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{Servers & Directories}
{Regions} {Asia & China} {Africa} {America} {Oceania} {Europe} {Middle East} {Russia & East Europe}
{Periods} {Ancient} {Medieval} {Renaissance} {Modern} {WW II}
{Specific Topics} {Serials & Resources}

  • 史學連線 (History Online): Academia Sinica
  • 中央研究院歷史語言研究所資料庫查詢 (Historical Databases of the Institute of History and Philology, Taiwan)
  • Hyperhistory Online: Comprehensive web resources by
  • History, CFH
  • History at the English Server
  • University of Sussex: History links
  • History Department, George Mason University
  • History, University of Kansas
  • History Server, University of Rochester
  • History Gopher, Tennessee Techn. University
  • Tennessee Tech History Home Page
  • History Information Server
  • Institute of Historical Research, London
  • International History & Politics Infoserver
  • World History Archives
  • The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museums
  • Archiv fr Kunst und Geschichte
  • Sights and Sounds of History
  • Horus' World Wide Web Links to History Resources: University of California at Riverside
  • Uchronia: The Alternate History List

  • The Association for History & Computing
  • History Database: formerly known as the History Computerization Project
  • Calculating Machines in China and Europe in the 17th Century -The Western View: by Klaus-D. Graf, Freie Universit酹 Berlin, Institut fr Informatik
  • Oddens's Bookmarks: The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping, Universiteit Utrecht
  • History References and Resources: by NM's Creative Impulse
  • Historikergalerie: A Gallery of Historians, Institut fr Geschichtswissenschaften, Humboldt-Universit酹 zu Berlin

  • ArchNet, University of Connecticut
  • Index of Resources for Historians: By Eric Marzo of Regensburg and Lynn Nelson of Kansas

    Regional Studies & Resources

  • Country Studies/Area Handbook Program, US Library of Congress
  • International & Ares Studies, UC Berkeley
  • Countries, in Yahoo



  • Asian Studies
  • Aisa in Cyberspace
  • CEAL: Committee of East Asian Libraries
  • International Studies: Asia- The Union Istitute Research Engine Historical Maps of Asia


  • Chinese Studies, Universit酹 Heidelberg
  • European Association of Sinological Librarians (EASL), Universit酹 Heidelberg
  • Chinese Studies (IFCSS)
  • CEAL: China & Its History, (has a section for democracy movement)
  • Chinese History of Mathematics, Clark University
  • A Chronology of Chinese History: originally from
  • 5000 Years of Chinese History 中國歷史五千年

  • The Nanjing Massacre See World War II
  • Remember and learn from history: Japanese crimes in the WW2

  • China files
  • China Home Page

  • Constitutions of China (ROC)
  • Guidlines of National Unification (Taiwan)
  • Presidents of the National government in Taiwan

  • Voices of Chinese Communist Leaders
  • June4th 1989 Archive
  • Chinese law database, HKU recommended!

  • 100 Celebrated Chinese Women

  • Hong Kong WWW sites
  • Hong Kong law database, HKU

  • Tibetan Studies, ANU
  • Tibetan Studies: Electronic Newsletters & Journals

    Central Asia

  • The Silk Raod: by Oliver Wild
  • Persian History
  • Web Sites about the history and culture of Turkey
  • The Greek and Roman Cities of Western Turkey


  • Library of Hindu History


  • History of Japan
  • The X-Guide to Japan Information Resources
  • Japan Resources, Culturewave
  • Stanford Japan Center


  • Republic of Korea
  • Korean War Project (US)

    South East Asia

  • Indonisian Home Page, Jakarta
  • Singapore On-Line Guide
  • Thailand WWW Guide
  • Viet-Web
  • Viet Gate


  • African Studies, University of Pennsylvania
  • African Studies Archive

  • The Abyssinia CyberSpace Gateway - celebrate the collective cutures and peoples encompassed under the broadest region in East Africa bound by the borders of the nations of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Somaliland.
  • Ethiopia: A Country Study
  • Library of Ethiopian Text


  • Northern Illustrated Lectures in Egyptology (NILE)
  • Egyptology
  • Guide to Ancient Eygpt
  • Archaeological Survey in the Eastern Desert of Egypt
  • Egyptian Art & Archaeology Web, University of Memphis
  • Duke Papyrus Archive: with a searchable
  • Gesamtverzeichnis der griechischen Papyrusurkunden Aegyptens


