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{Servers & Directories} {Literature} {Languages & Linguistics}
{Chinese} {English} {French} {German} {Greek/Latin} {Italian} {Japanese} {Other Languages}

Servers & Directories

  • Language & Literature, UTK
  • Linguistics, Philology, Literature
  • Linguistics, Language, Literature, BUBL Information Service, UK
  • Schiller-Nationalmuseum / Deutsches Literaturarchiv: Marbach am Neckar
  • Lexicon of Linguistics: Hans Leidekker, (Utrecht)


  • World Literature (Internet Book Information Center)
  • A Guide to Literature on the Internet: by Wolfgang Hink
  • Internet Poetry Archive (Czeslaw Milosz, Seamus Heaney,...), University of Nth Carolina Press
  • Literature, Yahoo
  • Literature: GNN Best of the Net Nominees
  • La littérature et l'internet
  • Voice of the Shuttle: Literary Theory Page
  • The Internet Directory of Published Writers

  • Classical Philology: University of Chicago Press
  • Classic Literature E-text Archives: a href="gopher://">Humanum Gopher Data Text Library (Bibliomania) Wonderland and index

    More E-Text Collections

  • Critical Inquiry Journal, Chicago University
  • JAC: Journal of Composition Theory, University of South Florida
  • Early Modern Literary Studies
  • Modern Philology: University of Chicago Press
  • 19th Century Literature, Journal via University California, Berkeley

  • Literature & Journalism

    Languages & Linguistics

  • The Linguist List (mailing list of linguistics community)

  • World Languages & Culture
  • Welsh Language & Culture Archive

  • Applied Linguistics, University of London
  • The Human-Languages Page - Highly recommended
  • Human Languages & Linguistics - From Yahoo
  • "Take Our Word for It": The Web's only Weekly Etymology Magazine
  • Linguistics, Brown University
  • Linguistic material on the Web, Rochester
  • Introduction to Linguistics: Virtual Lecture Hall: Links to various courses in linguistics
  • Linguistics, MIT
  • Linguistics, UCLA
  • Language Collection, University of Texas, Dallas
  • Language Resource Center, Dartmouth College
  • SLIF - Studentisches Linguistik-Forum: Universität zu Köln
  • RiceInfo, Rice University CWIS
  • SCHOLAR, Natural Language Processing On Line
  • Universal Survey of Languages (An Internet Collaborative Project)
  • Colibri: for people interested in the fields of language, speech, logic and/or information
  • IPA Phonetic Fonts: from the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)
  • Phonetics and Phonology
  • Table of phonGIF characters for WebPages: by James Tauber, Download

  • Semantic Development and Semantic Change: with special reference to metaphor and metonymy by Brigitte Nerlich
  • Semantik und Pragmatik: Proseminar in Universität Münster. A wonderful course work if you know German
  • German for Beginners
  • Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology (An outline of a new theory)
  • Lexical Freenet: Connected Thesaurus
  • Semiotics for Beginners: Daniel Chandler

  • The Translator's Home Companion

  • Conceptual Metaphor: Cognitive Semantics, George Lakoff, UC Berkeley

  • Noam Chomsky Archive
  • Yuen Ren Chao (See Chinese section.)

  • De Proverbio: An Electronic Journal for International Proverb Studies, University of Tasmania

    Computer & Humanities for computation and languages.


  • ¥_¨Ê¤j¾Ç¤¤°ê»y¨¥¤å¾Ç¨t
  • Chinese Language
  • A Middle Chinese Spelling Construction Kit
  • Reach for Mandarin (A Chinese Language Tutorial)
  • Chinese Lingistic & Scholarly Resources

  • Yuen Ren Chao (Zhao Yuanren)
  • The Yuen Ren Society for the Promotion of Chinese Dialect Fieldwork: Home Page Chao's biography Yuen Ren Society Treasury of Chinese Dialect Data

