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Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 20:01:57 +0100

Hello, I am a Japanese living in Germany. Actually my ancestors came from China, a long time ago, so I don't know if you consider me as a Japanese or Chinese.

I felt a deep pain while I was looking at this page. Of course, our history books inform us about this massacre, but people do not usually tend to speak about it. It is unbelievable that people are denying the fact and tragedy of the Nanjing massacre.

It might be neccesary to publish a page in Japanese too, as many Japanese are not well-informed about this issue.

My country is still a guilty country, and I cannot be proud of a guilty country. For the interests of the Japanese people, I would appreciate if our government would make an official apology soon.

We cannot ignore the historical facts, but face these past conflicts and make a solution for the friendship of our two nations.

At last, I would like to apologize to all the people who feel anger about our country about this issue. Please keep up with the work, in order to inform more people about this tragedy. The Nanjing massacre is not as well known as the Holocaust in Germany...

Guan Shengjiu (My Chinese Name)

NOTE: We consider you a human being. It is our believe that the line should not be drawn between nations but between good and evil, right and wrong.
Again, personal apology not accepted. See earlier replies.--the Hall Maintainer

Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 02:10:05 +0900

From: LiangJun Huangg

Why don't you try to have all these translated to Japanese?

NOTE: We are working on it but only the front page.

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 21:36:02 -0800

I am a history major at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Prior to my fifth year in college I had never heard of the Nanjing Massacre until I took a course called 20th Century Japan. I did a 20+ page research paper on this topic. I must say, it is one of the most fascinating topics I have ever encountered in my study of history. How an issue that happened nearly 60 years ago can still have implications nearing the turn of the century is amazing. As most people, I was shocked at the photos I saw, the eyewitness accounts I read of survivors, foreigners, Japanese soldiers, etc. The thesis for my project was to prove Japan's guilt of crimes against humanity during WWII. I think your site, as well as others on this topic, are great! Going through and reading what others have written in response to this site is absolutely appalling. These people are obviously not historians. A historian has to be open minded when analyzing information, etc. There is more to this issue than just the Japanese killing Chinese. This was a time of unrest in Japan, political and social. China was worried about losing its largest trading partner, Japan. Was Russia a factor? Etc. etc. I could go on and on. The bottom line is that the Nanjing (Nanking) Massacre, or the "Rape of Nanking," is an unforgivable atrocity in the East, just as Auschwitz is in the West. The only difference is that Japan right-wingers remains silent in admitting their guilt in Nanking. Do those of you who attack this site and others like know that Japan had dropped propoganda from planes saying that those who did not resist the Imperial Army would be unharmed? In reality, it was hell on earth; rape, beheading, disemboweling, removing the heart, drowning, burning alive(and dead), severing genitals, dismembering, penetration of the vagina and/or anus. For those of you who have not researched, and know NOTHING about this issue save your breath to say something useful before knocking this website.

1. There are numerous "TRUE" primary sources available to prove this event did occur.
2. There are 300,000 (estimated + or -) dead people from Nanking that say this event happened. That comes out to 8,095 murders/day compared to only 879/day at Auschwitz.
3. There are 35,000,000 (estimated) Chinese causalties from this period that say it happened.
4. There are 57,418 victims of the Caoxiexia Slaughter that say Nanking was for real.
5. There are 7 Japanese Class A War Criminal that hung, because of their guilt.
6. The Japanese soldiers admit what they did, you can read about it.

Are you seeing a patern develop here? This incident did happen. The only good that can come from this incident is to remind the world of the atrocities of war. In an age where nuclear weapons are standard, Arnold Brackman, author of The Other Nuremberg, makes a good argument: "Nurmeberg was the first, and Tokyo was the last. In the event of a third world war there will be surely nobody left to judge--or to sit in judgement." Why? We'll all be dead. Hopefully, the world can learn from its past mistakes. Perhaps Pogo, the comic strip character said it best, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Great Site!

NOTE: Name withheld as requested.

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 00:00:02 -0500

Subject: More Reading Sources

My wife's uncle was in the Battle of Corrigedor in the Phillipines and was captured along with the men of Bataan. He was a POW for 4 years with most of it in Japan. He goes to different organizations to tell his story. One story he telss was when they were forced marched in the Phillipines by the Japanese taking women out of the line to rape them and putting bamboo in their orifices in their lower extremities while they were tied to a tree. My oldest son had him speak at his senior history class last year and that was the first time I heard his whole story. I was not shocked by it because my father was in the European Theatre and his four brothers were in the Pacific. The one thing my wife's uncle stressed throughout was the Holocust in Asia especially in China and that if the US did not drop the two bombs on Japan that he would not be here today. If we did a land assault on Japan the POW's woild have been killed immediatly. Now my 13 year old is doing a report on the Nanjing Massacre and what he recieved from this sight is unbelievable. He needs some additional sources to collaborate what he has here. Can you help him.

Sincerely Tony D'Amore

NOTE: Please check the bibliography in this site. There are many books and articles in English.

Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 22:35:14 -0500

From: Reg Smith

We were not taught about this in school here in the US. It is shameful beyond words what the Japanese have done to many people. I have a Korean friend here who has recently told me a little about the similar terrible things which the Japanese did to her people and it is a terrible legacy which the entire world should be made aware of. Keep up your work and make sure this is not buried like the sad victims.

Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 03:18:08 -0800

From: Jason Chang

As a young child growing up in Jamaica, I remember my grandfather showing me pictures and explaining to me the atrocities commited by the Japanese Imperial army in Nanjing and all over China. I have often wondered why these barbaric acts were never exposed, especially in light of the fact that the Japanese have never been able to face up to their past actions. Our family lost three family members at the hands of the Japanese during this war. I thank you for having this site.

Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 16:14:06 -0500

From: callahanfam

As an American with many friends in China, I am glad you reveal these awful deeds. Reading this, it is difficult to shed tears over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Date: Wed, 06 Nov 1996 19:57:14 +1200


It brings tears to my eyes to see the evil way the japanese have treated the Nanjing residents. Lets hope that it never happens again and we should make sure these events do not fade from our minds.

Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 11:55:44 +0800

From: huangcs
Subject: Nanking Massacre

I now understand the full horrors of the war

Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 18:05:26 -0800

From: Jaewon Hwang
Subject: Nanjing massacre & japanese

I don't understand why so many Asians are ignorant to be content Japanese to apologize, after knowing how evil they are. Does anyone think even if one Japanese prime minister apologized will change the evil Japanese psyche? If the world situation requires, Japanese will apologize. But their true nature would have never changed. Hasn't anyone heard that liar lies not because anyone will believe in the lie, but hoping fools will believe. Hasn't anyone also heard that Japanese outside is different from their inside? To that Chinese-American bakka who compared Japan bashing to Bosnia-herzegovina, do you let murderer and rapist go free because it's difficult to catch them? Japanese murderers and rapists will be forever unpunished and honored in Yaskuni shrine because the Japanese race will guard them as heroes. While many damned Asian politicians will forever try harder to get useless words of apolozy from Japanese con artists. Also to that anonymous who think white racism doesn't destinguish Japanese from other Asians. Sir, I believe that never makes Japanese allies. In fact I heard that Japanese think they are white or, at least, not "yellow". Look at the guy in Japanese currency, who advocated Japanese should "leave Asia". They can't physically leave Asia,but they can in their mental world.

Sorry to be "ignorant". But we do think a formal apology, not any personal apology, from the Japanese government is essential. Although it won't change the "evil Japanese psyche" of SOME Japanese, it will help changing the mentality of SOME OTHER Japanese. Peace cannot be achieved by one side. We have to work together. (Please check what some OTHER Japanese are doing. Links are provided on the front page.)

"If the world situation requires," we believe that some Japanese will have to change their "true nature". It may be a wishful thinking but it is our only hope unless you want to become an animal like them. --the Hall Maintainer

Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 22:30:09 -0400

From: jeff cao

After reading the materials above, I was deeply touched, but when I asked my chinese friends how do they feel, they seemed to have little knowledge about it, they said that the government ask for the peace. What I am want to ask is that who know the true meaning of the peace,has any country in this world ever seeked peace from Japanese except China? But has China received any peace from Japan?

I do not mean to ask china to open a war with Japan, but the Chinese should not be so weak concerning with the Japanese Staff!

Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 01:10:18 -0700

Subject: We must remember the history

I read this homepage. I feel very angry. The history won't be and can not be rewritten. We must let more and more people know the truth. We outselves must remember this Massacre. Thanks the Homepage. Thanks for telling more.


Chen Xu

Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 01:56:32 -0700

Subject: How can I say....

I am Yukihiro Komano from Japan. I am really shocked what we did... I am till losing my words. I learned about nanjing massacre in secondly school. But it was just surface... Today, I went to pub with my friends from Taiwan, China, Korea. We talked about World War II . They told me that we did genoside. I couldn't believe thier words at that time. So I came to computer room to see Inter-net. What do I have to say... I was taught wrong information, or I was not told anything about that. I just want to say sorry..... sorry...

I can not do anything toward past. But I can tell my friends what we did in 1937. What I have to do is to communicate the fact.

I am studying English at Oxford Brookes University. I will go back to Japan next March to study business at Tokai University. I will hold meeting to tell Japanese people about Nanjing massacre.

I hope people who was killed by the Japanese are sleeping calmly...

Thank you for your message. For those who condemn the atrocities, you are not one of those "we".

Please stop thinking in that direction as if you are one of them. I believe that the victims will eventually rest in peace only when there is no more those "we", whether they are Japanese or Chinese.

Don't say sorry if you are not one of those "we". Make those "we" make official apology, not you yourself, that is what we, the other "we", want.

Thank you for spreading the fact among young Japanese. By doing so, we believe that you belong to the other "we".

Welcome aboard. Thanks.

The Hall Maintainer

Date: Thu, 03 Oct 1996 02:23:36 -0400

From: "K. Shiu"

I am a Canadian Chinese and glad to find your web site. I will let my son read this site again when he come home and educate him. I shall bring my son to visit our mother land including Peking and Nanjing in near future. Many many thanks from my heart for all your effect to collect these informations.

Date: Sun, 13 Oct 1996 09:59:27 -0600

From: Rick Miller
Subject: Scorched Earth


I was eleven years old when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Fortunately my father was a little to old to be drafted. In those days at age eleven, I was quite innocent. I knew the elders were very upset with with Japan and that the young me in the neighborhood were going of to fight for their country.

My parents decided to take me with them to a movie called "SCORCHED EARTH". Even though I didn't fully understand the concept of "rape" the photographs were explicit and clear I will never forget the experience nor the intense hatred of Japan what was generated by that film. You are correct in your demand for an apology from Japan. Perhaps you could generate more support if the movie "scorched Earth" could be shown on Cable-TV, accompanied by commercials for Canon, Sharp, Nissan, Toyota etc.

Best Wishes, and thank you for keeping the truth alive Rick Miller

Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 09:21:40 +0900 (JST)

From: Tomoyuki Kumagai Subject: Too many materials to read thru WWW

First, I personally apologize for the rude attitude of my country.

I would like to read these materials, but it's kinda too much to read on-line, if you would, please make it somehow inexpensively readable... :-(

(for example, tar.gz it and make it downloadable thru www viewer...)


Tom Kumagai

Thank you for your interest in the materials. There is no point to make it less to read because it is an on-going issue. The only way to make it less is to stop the Japanese government from making it an issue. That is to say, to pressure it to make a formal apology. Otherwise, the materials will just keep growing.

