2010-2011 Chairman, Department of Philosophy, The CUHK
2004-2006Reappointed Member (ad personam) of the IT Policy Committee, CUHK
2006-2008Reappointed Member (ad personam) of the IT Policy Committee, CUHK
2008-2010Reappointed Member (ad personam) of the IT Policy Committee, CUHK
2010-2013 Member, Faculty Academic Personnel Committee (FAPC), Faculty of Arts, CUHK
2011-2012Appointed Member (ad personam), Search Committee for University Librarian, CUHK
2011-2013Appointed Member (ad personam), Senate Committee on Language Enhancement, CUHK
2013-2016Appointed Member (ad personam), Research Committee, CUHK
2015-2017Member, Faculty Academic Personnel Committee (DAPC), Faculty of Arts, CUHK
2014-2016Appointed Member, Senate, CUHK
2016 SummerFormally retired
2016-2017Research Professor
From 2017Emeritus Professor

Academic and Related Awards:

1969-70Hong Kong Government Scholarship for outstanding performance in the Certificate of Education Examination (1969), tenable for two years of postsecondary study at Queen's College, Hong Kong
1972-73Dean's List Student
1973United Presbyterian Award for academic achievement, CUHK
1973"Yu Lian Shih Prizes for Original Writings (First Prize)", CUHK
1973-74Dean's List Student
1976-81Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), German Government Scholarship
1985 (Jun-Oct) DAAD Research fellowship, West Germany
1987-88Best Teacher Award, Student Union of the CUHK
1995-96Best Teacher Award, Student Union of the CUHK
2002Annually Most Outstanding Research Project representative of Arts Faculty, CUHK
2006Philosophy Department Norminee for the VC Exemplary Teaching Award, CUHK
2007Philosophy Department Norminee for the VC Exemplary Teaching Award, CUHK
2013Meritorous Website Award, Hong Kong Government
2014Philosophy Department Norminee for the VC Exemplary Teaching Award, CUHK
2014CUHK Arts Faculty Exemplary Teaching Award, CUHK

Other Experience:

1972-74Editor-in-Chief of the Chung Chi College Student Bulletin, CUHK.
1972 (Feb-May)Participation as Hong Kong representative in the 24th gathering of the "Asian and Pacific Student Leader Project (APSL)", then a half-yearly occasion organized by the State Department of the United States.
1980-81Voluntary interpreter for Indo-Chinese refugees for the government of the city of Bochum, then West Germany
1985DAAD Research fellowship, then West Germany
1987-Member of the executive committee, Research Society for Oriental Humanities, Hong Kong
1987-Member of the editorial board to The Asian Journal of Philosophy, Fujen University, Taiwan
1988-Member of the Editorial Board to Studies in Humanities, periodic journal of the Research Society for Oriental Humanities
1988-Information advisor to the International Society for Chinese Philosophy, Kent State University, USA
1989-Member of the advisory board to the Humanities Computing Yearbook of the Oxford University Press, Oxford
1989-Member of the Academic Peer Group to the Faculty for Humanities and the Social Sciences of the Open Learning Institute of Hong Kong
1989Member of the Selection Committee (Hong Kong section) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
1991 (July)Participation in the Workshop for Computational Linguistics, Theme: Computational Models of Meaning. Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia
1992Participation in the Workshop for SNOBOL4 programming, Dakota State University, USA
1993-Member of the Executive Committee of the Department of Philosophy
1993- Member of the Arts Faculty Board of Studies
1994 (June-July)Participation in the Summer Seminar: "Electronic Texts in the humanities: Methods and Tools", June 19-July 1, at Princeton University
1995 (August)Voluntary World Wide Web service to the Hong Kong Children's Cancer Foundation, formerly a subsidiary of the Medical Faculty of CUHK
1995 (August)Member of the Scientific Committee, Second World Phenomenology Congress, Guadalajara, Mexico, organized by the World Phenomenology Institute, USA
1997-Member of the Editorial Committee, Phenomenology World Wide, a comprehensive source book for the study of phenomenology to be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, the Netherlands
1998-Research Fellow of the Joint Laboratory of Geoinformation Science (JLGIS), jointly run by the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese University of Hong Kong
1999-2001Project director, Education toward Biliteracy and Trilingualism: An Internet Support Project, subsidized by the Quality Education Fund, HKSAR Government
1999-2000Member of the Working Party for Student IT Competence, CUHK
2000-Category E Member, Board of the Department of Chinese Language & Literature, CUHK
2000-2002Appointed Member (ad personam) of the IT Policy Committee, CUHK
2001-2003Technical consultant, A Multilingual Digital Video Content Hub project, jointly run by the Electronic Engineering Department, CUHK and the Electronic Engineering Department, HKUST. The project is supported by a grant of HK$5,980,000 of the Innovation and Technology Fund provided by the Hong Kong Government.
2002-2004Reappointed Member (ad personam) of the IT Policy Committee, CUHK
2002-2004Member of the Advisory Committee, Research Center for Morality and Religion, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
2002-Member of the Editorial Committee, Waiguo Zhexue (外國哲學), Institute for Foreign Philosophy, Peking University.
2002-Member of the Editorial Committee, Zhexuemen (哲學門), Department of Philosophy, Peking University.
2003-Category 2 Member, Board of the Department of Religion, & Department of Chinese CUHK
2003-Member of the Advisory Committee to the book series German Philosophy & Culture, Tongji University (同濟大學), Shanghai, China
2003-2004Member of the Academic Equipment Grants Committee, CUHK
2003-Member of the Clinical Ethics Committee, New Territory East (NTE) Cluster, Hospital Authority, HKSAR
2004-Member of the Editorial Committee, Deguo Zhexue (德國哲學), Department of Philosophy, Hubei University.
2006-Member of the Academic Committee, 《西學東漸研究》, 中山大學西學東漸文獻舘
2007-Member of the Academic Committee, Chinese Yearbook of Phenomenological and Philosophical Research (中國現象學與哲學評論), 中國現象學專業委員會
2010-Advisory board member, Aletheia (揭諦), published by Nam Hwa University, Taiwan
2011-Corresponding member, Scientific Advisory Committe (Wissenschaftlicher Beirat), Allgemeine Zeitschrift für Philosophie, published by Professor Tilman Borsche at the Universität Hildesheim, Hildesheim, Germany

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