  • Chao Yuen Ren Center for Chinese Linguistics

  • Chinese Poetry Online Index: IHP, Academia Sinica
  • The Dream of the Red Chamber: Full Text Search IHP, Academia Sinica
  • Chinese Classics
  • Chinese Classical Poetry (Ming Pei)
  • Chinese Literature, Taiwan
  • Chinese WWW, Singapore
  • Wei-Chang Shann's Big-5 Chinese Literature Archive
  • The Zhaoming Wenxuan Project

  • Rendition: published by the Research Centre for Translation, CUHK
  • Morning Breeze Literary Magazine
  • Oliver Tree Chinese Poetry Magazine

  • Dept of East Asian Languages, University of California


  • English Section in Independent Learning Centre, CUHK

  • Bank of English: maintained by Cobuild and Birmingham University since 1991
  • Public Domain Modern English Search: by courtesy of HTI, University of Michigan
  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language
  • Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature On-Line
  • English Language & Literature, CFH
  • English and Literature Gopher, University of Pennsylvania
  • UCREL: Unit for Computer Research on the English Language

  • WordSmith Project, with features including A Word A Day
  • WordNet, Cognitive Science Laboratory, Princeton University
  • WordNet Navigator: a Java browser developed by Jorge J. Gomez Sanz and by Manuel de Buenaga
  • History of the English Language
  • English-Language Arts, OTPAD/ACT gopher
  • English Language Training Institute
  • ERIC/REC (US Educational Resources Information Center Clearinghouse on Reading, English & Communication)
  • American Dialect Society

  • English Poetry Collection
  • British Poetry, 1780-1901, Virginia University (Illustrated & annotated scholarly edition)
  • English Literary Texts (CMU): Fiction
  • Middle English Collection: University of Virginia. With a searchable
  • Modern English Collection: University of Virginia. With a searchable
  • Anthology of Middle English Literature (1350-1485)
  • Sixteenth Century Renaissance English Literature (1485-1603)

  • African American Literature
  • The Beat Generation, L. Asher's personal project

  • Jane Austen Info
  • Four Jane Austen Novels
  • William Blake Collected Poems
  • Lewis Carroll Home Page
  • Willa Cather Page: Harvard
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge Archive
  • William Faulkner
  • Thomas Hardy Resource Library
  • James Joyce
  • D. H. Lawrence
  • D. H. Lawrence Page
  • D. H. Lawrence - Sons and Lovers
  • Christopher Marlowe: The English Doctor Faustus Book
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Shakespeare: Theater Inspirations: William Shakespeare    (suggested by Matt)
  • Shakespeare Web
  • Complete Works of Shakespeare: (HTML) with a searchable Index
  • Search the Complete Works
  • Absolute Shakespeare
  • George Bernard Shaw Page
  • The Shaw Festival
  • Mark Twain: Mark Twain on the Web
    Mark Twain Resources


  • French School France - Cactus Direct offers language courses that allows you to learn more than 20 different languages all over the world
  • On line Frenceh lessons
  • French Language & Literature, CFH
  • Internet Resources For French Language and Literature Studies: University of Arizona, a wealth of links for all francophils!
  • The French Collection at University of Virginia
  • The Oxford Book of French Verse of 1908: Selected by St. John Lucas
  • Athena-Text Project: Switzerland based, with a large collection of French texts in philosophy and literature
  • French Literary Texts
  • French Language Web
  • Project for American and French Research of the Treasury of the French Language, University of Chicago
  • Conjugaison des verbes français
  • French Language Press Review
  • Hapax: French Resources on the Web
  • Web French Lessons by Jacques Léon - introductory French lessons on line !!
  • Grammar in Context (French and German): Aston University

  • French gopher servers (in French, not about French)

    See Newsstand for news in French.