BTW, personal apology is not accepted. It means nothing unless you personally took part in those atrocities.--The Hall Maintainer.

Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 12:47:55 -0700

From: Guanglong Guo

If Japs don't learn a class from WWII and try to mislead its people, I bet another sino-jap war is going to happen in the near future. Maybe in 20 years, maybe 50. Unless China A-bombs or massacres Tokyo, the bee-like japs will not face the fact. All japs only believe in slave - owner relationship. They don't know how to live peacefully and respectfully with others ( including with their own race ). You know it from reading Jap's history.

Date: Fri, 20 Sep 96 20:51:54 -0700

From: Margaret

I visited the site for the first time today after a friend of mine alerted me to its existence. I will now let all of my relatives know of the site via e mail. We must never let anyone forget what happened and we must preserve as much testimony from living surviviors as possible! Most Americans have no idea of the extent of the atrocities so it is up to us to educate them about the brutality of the Japanese. I am a child of Chinese Holocaust survivors, so I am so happy that this web site exists. Keep up the good work!

Date: Sat, 07 Sep 1996 00:30:45 -0700

From: Edwin Cheung

I very much appreciate this website. Is it gonna be publicized in the English mainstream web?

By the way, if there would be more links to pre-1937 Japanese aggresion info, it would be better!
.Sino-Japanese War (over Korea)
.9-18 incident
.and post-war Diaoyutai incident(s)

Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 15:49:45 +0000

Subject: History Repeats Itself

When I read about a massacre like that at Nanjing, my faith in human beings is surely tested. How can people, coming from simple lives, commit such attrocities? I am convinced that, given the weakness of the human spirit, the duplicity of those with evil intent, and situations that suspend moral awareness, mankind will probably continue to butcher innocent "others" in the name of some greater right or good.

This much I know: if we keep quiet about such horrors, they will continue. In the 20th century, they continue unabated all over the world. We should look murderers in the face and say "You did this. Are you not ashamed of your acts, to return to your families and friends and carry on as if you did nothing? You are doomed to hell. At least admit your culpability and save us from further explanations for your evil!"

I believe that the war crimes trials at the end of WWII showed us that criminals of the worst kind, when brought before the justice and fairness of law, have no defense for their acts. With the Nazis it was simple to convict them because of their public arrogance and well-documented visciousness. With criminal deeds like those at Nanjing, convicting the guilty specifically is almost impossible to do. How do you arrest or expose those nameless thousands of undocumented criminals who, after destroying so many lives, return home and slip back into the comfort of their culture and old age.

The answer is to do just what you are doing. Expose the deeds and place them in a public forum like the world wide web. Dump the facts into the laps of those countries who would deny anything happened. Watch them squirm. For they know what they have done, now or in the past. In their sense of terrible superiority, acts of depravity are, to them, justified.

But when they meet a casual visitor from outside their country who asks, "How could you have done these things. Why do you pretend you did not?", they cannot escape the heritage of a history that cries out for justice. Their children must carry the bloody burden of doubt until someone there has the courage and sense of rightness to stand up and say "My God, how can we have done this thing? Let us never do it again."

Let us never do it again. This is a simple but powerful promise to avoid evil and prevent memorial halls to any future victims of human barbarism.

Pete Lunde

Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 15:12:44 +0000

Subject: Japanese distortions of WW2

As someone who's lived in Japan for the past 6 years,I must confer that there exists a real danger in the twisted perceptions of many Japanese towards WW2. The closet militarist politicians are especially pernicious and shameful. They do their country a great disservice in the eyes of the world.The current Prime Minister is a real sneak, passing off his visit to Yasukuni Shrine (where Tojo and other Class A war criminals are revered) as a debt of honour. Japan is not a real democracy and therefore world attention must continue to be focused on Japan's onerous wartime responsibility until it admits squarely its past. Otherwise, it is a country not to be trusted! Keep up the excellent work.....

Brian Bailey

Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 19:11:00 +1000

This cybersite is a place for the remeberance of the 300,000 (a conservative estimation) defenseless human beings; women, children, elderly, the infirmed and the disarmed POWs being SLAUGHTERED IN A DARK AGED MANNER!! SKINNINGS, IMPALINGS, HEAD-CHOPPING COMPETITIONS, GUTTINGS, THROWING-UP-BABIES-AND-STABBING-THEM-IN-MID-AIR-WITH-BAYONETS (as if a kind of popular past-time sport), GANG-RAPININGS AND THEN DISMEMBERING THE VICTIMS FROM AGE 8 TO 80 were the CAST IRON facts during that diabolic six weeks of man-devils indulgence. Mass machine-gunning and high efficient killing methods as deployed by their demonic brothers, the German SS, were not the taste of the so-called 'INCESTED* sons of the sun goddess'.(Check the Japanese mythology, they believe their emperors share this 'NOBLE' blood-line.) They had to show their "Mushitao" bravery on the weak as shown on the newspaper clippings on the photo gallery. (The headlines were full of phrases like ' "Gallant" majors achieved recorded time in hunderds of head-chopping.

That has always been THEIR CULTURE. It still hasn't changed. This is not a racist comment but REAL HISTORY. For the real spirit of democracy, this memorial hall has been highly tolerating and weclome allviews as I see, including the apologists, the 'politically-correctness inquisitors', the die-hard fascists-Nazis, the revisionists and the simply brainless-vegatables who used a lot of unrespecting words like 'shit'! All these people perhaps worth a cyber trip to see how they would feel if their whole familes, friends, loved ones and fellow-country men were subjected to the same hellish liberation.

We Chinese should also be shameful for ourselves. We have not been doing justice to the Nanjing and other massacred brothers and sisters. We should like the Jewish people who have been pursuiting the rightful justices to prosecute and bring the blutchers to the rightful places. Slaughtering in such a horrific scale couldn't be just the responsiblity of the 'seven major war-criminals' (or 'war heros' depends on the state of the viewers' mental health.) Chinese should do the same. Arrest and punish every devil-soldier throughout the rank. No such non-sense like diminshed responsibility under order! The Chinese Government should have every right to press Japan to compensate individual victim's families though the stingy yens cannot heal!

