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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 16:29:08 EST

From: BoomerCrew

I find it interesting that I hear very little about this infamous event in history from the Chinese. It's as though they don't talk about it either. Or they're ashamed. I simply don't know. Now that China is becoming an ever increasing economic force in the world, maybe we as a world community will hear their side of the story including some opinions about their neighbors to their west...

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 15:01:55 -0800

From: Sam Gamble
Subject: some thoughts

I was deeply moved by this site. This shocked feeling has haunted me for a long time and will haunt me all time along.MY hatred upon Japanese's ignorance of the history and the brutuality fires me. I hate Japanese Soliders!! I hate wars.May them be in Hell. I wonder if they were given birth by human being.thinking about our sisters, mothers, grandmas, i cannot breath !! God, open your eyes!

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 04:54:32 EST

From: Terxz


Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 19:49:39 +0800

From: "dongshuo
Subject: We Chinese should never forget it !!

Dear C.Cheung, I am always angry when I think about the massacre. I do not think that the War is the only reason of the massacre, the main reason is the Japanese Clan. They still refuse to make apologize for it now, may be forever. So, being a Chinese, I will say:"let's remenber it, either do our children. NObody could do such thing without punity! one day, when we decide to pay it back, I do hope our people can face it!!"

yours DongShuo

NOTE: We always think that a formal apology is the best punishment. We don't want to become animals like them. If we do, they win.

Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 17:18:26 +0800

From: wangguangjun
[Note: The following is a message in GB Chinese]


Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 12:51:28 -0500

From: Hiromi Kobari

You people are so fucking narrow minded about these issues it bloody pisses me off. Why do you use the term " Jap" when you refer to the Japanese? its bloody rascist. you people wouldn't want the world calling you chinks or chancolo today so you shouldn't use those terms on the Japanese you arseholes!!!!!!! The incidents you call fucking atrocities are the causualties of war, its a mistake that happens during war. When you want to win a war you kill as many soldiers as you bloody can.I didn't see the chinese hesitate when they were torturing the Japanese soldiers during the war. Besides the civilians that were killed were chinese, the enemies of Japan. They would have attacked the Japanese if they had a chance or if they were actually smart, and loyal enough to their countries. And the survivors got their apology and now they want money? they are cheap people who obviously does not have respect for their dead relatives who were the victims. THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT AND IT'S PEOPLE TODAY ARE VIOLATING THE HUMAN RIGHTS BY TORTURING THE TIBETANS TODAY SO GIVE THE JAPANESE A BREAK!!!!!!! YOU PEOPLE OBVIOUSLY ONLY CARE FOR YOURSELVES AND NOT ABOUT HUMANITY IN GENERAL. WE, IN THE UK GROUP SUPPORT JAPAN'S STANCE IN NO APOLOGY. WHY WOULD A COUNTRY WANT TO APOLOGIZE TO A COMMUNIST COUNTRY THAT DOES NOT RECONIZE ITS OWN DARK SECRET OF TORTURE AND MASSACRE OF A BEAUTIFUL, PEACEFUL COUNTRY LIKE TIBET.

NOTE: "The civilians" are "the enemies of Japan"! Thank you for explaining everything for us. Obviously, we cannot label you as racist because you represent not only Japanese bastards but all bastards in other races, past and present. But we suggest you include A. Hitler on your list so that other visitors can see clearly what kind of beast you are.-- The Hall Maintainer

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 21:37:18 +0800

From: "Johnson Mark Graham"
Subject: Nanjing massacre

Thankyou for your efforts to maintain this period of history. Recently (actually it was the anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings), in London, I was approached by an organization which was asking passers-by to write to the US and demand apologies for the events which lead to Japanese surrender. I refused. Unfortunately an apology of that kind should have been offered a long time ago - as should the official Japanese apologies for all of their war crimes, starting with Nanjing and Manchukuo.

What upset me was the impasse in my heart. While feeling deep regret for Hiroshima, it is difficult to forgive the denials of the Japanese Government.

Most of the passers-by had, and probably still have, no idea about Nanjing. How regretful.

Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 07:44:40 +0900

From: "ACCHAN"
[Note: The following is a Japanese message denying the Nanjing Massacre.]




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Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 02:07:31 +0930

