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Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 20:54:57 +1200

Subject: Greeting from Joe Tan of Huaren

Hi Mr. Cheung

I was recommended to visit your web site by Thekla Lit of Alpha. I am astonished to find real horrific atrocities beyond any words to describe my feeling for the death victims. I found it extremely difficult to read most of them but I manage to read some of it. I will go back to read more later. I thank you for your effort in maintaining the web site. I feel more people should especially Chinese and Japanese should visit your web site. Chinese should face the truth of the atrocities and find out why Japanese can be so cruel and most important of all how Chinese must learn to be more courageous and united to repel any such attempt. Japanese people must be made to face the truth and apologize to the Chinese people and others world wide. Those died of painful torture will not rest in peace till the Japanese are forced to pay their blood debt.

I want to create a prominent link to your web site at so that more Chinese will get to know the real extend of the brutality and atrocities...

Joe Tan

Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 00:27:54 EDT

Subject: Nanking. Iris Chang, and the revelation of it all.

I recently read Iris Chang's book the Rape of Nanking. It was amazing. It is very upsetting to me to think this revisionist history is happening in Japan, and is almost happening here, by virtue of it's lack of attention. I have spent many years reading and watching, and thinking about the Holocost in Europe, and never realized how bad the atrocities committed in Asia were, particularly in China. I think it is important for Americans to be constantly reminded of this discrepancy, for the sake of the Chinese who died, and the truth we are suppossed to revere. I am very sad about the relationship of America to China. Is the lack of interest and understanding based on some fear of communism? This needs to change. Chinese people are a great people, and the country is so ancient and so deserving of so much more. I hope this book and your postings help. I don't know what a person like myself can do, except say I am glad I know and will be sure to mention this whenever chance allows it. If there is some place to write and voice opinion or support please send such to my email address -, and or I am an artist, and I am sure somehow this new realization will affect my work, How I am not sure. It is a story that cannot be forgotten. Thank You.

Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 12:20:34 -0500


I am a senior Asian Studies Major at a small college in Iowa and have been writing a research paper on the Rape of Nanking for this last semester. I want to thank the creator of this page as it holds a wealth of information that is hard to find anywhere else. It saddens me to know that so few people really know what happened in Nanjing. War is a terrible thing no doubt. The worst part of this is that it is still happening around the world. If only we could learn from our mistakes. People must remember that we are all human beings... regardless of our race, religion, ethnic history, sex, or other characteristics. We all have the right to live. It frightens me as I read about the fall of Nanking and the similarities of what happened in Bosnia. We can't let things like this go on anymore.

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 14:49:16 EDT

From: Davian226

I have read almost all of the materials posted in reference to the Nanjing Massacre and understand for the first time how indescribably horrific this period of history was. Only through the education of future generations will it be possible to honor those that have suffered these crimes so that their memory may live and that such an event will never occur again. At the same time I have very mixed feelings towards those that have a general hatred toward Japanese in general. I myself am of the Japanese race but of the third generation and born long after the war. My uncles volunteered to fight for America and were among the most decorated of war heroes while America bombed Hiroshima, the city where other relatives died in the blast. During the bombing of Pearl harbor my family in Hawaii had some members interned in concentration camps while others went to the warfront. I myself have lived in Japan as well as had a chinese boyfriend whose relatives fought the Japanese. But my point is this, there are certain individuals that are responsible for these war crimes and it is true that as a nation, Japan should issue a formal apology but everyone needs to remember that hatred directed toward a nation or a race is no solution at all. Maybe what I am trying to say is too generalised, but when I saw the pictures of the massacre in Nanjing, I saw fellow humans, not just chinese. I saw faces that look like my friends in China. Until people realize that these are crimes against mankind and take it personally they will probably not have the determination it takes to expose this to the world. It becomes a battle for the Chinese or the Jewish or the Albanians. The Japanese soldiers who committed these heinous crimes are worse than the lowest creatures and are criminals in the true sense of the word. Their children are the children of rapists and murderers. Nothing can change that. At the same time I have a wish that all people will realize that they must open their eyes to all crimes against humanity. Some of the photos of bodies in the gallery are exactly like those of some students in Tianamen square 60 years later. We all need to realise that there is something each individual can do to prevent these things from happening again but it is not through hatred and ignorance but to shine a light and expose all crimes so that those members of the human race who perpetrated the crimes can be brought to justice.