Shut up to all those talking about Tibet, cultural Revolution, Vietnam or Korean War. In court, the prosecutor will only attack what the criminal have done, not the victim's. Don't you even cannot understand this? Every nation has its bright and darker page of its history. WE ARE NOW JUST SEEKING JUSTICE, NOT VENGEANCE, FROM A INCRIMIATED NATION CALLED JAPAN. HERE WE ARE JUST LETTING THE TRUTH OF JAPANESE ATROCITIES KNOWN TO ALL, INCLUDING YOUNGER JAPANESES. DO NOT DARE TO TRY TO CONFUSE THE ONE AND ONLY ONE CRYSTALLY-CLEAR PURPOSE OF THIS WEBSITE! SYMPATHISERS!

But I really worry. As such a coward nation not able even just to utter a decent apology, with the 'peaceful passing away" of all Imperial Japanese Psychopaths-sadists, such hope of bringing all 'these' to justice is getting slimmmer and slimmer each day.

Great commendations, credits and encouragement must be giwvn to the administration of this website. I really hope in future the site can be multi-lingual (including Japanese!), with more video-movie clips, more video witnesses and more wide-spread and be it a top 5% website. Let all the world know what happened in the 1930s and 1940s in Japanese-occupied China---a genocide which was another Holocaust and will be remembered by all nations.

Any denial of such a genocide committed by Imperial Japanese Army is a confirmed ticket for hell---just like Nanjing at that time!!

I am Christian and Chinese and Chinese is largely a peaceful nation. I know the shameless will dig out a lot to confuse. Even in this world justice on the Japanese criminals cannot be done, divine retribution will definitely be done, just and eternal!

To hell all the sympathisers, revisionists ...

Name withheld as requested. Last three lines omitted by the Maintainer.

Date: Tue, 20 Aug 1996 03:30:49 +0800

Please read this through. I am serious.

There is a museum called 'Maruki-bijyutsukan' where drawings of the nanjing massacre and atomic bomb in hirosima is shown.

And now that museum is endangered by right-wing groups who are saying that there were no such massacre. They want the museum to be closed down so that no one is able to see the drawings about the massacre.

Although I haven't study enough to find out properly whether there was or wasn't, yet I am very suspicious and I think there was, I strongly believe that the drawings has to be saved and passed to next generation not to accuse or blame but to make it absolutely sure that won't be happend for ever and ever.

And I believe this is what the one who has been born after the WW2 should do.

I desparately want your suggestion, opinion and help. Plese mail me.

Hirofumi Matsumura

Dear Hirofumi Matsumura,

Thank you for your message and sorry for not replying immediately.

I saw on TV that Japanese right-wing politicians had already successfully forced the A-Bomb museum in Hiroshima to remove materials about the Nanjing Massacre. Another unconfirmed information telling us that somewhere in Osaka, local government succumbed to right-wing pressure to cancel an art exhibition about the Massacre. Your case is obviously not alone. And right-wingers are clearly have a upper hand in Japanese society.

We are flattered to be asked for suggestion and opinion about these matters. Our answer is obvious as demonstrated by our project: Never succumb to those pressure if you really want peace and freedom.

Good luck.

The Hall Maintainer

Date: Sun, 11 Aug 1996 17:13:05 -0700

Dear Sir

Thank you for putting this information on the net. I am Japanese... studying Peace Studies combined with education.

I have worked with Japanese organization who put "731 exibition", "Japanese Invasion "exibition into work last summer. I assume that you know some of the people I worked with.

Now I am in the United States to take my Master's degree in the field of Peace Studies. I live with many people from different countries includin China. I hope to let him know about this page as well.

I have learnt and experienced lots of fact of Japanese invasion. Of course it is very disturbing to see or hear the verification. However everybody should look back the past even though oneself did not participate in such a manner. We, Japanese, in my case have the responsibility to keep this fact to especiallly young Japanese who could be ignorant of this atrocities....

Thank you again for putting this into the page. I hope to extend the net to Japanese or any people since this is very the fact of the people of the earth.


Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 11:32:52 -0700

the world must must must know all about the war crimes of Japan!
Casolari Antonio

Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 16:58:27 -0400

I will try to boardcast the NJMASSACRE web site address to as many compuserve member as possible.

Here is my suggestion

China should have its own national annual conmemmoration of the Nanjing Massacre;

victims of Sino-Japanese should be compensated ( this takes a lot of courage other than finance )



Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 22:15:09 -0700

Keep up the good work. It makes history a little less likely to repeat itself.
(foreigner in Japan, withhold name)

Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 14:16:13 -0400

Does an Apology constitute any forgiveness? How should an apology change any of the history, or current work ongoing in this project?

To forgive, one needs objects, the wrong doings and the wrong doers. However, we have none. Aren't they denying all their crimes and in fact claiming themselves victims instead?

An apology can't change history but can change the future. This project will keep going until enough people realize this.--the Hall Maintainer

Date: 09 Jul 96 05:28:20 EDT

I am a British teacher living in rural Japan. I work for a private high school and the founder of the school happens to be a nationalist. He makes it a point of getting up in front of the whole school every November and giving a speech about how Japan was not an aggressor in the war. My blood curdles when I hear this, and I fume around afterwards, protesting to other teachers, but of-course I do not confront him. (My job depends on it!) I was deeply moved seeing your website, and reading a little of the testimony, but the attitude of the ordinary Japanese is so ignorant to these facts that it makes me wonder what future we have if people who commit these crimes can get away with them. Young Japanese view their country more as the 'victim' in the war, mainly because it was the first and only country to have nuclear weapons explode on its soil. This is the line taken in schools. The Japanese word 'mukusatsu,' meaning to kill by silence, is the treatment given to any discussion of the war,or Japan's guilt. We must stand up and challenge anyone who seeks to pervert history.