From: John Wood Subject: Tears of Sorrow

Dear C.Cheung, at 1.35 am Adelaide Australian time, I write to express my blessings to you for undertaking your mission to complete the quest for truth. I read every message posted. I viewed every photograph. I feel so sad, for both nations whose peoples share this "dark side" of history as one Japanese student put it. I grew up wearing the first or "Christian" name of my mother's only brother, one of the 2nd/22nd Battalion AIF servicemen which surrendered to the Japanese Imperial Army at Rabaul, New Guinea. We haven't the complete details on that "massacre" either. It drove my mother mad, literally. I found it hard to understand then and I do till this day, why any human would take the life of another. I only found peace in regard to this by facing up to the truth, as you are asking the world to do, thus making it possible for an apology, an official apology to be given. If it would help sir, I would offer that apology in the name of humanity, in the name of Japan, in the name of Christ. I recognize amongst the views of many who expressed themselves angrily, an appeal for help. I pray for their release from pain also. Harder not to imagine, 300,000 innocent souls and a larger number perhaps who acted out such insanity, as all once being loveable infants. I share your nation's pain. I share your tears of sorrow. I used the word "Christ" by design. No-one else has done so that I'm aware on your site though one confessed to being a "christian". If the healing of two nations is to be completed by conditional or unconditional apology, let's accelerate the process. You have achieved that aim. To speed it up further, please understand that even the majority of we "whites" are ignorant of the truth about the war as we are about ourselves. The name of "Jesus" is the name of one who was a man who saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with "Christ", a man no longer, but at one with God. (A Course In Miracles. Manual for Teachers. Page 87) In "his" own words, "I was born a man like you in the First Coming of Christ, merely another name for creation, for Christ is the Son of God. The Second Coming means nothing more than the end of the ego's rule and the healing of the mind." (ACIM Text P.58) What you do sir is God's will. I share His will with you that the past, [which is now gone for ever] be put to rest by Japan's peaceful discovery of her capacity to seek the forgiveness of China as well as her own, to apologize, to choose common sense. And that for its part, China forgive China for thinking itslef a "victim" and eventually overlook the past atrocities carried out by Japan. This is essential in order that all Japanese and Chinese, all whites and all black, all of the collective Sons of God, as Christ, can look forward to a future unlike the past. Bless you.

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 17:45:48 -0700

From: Ignatius Ding Subject: Japan's Fear of Truth

Japanese revisionist Nobukatsu Fujioka and his group are lashing out against their Ministry of Education for allowing school textbooks to include some brief and vaguely worded passages on atrocities committed by the Japanese military during its brutal invasion of other Asian countries in the 1930's and 1940's (Associated Press, 8/4/97). Instead of respecting the truth, the revisionists insist all other nations were equally sinister and Japanese children should not be taught about Japan's ugly past. They plan to rewrite history textbook depicting Japanese "with dignity and balance."

In a nation seemingly striving for honor, this is probably the most dishonorable thing one could do to cheat on his own people. Yet, Fujioka oddly enjoys support from a slew of writers, businessmen, sports figures, and even a local legislature. These people are willingly pushing Japan into a national amnesia.

In the U.S. Congress, Illinois Congressman Lipinski and his bipartisan colleagues are introducing a landmark resolution, namely House Concurrent Resolution 126, calling on the Japanese Government to acknowledge its responsibilities and to offer a formal apology and compensations to those who were ruthlessly victimized by Japan's military during WW II. The resolution is backed by many organizations, including the American Legend and the Disabled American Veterans.

Our volunteers have talked to many people from coast to coast. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Those whom we have contacted with have wholeheartedly extended their support of resolving this issue which is perceived by all to be long overdue.

In particular, our fellow Americans express their dismay at Japan's stubborn resistance to settling overdue and well justified claims by their former victims. In sharp contrast, the German Government has done much for the victims of the Nazi regime - issuing a formal apology to the Jewish people; outlawing public denials of Nazi war crimes; banning Neo-Nazi activities; payment of reparations to victims. By the year of 2015, tens of billions of dollars will have been paid to its wartime victims. Yes, Germany has earned back the respect of the world. They did it the hard way, but they did it the right way. Now Japan must also do the right thing!

As Rep. Lipinski has pointed out that more than 37.3% of American POWs died in Japanese camps as opposed to 1.1% of their fellow soldiers died in Nazi POW camps during WW II. It is an outrage that the Japanese government has not even paid our patriots their back wages in accordance with international treaties since every one of them was forced to perform hard labor throughout their ordeal in those terrible days.

All of Japan's victims, who are still alive today, are in their 70's, 80's, or even 90's. Many of them continue to suffer from serious health problems resulting from their wartime mistreatment. In the most extreme cases, former POWs who were used by Japanese biological and chemical warfare units as guinea pigs can't even get information or acknowledgment from the Japanese Government on their bizarre experience. More than fifty years have passed since the end of the War. They deserve an answer!

Yes, Japan may very well be becoming a powerful nation once again and wishes to play an important role on the world stage, but Japan will not be trusted or respected by any nation unless it duly accepts its wartime responsibilities. This is true, we know for certain, in the Asian Pacific region. Today, Japan may be the most prominent economical power in the area, but the economy of the region is growing at an amazing pace. The deep mistrust of Japan by its neighbors could eventually lead to regional conflicts and troublesome consequences. "Lipinski Resolution" will definitely help reduce the tension and resolve the issues once and for all. It would be for Japan's own good and for America's national interest as well.

We have constantly exchanged, and continue to exchange, information and ideas with many open-minded and courageous Japanese. It is our mutual consensus that now is the time for Japan to step out of the shadow of its past misdeeds and to move forward.

