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[for], 找到 426 個
𠦒n.pan with stalk used for disposal of dung or manure; a surname
v.to carry, to use for something (arch.)
n.simplified form of 筴; pincers; a kind of grass used for divination in ancient times, (same as 策)
v.to feed, to eat and drink; to provide for; to prepare food, delicacies, dainties; to write, to compile
n.a flat top instrument used for holding things; surname
prep.to; for
v.beg; ask for; remit; give, bestow
adv.suddenly, abruptly; first, at the beginning; for the first time
onomatopoeiaforas in pingpong
classifiernumerary adjunct for vehicles; the count of four (arch.)
classifiernumerary adjunct for article, piece
v.trust to, rely on, confide in; appoint, employ; bear, be responsible for, assume office, take up a job; allow, tolerate, let
v.to stand on tiptoe; to look for; to anxiously expect; to look forward to; to plan
v.stand for a long time; look forward to, wait for
v.unsurp; take by force; occupy; seize; take; constitute; hold; make up; account for
v.wear; express admiration for; bring with
n.the commanding officer; establishment (for ancient army unit); a hundred
n.(Chinese name for) Russia
n.sth.to live for; Li nationality
v.wait for; wait until
classifiernumerary adjunct for piece
pron.pronoun for plural
v.to ask for
adj.be greedy for, request endlessly; lucky; flighty, superficial
v.to be greedy for; to attack; to assault; to intercept; to accuse; to charge; to do
n.one of nine empire divisions of ancient China; short for Hepei province
n.pouch for keeping arrows, a quiver (arch.); letter; armour; case, box, envelop
adj.tricky, sly; knavish; unkind; having partiality for a particular kind of food
n.a simple farming device used for ploughing (arch.); strength; force; power; a unit of strength for testing bows; ability; capability; influence
v.to beg for alms
n.Hsiung-Nu; abbreviation for the Central European State of Hungary;chest, bossom; breast
classifierclassifier for horses or mules; classifier for bolts of cloth
v.compare, be equal to; be a match for; on a par with
n.measurement unit for grains, one tenth of a dou or dipper; litre, pint
n.general term for plants; myriads
n.a container for holding wine
n.a minister or a high official; your; an emperors form of address for a minister; a term of endearment formerly used between husband and wife or among close friends
v.make things difficult for, injure, persecute
idiomin time for
n.Short for Jilin province
trans.second syllable for foreign words such as coffee or morphine
v.breathe heavily, pant; gasp for air
onomatopoeiasound for sobbing or crying
v.have a liking for; have an insatiable desire for
int.oh; interjection for pain or sadness
n.enclosure; original script forand for
n.lump; bar in sea; word used for place's name
n.earthen terrace; an earthen stand for putting goblets in ancient ceremonies; circles
n.small hollows for sowing seeds; a quantifier for plants
classifiernumerary adjunct for lump i.e. gold
var.variant borrowed forand
n.the bull's-eye; the centre of the target for archery
classifiernumerary adjunct for articles and for money, dollar, piece; lump; chunk
v.put sth. under sth. else to raise it or make it level; fill up; pay for sb.
n.a display of musical instruments (particularly drums); primitive graph for drum
v.shoulder; fish for; swell; to ram; to tamp
n.a mirrored dressing case for lady; a box; dowry; a bridal trousseau
n.known to be used as proper name for women only.
n.used as proper name for women
n.elder sister; term of respect for a young lady
n.word used for womans name
n.Aries; sow that seek for life mate; surname; The Bond, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
n.ancient name for a star, probably Venus; planet Venus in the morning
n.(used only as) proper name for women
n.ancient name for woman
n.proper name for women in antiquity
n.lady-in-waiting; ancient term for female court officials
v.(arch.) to store; to stand for long
classifierclassifier for families or businesses
n.house; family; home; relatives; household; residence; specialist in a certain field; noun suffix for a school of thought (eg. Confucian or Taoist) or for a specialist of some kind (eg. physicist or musician)
n.stockade; military outpost; brothel; walled village; pen for stock; camp
n.corpse, cadaver; wizard acting as surrogate for the dead during funeral rituals (arch.); a spirit tablet (arch.)