Name provided but withheld by the Hall Maintainer.

Date: Sat, 6 Jul 1996 01:05:08 -0700

I know you'll strongly disagree with this but, I think this whole Nanjing thing should be more labeled "bash-Japan" page.
I'm a Chinese-American, with a strong nationalistic sense for China. But all I see going on here is ethnic hatred being fueled.
Fucking great! Let's become East Asia's new Croatia-Bosnia/Herzegovina-Serbia.
I'm equally appalled at what Japan did during her invasion of China. I'm extremely well studied on Japanese atrocities in China so no one can ever call me an Japanese apologist nor could anyone ever dare deny the atrocities without me slicing them up as deniers or liars.
Nonetheless, some of these pages do a great disservice to the memory of those who suffered at the hands of Japanese brutality.
I'm particuarly appalled by statements calling for "vengence for 30 million dead".
The Imperial Japanese and Nazi butchers could not ask for more (that's what it is!). Remember what is going on in the former Yugoslavia!
We know this, Jews and Israel have finally been able to reconcile and accept existence with Germany and Germans. But! This is because apologies AND reparations were made by Germany to Jewish (and others!) of Nazi barbarism. Once apologies are made available, forgiveness is possible. Germans as a people and a culture have been freed of the intangible that is the worst: STAIN OF GUILT AND DAMNATION OF HISTORY.
The Japanese nation, people and culture will be forever tarnished by the evils and horrors perpetrated by them on other Asian peoples. Till Japan can face up to that, Japan, its people, its culture, its society, its politics, its etc. has that stain of guilt.
But, fueling chauvinism and ethnic divide is not part of that effort. Those efforts were what Imperial (and RACIST!) Japan and Nazi Germany were about.

Please note that the opinions expressed in the messages on this page are our visitors, not ours. As far as we know, there is no such statement as "vengence for 30 million dead" nor anything which can be labelled as "racist" in the pages belonging to this Hall unless you have a different understanding of the term.

It seems that you have missed our message to the Japanese people. However, we do appreciate that you have pointed out once again the necessity of a formal apology from the Japanese government which they have refused to make. That is exactly the reason of all the "bashing". "I know you'll strongly disagree with this", but we can assure you one thing: we will continue to "bash", disregardiing any "nationalistic sense", including yours, until a formal apology is made by the Japanese government. Thank you very much. -- The Hall Maintainer

Fri, 28 Jun 1996 07:17:10 -0400

I am a Chinese student from Hong Kong. I've read a lot of book in this issue. I felt so sick when I saw the pictures. And I cried and cried whenever I watch the movie "Nanjing 1937". As a chinese, I feel so sorry for my country's suffering.

I think all Chinese people should remember this. The reason for remembering this is not to encourage hatred and hostility among Japanese and Chinese people, but to avoid making the same mistakes again in the future. We are lucky to live in a "peaceful" era and it is especially important for the young Chinese generation to learn from history.

I think the young generation has nothing to do with the killing and it's not fair to hate them just because they are Japanese! However, it is very important for them to learn about the truth. Your web site is a very educational opportunity for them to learn.

The purpose of this site is not to encourage racism but to educate and learn. What we want is not "an eye for an eye" or revange but peace in the future!

Lau Chui Lan, 1996 summer

Tue, 25 Jun 1996 17:00:33 -0500

Just happened onto the site and am suitably appalled at what I read and see. Keep up the pressure. Governments must be made to take responsibility for past crimes, otherwise the crimes will only be repeated.
Eric MacDonald

Thu, 30 May 1996 05:27:21 -0700

You are to be commended for creating a valuable historical record, whether the Chinese people receive a Japanese apology, or not. My only criticism would be that more photographic evidence of the massacre should be placed into these pages. Such photos are the best evidence of what actually happened and constitute undeniable evidence of the events which took place.

For those who would deny the reality of these events, one has the urge to grab them by the scruff of the neck and push their faces into the photographic evidence. However satisfying this may be to those who accept the truths of the massacre, it is unlikely to make much of an impression upon those who will continue to deny the truth and maintain a closed mind on the subject. Such people will go to their own graves denying the truth and there is no hope of ever obtaining their acceptance of the facts, much less any apologies.

Even if Japan formally apologises for the atocities committed in Nanjung, it will do little to ease the minds of those who survived the event, or their descendents. There is nothing which will compensate them for their pain and grief or erase the horrible images in their memories.

However, none of the forgoing invalidates the existance of these records or their value to those too young to remember what happened. Such records MUST be published and be made accessible to posterity. If nothing else, they may help prevent future governments from initiating such aggression and atrocities in the future. The real atrocity is war, itself. Until governments and individuals in power recognise that war is a poor way to settle differences and that eventually they will have to pay for their aggression, the average citizen is the one who will suffer the consequences.

Being an American, I am naturally predudiced toward a truly democratic society, where power is given to the government by the people. And, by that, I don't mean a government with merely the word "Democratic" on their lips, while still maintaining autocratic control over their peoples. Most peoples, left to their own devices, will seek peaceful solutions to their problems, provided they are given an open education devoid of propaganda and given free access to information such as you have provided herein.

Robert R. Allison

Thank you for your suggestion. There are lots of photos taken by the Japanese. We will probably add a few more.

