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18 Dec 1995

I was at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Site in 1988. It made me sick to my stomach to see how the Chineses today say how much they dislike the Japanese but are willing to buy Japanese products. I believe what writer LuShun said about the Chinese people is still true today: " It is the Chinese soul, not the Chinese body that needs to be cured." Unless the Chinese people can wake up and help each other without any prejudice and igrorance to each other, what happened in Nanjing could happen again in the future. In WWII, the Japanese used military force to invade China. The Japanese are now using economic forces to invade China. People from Canton like to speak Cantonese and people from say Shanghai likes to speak Shanghaiese. The mentality of many Chinese believing that if something does not directly affect them than it is none of their personal business to intervene is what's killing the Chinese. Chinese should not forget the brutal killing by the foreigners and by the people within China.

10 Dec 95

I would like to compliment you on your web site. As the transcripts of the International Military Tribunal - Far East show, the crimes of the German Reich pale in comparison to those of the Imperial Japanese Forces. I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing the Japanese continually cry that they were the victim in the second world war, rather that the foremost aggressor. Their continual refusal to acknowledge that their forces were the most brutal in this century, and perhaps in modern history, make one wonder what they really learned from history.
Good Work!
Harold Turnquist

26 Nov 95

>As someone born after World War II, I can tell you that I know more about that war than I would like to know. I feel very badly about the disgraceful role Japan played and believe that it should compensate the victims and apologize more fully. Believe me that if I were in charge of Japan, I would apologize. At the same time, I am very sick of all the Japan bashing by both Chinese and Americans. We Japanese did not invent massacres. I'd like both Americans and Chinese to count the millions of people they both have killed.

>As an Asian, I feel the security of Asia is the most critical issue. Japan, China and Korea should bury the hatchet and should work together. It's time to create a greater security alliance in Asia. The stability of the region must be protected at all costs, because the future promises to be bright. Economic development and cooperation are the most important things. No more conterproductive wars, please. The alternative to peace is total nuclear annihalation. I think it's an easy choice.

>It's good to have a discussion of the terrible events in the past to keep them from happening again. The only thing that must not be allowed to happen is for people to get into shouting matches and to let hatred consume them.

Dear (name removed upon request on 24/5/97),

Please be informed that the pages are created to counter-attack the history revisionism of Japanese right-wing nationalist politicians, NOT Japanese people in general.

For those Japanese who truly "feel very badly about the disgraceful role Japan played and believe that it should compensate the victims and apologize more fully", i.e. seeking reconciliation and peace with its Asian neighbours, there is no reason for them/you to feel "sick" because we are on the same boat and we are fighting for the same course.

In the meantime, please be reminded again that the history revisionists still had the upper hand in the Japanese government.

Hope you can be in charge of Japan in the near future. But I doubt that you can take charge without a fight, the same fight which we are engaging in.

Hall Maintainer

20 Sept 95

I've just read the article by Zhang Donglin on "A parody with absolutely no apology" (account of uchi maruyaro). Although I'm still in college, I've read quite alot about WW2. But there's nothing that upsets me more than this statement by uchi maruyaro. I know that the war criminals are used to dening their guilty actions, but not when you actually read their statement do you feel angry!( I do not wish to use foul languages) These older japanese (soldiers) have no shame. How could they deny such a fact? How could we get them to admit to their guilt before they all die? From the looks of it, I'ld say that as soon as all the witnesses and criminals died, they japanese will just say to the world that there is absolutely no proof and deny the whole thing as if it has never happened.
Do you have the email address of some of the older japanese that were in China, Nanking and don't admit to their wrong doings? I'ld like to ask them and have them tell me that they could look those victims in the eye right now and feel absolutely no shame what so ever.

20 Sept 95

I'm a student in college and I'm a Chinese. I've read alot about WW2, especially the part when Japan invaded China. I have a three volume collection of the atrocity that the Japanese commited in China during the war. I don't hate the Japanese,(I'm taking Japanese language course now) but I do feel that they should stand up to their past and admit to their wrong doings. The evidences are piled sky high, why don't they just admit to it and apologize? It've almost been half a century, it won't do them any harm by apologizing, would it? The only reasons why I can think of them not apologizing is:

I do have some photos from my 3 volumes, and if I could be of any assitance, please let me know.

1 Sept 95

I am writing a book about the Yangtze (Chang Jiang); within the book there will be a big chapter on Nanjing; and within that chapter clearly a significant number of pages relating to the Massacre.

To make sure that I am as up-to-date as possible by the time I finish the book in November, I would be grateful to be informed of any late-breaking developments in this affair - any new apologies, new refusals to apoliogize, any new information relating to the events...