classifiernumerary adjunct for term, class, or regular meetings
n.proper name for a mountain in China
n.stream; river; Short for Sichuan Province
v.moult; lose hair; hope for; emulate; strive after
n.a skirt; long robe for women
n.cloth slip-case for a book; book, volume
n.cloth used by ancient males for binding up their hair
n.a cloth for binding the hair
n.curtain or sunscreen for carriages; pennant, streamer; storey
n.a piece of cloth for ancient men to tie their hair; cap
n.lodging for guests; guests' quarters; hall; stall
n.store house for rice, granary; barn; scholars who live on government grants
v.to travel afar (arch.); to delay, to postpone; to procrastinate; to lengthen, to prolong, to extend; to protract; to invite; to engage, to send for; to receive; to elongate
n.tool for rectifying crossbow; assister
v.treat; behave; wait for; stay
n.the stone used for crossing river
v.to wait for; to treat somebody coldly; to expect
v.prove; levy; collect; seek for; inquire after; ask for; solicit; complete; summon
n.virtue; moral excellence, morals, moral character; goodness; conduct, behaviour; energy, power; kindness; favour; ; (Chinese name for) Germany
v.think, consider, ponder, contemplate, deliberate; long for
v.swing; miss, long for, think of
n.idea; opinion; sentiment; thought; meaning; wish; will; purpose; desire; intention; suggestion; hint; trace; ; (Chinese name for) Italy
v.yearn for, be attracted toward; admire
n.good luck; blessing; occasion for celebration
v.show tender care for; feel compassion for
v.carry in the bosom; cherish; dwell on; long for; comfort; conceive
v.to love; to long for; to infatuate; feel attached to, be reluctant to part; miss sb.
n.weapons; army; chariot; warfare; an ancient name for the people in the west; soldier; surname
v.bail out water for irrigation; lift water by dragon-bone water pedal
n.the bolt for fastening a door from outside; a bar; a door
n.upright bar for fastening door; latch of the door; door bolt
v.criticize; comment; endorse a petition; reply officially to an inferior; make an order of court; officially authorize; lease; arrange for the purchase of; sell wholesale; slap, smack
v.seek; look for; find; pay a balance; exchange; give change; call on; want to see; approach
v.receive; inherit; bear, hold, carry; contain; support; contract for; undertake; continue, carry on; confess; acknowledge; please; flatter; meet
v.take off; diminish, reduce, deduct; snap; break off; bend, twist; humble; bow down; decide a cause; give an equivalent for; set off against; fold; see, barter; calculate a proportion
v.resist; oppose; withstand; knock; butt; substitute, give as an equivalent; make good; arrive at, reach; support; sustain; prop; compensate for
n.a torturing device used for sqeezing the victim's fingers
v.hit from behind; get close to; suffer; wait; drag on, scrabble for a living; lean
n.a form of scraper for levelling a seed-plot; a form of Eight used in accounts to prevent fraud
v.select; touch; take along sth. to or for; glance(at); back a cart, drive backwards; fade
n.a plectrum for stringed instruments
classifiernumerary adjunct for pile and stack
v.feel with the hand; rub; scour; polish; grope for; scrape; touch
v.fish for, dredge up, scoop up from the water; drag for; gain by improper means
classifier(Cant.) classifier for places
var.archaic character for
v.attract; hold; take a photograph of; converge; arrange; absorb, assimilate; act for
n.pot made of bronze for holding food (arch.)