  • The Columbus Navigation Homepage: by Keith A. Pickering
  • American Studies Web, Yale University
  • American Revolution
  • American and British History : Rutgers
  • American Civil War (1861-1865) Archive
  • The American Civil War Home Page
  • American Civil War in Pennsylvania & Virginia, IATH
  • Indiana Historical Society
  • National Archives and Record Administration of the USA

  • National Archives of Canada
  • Latin American Studies
  • NACLA: North America Congress on Latin America
  • History & Struggle of Cuba
  • Cuba Internet Resources

  • The Ancient Maya
  • Mayan Hieroglyphic Writing
  • Visits to the Yucat嫕 Peninsula
  • Maya Archeological Sites

    Oceania & Antarctica

  • Australian Archives
  • Australia Studies, Monash University
  • Australian Aboriginal Studies
  • Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)
  • Australian Studies Network
  • Australia-New Zealand Studies Center: Penn State University
  • New Zealand
    A Brief History
  • Gateway to Antarctica, ICAIR


  • EARN, European Network
  • Western European Studies
  • Electronic Sources for Western Europe History & Culture Guide (Version 2)
    by Erwin K. Welsch (259k)

  • Cyprus
  • Public Record Office of England and Wales
  • French Information
  • German Studies, Prof. A. Lixl-Purcel at University of Nth Carolina
  • Bekannte Ostpreußen (Famous East Prussians)
  • Deutsche Zivilization I
  • Guide to German History Resources on the Internet by Katie McBride
    Downloaded copy
  • The Kassandra Project (German culture)
  • Irish History on the Web
  • German Web, Carleton University
  • Italian History, University of Kansas
  • The History of Sardinia
  • Si, Spain
  • Melibea: Revista de Cultura Hispana
  • SwissInfo
  • Swiss History
  • The World of the Vikings
  • The Vikings Network
  • The Viking Navy
  • A Bit of Swedish (and Scandinavic) History

  • The Greek and Roman Cities of Western Turkey
  • The Greek Indexer

    Middle East

  • Encyclopedia of the Orient:
  • Middle East Studies
  • Arab related links (MIT Arab Student Organization)

    Russia & East Europe

  • Russian & East European Studies, University of Pittsburgh Library System
  • Servers & Directories, Russia & East Europe
  • Russian & European Network Information Center

  • Slavic & East European Studies
  • Post-Soviet & Eastern Europe

  • Russia & NIS Home Page
  • Soviet Archives Exhibit
  • Beyond the Pale: The History of Jews in Russia - an exhibition guide with over 400 historical images
  • The Khazaria Info Center
  • Ukraine Info
  • Ukraine FAQ Plus Home Page: Sabre Foundation
  • Belarus Info

  • The Polonia Channel: with a broad array of Polish culture
  • Bosnia
  • Tito, Jozip Broz (1892-1980), Slovenia

    Specific Periods


  • Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet
  • Ancient/Classical History: a page by N.S. Gill
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures (EAWC): Index of internet resources: University of Evansville
  • Ancient World Web
  • WebAcropol, National Technical University of Athens
  • Art and Archaeology: Perseus Project
  • Sources for Thucydides
  • DIOTIMA: Materials for the Study of Women & Gender in the Ancient World
  • Homosexuality in History - An [Partially] Annotated Bibliography: by Paul Halsall
  • Greek Spider
  • Hellenic Civilization Database, gopher
  • Hellenic Resources, WWW
  • The Ancient (Greek) City of Athens
  • Greek Mythology and Prehistory
  • Atlas historique de l'Antiquit tardive (Historical atlas of antiquity): You can choose to explore temporally or geographically
  • The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Classics & Mediterranean Archaeology Studies, University of Michigan
  • Classical Links: from Liverpool
  • Guide to Library Resources for Classical Studies: University of Adelaide Library
  • Diogenes' Links To The Ancient World
  • Greek and Roman Civilization Home Page: University College Dublin
  • Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome: Photographs by Leo C. Curran
  • Greek and Latin Classics Internet Resources: Library of Congress
  • Imperium Romanorum
  • A Compendium of Roman Emperors
  • Edward Gibbon's History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire
  • Roman Law Project (in Latin)
  • Roman Kalendar

    See Egypt in Regional Studies.


