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[from], 找到 127 個
v.to cease; to desist from
n.short wall to hide from arrows in defence (parapet)
prep.at; in; from; than
prep.on; to; from; with
v.draw water from well
v.rest; stop, cease; desist; resign; separate from; divorce
v.rent land from a landlord
v.escape, to flee from flood (arch.); portend, foretell
v.avoid; avert; escape; evade; remit; spare; excuse; forego; remove from office, dismiss
v.pare; scrape; delete from tablets by scraping; sharpen to a point; seize territory
prep.to, towards; from
n.flute-like wood-wind musical instrument introduced from the Uyghurs
v.spit water from the mouth
adj.free from inhibition; spacious; mediocre
n.lean pork taken from under the spinal column (arch.); distant place
n.clans descended from a common ancestor; class; kind; school; sect; ancestor; principal aim, purpose; model, master
v.live away from home
v.to awake from the sleep; to realize; to meet
v.stop; approach from behind
v.imitate, learn from
n.freedom from misfortune (arch.); good fortune
v.move from one place to another; change; exile
prep.from; through; by; since; whence
v.think of; remember; recall; chant; intone; read aloud; repeat from memory; miss; study; attend school
v.guard against; be careful, caution; abstrain from;give up;stop
n.the bolt for fastening a door from outside; a bar; a door
v.hit from behind; get close to; suffer; wait; drag on, scrabble for a living; lean
v.fish for, dredge up, scoop up from the water; drag for; gain by improper means
v.support from under, buttress; sustain; move or push with a pole; maintain, keep up; open. unfurl
v.raise, hold up a curtain,skirt,etc.from the bottom; sprinkle; wind, disorder; incite, provoke, stir up; flirt with
v.roll up; dismiss from ones post; temper oneself; slap with palm
v.collapse, fall from power; die; fall forward
v.stop; cut off, sever, break, snap; interrupt; decide; give judgement; abstain from, give up
prep.in; on; at; by; from
n.a red flag; a felt; a silken banner hanging from a staff bent over at the top
v.travel; stay away from home; lodge
adj.free from worries and petty ideas; bright; vast, spacious; long-time; distant
n.the strips of meat cut from the flank and dried in the wind; Qu county
n.board; plank; block for printing from; slab; plate
var.derived from 査; variant of
n.ox yoke placed on the horns (to prevent the ox from hurting people); wooden board
n.new shoot growing from cut branch or stump
v.die, perish; fall from the sky or outer space
n.a thick congee cooked from finely ground rice
v.to prevent; tp guard against; take care; gushing from a spring
n.a thick and rough serge from Tibet
n.rough serge from Tibet made of yak's hair
氿v.to spurt from the side
v.dash against, charge, rush; clash with, collide; pour out; infuse; soar to; wander from; rinse; flush
adj.gushing from a spring
n.water from washing rice
n.name of a river in Shanxi province, originating in the Zhongtiao Mountains and merging from north to south into the Yellow River
n.the saline-alkali soil impregnated from the tide
n.a well that intermittently runs out of water supply; water from a well or spring
n.light from firefly
v.burn; heat; roast; bake; cook; suffer from fever
n.cinder; ashes; remnants; subjects left over from an overturned dynasty or defeated state
prep.in, from
n.tribe from northern China; surname
n.dog with a short snout; smoke or flames from fire
n.top gem of the pendants from a girdle
n.jade-like stone; jade from North-Western part of China
n.pieces of jade stringed with silk thread hanging from a coronet
prep.from; by; through; according to; because of, due to
v.recover from illness, be healed, be cured
n.sores from cold
v.to worry; being ill in prison; to die in prison from cold and hunger; to treat with cruelty
v.to recover from any disease
adj.catnap; sleepy from fatigue
v.conceal secret from, hide the truth from; deceive
n.look down from a height, bird's-eye view; peep at; look far into the distance
n.punishment by dismembering the head and extremities from the body; right falling stroke in Chinese calligraphy
v.to get bliss from divinities by complete sincerity
n.cakes made from rice-flour and honey
n. thin grue made from rice water
v.bend; hover, linger; feel wrong, suffer from injustice; wear
n.pure white and fine silk; an fan made from fine silks
n.the fabric made from waste silk; the silk; a thread; a clue
n.tassels or strings hanging from headwear or hat
v.reel silk from cocoons
v.to hem with invisible stitches; to reel silk from cocoons
v.twine; suffer from
v.to meet with; to suffer from; to offend; to violate; to happen to; to incur
v.turn the back on, turn away; disavow; memorize, recite from memory, learn by heart; carry on the back; act contrary to, violate
n.left-over from meal; dried meat with bone; lungs
adj.related to blood siblings (from the same womb)
v.undress, take off, strip; cast off; abandon; renounce; escape from; get out of; omit; slip off
n.sheepy odor; rank odor; smell of mutton; a technical term from Chinese medicine for the center of the chest
prep.from; since
v.to separate the grain from the husk
n.a surname; the thin layer inside the reed stalk; people dying from starvation
v.cover; conceal; receive from a superior; meet with; leave; cheat, deceive, dupe
n.epistaxis, bleeding from nose, ear, or gum; to be defeated
v.deduce; expand; derive from; spread out; develop
n.lengthwise from north to south; length; longitude
v.to strip off; to take away from; to abolish; to get rid of; to pull; to abandon; to deprive of; to undress
n.wine goblet made from horn
n.wine goblet made from horn
v.conceal, withhold; shun, refrain from speech
v.slit, break, crack; give up, sacrifice; remit, exempt; divert oneself from; dredge
v.upbraid; ask from; demand, require; punish; question closely; blame; lay a charge upon; to reprimand, to admonish
v.abase, detract, lower, reduce; demote, dimiss from office; belittle, degrade, underrate
v.go to; reach; distant from; resist; oppose; strike downwards with spears
v.govern; press from both sides
v.to extend obliquely; to deviate from straight path
adv.far from; way; extremely; totally; widely
v.keep away from
v.to evade; to get away with, to escape from; to excuse; to disclaim
v.escape; gallop; excel; retire from society and live in solitude
v.keep away from; send away; keep at a distance, to distantiate; to avoid
v.hide from view, cover; screen, shield, protect
adj.flushed (from drinking); rubicund
n.junket; sweet paste made from crushed nuts, sweet nut paste
n.brine from pickled and minced meat
n.thick paste made from fermented soya beans; paste, jam
v.to mount with gold, silver or shells from shell-fish; to cushion
v.fill up cracks with molten metal; imprison; debar from holding office
n.a large bell suspended from a frame; a hoe
v.to descend, to fall; to come down from heaven; to send down; to degrade, to demote; to drop, to lower; to submit to; to surrender; to capitulate; to subdue
v.fall from the sky or outer space; lose; die; destroy
adj.distant from, apart from; independent of
n.dripping of rain from eaves;rain-water catcher
n.dew; beverage distilled from flowers, fruits or leaves; syrup
v.saddle; ride; drive, pilot, sail; override; shelter from, keep off
trans.adapted from the Sanskrit word मार, Māra
v.fast; abtain from meat,wine