Unit 731: History and New Evidence

  • Japan's Germ Warfare Timeline

  • Unit 731 by Natsuko English & Japanese
  • Human bones proved to be remains of Unit 731 experiments on Chinese (GB Chinese)
  • Report on the Human Boness in Japanese Military Hospital (Japanese)
    Note: The remains were discovered in 1989 but later destroyed by the Japanese government.
  • Japanese ex-medic testify: Chinese were kept in cage for germ experiments

  • The Mukden Files: POWs claim germ warfares cover up by US, Mercury News (13 Aug 1995)
    by Ken McLaughln
  • The Death Factories: What did Australia Know?
    Liam Welch, The Weekend Independent (November 1996)

  • Japan's Germ Warfare Camp: Visiting Unit 731 Site (15 Jun 95)
    by Gil Butler, VOA correspondent
  • In Chinese Village, Germ Warfare Is Remembered Nightmare
    By Patrick E. Tyler, New York Times (4 Feb 97) Excerpts

  • Unlocking a Deadly Secret, New York Times (17 Mar 1995) Excerpts
    by Nicolas D. Kristof

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  • US Germ Warfare: The Hall of Shame

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