Fri, 17 May 1996 07:35:10 +1000

After 7 visits to various parts of China and learning about Chinese language and history, I applaud your efforts in alerting peoople to the little known fact that post ww2 Japanese Govt have concistently concealed from their population the facts of their armies atrocities in Nanjing, to Australian p-o-w and other inhabitants of their Pacific conquests.
Within the past 2 months, Aust. ethnic TV station SBS did show a documentary about the Nanjing massacre which confirmed the facts on your site.(did you see this, if not, perhaps you could obtain a copy from SBS). The galling fact was that of the 28 war criminals on trial in Japan in 1946, only 7 were executed, and in 1978, the Jap. govt.sanctified the shrine containing their remains. The others went back into circulation, on the USA assumption in 1948 that they were needed as allies against the ermerging Communist control of China.
Best wishes to you.
Ron Moran

Mon, 13 May 1996 23:57:39 -0700

Subject: Please leave off my name but post it. Thank you.

Many westerners know little about the enormous suffering of the Chinese people over the last 75 years. The millions murdered by the Kuomintang, then the Japanese, and finally the present butchers of Beijing add up to such enormous numbers, that it is difficult for us to comprehend. For the Jews, for instance, the 6 million mudered by the Nazis, a small number on a Chinese scale, represented almost a complete elimination of their nation. It is the duty of every human being to try to relieve suffering. This sometimes must take the form of reminding each other of past unpleasant things. Let us not forget those, like the Tibetans, who have suffered so much, and lost a third of their population, at the hands of the Chinese Communists, or the third of the population of Cambodia massacred by the Khmer Rouge, any more than we forget the young idealistic Communists who were slaughtered by the Nationalists. When is this going to stop?

With the exception of Nazi Germany, Europeans have not experienced such atrocities on civilian populations on such a large scale. I can't help wondering sometimes, if there is something about Asia that makes it easier to treat human life with such indifference. Is it just a matter of population density? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thank you for putting the work into telling the story of Nanking.

Mon, 13 May 96 15:52 EDT



Mon, 6 May 1996 07:44:51 -0700

Subject: Is the white man your Saviour?

Hey Hong Kong... Hey Down Under
I'm in America and I'm terrified of the whites. Please read my note but do not post it on your website.

Translate your site into Japanese and Chinese but CLOSE DOWN THE ENGLISH-LANGUAGE VERSION

Whites don't really distinguish between Asian nationalities and if they hate ANY of us they hate us all. Vincent Chin was in Detroit and some white man called him a Jap and killed him. Recently, a Vietnamese got killed in Tustin, California by a white who called him a Jap. I've been called gook, chink, jap, slope, slant, and plenty of names I don't even recognise as insults.

Whites believe all Asians are cruel and have no regard for human life. While you circulate info about WWII, the whites talk about torture of P.O.W.s in Korea, Vietnam, etc. Tiger cages, Chinese Water Torture, bamboo shoots up the fingernails. Some whites see Asia-- especially China, as the symbol of abortion. Anti-abortion groups in the U.S. circulate pamphets stating that Chinese eat fetuses! I'm not making this up, the whites are.

Were the S. Vietnamese good people? They reached out to the whites like you're doing, asking the whites to understand how evil their enemies were. America went in, bombed the shit out the country and 1 to 3 MILLION civilians died. Fanatical whites shouted NUKE THE GOOKS (like they had also shouted during the Korean War) but cooler heads prevailed. Instead they dropped conventional bombs, more than were dropped in WWII by all sides combined.

Asking the whites to bash Japan does no good. War is terrible. Chiang busted some dams during WWII to slow the Japanese advance, it's estimated more than 100,000 people in the river valley drowned. This isn't publicised and it's a good thing it's not, because whites would just start patting themselves on the backs about what good, life-affirming people they are-- and how cruel and inhumane Asians are.

China's shit is not clean:
treatment of P.O.W.s in the Korean War
the Cultural Revolution
the sponsorship of the Khmer Rouge

Is it important that the WHITES have a better understanding of these events? They'll just think the worst of ALL Asians if they think about such things. You are a collaborator with the whites if you give them a pretext for hating Asians. If you've got a gripe about East Timor, take your message to the Indonesians! Take your message to Japan---put it in Japanese.

Take another look at how whites have reacted:

>10 Dec 95

>"I would like to compliment you on your web site. As the transcripts of the >International Military Tribunal - Far East show, the crimes of the German >Reich pale in comparison to those of the Imperial Japanese Forces." Harold Turnquist

---LOOK! Hitler compares favorably? They don't believe it's possible for a white to be as evil as an Asian

>8 Aug 95

>"I had heard of things like this only in passing. Now I see in print what has >been done. It is astounding. Why does China do business with Japan >today?????? The Japanese are such a brutal lot."

---LOOK! A white trade protectionist, perhaps it's Pat Buchanan

>25 Aug 95

>"It also makes me more proud to be an American. The United States is not >perfect, I am glad we(as Americans) do not have that kind of past. [!?] Those >animals need to fess up to what they did. I hope they all go to Hell."

---LOOK! A white moron. Whites lose memory of slavery, lynchings, and the criminal war of annihilation cowboys pursued against each and EVERY tribe of "redskinned" Indians. Hating Japan leaves them feeling squeaky clean.

(Thanks for hearing me out) PS I'm not Chinese. China has suffered terribly and I'm sorry, but getting whites to hate Asians is a bad idea.

Name withheld by the Hall Maintainer. Please note that whatever message sent to us can be posted.

The suggestion to close down the English version reminds us of a story:

They knew what they were doing and they didn't want other people to know. Our reply to the suggestion is: NO WAY!

Finally, please don't squeeze our opinions into your whites vs Asians framework. We are not racists nor we belong to some strange history revisionists alliance. Sorry. --the Hall Maintainer

Wed, 24 Apr 1996 20:16:50 -0400

Dear Sir:
I think this www page is really educational and I think this is a good idea to spread out what the Japanese had done to the Chinese during WW II. Keep going!!!