Not many people still remember that more than 30 million people lost their precious lives to the invading forces from Japan during the "Forgotten Asian Holocaust." However, it is not something that their children can and will ever forget. The Japanese Government must have the courage to face its past.

Recently former U.S. Ambassador to Japan Walter F. Mondale made a point of declaring "a need for Japan to face history honestly and directly," when accepting an award from Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of Diplomacy. In addition, he said that Japan's leadership in the world would be strengthened if the country made a full apology for its actions in World War II.

We must all learn the painful lesson from history, or we shall let it happen again as the Harvard Philosopher George Santayana said: "Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 12:13:10 -0400 (EDT)

From: Gina
Subject: Thank you!

Hi, For years, I've been questioning myself and the world why this part of the history has been missing and unknown to most of the people in the world. Comparing its cruelty, the Nanking Massacre is definitely as much, if not more, than the Jewish Hallocause, but why isn't it recognized? WHY? Why haven't we gotten any recognition and even apology from the Japanese government? The first time I knew there was something done about this event was from my friend. He told me that there was this book published in the US about the Nanjing Massacre with real pictures, but he advised me not to read them, not because they are cruel, but we can picture the victims in the pictures to be ourselves; the pain is still there even years after the tragedy has take place.

Then, I began to aware that there was no apology from the Japanese part. Like many Chinese, I felt very angry, and began to quesiton how come no one question the Japanese for what they did when the World Court advocate justice? Why did the Jewish receive an apology for their suffering in the Hallocause but we didn't for our greater suffering in the Nanjing Massacre? Then I learned that the Japanese Government is hiding the truth all along. They have already covered up the truth in their educational documents, and just say it was "an unfortunate incident." I remember the first time I actively questioned them was when this Japanese educational group came to our school for a visit.

During the visit, we could ask questions, mostly about Japanese culture though. Then, I raised my hand, and out of the blue, I asked them about their text book coverage of the Japanese action in World War II. I said the Japanese clearly had murdered thousands of defenseless Chinese, men adn women, and raped thousands of Chinese women, including mothers. Where's that segment of the history? It was also during the time when the Japanese Emperor was having a tour around Asia/World, and there was a lot of echoes from China/Taiwan/Hong Kong about pressuring the Japanese Emperor to give an official appology to the Chinese people who suffered from the Japanese brutal acts. I know my own action in that classroom probably would not contribute much, but I was hoping that I woudl at least call the awareness of those Japanese people who were there in teh classroom on something that has been covered up, and maybe feel bad for what they did. Still, I felt very helplessly when I heard that the Japanese Emperor did not give an apology.

Like many Chinese who might have seen this web site, I really appreciate what you did for us. I think it's really good to have a web site to let other people, including Japanese today, know about something that has not been known for years. That's the least we can do for our brothers and sisters who had suffered. Thank you!

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 09:53:29 +0900

From: John Harry
Subject: past and present Japan

Dear sir,

Thank you for your efforts building website to reveal the crimes the Japanese had done. We want to remind all kind and mercy Asian people that Japanese is not a good bird whether in the past or at present. Keep an eye on them!

Best regards,

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 23:07:58 -0000

From: James F. Harrington
Subject: Rape of Nanjing.............


Your Nanjing Massacre memorial site, on the w.w.w., is an very strong and powerful voice to help bring the Japanese people to the realization, that all evil doings, that are done to innocent civilians, during peace or war, must be brought out in the open, and an formal apology must be made by their government, for this horrible undoing!

Why are the Japanese people so reluctant to do this? Their economy ranks at the top of any nation in the world, right now! Are their leaders so afraid of the truth, and that maybe their gross net sales will go down! This could very well be the outcome, if the Japanese people continue on this blind attitude.

As the Rev. Desmond Tutu, of South Africa, made very clear, mankind is capable of doing great horror' s against one-another. Not that the Japanese soldiers, that took part in this massacre should feel any more relieved, for knowing this!

Just recently, we had Serb soldiers take busloads of sick people, mostly old women, from hospitals, and massacre them.

Mankind has an evil streak in him that must be watched, very closely, indeed!

Keep up the pressure, and my I invite all the people's of this world, to take a pledge of humanity. We all share this planet together, and life is very short alone, never mind taking someone else' s.

I really do not want to hear from any Japanese person about the A-Bomb!!! I truely regret that my country did that to the people of Japan. Maybe this Nanjing Massacre episode, will enlighten the people of Japan to realize, that evil begats evil. Once the evil was started in the 1930' s, it had to be stopped somehow. I do not condone this atomic-bomb dropping, it sickens me! I do believe, however that if American troops had landed on Japanese soil, the Emporer would have issued an fight to the last man order, if he hadn' t already done so! This would have caused many deaths and injuries on bothsides. Many of you Japanese who read this, would not be alive today, because of this.

The Japanese people want the people of the world to see their side of the A-Bomb episode. Is it really too much to ask of the Japanese people, to try to see this other massacre, that was perpertrated by soldiers waving the flag of their country???