  • Medieval Studies & Databases, Georgetown University
  • On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies
  • Internet Medieval Sourcebook
  • Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites
  • WWW Medieval Resources: a Meta-list to useful resources
  • Libellum Mundi: A Short Guide to Medieval Resources on the Web
  • Vatican Exhibit
  • Feudalism in World History ( bibliography)
    Downloaded copy (60k)
  • Cahiers de l'Institut du Moyen-Âge grec et latin (CIMAGL), Copenhagen


  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Washington & Lee University
  • The Knights of Trinity: Medieval and Renaissance Reenactment Organization
  • La Renaissance: WebMuseum
  • Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe
  • Electric Renaissance


  • 1492 Exhibit (Voyages discovering America)
  • Industrial Revolution Homepage

  • Journal of Modern History: University of Chicago Press
  • Links to Web Sites dealing with Modern History
  • Modern European History - A Research Guide: New York Public Library, Center for the Humanities
  • UCSD Chinese History Research Site
  • Modern History - A Soviet Viewpoint

    World War II

  • World War II
  • WWII FAQ & Information of 4 WW II FTP Arhvies
  • The World War II Sounds & Pictures Page

  • The Churchill Archives Centre
  • The Warsaw Uprising
  • Armada de la Liberté
  • D-Day

  • US Holocaust Memorial Musem
  • Holocaust: A sub-page of the Mining COmpany, put together by Jen Rosenberg
  • Holocaust Index
  • I*EARN Australia Holocaust Genocide Project
  • FAQ of Holocaust Revisionism (purports that holocaust did not happen.)

  • Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre (1937-38)
    [This page is now mirrored by China News Digest.
    US and Canadian users might click here for quicker access!]
  • Highlights of the Memorial Hall's Reading Room:
    Magee's documentary of the Massacre
    Basic Facts on Nanjing Massacre (from New Jersey Hong Kong Network)
    US Should Apologize to Japan, Watanabe Shoichi's view
    The Defence/Demands of a Criminal--A Parody with Absolutely No Apology

  • The Fall of Singapore (08/12/1941)
  • A-Bomb WWW Museum
  • Documentary: 1945 Atomic Bomb (967 KBytes)

  • The Japanese Surrender Documents
  • The Tokyo War Crime Trial

    Post WW II

  • Postcolonial Listservs Archive
  • Listservs Archive of History of the Sixties

    Specific Topics

  • 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time

    Economic History

  • Cliometric Society Economic History Server
  • The Origins and Ancient History of Wine

    Military History

  • Mil-Hist

    History of Science

  • History of Science, Technology and Medicine
  • A Beginner's Guide to Research in the History of Science: by Ronald Tobey, UC at Riverside
  • Max-Planck-Institut fr Wissenschaftsgeschichte -- Also available in English:
  • Images from the History of Medicine
  • MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, University of St Andrews
    (contains biographies of over 1,000 mathematicians with pictures)
  • The History of Mathematics: Trinity College, Dublin
  • History of Mathematics, Clark University
  • Greek Mathematics & Its Modern Heirs
  • Greek Mathematics & Its Modern Heirs Part 2
  • Greek Astronomy
  • Ptolemy's Georgraphy
  • Jesuits & the Sciences, 1540-1995, Loyola University
  • Documentary: First Man on Moon (2.8MB)

    History of Medicine

  • Institut fr Geschichte der Medizin: Ruprecht-Karls-Universit酹 Heidelberg

    Philosophy of History & Historiography

  • Models of Historical Interpretation: by Steven Alan Samson

    Serials & Resources

  • Brown's Directory of Discussion Lists of Interests to Historians
    Downloaded copy (127K)

  • Greek Mythology

  • Historisches Jahrbuch der G顤res Gesellschaft
  • Electronic journals in history
  • Bryn Mawr Classical Review
  • Bryn Mawr Medieval Review
  • CLIONET: The Australian Electronic Journal of History
  • Electronic Antiquity: Communicating the Classics
  • University of Texas: Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
  • Essays in History, University of Virginia
  • Fair Play Magazine (About J. F. Kennedy's Assasination)
  • Historical and Archaeological CD-ROM's: Multimedia Management (UK)
  • IOUDAIOS Review
  • Old World Archaeology Newsletter
  • Online Archaeology

  • Search table of contents of journals
  • UseNet News Search

    Archives & Museums

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