NOTE: To prevent similar atrocities from happening again, that is exactly the purpose of this project. We don't want to be turned animals like them. However, without a formal apology from the Japanese goverment which has not even acknowledged the crimes, how can we talk about forgiveness and reconciliation?

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 17:05:04 -0700 (PDT)

From: Mike Chappars

I found your website informative and enjoyable. It is a welcome breath of fresh air, with the many pages of Japanese propaganda found on the internet. It seems that with the election of Ishihara Shintaro that Japanese Fascism is again on the rise... Although I am no friend to the Communist regime in China, it seems that they are the only thing stopping the Japanese from rearming and invading their neighbors. The retoric comming out of Japan today is insane, and all nations would be well served to fear and stand strong against the rising tide of ignorance, arrogence, and fascism in Japan... Overall, the only complaint I have about the material presented on your website is that it is not taught to Japanese school children, who, like their German counterparts, must learn to be ashamed of their nations past.

Date: Fri, 09 Apr 1999 20:35:30 +0100

From: jaz

One of the most comprehensive and informative sites concerning the Nanking Massacre that I have found on the Web. Thank you for all the obvious hard work that you have put into it. I have placed a link from my page to yours. Keep it up. I await the day of the formal Japanese apology but I wonder if I shall ever see it in my lifetime.

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 21:33:34 -0500

From: "Abbey H O'D."

Having just finished the book "The Rape of Nanking" I was compelled to search the web for more information on this atrocity. Your website captivated me, leaving me to soak in the pictures and essays. It left me with a heavy heart, for in this time of upheaval, with killings and massacres even as I write this, I find it sad that the leaders of a nation cannot bring themselves to admit their wrong. But what bothered me more was the feeling that many posts on your board left me with. It seems to me that people are blaming the Japanese race for this atrocity. No race or nation has cornered the market on hate. Germany had the holocaust, England the crusades, America had slavery and the nuclear murders of Japanese civilians, and on and on. Every nation, in its history, has had moments where evil has emerged and wreaked havoc among the innocent. It is sad to me that the Japanese leaders will not take responsibility for their mistakes. Until they do so, the wounds cannot heal. The Japanese people, as a whole, are not evil, or worse than any other race. But as long as a select few continue to dictate what the Japanese people will know about the horrors of their past, the victims of Nanjing and the death marches cannot know peace. I feel sad for the victims, but I also feel sad for those men who, in moments of rage or fear or the insanity of war, made terrible mistakes which may haunt them still, and who are denied the opportunity to purge their souls, to apologize for their wrongs. Their actions were wrong and brutal. But to refuse them the opportunity to apologize, to let them die with such guilt in their souls only adds to the sin of denying the victims the apology they are due. As for the victims of Nanjing, their blood cries out for retribution, for an accounting. The seven men hung for the slaughter of Nanjing was a start, but seven men and an unrepentant government seems little consolation for the 300,000 people who paid the ultimate price of war. To me, the refusal to acknowledge responsibility for Nanjing is symptomatic of the warmongers who run the world governments. As long as our governments, Japanese, American, Bosnian, whoever, refuse to accept the responsibility for the innocents who suffer in times of struggle, this world teeters on the brink of wholesale destruction. Feel free to print my letter but please do not use my name or email. Thank you for a website that stirs the soul and reminds us that in this world there can be true heroes.

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 00:30:26 -0500 (EST)

From: Robert Monaco

Subject: Massacre

Your pages about the nassacre are interesting. I remember as a boy about the age of 7 or 8 years old, I would purchase "war" cards with bubble gum in the packages with photos of Jap aircraft bombing China. This was disturbing to me as a child. Then Life magazine had photos of the atrosities also. Now to this day, World at War series and other World War 2 stories keep popping up about the massacre in China. I pray for the defenseless victims who were murdered by the tens of thousands. May God bless them and have mercy on their souls and never again for these insane acts ever to repeat again. I hope others will read this site and learn what really happened. We cannot forget the past events of these war crimes. Never to happen again. Never to happen again. Never to hap............