v.oppose; be a match for, match; fight; resist
v.grant, carry out; apply; narrate in detail; propagate; be sufficient for
n.dipper; Chinese peck for measuring grain or liquid; measuring unit containing 10 sheng, or roughly 1.63 gallons; name of constellation (Ursa Major); The Dipper, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
v.conceal, hide, delude; offense; be greedy for
n.Name of feudal state Jin in the Eastern Zhou dynasty; also name of the imperial dynasty (265-420 CE) that succeeded the Wei Dynasty; Short for Shanxi (Shan1Xi) province; one of 64 hexagrams
n.a Chinese character that empress Wu Ze Tian created for her own name
prep.for; instead of
classifiernumerary adjunct for doses of medicine
v.expect; meet; wait for
classifierclassifier for weight
n.cane, stick; rod or staff used for specific purpose
classifiercup, glass; numerary adjunct for drinks such as water, tea, or wine
n.board; plank; block for printing from; slab; plate
n.a wooden instrument for combing silk
n.sandalwood;big tree used for making boats; stake, pile; bar; square wood;coffin
n.a square peck-shaped wooden box used for supporting a traditional Chinese flagstaff
n.the side of a ship or boat; an oar; a rowing-sweep; a stand for bending a bow
n. The vertical pole of the rack used for silkworm culture
n.cage, pen for wild animals; scabbard (of a sword)
n.a wooden bat (serving as a game for children); a kind of farm tool; tip of a twig
n. a device used for divination
n.the pointed end of an arrow; Mongolian snakegourd; a builder's frame for measuring
n.school; enclosure for horses; military title; naval title
classifiernumerary adjunct for trees
n.cassia, cinnamon; short for Guangxi province
n.a general term for paulownia or tung tree; stringed instrument
n.quince (a kind of tree); a flail used for threshing crops
classifiernumerary adjunct for pole
classifiernumerary adjunct for elongated objects, such as strings, sticks, rivers
n.basket for removing earth
n.an ancient dish or bowl for food
var.an old variant ofwhich refers to a bowl for keeping food
classifierclassifier for houses or buildings
classifiernumerary adjunct for trees
椿n.a long-living tree; Chinese toon; (literary metaphor for) father
n.a last for making shoes; hat block
n.profession; property; business; trade; industry; occupation; employment; job; course of study; a Buddhist term for retribution
n.banyan; another name for Fuzhou city
n.a press for extracting juice,oil,etc
n.stand for bell or gong
n.a Chinese holly; a stump; a fine and white wood used for arrows
n.a kind of tree; hut connected with buildings; straight wood used for door lock; ritual vessel used for storing grains
classifier(Cant.) classifier for plants or trees; a tree-trunk
n.(arch.) tool used for shaping wood; to edit a text
var.old way of writing for 楓 (maple) and 風 (wind)
trans.second syllable of foreign word for lemon
n.a stand for weaving silk
trans.first syllable of the foreign word for lemon
n.cart with a cage for prisoners; wooden cage, pen for animal; balustrade
n.a kind of tree suitable for use to make axles for large carts
n.quiver (case for arrows); the vessel for storing armor, bow and arrow, etc.
n.zelkova schneideriana; a kind of elm suitable for furniture
n.railing; balustrade; pen for animals; column in a newspaper
n.pit for temporary burial
n.the old name for
v.seek; demand, request; beseech, implore; beg; pray; strive for, try
v.buy; sell; fish for
n.law; statute; regulation; rule; legal standard; plan; method; way; mode; model; the dharma; magic arts; example; (Chinese name for ) France
n.a whirlpool; the Fu River; an eddy; a race; used in place-names to indicate the spot as a stopping-place for boats
n.proper noun for a river in Shenxi
v.drool; be greedy for; vomit; drag
v.wash in a pan or basket; spend; search for
v.have illicit sexual relations; allow to run wild; be greedy for; indulge in; exceed
v.soak; flood, submerge; stay for a long time
n.another name for Chongqing
n.Xiangjiang River; short for Hunan province
n.Short for Yunnan province
n.old use for nautical fathom; waterside; Jiujiang city; Xun River
n.bay; short for Macau
v.to burn; to roast meat for sacrifice
n.feudal title or rank; vessel for drinking (arch.)
n.father; uncle, male relative of a senior generation; term of respect for old men
n.chiasma, intertwined cross shape, diagrams for divination
n.a stand for weaving silk
var.prototype for
classifierclassifier for strips of land or bamboo, shops, factories etc
onomatopoeiaanimals and birds approaching quickly for food
n.block for printing; type; edition; schedule; register; page
n.wooden tablets or slips for writing in ancient times; archives, documents; correspondance; books
pron.it (when used for animals)
v.watch for
v.to hunt or search for
n.bamboo chips used for divination
n.necklace; ornaments for the neck;
n.The Chinese lute or guitar; a general name for certain musical instrument
n.fine gold; a kind of jade; an alternative name for gold
n.red jade, fine jade; short for Hainan province
n.urn; earthen jar; jar for ashes
n.an earthenware used for filling with water; concave channels of tiling; a long-necked jar
n.large plate or pan; bricks for fixing the inside wall of a well; brickwork of a well; surname
n.urn; earthen jar; a squat jar for holding wine
adj.(for utensils) worn and become thin
n.an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rice; an utensil for distilling water
n.urn; earthen jar; jar for ashes
n.calamity, disaster; an ancient pottery (arch.); Zi River; evil; ground that has been under cultivation for one year
n.ancient sacrifices; place for worshipping the heaven
classifiernumerary adjunct for patches of crops in agriculture
n.chronic swelling of the spleen; addiction, weakness for
n.police runners; stable for keeping animals
n.Short for province of Anhui
classifierfor lamp
n.plate; dish; tub for bathing; vessel; tray; expense, cost; market rate
n.an utensil used for containing food in ancient times; lid of a caldron
v.look; expect; hope for
v.look sideways at; look; hope for
v.to see, to look; keep a lookout; admire; to long for, to gaze at
n.carpenter's square; ruler for drawing squares or rectangles; rules, regulations, pattern
n.an arrow for shooting birds; a short arrow; a bolt for a crossbow; an arrow or a dart with a silk thread fastened to it
n.a stockade; stronghold; a camp; a military outpost; a walled village; brothel; a pen for stock
n.anvil, hammering block; base; sound for beating clothes
n.large stone for an anchor
n.the pestle, worked with the foot, used for hulling rice;
n.a word for place names
n.site for sacrifice; sacrifice; year (arch.)