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 96 06:23:24 0600

War is not a w¿underful thing! I am a combat vet from Nam, and feel I have the right to say that. Sometimes it's very nesessary. Japan started the war, not China, not The US, not England. They did not want to free anyone, they only wished to enslave. The combined forces of the Alied Nations stoped Japan, but for how long? Till the Japanese face the truth about WWII, and what they realy did to the people of every country they invaded, they may try it again. And again countles millions will die. Today we still hunt German war criminals, but Japan is 'off limits'. Why, because of Fat Man and Little Boy? They were droped to SAVE the lives of millions of people from the Japanese, not to give Japan a 'victom' status. Japan's War Criminals must pay for their crimes, just like Germany. The Japanese must be told the truth, just like Germany. Freedom and truth are not free, sometines you have to fight for them. Sometimes even die for them. Please keep telling the truth, millions of us are willing to fight for your right to tell it.

Gary Anderson

Fri, 15 Mar 1996 07:05:43 -0500

These pages which I have just viewed perform a very important service reminding us of the iniquities of the last war. I is vital that these events are not forgotton, otherwise we are condemed to live them again.

Yours sincerely,


Thu, 14 Mar 1996 11:07:53 +0000

I have written an extensive historiography and close textual analysis of the Magee film. You can find it in a book called

"Japan/America Film Wars" editors: Abe Mark Nornes and Fukushima Yukio

Published by Gordon and Breach/Harwood

In indexes, it is sometimes lists as "Dialogue of Violence."

You might find it useful. It was originally a catalog from the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, which showed the film in its entirety in 1991.


Abe' Mark Nornes

Mon, 11 Mar 1996 13:10:27 -0800

Hello.My name is Zhang Xiaofeng.I live in Hong Kong. I Felt very upset about Nanjing Massacre.And Iam very angry about Japanese.Because a lot of Chinese was killed by them.At now,they never tell the turth to their next generation.And they never say soory to China goverment.

Sat, 9 Mar 1996 00:33:31 -1000


you have a very important site there and i am planning to put a link to it on my page, so that more people might read and learn from it.

about the articles by Zhang Donglin... i feel a historian, or one who is keeping a historical record, should be unbiased. these articles detract from the message of your page. if you leave them up, thickheaded people will use them as evidence that your site is not a worthwhile resource due to bias.

on your NMJOKE.html page, i found the "okinawa rape case" section especially tasteless. okinawans are almost as culturally and ethnically diverse from the japanese as koreans are despite their status as a japanese prefecture.

would you not be offended if i made a joke about or "parodied" an event wherein a chinese girl had been raped and said that it was the same thing because chinese and japanese are all 'asians?' that is how most of the non-asian world views it.

your page shows the horrific atrocity of rape, violence and war. by leaving up articles like those i've cited above, you trivialize it and lessen the impact of your message.

thank you for your time,


Thank you for your comment. We are surprised that the "nonsense" can be interpreted in that way as if we are poking fun at the victim and the Okinawans, or worse, poking fun in a venegeful manner. The message has certainly been "trivialized" if it is not read as ridiculing those revisionists, or bastards, to use a more biased word, who keep justifying and/or committed those atrocities.

While we still have problems understanding the "joke" which is supposed to offend us (parodied who? parodied what?), there is one thing we would like to make clear: we are not sneering the victim, because we are the victims; we are not seeking revenge, because reconciliation is our only revenge. Otherwise, we will be turned into bastards like them.

Fri, 8 Mar 1996 14:14:08 -0500

HA HA HA I laugh at you and your blind patriotism amd utter ignorance . Why should you be proud of a goverment that could care less about you . I know you will immediatlly hate me for saying this and speaking my views against our corrupt goverment , but oh well . PLease respond to me in a hatefull fashion that I would expected from an ignorant patriotic general in the Army

I don't give a shit for this country or this goverment thank you and have a nice day

Name and e-mail address withheld by the Hall Maintainer.

Tue, 5 Mar 1996 20:53:03 -0500


I have a national radio show on Sunday nights in many cities.

99 out of 100 Americans no NOTHING about this massacre. I wish to do my share and expose the information to a national audience.

Please contact me with a speaker or two that can come on my show and discuss this for 2 hours. I am at (602)945-7492

Thank You

Eliot Stein

Mon, 12 Feb 1996 23:34:34 -0500

I have visited your site. Good work. The crimes that ethnocentric cultures commit need to be exposed to the world. They serve as a reminder to not let down our guard. Thanks
James Ousey

Sun, 11 Feb 1996 15:12:54 -0800

Excellet web site. I just want to say thank you for your hard work to keep this site in such well documented information. Keep up the good work !!!
Thank you very much again !

Fri, 09 Feb 1996 21:44:37 -0800

Thanks to CND for maintaining this site of Nanjing Massacre. It is right what people of the world need under numerous efforts of the Japanese to cover-up this most brutal massacre ever existed in the world.

I also noticed the message shown below:

Show me
I had been absent from my room for the past nine days. During my absence I know nucler test have done. How do you think about nucler testing? I think nucler weapon is different from normal weapon in able terminate planet.

It looks that this was written by a Japanese. Nuclear weapon? OK, Let's talk about nuclear weapon.

After the WWII, Japanese keep on saying that they are the victim of the world. Yes, they have Hiroshima. BUT DIDN'T THEY DESERVE THAT? What is really dangerous to human is not weapon, is the brutality that Japanese domenstrated fifty years ago. We must remember it was the Japanese who imposed the war on the people of US, China and many other countries. Mr. Trueman's decision was so good that, the atomic bomb forced the Japanese to surrender or pretend to do so and saved uncountable people in China and other east Asian countries. It also saved the Japanese from being really punished.