I am happy to have my name and-email address used so that people can respond if they feel they want to help.

I would also be pleased to learn of readers' views on the Japanese premier's recent apology. Did it go far enough, or is there still pressure for further apology and atonement?

Thank you.

Simon Winchester

25 Aug 95

I think this is very tragic. More people need to learn and understand what the chinese is really about. There is probably alot more we do not know. I feel sorry for all the people that fell victim to what happened. It also makes me more proud to be an American. The United States is not perfect, I am glad we(as Americans) do not have that kind of past. Those animals need to fess up to what they did. I hope they all go to Hell.

25 Aug 95

Show me
I had been absent from my room for the past nine days. During my absence I know nucler test have done. How do you think about nucler testing? I think nucler weapon is different from normal weapon in able terminate planet.

If we want peace, both conventional and nuclear weapons should be eliminated (not just banned).
If we want war, I will prefer nuclear weapon because it causes painless and instant death without suffering from all kinds of inhumane tortures.

23 Aug 95

1. Please create a newsgroup devoted to Japanese (adverse) influence in the world. The alt. text newsgroup is a linguistics newsgroup.
2. Please add material on Japan's germ warfare and human vivisection experiments in Manchuria.

19 Aug 95

I thank you deeply for not falling into the current lock-step of historical revisionism in the name of economic unity. Here , in the U.S., the apologists seem to be on the path of guilt for victory over a still heartless and unrepetent aggressor. Your information is very relevent in view of current conditioning being carried out by our "former" enemies.

17 Aug 95

Thanks for your effort posting the Naijaing Masscre on the WWW. I think the fundamental thing is that we chinese should be united and then strong. We should prevent second Naijing Masscre from happening. Asking for Japan's apology is necessary, but more important, we should build our own power in science, militrary, etc. I am afraid I would say that Japanese has build in nature of invasion. If the masscred 300,000 people could be united and defended for themself, then Naijing would be the second Stalingrad. Eh, stopping all the political struggle, stopping all the party, race struggle. We Chinese could be the strongest.

13 Aug 95

Dear Guo Peiyu,
> Yet there still exists in Japanese society those who try to gloss over Japan's war of aggression and insist on viewing the war as an effort to 'emancipate' Asia. I believe the existence of the Yasakuni Shrine is a symbol, much like a mirror, that reflects the state of Japanese society.

I think you know that a completely common thinking in a country is rather dangerous, or at least attempting to make it is, wheherever it is for peace or for the effort to 'emancipate' Asia.
I am quite fed up with hearing what 'country' is wrong and who doesn't know what. Most of the people who try to 'tell' about wars say "I am reminding people not to repeat it.". But it sounds that they are locating themselves at different place form those people they want to 'tell' to.
I have seen pretty many foriegners often enhance something, they find abroad, to be a typical thing in the visiting country whatever goes in their home country. I would say that as long as one is thinking about wars separating poeple by the countries, his opinion may not echo in the poeple at the other side of him.

> And, still standing at the top is the the Emperor system of Japan. I want Japanese people to change their society themselves.

Too trivial opinion. Too simple thinking. You had better learn history more, going back to Joumon-jidai. And I wonder if you like Queen Elizabeth to be responsible to exporting that much Opium, do you?

10 Aug 95

I'm undergreaduate of Japane. I've finally found this place. I'm so sorry to Nanjing Massacre. As member of Japanese I excuse myself. Please translate this place into Japanese to able to read more Japanese children and studants who did not taught at school at all. I have a little knowledge of Nanjing Massacre,but many of Japanese studants(include myself use to be)don't know.Becouse of Japan minister similar to Simamura. Finally. Sorry to wrong English.

8 Aug 95

I had heard of things like this only in passing. Now I see in print what has been done. It is astounding. Why does China do business with Japan today?????? The Japanese are such a brutal lot.

6 Aug 95

On August 6, I could see this homepage about Nanjing massacre. I am an xxxx teacher at a high school in Japan. Japanese people must know much more about the historical fact that Japanese former military regime had done. This homepage will be a good opportunity for Japanese to notice how people in the world perceive what Japan did. I would like to tell my students about this homepage in the next school term. Thank you.

6 Aug 95

Hello, my name is xxxx. I believe the Japanese are lying through their teeth. They and their Emperor Hirohito (too bad he's not alive anymore) should pay for the deaths of an estimated 30 million Chinese deaths. It's good to have organizations to preserve the truth. This is a race against time to record down the atrocities commited by the Japanese because the survivors are now all old. While the Japanese keep crying about their A-bomb suffering, the Americans and others think that the Japanese are the real victim

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