Yes, we must move on to the 21 st century, but as Santiana said: "Unless we forget the past....we are condemed to repeat it!!!"

James F. Harrington

Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 20:53:15 +0800

From: Yx
Subject: Nanjing Massacre

I would like to remain anonymous, if possible, even though my comments are not incendiary in any way.

As overseas Chinese born at least 2 generations after the war, my friends and I are still horrified by the atrocities committed by the pertpetrators of the war, the Nazis and the Japanese. However, what really appalls us is the historical whitewashing by the Japanese government and media, which suggests that for a professed "pacificist" nation, Japan has been unremittingly aggressive. The Diao Yu Islands dispute, for example, showed the true colours of those in charge of Japan - 60 armed naval vessels endangering the lives of the Chinese protestors and the joournalists on two tiny boats!

We bear no ill-feelings towards the innocent Japanese who did not participate in those heinous deeds, and we accept the apologies from the few contrite former soldiers who did. The present generation need not apologize for something they did not do, but they MUST acknowledge the atrocities, and condemn them as crimes against humanity. In keeping silence, they are guilty of prolonging the suffering of the War's victims, many of whom went to their graves aggrieved, and leaving us, the younger generation, to bear the burden of this ghost of the past.

The challenge to the Japanese is really to demonstrate their humanity towards their fellow Asians, which they haven't done for over a century. However, hats off to the brave academic researchers, journalists and authors like Y. Masaki who are working against overwhelming odds. These are the Japanese who are blazing the trail for peace for the region, and in whom we have placed our trust in a potent Japanese conscience.

A deep expression of gratitude to you, the maintainers of this hall, for keeping the records alive for us, a younger and more ignorant generation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need assistance which I may provide in any way towards your cause.

Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 22:36:42 -0700

From: nortoy
Subject: Perpertrators of Atrocities on NHK TV

I would rather not use my true name, as I would never be allowed to enter Japan again to visit my wifes family if the government there found out who I was. But what I am going to write is something I saw with my own eyes. I would like to pass it on to whoever reads this web page. I married a Japanese girl in Japan in l949. I was a member of General MacArthurs Honor Guard Company.

While visiting the library in the Finance Bldg which housed 2 platoons of the Honor Guard, I ran across a mention of the Atrocities dispicted in this web. That was in l949. A casual mention was just enough to wet my appetite for more information. I found none till I went back to visit Japan 4 years ago. While sitting watching the T.V. one day, there was program in English that I was watching. I soon realized that it was about the attrocities done by the Japanese army in Nanking China. There was three gentlemen on that program, who had bonded together along with 3 others who were not on the program to tell the Japanese Public what they had done in China as young boys. I can never forget what he said on that program. If it bothered me that much, think how it must have bothered these 6 men to have carried the guilt and hid it from their neighbors, family, and friends all of 60 years. The one that did the talking said that he had just finnished war college and had been commissioned a officer in the Japnese Army stationed in China.

He went on to tell the story of his first day that he was introduced to the slaughter of the civilians in China. He said he had never been trained in killing civilians, that his training was typical of any person belonging to an army. These things that happened there were not taught them. But were taught to them by sadistic officers that were in charge.

He mentioned that this one day this one particular officer who they were all afraid of. (The fellow giving this story said they were about 19 to 21 yrs old at the time.) This one officer got them out of bed, told them to bring their swords with them. That since the war college had not told them how to use their swords, they were going to learn how that day. And they would become full fledged officers when they got thru.

He said that the officer told them to step out on to the sidewalk in front of the bldg, and bring in the first 50 people that came by. Which the officer in charge told him to select one person from the group. Little did he know what he going to be forced to do. I will not go into detail what I heard, as it is unbelieveable that things could happen in a civilized world what he described. He was told to dispose of the person he had selected. He refused, as he said I cannot believe what he heard. The officer told him to accept the order or he would make him the receiving end of the sword. In detail crying (this Japanes former officer was up in his 80's) He said on the program that you can not imagine the terrified feeling going thru me. I knew if I did not do what he said, he would kill me. So I and my fellow officers that day did what we were told. He said no one slept that night or for the next 30 nights, he never thought he ever had a decent night sleep after that.

He described how when they came back to Japan they were warned not to make any mention of the things they did in China. It was only a hour program, but from what the story was about. And it was in the newspapers also in the next few days. They had went to China and literally gave themselves over to the Chinese Officials to do with them what they wanted. I understand that the Chinese couldn't believe that these former Japanese officers had come to China not to ask forgiveness, but believed that the Chinese would prosecute them for what they did. They said that the best thing that they could ever do was to go back to Japan and make the people and government acknowledge what they had done in China. So the program I was watching was some of the first steps in this process.

It made quite a sensation for the Japanese public to hear these things from persons who had done them.

As I said it was only a one hour program, they pulled no punches in describing what happened that first day. They were all crying buckets of tears. It must have taken a very strong person to stand up and tell the world what they done. It is just a shame that they didn't come forward some 50 years ago to start the process of making the Japanese Government hold up to the things they done.

