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[take], 找到 97 個
v.to take small steps
v.lie between; border on; take seriously, take to heart
v.replace; take the place of
v.trust to, rely on, confide in; appoint, employ; bear, be responsible for, assume office, take up a job; allow, tolerate, let
v.to take position
v.unsurp; take by force; occupy; seize; take; constitute; hold; make up; account for
v.capture, take prisoner
倀v.not know what course to take
v.put first; take preference over
v.confuse; wrap in; wrap up, bind up, move around; canvass,canvas; take sth.with ladle,dipper, etc.
v.move; start; shake; excite; rouse; take action; stir; act; get moving; change, alter
v.counsel; consult together, refer; join, enter, take part in; intervene; consider; collate; compare; impeach; report; mix, blend; visit a superior; reach to, penetrate
v.take; fetch; get; receive, obtain; select; adopt; assume; choose
v.to like, to take pleasure in, to regard with favour (arch.)
v.control; manage; preside; take charge of; attend to
v.eat; drink; suffer, incur; absorb; use up, annihilate, wipe out, exhaust; take; live on
v.take counsel, consult; sigh
v.sit, take a seat; try a case at law; travel by; be situated; assign; recoil; kick back
v.grasp; hold; seize; retain; manage; direct, control, take charge of; attend to; carry out; observe; catch; capture
v.paint a roof; paint, adorn; take; rest
v.snatch; grasp; take away; rob; surpass; determine, decide; take by force; seize; wrest; force one's way
v.take a wife, marry
v.to take as favorite
v.injure, do harm, impair; cause trouble to; destroy; suffer, contract; take a disease
v.entertain at a banquet; eat, take
v.take; hold; lead, command
v.bear, carry, take, bring with, have; involve; lead, head; look after, bring up, raise
v.take shape; appear, look; compare; contrast
v.to worry; to pity, to sympathize; to help out; to take into account; to nurse
v.to take pity on; to show tender care of; to foster; to sympathize with; to grieve
v.love; be fond of; like; be keen on; covet; cherish, treasure; hold dear; take good care of; be apt to; be in the habit of
v.commiserate, take pity on
v.take; hold; guard; grasp; control
v.take off; diminish, reduce, deduct; snap; break off; bend, twist; humble; bow down; decide a cause; give an equivalent for; set off against; fold; see, barter; calculate a proportion
v.to pawn; to arrest; to take into custody; to send under escort; to bet; to press down, to stamp
v.pull up, pull open; draw out; take out; divide up; levy; whip
v.tear open, take apart; pull down, dismantle
v.pick up; take with fingers
v.bring; take; apprehend; grasp; hold; seize, capture
v.lift; take along; promote
v.to pick up; to take; to impeach
v.select; touch; take along sth. to or for; glance(at); back a cart, drive backwards; fade
v.twist with the fingers; to take a pinch
v.receive; continue, succeed to; catch, take hold of; join, connect; welcome; meet; accept; graft; take over
v.lift up; lift off; uncover; raise; pull open; make known; publish; borrow; tear off; take off
v.lead; take hold of; pull up; rescue; assist; aid; help
v.pick, take off; remove; take passages
v.to take up; to collect; to improve; to pick up; to pluck; to select; to choose; to censure
v.take; pull out hair; select
v.take up with three fingers; carry; cluster round; extract, summerize; gather
v.carry with a pole over the shoulder; take responsibility; undertake; sustain
v.occupy, seize, take possession of; receive; base, rely on, lean on, depend on
v.seize, take by force; repel
v.attract; hold; take a photograph of; converge; arrange; absorb, assimilate; act for
v.assemble, gather together; settle; take, hold
v.spread out, unfold; take a share in, contribute
v.hold; monopolize, dominate, take on everything; take sb.into ones arms, embrace; pick up
v.turn; carry; take
v.subdue (arch.); wear; serve; submit; be willing; swallow, take; be convinced; obey; be accustomed to
v.laugh; take pleasure; be glad to; enjoy
v.to prevent; tp guard against; take care; gushing from a spring
n.take a holiday; thin rice gruel; Mu river
v.to take a bath
v.illumine, illuminate, shine, light up; reflect; look after, take care of
v.to be accustomed to something; to be bound or constrained by something; to take charge of; to be greedy; to incline to evil; to be familiar with
v.take in hunting; seize; capture, catch; obtain; win; reap
v.to scrutinize; to gaze into distance; to take aim
v.see, look at, observe, watch; read; examine; look in the direction of; consider, think; look after, take care of, guard; look upon; regard; treat; call on, visit
v.narrow; take a nap; unable to open one's eye while getting something in it; be blinded
v.nod; take a nap
v.narrow one's eyes; take a short nap; get into one's eye
v.self-conceited, self-important, singing ones own praise; take pity on, sympathize with; lay emphasis on, uphold, advocate
v.weave, knit; take, wear
v.arrange the threads for weaving; arrange; gather up; take count of; sum up; inquire into
v.to tie up with rope or chain; to fetter a prisoner; to take into custody; to restrain; to connect
v.indulge in; be keen on; delay, hang fire; take on
v.undertake, take on, bear, sustain
v.undress, take off, strip; cast off; abandon; renounce; escape from; get out of; omit; slip off
v.give, offer, grant, allow; get along with, be on good terms with; take part in, participate in; concede to; share in; be present at; be concerned about
v.to supervise; to direct; to command; to take charge of; rectify
v.treat meat,fish,etc. with smoke; exert; burn; burn joss sticks and take a bath
v.take prisoner, capture; rob
v.to take off the clothes and expose the body; to carry in the girdle
v.be naked to the waist, divest or unbutton one's upper garment; take off the outer clothing
v.fade; take off; vanish
v.to strip off; to take away from; to abolish; to get rid of; to pull; to abandon; to deprive of; to undress
v.want; wish; need; require; make an agreement; seek for; ask for; meet; force; demand; will be, be going to; need, take
v.guard; protect; assist; take the part of; escort; shelter; shield
v.to overstep; to go beyond; to stride over; to step across; to skip over; to trample upon; to promote by pass the immediate leadership; to hold; to take
v.stop halfway, give up halfway; abandon; cancel, rescind; take
v.revolve; take turns
v.alternate, take turns, do sth.in turn; stop
v.advance; move forward; move ahead; enter; make progress; urge forward; come into; go into; get into; eat; drink; take; submit; present; offer
v.keep fit, take care of oneself; nourish; rear
v.care for, look after; regard; turn the head round to look; attend to; take into consideration; visit; call on
n.dry provisions or goods; rations (to take on expedition)
n.take in both hands and offer to; to present in both hands