Thank you and good luck.

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 17:12:21 -0000

From: Man Kit Tsui

We have to let the world know what they did, we have to let the Japanese people know what they did.  Compensation, apology is needed.   People nowdays are not very care but they are our people, our grand fater, great grand father!  Schools should be responsible to deliver these message to us!   I want revenge.  

A. Tsui

NOTE: Don't let them turn you into a beast.

Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 01:56:26 +0000

From: cinny Ooi


Japanese should not live in deceits and lies. They should face that truth of all the inhuman acts done by their ancester. It's a shame to the Japanese community that such a barbarian act could be done by them. Whether the Japanese like it or not. They are chinese. Just like Australia are the decendent of British. It's unbelievable that they could do such a thing on their own sisters and brothers.It's worst than what animal can do to humankind. Japanese, take down your mask! Face the truth! The least you can do is to apologize to the victims and their family for thier suffering and pain eventhough no matter what you do, the history will never be erased. This will stain the Japenese community forever.

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 13:35:39 +0900

From: Baek, Sang-hoon

Subject: The tragedy of war

I am a 27 years old Korean. I wanna thank you for letting me know about Nanjing Massacre. Many Korean people were also massacred during the occupation of Japan in Korea. I also know what happend in Nanjing a little bit. but the pictures of this homepage made me surprised and shocked. I can't express my recent feeling... angry and hatred... The fact that many Japanese don't know about Nanjing Massarcre makes me more get angry. I hope them to come to this homepage and think about what their ancestors had done in war time.  

Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 21:58:43 +0800

From: kasing

Subject: Why USA don't kill all these bastard

Why USA don't use atomic boom kill all these fucking bastard!!!!

NOTE: Because they don’t want to become those "xxxxxxx bastard."

Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 03:03:15 -0500 (EST)

From: James Yang

I've been reviewing your homepage and I think the whole world should stand to against Japanese. NOTE: Only those deny the atrocities and refuse to apologize.

Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 13:17:30 EST

From: ASN415

I am japanese and chinese. I sympathize with all the massacred civilians and their families... yet i do not see the point in your endless research and time put into this web page. no matter what angle you look at it, war is terrible. there are and will always be certain individuals who may commit such senseless murders and unspeakable acts... yet such terrifying practices have been commited by the chinese military themselves. even today, the senseless slaying of peaceful tibetans. i find your opinions to be bias and one sided. if anything your comments stir up more nationalism and hatred. at the same time, i can go on for days about the massacres/rapes by the chinese, or german, american, british... it goes no where.

my grandfathers fought in china. one was a high ranking officer...who was shot in the face but survived. however he doesn't talk about the war, not because he doesnt want to admit it, but because he would like to put that behind him. it is filled with awful memories...for eveyone involved. my other grandfather was a chinese orphan who moved to tokyo and made artillery shells for the japanese army...i love both of them.../yet i do not take sides, because war is produces inhumanity and cruelty.

if you are waiting for japanese officials to apologize, it will probably never happen. nobody wants to teach their children about their horrid past, whether it be stories or in text books, ... certainly china or the u.s. does not.

i hope you will post this and reply... NOTE: First, we don't need your "sympathy". Your arguments are not new to us.

You choose to "forget" who was responsible for that terrible war because you think whitewashing history in textbooks is acceptable and you have no courage to face the ugly past of Japan's recent history.

Don't try to shift the argument to other people and events. Yes, there are always rape and murder in human society. Does it make them legal and acceptable? Or, are you identifying yourself with all monsters in human history, not just those Japanese bastards?

Accusing us of stirring up nationalism and hatred won't help you. As you mentioned, there were your "beloved" Chinese who made artillery shells for the Japanese army and on our WWW pages, there are Japanese who make apologies for the Japanese government. Therefore, the drawing line is not race but good and evil. People like you absorbed with racial arguments can never understand this.

We won't expect the precent Japanese government and people like you to apologize. But the time will come, one day, very much against your wish, because not all people like war.

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