I am thankful to these 6 men that was on the program tho to come forward and let the world know, that thru what they confessed to in Japan made the people realized their history is not lilly white. Maybe some good will come from their confessions. I say this was 4 years ago, I have not read much about what happened to these men. But can say thru my own eyes, I seen them on T.V., and they have started the wheels moving.

Sgt In MacArthur'Honor Guard

Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 21:38:00 -0400 (EDT)

From: A Boy
Subject: Japanese war crimes

I'm not chinese, but i can relate to the japanese war crimes in china because brutality, executions, and suppression was also enforced in korea. it is good to know that you guys are spreading the word of japanese war crimes. It also pisses me off how some japanese people even deny their wrongdoings. But at the same time, we can't hold this against all japanese people. I clearly understand the point of this great site. And i agree with you that these horrible crimes must be exposed to all, but at the same time, we must not use them to fuel anti-japanese feelings but to promote peace and friendship between all asian peoples.

Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 21:48:26 -0400 (EDT)

From: JM Gardewin
Subject: Thanks

I teach World History to ninth grade boys at Damien Memorial High School in Hawaii. I have great materials about the Holocaust from the USHMM, now I have you to thank for some great materials on what happened on the other side of the world. Thank you for doing this. The ignorance on the part of the majority our young people is incredible. The problem is compounded by the fact that they do not read and too often sit in front of the idiot box or video games and vegetate. They are, however, willing to learn, especially if the information is available to them on line. I wish I had found you sooner. The story needs to be told, and retold and told again.

Mahalo nui loa.... joe gardewin

Date: 13 May 1997 01:02:06 +0800

From: Chen Jianning (A message in GB Chinese)

这是我最近写的一段文字: 《日本人是什么? 》 日本人是什么?日本人是枭、是狼、是狐狸,可就是不能称其为是人。 为什么 ?请看: 是人?1937年6月的七七事变;是人?1937年12月的南京大屠杀;是人? 两个魔鬼的杀人比赛;是人?731惨绝人寰的血证:是人?上至七十岁的 老妪下至十二、三岁的黄花...... 是人,是只披着人皮的狼。 什么大和民族,如果没有中国人能有日本人?不信?如果没有秦朝派往 扶桑的那三千童男童女,日本人?据说日本的开国神武天皇是中国人。 可是“伟大的”日本人;“伟大的”大和民族又给我们带来了些什么?再 请看: 明代倭寇的侵犯;清代的《马关条约》;1931年的九一八事变...... 还有!1937年12月在南京仅仅六周的时间就屠杀了19万无辜百姓(据 远东国际军事法庭的报告);在南京郊区发现了3个万人坑;1938年至 1946年臭名昭著、惨无人道的731部队..... 我已经无法再写下去也不能再写下去了,日本人是什么我想我们应该看 得很清楚了。最后我还是那句话:“忘记就等于背叛”


Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 12:34:50 +0800

From: "=?BIG5?B?pHCl1Q==?="
(message in big-5 Chinese)

⊿ぐ或弧 !!菌端礹ッ环痙иみい!!иらセ!! 瘤礛ぃ熬阀,硂琌らセぱネチ壁┦--摧г㎝礚 !! τ瞷穦,常琌奖ざホ讽み硁τΘ包ぇく,ㄏ眔らセ 硈翴毙癡⊿,硂ぃ琌и猭τ,иρ龟碞竒蛤и酵筁 猭 !!!!!!

Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 14:48:15 +0000

From: clare maxwell

Dear Hall Maintainer,

congratulations on your open minded, uncensored bulletin board. I think that only by maintaining open channels for communication can people heal from such traumas and atrocities as this massacre. I am moved by the spirit I hear among Japanese people who want to take responsiblity for their history, and wonder what would happen if more Americans felt this way. We deny so much of our own atrocious history, and those of us that want to know must fight for the information. I guess every nation state tries to hide the violence with which it was created and is maintained.

I really do not understand what the American government has to lose by issuing a formal apology for dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There can be no shame in apologizing for such suffering, no matter what the reasons were for causing it. We need to have the courage, like you, to demand that our government take responsiblity. Then perhaps we can begin to find a new definition of statehood and sovereignity.

Thanks again. CM

NOTE: Thank you for your support, on behalf of Prof. Watanabe Shoichi.

By the end of the War, millions of ordinary Japanese people were forced by the military to defend the monarchy using bamboo spears. We wonder what would happen to them if the War have extended another year, or even a week.

The Chinese and the majority of the Asian people who were "liberated" by the Japanese military have every reason to thank the Americans for ending the War as soon as possible. Not to mention those dying PoWs.

It is the Japanese government which started that savage and stupid war. The Japanese people should demand an apology from the their government, as some of them are now doing, not the US instead.