pron.He, Him (honourific form of third person pronoun usually used for a deity such as Christian God.)
v.burning wood for sacrifice to Heaven
n.sacrificial rite or ceremony of pouring wine to irrigate the field as libation for the deities
n.a ceremony of purification held on the edge of a river in spring and autumn for averting evils
n.fine variety of rice (arch.); feudal state of Qin; the Qin dynasty; short for Shanxi (Shan3xi) province
v.provide for
n.ear of grain; tassel; short name for Guangzhou (Canton)
n.bamboo box for storing books,cloth,etc; book
n.bamboos placed across wooden frames for drying grain; a wooden frame; a kind of music instrument
n.whip made of bamboo; tablet made of bamboo used for learning or writing
n.rope made of bamboo for fastening a boat
classifier(Cantonese) classifier for place or spot
n.a coarse mat of rushes or bamboo; rope made of bamboo used for pulling boats
n.a bamboo trap for fishing at the opening of a weir
n.a flat basket-tray for grain
n.bamboo chips used for divination
n.plan; scheme; strategy; bundle of bamboo slips for writing on; question; riding-whip
n.bamboo basket for rice; pail
n.bamboo mat spread on the floor for people to sit on; seat; feast
n.screen made of bamboo; bamboo tray for silkworms; foil
n.trumpet for chariots; a wood wind instrument
v.govern; care for; control; manage; run; be in charge of; provide; guarantee
n.leaf of a book; section; essay; book; tablet of bamboo formerly used for writing on
n.bamboos suitable for poles; a horn
n.a bamboo utensil for holding cooked rice; small basket
n.a square grain receptacle for ceremonial purpose (arch.)
n.slip of bamboo for making notes; document; letter; correspondence
n.a basket for holding earth
n.straw used for divination
n.basin or basket for feeding cow
n.pole used for punting
n.long bamboo (for fishing rod)
n.general name for climbing plants; rattan; cane
v.to feed, to provide for delicacies, dainties; to drink and eat; to write, to compile
n.a kind of bamboo used for making flutes or pipes
n.a round basket for feeding cattle; a round basket for containing mullberry leaf; a tray; a bamboo mat
n.Short for Guangdong province
n.field rations; food for a journey; cakes
n.cooked dry food for journey; surname
n.a rope for leading cattle or horse
n.a silk ribbon; a ribbon for a seal; a sash
v.contract; give a bond for; knot, knit, weave; connect, unite, join; congeal; form; forge; cement; bear fruit; form; finish; pay, settle, conclude
v.bind, tie; kidnap (for ransom)
n.the spoke near the axle; a rope; a rope for drawing water; a well-rope
v.arrange the threads for weaving; arrange; gather up; take count of; sum up; inquire into
n.rope for tieing chest or clip; rope for fasting coffin; letter
n.halter for ox
n.the silken fabrics; the arrow for shooting birds; Zeng state
n.red strings for hats; multi-color
n.the flaxen thread; a kind of plant like the ramie; black and solid earth; an arch; a squat; a wide-mouthed jar for containing wine
n.an earthen jar with a big belly and a small mouth; an earthware for sucking water; fou, a clay musical instrument; a pottery; an earthenware
缿n. a jar-like container made of clay and with a small opening, used for keeping money
n.net for catching hares ;nets for catching animals or birds
n.the net for birds or fish
n.trap for catching birds
v.to fish for; to catch
罿n.net for catching birds
n.gauze; netting; net for catching birds; sieve
n.gauze; netting; net or trap for catching wild boar
n.(Chinese name for ) America
classifierclassifier for goats
n.a harrow-like implement for pulverizing soil
n.the name of an ancient farm tool; a rake for drawing earth over newly-sown grain, a harrow; the handle of a hoe
adv.slightly; for the moment
n.pit for temporary burial
n.dried meat in lieu of salary for a teacher (arch.); fine food
adj.fat; fertile; well provided for; fine
n.sheepy odor; rank odor; smell of mutton; a technical term from Chinese medicine for the center of the chest
var.prototype for 「槃」or「盤」
n.skiff; a light boat typically just for one person
n.boat; boat or ship used for transporting grains
