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[and], 找到 467 個
𠬞var.variant of 廾, 抙, and [手手]
𤏻v.to burn and roast in a big fire (arch.) to liaise and harmonize (arch.)
𨚵n.Name of a state during the Spring and Autumn era
var.archaic variant of 之, and in bronze script variant of
v.to feed, to eat and drink; to provide for; to prepare food, delicacies, dainties; to write, to compile
conj.and; with
conj.and; or
n.a morally and intellectually outstanding personality
conj.but, if, namely; also, and, however, then
v.mow, cut down shrubs and trees (arch.); spread, extend
adj.oblique and lopsided (arch.); lack, exhausted
adv.repeatedly, time and again
adj.light; bright; clear, transparent; firm; straightforward; loud and clear
adj.tall and big, noble, lofty; firm; strong
v.bless and protect; help, assist
adj.right; robust and sturdy; bent; shrugging; trembling
adj.upright and outspoken; amiable
adj.big and clumsy; speak with an accent
adj.honest; ignorant; long and big; through
adj.feeble, tiny, young and weak
adj.tall and big; notable; striking; pretty, charming; manifest, clear
v. to oppose; to deviate and to desert
adj.of exquisite beauty and elegance
adj.towering and level; bald; utterly ignorant; unstable; dazzed; independent
adj.light and bright
adj.free and at leisure; superfluous; miscellaneous; useless
adj.dark, obscure, dim; profound and lasting, far-reaching; void, hollow; quiet
adj.withered and fallen; poverty-stricken; exhausted
v.to pare the edges and corners, to round off, to trim; to be worn or torn (away); to neglect; to dig
v.to cut open and clean; to slice off; to scratch; to kill; to sacrifice; to stab
adj.hot; perverse, disagreeable, eccentric and unreasonable
n.a minister or a high official; your; an emperors form of address for a minister; a term of endearment formerly used between husband and wife or among close friends
var.variant ofand
adj. bulky; huge; thick and large; confused
n.foot (British and American unit of length)
onomatopoeiathe bleating of lambs and sheeps
onomatopoeiacrying and breathing
adj.delighted, gay; good and kind; excellent
n.short and asthmatic breathing; palpitation
int.curse word showing anger, aversion and disrespect
adj.coarse and vulgar
var.variant ofand of
int.expression of amusement and abandonment
adj.affectedly sweet, talk and act like a spoiled child; rever in, be proud of; excellent, outstanding
adj.great; large and strong
adj.ruthless, ignorant and thickheaded; fraudulent and crafty, insincere; stupid and dominant
n.enclosure; original script forand for
n.circle; dollar; official name of the Chinese legal tender (currency) and of the currencies of some other Asian countries
var.variant borrowed forand
n.law of nature and its development
classifiernumerary adjunct for articles and for money, dollar, piece; lump; chunk
n.a high and clear place
v.block up, stop up, clog up; cover; pile up, heap soil or fertilizer over and around the roots
n.black and solid earth; adobe table in ancient wineshop; wineshop
adj.single-minded; united, identical; all, one and all; one
adj.luxuriant; young; be delicate and charming; tender and beautiful
adj.strong; stout, be big and thick
adj.deep and broad
adj.peaceful and happy; handsome; cheerful
adj.slender; chaste and undefiled
adj.fine and elegant looking (of women)
adj.tall and beautiful; sweetly; strong; charming, captivating
n.name of a lady who stole the elixir of immortality and fled with it to the moon
adj.weak; beautiful and charming; trifling
adj.sweet and charming; delicate; capricious
adj.young and tender
n.son; wife and children
adj.narrow; meagre, mean, inferior; be cautious and meticulous; cowardly; fragile; feeble; lowly; cowardly
var.(arch.) archetypic variant ofand 佇; nowadays used exclusively as the simplified form of 寧.