Please read Prof. Fujiwara Kiichi's essay and Yoshimi Ishikara's "A Different 'Declaration of Apology'". We hope that you will be moved, again, by their open-mindedness and most importantly, their honesty.--the Hall Maintainer

Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 10:00:55 -0500 (EST)

Subject: Attrositties Past and Present (War Crimes against, civilians and combatants

I am an American male 53 years of age and I've seen and heard of the horendous number of these horrors. We cannot change the past but we must remember it, yes, and even build monuments to honor the millions of those that are dead and the survivors. But the biggest problem is , I beleive, that it still continues today in Eastern Europe and Central America and many other area's. Have we ( the people's of this Earth) foregotten so soon the experiences of the past so easily or is that in fact what we want?The horrors going on NOW!!!, in Serbia, Bosnia, China, North Korea and Central America! Nothing is done, no one really wants to get envolved. The self-centerd concern for personal satisfaction and this me,me,me attitude while thousands if not millions of people are being tortured, raped and murdered right in the face of the Quote " Civilized World " is un- contionable '' . The laws are there to punish those goverments and idividuals who commit these crimes. After WW2 there were lnternational Laws Passed to remove and addressthe, " I was only folling orders defence, yet these Goverments and individuals continue to walk freely. The U.S.A. has even, I guess, foregottin the Genoside it perpatrated on the Native Americans, using the ludicrous doctrin of Manifest Destiny. People talk about " One World " and World Order @#$%^ THE LAWS ARE THERE, I SAY !! ENFORCE THEM NOW@#$$##@. GOD BLESS ALL THOSE WHO HAVE DIED AND THE SURVIVERS. GOD BLESS EVERYONE ON THIS EMERALD ISLE FLOATING IN SPACE. PEACE AND LOVE TO YOU FELLOW HUMANS, BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 17:45:31 -0500

Subject: Asian history

this is just a little something in immense appreciation for you web page regarding the Nanjing Massacre. As a passionate student of Chinese history it is refreshing to find others who would like to reveal the full perspective of history to generations taught the warped versions of the victors.

The Japanese claims of liberating Asia from western dominance would surely be contested by not only the Chinese, but the Vietnamese and Koreans, as well. The atrocities committed by the Japanese are unparalled in world history. The legacy is rendered even more apalling by the truth that no western nation recognized the suffering caused by the Japanese, and therefore they were forced to pay no reparations or commit contrition in honor of those they thrust into a vortex of misery. We, who are still so willing to persecute Nazi war criminals, have virtually ignored the horrendous acts of the Japanese during both world wars.

Thank you for a beacon of enlightenment in an immeasurable darkness.

Amanda Muir

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 12:00:02 -0500 (EST)

Subject: the nanjing massacre

to whom it may concern:
This is a subject that greatly concerns me as a writer. I am neither of Chinese or Japanese ancestory. Yet the inhumanity visited by the Japanese army on whomever was in it's path is a story that has yet to receive a full telling. And too many Americans, while feeling great sympathy for the civilian victims of the A-bomb have no clear idea of what happened at Nanjing or to the victims of the Japanese throughout the Pacific. If anything the bombs dropped at Hiroshoma and Nagasaki were to prevent even more deaths. It is very likely that a great many people who are alive to day would not be alive if the US and her allies would have executed a land assualt on Japan proper. I just have one complaint about this site and that is I am not able to access some of the links. Whatever can be done to help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

Blair Jones

Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 20:11:44 -0800

Subject: Nanking (Nanjing) Massacre

With the 60th anniversary of this tragic event fast approaching, what can we do in our communication-rich society to generate awareness of the events in China?

It saddens me to know that so little is known about this event in the Western and most importantly, Japanese culture. Would we need to nationally televise documentaries like "In the Name of the Emperor" or have "20/20" or "60 Minutes" feature a story on the massacre before the masses are aware that we as human beings, committed these crimes on one another?

This past Rememberance Day, a photo exhibition of the Nanking Massacre was shown here in Vancouver, B.C.. Visiting the exhibition, I spoke with the organizers who advised me that the vast majority of the public (aside from the Chinese visitors) had absolutely no idea whatsoever of such atrocities. With Vancouver being a popular destination for Japanese tourists, the organizers added that many of the younger Japanese visitors to the exhibit were visibly appalled and upset and some even went as far as apologize to them.

Generating awareness is not about racism or spreading ill-will towards the Japanese people. I won't even go near the often-used " we can prevent this from ever happening again..." cliche. Japan committed terrible atrocities during that period. I myself know these events occurred. What about the next five people I meet on the street? I wouldn't know nor put money on it.

Hoping to see the people who committed these crimes be brought to justice is a very optimistic wish I won't hold my breath for. I would however, feel like I haven't let the millions of forgotten victims down, and our future generations for that matter, lived to see acknowledgement from the Japanese Government that these crimes were committed. And this is something they would surely like to quietly forget if we allow for it to happen.

Hubert Watt

Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 14:29:25 -0800

From: MHCC User
Subject: Nanjing Massacre

I am a college student in Oregon, and I am from Japan. I just remember that I did learn about Nanjing Massacre in my history book in Japan; however, the history book actually did not explain anything about this horrible massacre people in my country did long time ago. It is very shameful that people whose blood is same with mine did such a horrible things. But it is more shameful that many of us who are leading our country has denied about this massacre. I believe that what we can do not deny about it in order to get away from it, but to admit and also make apology to people in China.