  • Aktuelles zur Rechtschreibreform: Topical issues on German orthography
  • Internet Handbook of German Grammar: Travlang's
  • Projekt Gutenberg-DE Das deutsche Literaturzentrum im Internet
  • Institut für deutsche Sprache, Universität Mannheim
  • Institut für deutsche Sprache und Literatur, Universität Köln
  • 19th Century German Literature
  • Germanistik, Universität Giessen
  • Tele Deutsch: German Distance Learning - contains info on a German distance learning program
  • Karl-May-Gesellschaft e.V. (KMG)
  • Das Projekt Gutenberg
  • Das Bibliothek der Märchen (Library of fables)
  • Archiv für zeitgenössische deutsche Literatur
  • University of Virginia German Resources
  • Yale University German Manuscript Collection
  • - Internet Resources for Germanists: put together by Alan Ng of Wisconsin

  • Deutschsprachige Dichtungen: from Deutsches Eck (German Corner)
  • Auswahl deutscher Gedichte: Universität Giessen
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Universität-Hamburg, with Faust and many more
  • Goethe's Faust: in English translation
  • Goethe Lied texts
  • Hölderlin Full Text Search
  • Hölderlin (1770 - 1843) A Chronology of His Life: by Scott J. Thompson.
  • Heinrich von Kleist Archiv zu Heilbron
  • Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
  • Texte von Rainer Maria Rilke
  • Rainer Maria Rilke Archive
  • Die Duineser Elegien: with an introduction
  • Rilke on Rodin
  • Friedrich Rückert's Kindertotenlieder and three other poems: Germman text with Chinese translation

  • German gopher servers (in German, not about German)
  • German WWW servers, Freie-Universität Berlin
  • Libraries in Germany, Technische Universität Berlin
  • Verzeichnis deutscher Bibliotheken, Technische Universität München

    Learning German?

  • Goethe-Institute: Learning German in Germany
  • Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria: Learn German in Vienna !
  • ActiLingua: Learning German in Vienna
  • Language Institute Treffpunkt: Bamberg, Germany

    See Newsstand for news & magazines in German.


  • Greek Software Digest
  • Hellenic Greek Linguistics Pages
  • Greek Grammar by Thread: ongoing discussion of Greek generated by hypermail
  • Beta-Greek by Thread: ongoing discussion of Beta-Greek generated by hypermail
  • Perseus Project Home Page
  • Enchiridion: A user-friendly Guide for Reading Ancient Greek
  • Wordbase Greek´s homepage!
  • Greek Fonts
  • Further Greek Fonts

  • Greek Mythology
  • Evil from Greek Tragedies to Gothic Tales
  • Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Gopher

  • Frag Caesar: by Stefan Schulze Steinmann of Universität Münster, Germany
  • Latin & Greek Vocabulary Builders
  • Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar online
  • Cambridge School Classics Project
  • Thesaurus Precum Latinarum (Treasury of Latin Prayers)
  • Patrologia Latina Home Page

    See Reference for other Greek references


  • Italian Literature (from Italy)
  • Progetto Manuzio (Italian literature from Italy)
  • Web Italian Lessons by Lucio Chiapetti
  • Scuola Leonardo da Vinci:Learn Italian in Florence, Rome and Siena while learning the Italian culture
  • About the Dartmouth Dante Project
  • Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629)

  • Italian language school Spirito Italiano, learn Italian in Florence
  • Italian Resources

  • Decameron, di Giovanni Boccaccio
  • Giacomo Leopardi Home Page

    See Newsstand for news in Italian.


  • Japanese Language Learning Web
  • Japanese Language Resources: Central Washington University
  • Honyaku Home Page
  • Kansai dialect (with voice)
  • Travellers' Japanese with Voice
  • Technical Japanese Program, University of Washington

  • Dept of East Asian Languages, University of California

    Other Lanuguages & Literatures

  • Languages other than English

  • Infosystem Mogolei
  • Philippine Literature
  • Vietnam Poetry
  • On Line Turkish

  • Project Libellus, University of Washington (For classical language)
  • Classics, HUMBUL
  • Study Guide to Wheelock Latin by Dale A. Grote, Now in HTML version
  • Town School Latin Page
  • Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar

  • Henry Ibsen (in Norwegian)

  • Russian & East European Languages & Literatures
  • An Interactive Online Russian Reference Grammar: developed by Robert Beard of Bucknell University
  • Russian Literature
  • Russian Literature

  • Spanish for Beginners

  • Språkbanken: Language Bank of Swedish - Göterborg Universitet

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