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s, 找到 194 個
n.meaning uncertain; piece(s) of jade
n. child's hairstyle bound in two tufts
n.father's elder brother, uncle; earl; count
n.salary; year's qualifications; surname
n.Budhist's chant or hymn
n.a word used in one's name
n.hat, crown, cap; first prize; ceremony marking a man's coming of age at twenty (arch.)
v.precede ;to put on a man's hat ceremonially signifying one's coming of age
v.cut one's throat; cut off
n.a carpenter's plane
v.be engaged in; devote one's efforts to
v.join forces, unite; trying one's utmost
n.dung's basket; surname
n.father's younger brother, uncle
v.suddenly greet loudly to catch one's attention
int.descriptive of sb.'s cries; wow
v.to bend (one's waist)
onomatopoeiacock's crow
n.movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of water
v.close one's mouth; close; shiver; be used up
n.top of the head or of the skull, fontanel; gap between the bones of an infant's skull
n.potter's wheel
n.lump; bar in sea; word used for place's name
n.the bull's-eye; the centre of the target for archery
n.hall; reception room; meeting-place; court of justice; polite way of referring to a friend's mother
n.summer, a season; Xia Dynasty; Chinese ethnic group(s) (arch.)
n.morning; one's early years; surname
v.snatch; grasp; take away; rob; surpass; determine, decide; take by force; seize; wrest; force one's way
n.milk; woman's breasts
n.the wife of mother's brother; the wife of wife's brother
n.a surname; a word used in woman's name
n.woman's personal adornments; decorations; style
n.a word used in woman's name; a concubine of Chou (紂) or Hsin (帝辛) who was the last ruler of the Shang dynasty
n.wife's sister; mothers sister, aunt; fathers concubine
n.couple; brother's wife; sister in law
n.elder brother's wife
n.legal wife; the wife's eldest son
n.aunt; wife of father's younger brother; younger brother's wife; sister-in-law
n.eaves (of a great mansion); Polaris (Earth's present northern polestar); imperial palace
v.to murmur in one's dream; dream talk
n.one inch below the wrist where a Chinese physician takes the patient's pulse (arch. , med.); inch
n.polite way of referring to a friend's father
v.to come somebody's way to receive
n.mountain without vegetation (some give the opposite meaning);residence of one's mother
n.high mountain; wife's parents; a surname
n.a well-wooded hill;residence of one's father
n.one of China's five mountain peaks
n.carpenter's square (arch.)
n.fragrant bag; curtain; skirt's front
n.woman's headgear; woman's mourning-hat; a cap worn by women
n.used in person's names
v.put on a man's hat ceremonially signifying one's coming of age; put at the head; put before
v.murder one's superior
conj.at one's convenience
v.love and respect one's elder brother
v.encourage, exhort, urge; do one' best, do all in one's power
n.sword; potter's clay; wooden pole
v.underestimate; curl one's lips
v.to clap one's hands; beat; stamp, tread; to dance; to cheer
v.copy, transcribe; search and confiscate; fold (one's arms); plagiarize
v.divide, split; open; drape over one's shoulder; unveil
n.notice; signboard; target; bull's-eye
n.a torturing device used for sqeezing the victim's fingers
v.bind, tie; put together, join together; be ready to risk one's life, go all out in work
v.draw, pull; lament sb.'s death; reverse; roll up; restore
v.carry or hold in both hands; cup one's hands; praise, support
v.manage; control; superintend; hold in one's hand; be in charge of
v.pinch, nip; choke to death, throttle; inlay; count on one's fingers
v.support sb. by the arm; assist; tuck in; hide; thrust in one's belt
v.hide or carry in ones clothes; put in pocket of; be pregnant; impose (one's views,etc.) on others; measure; estimate
v.to carry things on one's back
v.to knead; to rub; to hide or carry in one's clothes; to thump
v.perform one's duty negligently; keep out, ward off; spread over; evade, do sth. perfunctiorily
v.cast, throw; cast off; put on; fall;tumble, lose one's balance
v.draw sb. over one's side; gather up, rake together; embrace
v.squeeze; press; crowd; conceal; hold in one's arms; embrace; hug; gather around; have, possess
adv.do sth. on one's own authority without permission
v.to put on (clothes); literally to put one's arms through sleeves of clothes
v.to beat (one's breast); to pound; to break off
v.to blow one's nose with the fingers
n.the ancient flag or banner made of a yak's tail; the yak's tail; a yak; a yak-like hill; the name of a kind of star; an outstanding person; the hair; the feather; the wool; the down
v.hold (one's head) high; force up the prices
n.one full year after a child's birth; day; a year of a person's life
n.bouillon with little source; boy's genital
n.the watchman's rattle
n.an old man's staff
n.the pointed end of an arrow; Mongolian snakegourd; a builder's frame for measuring
n.watchman's clapper; slit drum
v.comb one's hair; put in order
n.drinking vessel made of crooked wood; bamboo's hut
n.tenon; carpenter's joint; tab
n.door hinge; centre; centre; star' s name
v.escort in prisoner's van; imprison
n.rough serge from Tibet made of yak's hair
n.family, clan; a woman's maiden name; a female; family name, surname
v.wash one's hair, shampoo; moisten
v.wash one's foot (arch.); wash; bathe; rinse; purify; polish or grind gems