Nowadays, the Japanese are complaining about other countries' nuclear tests, but they themselves are importing nuclear materials from abroad and are revising their "NO-WAR" constitution to send troops abroad. I just want to ask, what is the next thing they want to do?
Jian Huang

Wed, 31 Jan 1996 20:19:57 +0600

I very much appreciate the material and information made available here. It is important to present the truth, whatever it may be, to the widest audience possible. Having spent time in both Japan and the USA, I have met many good people in both countries who wish that the violence and killing of WWII had never happened. But it did and we must deal with and learn from it. "Japan bashing" or "United States bashing" get us nowhere, if not back to hate and anger which causes conflict in the first place. Therefore, I applaud your efforts to present the facts and your related appeal for everyone to deal with and learn from them.
Brad Billings

Wed, 24 Jan 1996 14:04:28 -0500

To Keepers of the Site,

I feel your web page is the most evocative site on the internet and you have done the public who chooses to know a great service. I would have know next to nothing about the atrocities Japan has inflicted on China if it weren't for your site-though very enraged and distrought Im glad I know the truth.

I would like to know more in general regarding the measures if any that have been taken to track down and bring to justice those Japanese who are directly responsible for Nanjing massacre and the countless other crimes against China. Has there ever been agencies or individuals like those Nazi hunters who have worked for this cause since WWII?

Alas it is a myth to think that the 20th century has been one of advancement and growth of the human race. We are decieved by the technological achievements believing mankind has evloved and become more civilized and sympathetic than it had been in prior centuries. In fact this century marks still another step backward into the savage and brutal world which our ancestors struggled in; we only need to look at Nanjing, China, Bosinia and Rhwanda to see what we have to offer the next century and our future generations.

Your Response Appreciated,

C M Chapman

Fri, 19 Jan 1996 21:29:25 -0600

Japanese militarists pretty much assured the guilt-free nuking of their island. THe behavior of the right wing revisionists pretty much assures widespread exposure of the evil they're trying to hide. Wise up guys, learn from the Germans, you're not fooling anyone.


16 Jan 1996

I think it is vitaly important to remember the atrocities commited during any war. We must remember the victims, remember the horror and that will help us remember that war brings out the animal in man. This is the only way we can ever finally end war on this planet. All the people must be able to see what it is and what it does so the politicians and the film-makers cannot make us believe it is something it's not.

Countries go to war only if the people, the majority of the people support it. Your page, and others like it, help remind us all why we do not want war.

Keep it up.
Ken Douglas

12 Jan 1996

I read with interest the article on the Nanjing Massacre and the accompanying messages from obviously young, angry and sympathetic readers who responded to the event. Hopefully, history will not just provoke lingering emotions such as the above from the generation of people who have never witnessed the massacre except through the written word, but together unting as one people to condemn the atrocities of such crimes ever to happen again! Readers, race is not the issue. We should never hate our fellow human being but rather their ACTIONS. The article should trigger hatred towards EVIL instead of one race. Afterall, how much more righteous are we if we allow racism to perpetuate from here? Certainly we are not going to start another holocaust!
(Should my message be selected, I would like to remain anonymous)

Whoever suggests, or tries to suggest, or wants to suggest that this message board is for "sympathetic" viewers ONLY, please read the above message.--Hall Maintainer

12 Jan 1996

Let God judge today that this henios crime must not go unpunished, any way if the heartless beast that commit these crimes escaped the human jurisdiction, they still cannot run away from God. Amen.

9 Jan 1996

I would like to comment on the article posted by xxxx.
As a former student at Univ. of xxxx, and a foreigner, I must say that xxxx's portrayal of current Japanese intellectuals "fighting fascism" and the specter of Japan only "recently" attempting to whitewash history is largely rubbish, since xxxx presents no proof that such nationalistic attitudes did not exist prior to the present, especially after the war. xxxx did express to me directly at a party at the university his true feelings, however. After reading one of my articles about the origins of the Japanese bureaucracy and the "1940s" military planned economic system (which myself, and several other JAPANESE scholars have argued), THE FIRST THING that xxxx said to me was the following: "I am so sorry you have had such a terrible time in Japan". I thought to myself, what a typical conservative Japanese response. He then emotionally said the article was "propaganda" and went on about how he lacked "objectivity". I laughed, amazed at how a "professor" in a country that frequently alters reality, especially its history, so as not to "disturb" the "proper" Japanese understanding of things. Though after I confronted him by asking him what was false about the content of my article--- and his response mostly being "but everyone already knows that"--- I reminded him that people outside of Japan will continue to talk about the reality of Japan even though Japan will continue to try and distort the truth. I am positively sure that my relating Japan's current economic success with a military-styled, wartime era plan upset him---AS A JAPANESE. In another article that was published in his university's journal, he went so far as to say that "Japanese intellectuals had to protect" the meaning of the Japanese constitution--- from the Americans! The Americans were the ones who made it! Does anyone...ANYONE....think that the brave Japanese intellectuals (that xxxx indirectly includes himself as) would have created such a democratic institution if the Japanese would have conquered China and won the war against the U.S.? For him to imply the idea that Japanese intellectuals were peace loving, democratic thinking individuals is so much bullshit that it must be properly addressed. Japanese "intellectuals", as they did during Japan's fascist years, kowtow to the top of the tate (heirarchy) on a situational basis, as their "ideals" are dictated by authority, not creative minds. If Iran would have won the war against Japan, xxxx would be writing articles about how brave Japanese intellectuals have struggled to save Islam. If Japan would have won, the same intellectuals would be producing Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere propaganda- as they did during the 1930s and 40s'. Contrary to what xxxx says, Japanese elites, especially the so-called intellectuals (i.e. the Japanese in charge of gathering ideas and theories from foreigners who are true scholars) have always felt that they were right in fighting the war and "liberating" Asians (even though every non-Japanese saw something different). The character of Japan's fatal weakness, after 60 years, has not changed much. Success will breed the type of confidence that will lead Japan down a similar path tread in the 1920s. The first to fuel this trend will be, of course, those brave intellectuals---at xxxx.

NOTE: Some names omitted by the Maintainer.

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