It is the fact that Japanese troop massacred tons and tons of Chinese in Nanjing Massacre. It seems that we Japanese are thinking about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I would like to send sympathy to all people who were killed by Japanese in this massacre, also all the people who died of this war...


Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 12:31:56 -0600 (CST)

From: Mark Vasi

What a fantastic site. Extrtemely educational and enlightening. Most history books just glance over that dark period in our civilizaton and focus on Hitler and the holocost. I applaud your efforts..

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 22:00:35 -0500

From: Jack Fong

Dear Hall Maintainer,

I went to your homepage, it is a great one because the Japanese can see what they had done to our Chinese during the WW2. I think it may be a good idea to make one more of copy in Japanese (just like there is version in Big 5), therefore, the Japanese people and read it better. I want them to know what they have done and The Chinese People will stand up and not illness Asian.

Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 12:56:12 -0800

From: Benjamin Chin-Ming Fung
Subject: Japanese Militarism


This site is very good and well organized. I can see that the organizer/designers spend so much time on the research.

I am a 21-yr old university student studying in Vancouver. In the last night news, I notice that almost 30% Chinese citizens in Toronto did try to avoid buying the Japanese goods after the Diaoyutai Event. This figure is relatively high when comparing with other regions in Canada. But only 11% of the Chinese students pay attention on this topic, which indicates they don't really care.

Although not many young people care about this topic, some of us do. Few months ago, we create a mailgroup to discuss this topic.

...Feel free to share your opinion with us....

Thank you

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 21:51:18 -0800

From: Tetsuo Hosaka
Subject: China-Japan Relation

I read a part of this long and story. I am a Japanese who lives in the Us now. I am no historian so that I do not have enough data but I feel that every person who lived through in the war period was a victim. People who are very sensitive to their own people tend to defend themselves and not listen to the other side of the story. Were the Japanese only the devils? Not Chinese? American? Korean? British? Chinese never killed Japanese? American never killed Philipinos?Dutch never killed Indonesians? How about French in Indo-china? HOw about Chinese ivading Vietnum? Have you ever studied US immigration laws? British people never killed Chinese? How about Hong Kong? Is it Legal for you? Tibet is a part of China? China never controled Korea? China never tried to invade Japan? Do not tell me that all chinese are angel. The history of china never tells us you are saint either. I beleive despite of all of those events we have been friends most of the time.In Japan most of the high school students study chinese literature and history. We respect China more than you think. Japanese normally do not express their feeling directly like Chinese or Korean but we would try to do by doing. This is a culture difference. LIke a chinese proverb Do not push a rat at a corner, always make a way to escape. We all need to use our energy more positive way to make a better world.

NOTE: We are flattered to be accused of "pushing" the Japanese history revisionists to the "corner," but unfortunately, it is far from the truth.

Who push who to the corner? Did we say that the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima are lies? Did we say that the rape victim in Okinawa received money from the rapist(s)? Did we say that we will vivisect women and children alive again if necessary? The answer is too obvious to require the knowledge of a historian.

We never say that all Chinese are angels, neither are all Japanese. We are not that imbecile. However, you obviously think that those history revisionists represent all Japanese. Therefore, whoever attacks them are attacking all Japanese. But can those bastards really represent all Japanese, and indeed, you? Are you really defending all Japanese? Please, think it carefully. Again, it doesn't require the knowledge of a historian.

Teaching Chinese literature and history in Japanese schools doesn't guarantee anything. They have been taught before and during the War. If a government is under the influence and pressure of murderers, robbers, rapists, and their advocates, this kind of education won't lead to peace and cooperation, but only to an aggressive war ("to loot to its satisfaction") as it happened. The Chinese can't be fooled by this. We have historians.

If we can push the Japanese history revisionists to the corner, we are looking forward to witness that day. That is how we make the world better.
--The Hall Maintainer

Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 14:14:39 +0800

From: Lim Xinhong
Subject: what did the comfort women go through?

hello.i'll like to know more about how the comfort women felt when they were serving the japanese.were they submissive?or did they go against their orders?even for those who were prostitutes before they became comfort women...did they feel shamed?beinging put infront of the battle lines,did the women feel constsnt fear for death?or did they just accept their fate? i think that's all i'll ask for now...could u please answer me with ,if possible,reference to specific cases?thank you!

REPLY: Please check our bibliography.--the Hall Maintainer

Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 22:31:51 -0500 (EST)

From: ThrstnHwl3
Subject: Laogai

What the Japanese did was wrong and it is exacerbated by their refusal to apologize for their atrocities. But is it any worse than what the Beijing regime does day in and day out to their own citizens in the laogais. I for one think it is worse because the government ids their to prtect its citizens. I have spent time in China and for it to become the world power it wants to be it has to stop abusing its people. Then maybe it will be easier to accept their calls for an apology. Remember in the last 20 years the PLA has killed more Chinese than they have other countires' soldiers.