adj.mild and roundabout; gentle and soft
宿adj.predestinated; old and long-standing; overdue; overnight; last year; experienced
adj.cold; wintery; poor, poverty-stricken; petty and low, of humble origin; desolate
n.junior officer; a military rank (above the rank of warrant officer and below that of major); vice-county magistrate
idiomand besides; in addition to
v.hinny jumps and kicks backwards with its hind leg
adv.repeatedly, time and again, again and again
adj.lofty and steep
adj.high and steep
n.steep and tall mountain, peak, precipice
adj.high and steep; towering
adj.tall and straight; steep; harsh
adj.high and precipitous; harsh, stern
adj.proud and aloof
adj.high and steep
n.cliff; cave; a place in State of Sung during the Spring and Autumn Period
adj.lofty; high; sinister and crafty; strange
n.steep and towering mountains
adj.far and wide; lonesome
adj.high and far, lofty
n.locations which are strategically located and difficult of access
adj.high and steep
adj.young and bright; outstanding; towering;
adj.mountainous; towering; tall and big; grand, stately; secure, lasting
adj.honest and upright; integrity; cheap, low-priced
n.legendary animal with one horn capable of distinguishing between right and wrong; mythical unicorn-like creature
n.weiqi, a game played with black and white pieces on a board of 361 intersection points
adj.slack and lazy
adj.of literary talent and simple style; of unusual literary talent; refined
v.walk back and forth
v.walking to and fro
adj.alarmed and panicky, terrified
pron.he (a polite and courteous way of referring to a third person)
adj.scrupulously and respectfully; solemn
adj.quiet; ease and comfortable; sweet
adj.respectful and submissive
v.love and respect one's elder brother
adj.bold and powerful, violent; vigorous and valiant; fierce and malicious; strong; courageous; heroic
adj.sad; be thin and pallied, withered; weak, tired; distressed
adj.firm and upright; self-willed
adj.brave and determined
adj.bored and troubled
adj.honest and sincere
adj.quiet and amiable, peaceful
adj.foolish, stupid; my humble; honest and sincere
adj.harmonious and happy, merry
adj.fervent, excitedly; generous; outspoken and straightforward
adj.wan and sallow
adj.simple and honest; straightforward and good-natured; foolish, naughty, silly; coquettish
adj.slack and lazy, sluggish; tired, loose, lax
v.be depressed and discontended; be indignant
adj.be weak and weary through illness; weak, delicate; feeble
adj.rash; stupid; simple, simple-minded; blunt and tactless;
n.halberd; combined spear and battle-ax
v.point at another and scold him; stimulate
adj.perverse; ruthless and tyrannical
v.copy, transcribe; search and confiscate; fold (one's arms); plagiarize
v.pickle out, gouge out; pry; nitpick, expose; break off with the fingers and thumb; choose
adj.clumsy, awkward; narrow and shallow; coarse; simple
v.shake; move; excite to action; flap; relieve; save; restore order; recall; receive; contain; rise with force and spirit; brace up
v.to strike with hands; to break off with fingers and thumb; to open; to spread out
classifiernumerary adjunct for pile and stack
v.rub with the hands, wipe, press with the hand and more downwards; mix, mingle; hold
v.poke together, move with a stick together; stick up, turn upward; snap, break sth.long and narrow
adj.sincere and humble
v.sow; publish; make known; broadcast; stimulate and encourage; reject; cast away; separate; distribute; flee; banish; winnow; shake; agitate; humbug
v.put, place; spread; arrange; set in order; wave to and fro; shake; move
adj.worn-out, old and shabby; tired; decayed, corrupted; my
v.attack (arch.); urge, manage; advice and encourage
adj.of literary talent and simple style, refined
n.round-mouthed and three-legged wine cup
n.corner; narrow and distant places; rising sun
adj.big; far and wide
adj.expansive and limitless
pron.a dual pronoun; I; you and me; we two
adj.expansive and limitless
adj.leisurely and carefree; unhurried
adj.free from worries and petty ideas; bright; vast, spacious; long-time; distant
n.the strips of meat cut from the flank and dried in the wind; Qu county
n.a low and square stool; a stake; the stump of a tree; sterility
adj.gloomy; deep and serene; remote; obscure, mysterious; without a trace
adj.certain; some; so-and-so, such-and-such
adj.fierce and brutal; tameless
adj.fierce and ambitious; valiant
v.behead and put before the public
var.phonic variant of 榧, 篚, and
n.bushes and shrubs (arch.); name of feudal state Chu in the Eastern Zhou dynasty
n.couch, narrow and low bed; long large table
n.a Chinese holly; a stump; a fine and white wood used for arrows
adj.tender and nice; crooked, bent wood; unjust; soft; scattered; defeated
var.old way of writing for 楓 (maple) and 風 (wind)
n.quiver (case for arrows); the vessel for storing armor, bow and arrow, etc.