n.a kind of straw found on seaside used for making matt
n.Name of a plant- Chinese elder, it has mucilaginous roots which are used for various purposes; mixing vermilion ink for seals
n.flower; beauty; hero, outstanding person; (Chinese name for) England
n.licorice(arch.); glycoside; name for a series of organic compounds
n.Cyperus malaccensis; a kind of straw used for making matt; a medical plant used by vets
v.eat; feed; be greedy for; endure; bear
n.a field that has been under cultivation for one year; withered trees; evil; calamity
n.a kind of wooden chips (vitex) used for divination; chaste tree wood
n.collective name for beans and peas
n.a term for various plants similar to lettuce
n.a sod grass that can be used for medical purposes
n.abbreviation for Portugal; grapes
n.twigs of hemp used for fuel; steam
particlenow; the above; for; because
n.frame for silkworms to spin cocoons on; nest
trans.the second syllable of the name for Tibet in ancient China (Tobo)
n.plant used as fodder for livestock
n.poles of a rack on which musical instruments were hung, support structure for bell; bell pendant stand
n.The Kingdom of Shu (one of the Three Kingdoms); caterpillar or larva of a butterfly or moth (arch.); Short for Sichuan province
n.white underwear in summer; Uighur or Tajik robe buttoning down the front; a loop for fastening a button
n.scarf worn by a man for mourning purpose; an apron
v.repair, mend; patch; add to; help; fill a vacancy; supply; make up for; nourish
n.armour for soldiers (arch.); second-class formal attire (arch.); aid, benefit, help; supplement
n.cinch binder for horses; cincha
n.swaddling band, a cloth for carrying small children
n.a piece of string attached to clothes, used for hanging a jade pendant
n.swaddling clothes; a rope; an ancient apparatus for catching tiger; a cloth used for carrying children on the back
v.want; wish; need; require; make an agreement; seek for; ask for; meet; force; demand; will be, be going to; need, take
v.seek, look for
v.covet; long for
v.to see, to observe, to view, to behold, to gaze, to watch; to travel for pleasure
n.a small goblet for ceremonial purpose
觿n.a horn or ivory bodkin worn at the girdle for untying knots
v.beg; demand, ask for; dun; punish; put to death; exterminate; send armed force to suppress; send a punitive expendition against; denounce; condemn
v.measure; consider, seek for; caluminate, to slander the righteous; detest; blame
v.scheme; plot; devise; work for; seek; consult
v.thank; be grateful for; decline; confess faults; die; fade; hand over; wither
v.to decide judicially; report a case to the higher authorities, ask for instructions; distinguish
n.ceremonial vessel; utensil for rites and ceremonies (arch.)
n.suckling pig; pig; a surname; sand bags for building walls or dykes
n.elephant (arch.); one of nine empire divisions of ancient China; short for Henan province
v.be greedy for; desire for; corrupt
v.to include; to summarize; to have, to possess; to give; be prepared for ; be included in; be embraced in
v.give or help for charity, help for humanitarian reason
v.compensate, pay for; stand a loss; make an apology
n.fine payable for one's crime among the southern tribes (comparable to indulgence in the West)
v.compete; contend for mastery; emulate; rival
v.see sb. for the first time with gift; hold in one's hand
v.support, provide for; relieve
v.ransom; atone for
n.Kingdom Yue in the late Spring and Autumn period; general term for Southern Chinese; Vietnam
v.follow; expel; drive; pursue; avail oneself of; catch up with; overtake; try to catch; make a dash for; rush for; hurry through
v.step on, trample; tread on; search for
v.to kneel for a long time, to go down on hands and knees
v.to clear the traffic for the emperor's route, to keep persons off the route of the emperor when on tour
n.a crossbar in carriage for guiding direction
n.cross board at rear of carriage (arch.); carriage; rash; peg for tuning stringed-instrument; The Chariot, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.clamps for crossbar of carriage; linchpin
classifiernumerary adjunct for vehicles; used for buses,carts,etc.