REPLY: All robbers, murderers, and rapists in the world will be happy to have you to be their defender. Their vicitims don't even deserve an apology if a member of their communities committed a crime. What kind of nonsense is this.--the Hall Maintainer

Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 01:53:10 -0500 (EST)

Subject: Idea: Help from Holocaust groups ?

Has anybody tried enlisting the aid of Jewish Holocaust groups to get more attention to Japanese war guilt ? The Jewish groups oppose genocide happening anywhere and they have been much more successful in going after the Germans for apologies, reparations, and education efforts than anybody has been with the Japanese. At the very least they may raise awareness within the U.S. which has been pretty much been bought off by Japanese business interests.

- E.

Date: 12 Jan 1997 22:23:53 -0000

From: Daniel Suzuki
Subject: a quick question

I saw your home page about Japanese Military threats to its neighbouring countries. Tell me why Kuril Islands are part of this? You have not mentioned anything about those islands' history, situation etc. Kuril Islands are not military threats. This is historyically legal claim to the islands against the Russians. Please tell me why you put this issue into your home page. Please Reply!

P.S. Don't connect the Diaoyutai issue to the nanjing massecre. It has nothing to do with it. Be cool when discussing this issue.

A quick answer: We did not say that the Kuril Island dispute is a Japanese military threat to its neighbours. That is why we did not provide anything. The map just shows the disputes.

However, if the Japanese government has no intention to resolve territorial disputes through negotiation and supports some radical groups to claim sovereinty, it is potentially a military threat.

We are very cool about the Diaoyutai issue and we have every reason to relate it to the Nanjing Massacre: it is part of the rise of Japanese militarism.

For those who want to revive Japanese militarism, the Nanjing Massacre must be denied and all atrocities of Japan誷 aggressive war justified by all means. How can they persvade the new generation of Japanese to fight for them if their sacred course is actually to slaughter, to rob, and to rape, right? They are always the same group of people.
--the Hall Maintainer

Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 15:11:08 -0800

From: J.Matutaka
Subject: Truth

Dear the Holl Maintainer

This may be all fake, the height of lies. I have researched on all the incidents so called "Japanese war crames" Huge gap exists between reports about the massacre from China and Japan. Therefore, I was desperate to know the truth not minimaxing or maximazing by pawer of the politics and mas-communication.

I would like to declare one thing, it is the reports from Japan and China are both unreliable. They are assailant and victim. So, their reports based on testimonies would not be the critical evidences unless third-party's witness is provided.

As long as the reports made by the both countries is unacceptable as the evidence, testimony made by westerners evacuated to "international safety zone" is only effecteve.

Magee's diary, "the japanese terror in China" by harold Timperley, and other reports or confession by the westerners never mentioned about the atrocities committed by the Japanese army. on "the Japanese terror in China" , Timperley described about the crime of raping as hundreds of occurrences. But, he never reported the atrocities committed by the Japaese army, including looting, and mass excutions. Aslo, Magee's diary foung in last December with a hope to prosecute the Japanese imperial army. But, the diary has not been published yet to the public. Therefore, the diary would not be evidence either.

Personally, I believed that the Japanese army committed the massacre: looting, mass excution raping and burning. But, the more i research, the more i doubt the mass excution part China government reported 300,000 innocent civilians were killed. The Japanese army killed Chinese soldiers with cruel means but not the civilians. However, some evicence may be unreachable to me. So, if you have any testimonies or statement made by the westerners to prove the mass excution of 300,000 innocent civilians, I would like to utilize for my research.

The war should be told to the next generation without maximizing or minimazing the truth.

Thank you very much for your time

Sincerely, Yours.

Joji Matsutaka

NOTE: We still cannot understand why both the testimonies of Chinese victims and confessions from Japanese veterans are not acceptable to you. We also cannot understand why you said that Magee and Temperley did not mention the atrocities. (Some other Japanese even refused to accept photographs even though some of them have the censored stamp from the Japanese military.) What else do you want?

Alas, truth is so hard. Nevertheless, we are glad that you choose the hard way.

BTW, the 300,000 figure includes PoWs, not just civilians.
--the Hall Maintainer

Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 21:06:17 +0800

Subject: Nanjing Massacre

C.M. Chan wrote :

As a Chinese, I am delighted to see this website on the Japanese Agression in China. In the past, what I could see and hear in the media was the Japanese comemorating their fatalities and aftermaths of the atomic bombs dropping on Japanese territories. I thought people of the world, especially those who live in the West might be misled into thinking that the Japanese were the true victims of the War. While I am at all feeling comfortable with atomic bomb attack in Japan, I consider that unworthy of mentioning in comparison to their brutality in China.

NOTE: We agree with you that the brutality of the Massacre is beyond comparison. Juxtaposing the two is just to show the hyprocrisy of the history revisionists and it is important.--the Hall Maintainer

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