v.wash hand; bath; correct one's errors; refine
n.name of a river in today's Henan
n.a person's name
n.dog; a courteous way to mention one's son
onomatopoeiapig's grunt or squeak
n.a kind of otter; mythical beast similar to an ape with dog's head
n.a kind of ape; a minority in ancient China (in today's Sizhuan)
n.an ornament attached to a woman's hairpin
n.fine jade; jade's splendour
n.jade's fragment (arch.); chain; chain-like pattern; court ban (arch.); surname
n.jade's lustre
n.jade's streaks
n.one's courtesy name
n.one of bell's handle; road flanked by walls; Yong river; Ningbo city; a measure of capacity
v.issue; put forth; send forth; rise; manifest; send out; deliver; distribute; utter; express; discharge; shoot; emit; develop; expand; bring into existenceget into a certain stage; become; show one's feeling; feel
n.salt pit (near today's Yucheng 運城); granulated salt; leisure; pot
v.narrow; take a nap; unable to open one's eye while getting something in it; be blinded
v.to open one's eyes wide
v.narrow one's eyes; take a short nap; get into one's eye
n.look down from a height, bird's-eye view; peep at; look far into the distance
n.carpenter's square; ruler for drawing squares or rectangles; rules, regulations, pattern
n.sulphur (S); No.16 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
v.write with seal character; carve; engrave on one's mind
n.distiller's grains; dregs of rice
n.purse; small bag; sack; place in ancient China in today's Gansu province
n.monk's alms-bowl; earthen bowl
羿n.wing; name of an archery's master
adj.aged; in one's nineties; senile
adj.aged; in one's eighties
v.scratching one's skin forming an ulcer
v.to attend to a patient; to feel a patient's pulse
n.smoldering of one's emotion due to anger or wrath
v.carry by two or more people (four hands) (arch.); carry on one's shoulder
n.mother's brother; wife's brother; uncle
n.s small boat; a place in Taipei city, Taiwan
n.lamb's-quarters; unrotated land
n.tawnty daylily; hemerocallis flava; mother's room
n.tawnty daylily; hemerocallis flava; mother's room
v.grow aftergrass; have eaten one's fill; be full; rush
n.Coumarouna odorata; girl's purity; Faber cymbidium; Cymbidium faberi
n.Hippuris or mare's tail
n.shepherd's purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris); water chestnut
n.lamb's-quarters, weed, bramble
n.an amphibious beast resembling a tiger with horn(s?)
n.longhorn beetle's larva; crab; mayfly
n.snout moth's larva
n.lady's garment with big sleeves
n.casual clothes; daily clothes; chemise; women's undergarments
n.chemise, women's undergarments (arch.); heart; centre; inner feelings
n.book cover; one decade=10 years of one's lifetime; sheathe of sword
n.woman's scarf; cloth-wrapper
v.be naked to the waist, divest or unbutton one's upper garment; take off the outer clothing
adj.specially like and unduly trust one's subordinate; dirty
v.expose sb.'s past misdeeds
v.spy's report
v.visit; call on a senior; pay one's respect to; report
n.obituary; Heaven's mandate
n.shells or pearls strung together and worn on women's neck
n.fine payable for one's crime among the southern tribes (comparable to indulgence in the West)
v.see sb. for the first time with gift; hold in one's hand
n.distance; bird's spur
v.stamp one's foot
v.to clear the traffic for the emperor's route, to keep persons off the route of the emperor when on tour
v.sprain one's ankle; dodge
v.lift up; hold up; stand on tiptoe; lame; hold one's head high
v.raise one's feet; cross one's leg
n.hub cap; circular cap at the head of cart's hub; wheel; ancient place name
n.a high-fronted, curtained carriage (arch.); front of a palace under the eaves; house; balcony; lavatory; window or door; star's name; Xuanyuan
adj.unlucky; unable to reach one's aim
v.to dismember [a person] (arch.) be unworthy of, to let down; to fall short of other's expectation
n.Han village in today's Hebei province; personal name
n.an ancient feudal state, in today's Shanxi province
n.place name (near Linfen in today's Shanxi Province)
n.Yong feudal state in the Zhou Dynasty, in today's Henan
n.surname Deng; an ancient state in today's Hubei
n.feudal state in today's Henan province
v.sacrifice with wine in ceremonies marking a man's coming of age or in weddings; marry (usually used in re-marrying)
n.a plough's blade; a kind of arrow
n.a carpenter's plane
n.battle-axe; star's name
n.sickle; grain crops harvested; ancient place name located in today's Anhui province
n.a woman's bedroom, boudoir; small door
n.threshold; gate; a commanding general or minister, door leading to the women's apartments; women's quarters; women; wife; a surname
n.the side door of the palace; the residence of the imperial concubines; the bedroom of one's parents; women's quarters; the examination hall or room for imperial examinations in ancient times
n.rein(s); bridle; halter
n.archer's thumb ring
n.archer's arm guard;leather arm band
v.to raise one's head
v.to raise one's head
n.the name of one of Mu Wang's steeds
n.bone; dead man's bones
n.hanging hair at front of child's head
n.a big fish; the name of Emperor Yu's father
n.a legendary creature with a human face and a bird's beak
n.bull's-eye; target; crane; swan; Hu
n.a dark pigment; women's eyebrows; beauty
v.to grit one's teeth as a result of anger; grinding or clenching one's teeth while asleep