n.blinds on both sides of a carriage for guarding off dust
n.large ring on the yoke of a carriage, used for grouping the reins
trans.character for Sanskrit transliteration such as the second syllable of Shakyamuni Buddha
v.chase after, follow; pursue; overtake; escort; go back; trace out; follow to its source; seek for; reminisce; reflect upon; look back upon; press for payment
v.to roam; to ramble; to travel for pleasure
adj.difficult to walk; hard; be greedy for
v.select for a post
n.Short for Liaoning province; Liao or Khitan dynasty (907-1125); Liao River of northeast China
n.a surname; proper name for a state in what is today Hebei
n.word used for place name; surname; mound
n.an ancient name for districts in Kansu and Shensi
n.proper noun for a surname; proper noun for a place
n.Short for Hubei province
n.proper noun for an ancient state; surname
v.brew for the second time; ferment
v.fish for
n.device for carrying a tripod; grand councillor; bowstring; string of a musical instrument
n.an accessory for horse-riding made of iron
n.the hole on an axe for installing a handle
n.file, tool used for smoothing
n.a grease-pot for carts; small ingots of silver; mock ingots for idolatry
n.fodder chopper; sickle for cutting grass or hay
n.Bronze or champagne colored horse (arch.); Masurium (a now disqualified candidate for the Element No. 43)
n.wine bottle; ancient unit for capacity
n.a pewter heater for keeping spirits warm; a lathe; a thread in a screw
n.outdated translation for vanadium; an axe with a long blade
n.massive musical instrument; stand for holding musical instrument
n.anvil; axe or mat used for cutting sb. in two at the waist (a punishment in ancient China); name of a star
n.Short for Fujian Province
n.sluice board for controlling water in the lock gate
n.the side door of the palace; the residence of the imperial concubines; the bedroom of one's parents; women's quarters; the examination hall or room for imperial examinations in ancient times
n.Short for Gansu province; ridge, hill
classifierclassifier for animals or for body parts (such as eye, hand, ear, etc.)
n.ritual offering sacrifice for rain
n.dried leather; used in the Han Dynasty as part of the phonetic transcription of the name for (possibly) the Roman Empire
v.to stretch a skin on a frame for a drum
n.the piece of leather used for soles on Chinese shoes; a patch
n.leather for making shoes
n.a leather case for bow and arrow
n.leather knee-pad worn during sacrifices; strap for a seal
n.a wrapper, case for bow
classifierfor pieces of paper
v.dye; write an inscription for a tablet
v.care for, look after; regard; turn the head round to look; attend to; take into consideration; visit; call on
v.nourish; rear; bring up, raise, grow, keep; care for; bear children; support, maintain, provide for
adj.gluttonous; be greedy for food
v.to feast; to provide dinner for; to entertain; to sacrifice; to offer food and drink; to enjoy; to receive entertainment; to grant; to offer in sacrifice or at a feast; to enjoy a sacrifice as the gods
n.eat for repletion
v.mount, ascend, jump, gallop, prance, rise; move; make room for
n.Ge state; diaphragm; Ge county; Ge River; yoke; tripod; vessel used for cooking or steaming
N.magic drawings for exorcising evil spirits
n.Short for Shandong province; vassal state Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period of the Eastern Zhou dynasty
v.to gallop; to seek for; to swim
n.natural salt (arch.); halogen; thick gravy used as a sauce for noodles,etc.; bittern or concentrated brine
n.the river deery, the general name for the hornless deer, a small deer- the muntjac; the name of an ancient country
n.yeast; alcoholic drinks; pale yellow; tool for breeding silkworms with bamboo; surname
n.common people; short for Guizhou province
v.humiliate; be greedy for; act wantonly, misuse
n.a black and blue figure; a ceremonial robe; a knee hide; the silk band; an ornamental textile of black and blue stripes used for the sacrificial robes of the emperor
n.large, three-legged bronze vessel for domestic use or ceremonial purpose
n.sacrificial bowl for holding millet
classifierclassifier for plays or chapters of classical novels