n.a kind of pagoda tree with large and black leaves
var.variant ofand
v.funeral and burial; keep a coffin in a temporary shelter before burial
adj.soft and fine
n.a thick and rough serge from Tibet
n.hanging fog; mist; the generative forces of heaven and earth, by means of which all things are reproduced constantly
n.name of a river and a villiage in Shandong province
n.winding catchment, a stream which leaves the main branch and afterwards flows into it; the ditch of stagnant water; Si River; the water bank
v.regulate rivers and watercourses; disorder
adj.abundant; flowing and engulfing; brimming
adj.talkative, verbose; numerous, crowded and repeated; greedy
n.name of 2 rivers, one in Anhui province and one in Henan province
adj.not seek fame and wealth; of white water
adj.deep and vast; clear
adj.cool, cold and cheerless, deserted; clear; light
v.spread and sink in
v.be sweeping and surging, turbulent
n.name of a river in Shanxi province, originating in the Zhongtiao Mountains and merging from north to south into the Yellow River
n.Li River, river in Anhui and Jiangsu provinces
v.to mix the powder with water; to wash; to excrete stool and urine; to urinate; to spit; to excrete semen; to soak in water as meals
n.heavy rain; raining dogs and cats
n.rising and dashing of waves; county in Henan
v.ret, soak or steep and cause to change; to macerate; paint honey
adj.coldly,not seek fame and wealth; indifferent; unconcerned
adj.torrential; broad; distant and indistinct
adj.fierce and tough; rascal, scandal, rude, unreasonable; poor; extreme; bad
adj.thin and weak
adj.clear and still
n.Sheng River; the name of a river in Henan and Shandong
n.marsh; pool; pond; favour, kindness; glow, gloss, and lustre; sheen; beneficence; legacy
adj.muddy, turbid; dirty; vulgar; vulgar; worldly; confused; dim; deep and thick
adj.clear and deep; speedy; softly blow
adj.deep and clear; fast
onomatopoeiasound of beating wind and rain
adj.free and easy; open
var.variant of 休, 咻, 炰, and
adj.flaming; of great renown and influence
adj. soft and tender (meat) (Canton.)
adj.flaming; red and bright
adj.be annoyed, be vexed; be superfluous and confusing; overelaborate; numerous; be sick of
adj.bright and sparkling
adj.burning; powerful and prosperous
adj.bright and prosperous
adj.bright, clear, crisp; feel well, pleasant; outspoken and straightforward
v.deviate, differ; feel well, feel fresh and cool
onomatopoeiaanimals and birds approaching quickly for food
v.to prop up obliquely; to keep off water with mud and stone
n.ox or cow with black and white fur
n.a kind of fierce Mongolian dog; a species of wild dog with black mouth and nose; the prison; the lock-up; the elk
n. Gelao, a non-Han ethnic group in Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou
n.strong and healthy dog; hedgehog; ape-like animal
adj.artful, crafty, cunning; sturdy and brave; fast
adj.fierce and malicious; hurry; in random
adj.spry and light
n.a kind of beasts; a jackal; the name of a tribe in Kwangsi and Hunan
adj.fierce and ambitious; valiant
adj.angry and untamable; rude; brutal
n.a jade tablet or baton, which varied in shape according to different ranks, conferred upon the feudal princes by the emperor as a symbol of dignity and authority
v.carve and polish, chisel; cut and polish jade
n.jade tablet given to feudal princes on their investiture, as a sign of authority and rank; keepsake; happy omen
adj.sparkling and clean
adj.(for utensils) worn and become thin
v.burn grass and wood in the field and use the ash as fertilizer
n.roll, bolt of cloth; leg and foot (arch.)
n.acute diseases such as cholera and sunstroke; rash
v.to worry; being ill in prison; to die in prison from cold and hunger; to treat with cruelty
adj.lean, thin and weak, wispy; poor, impoverished; barren, infertile
n.leprosy; pestilence; a sore; an ulcer; swelling and sores caused by varnish-poisoning
particlepossessive particle; adjectival and adverbial particle
adj.white and bright; shining; clear, plain
adj.clear and bright; white
adj.bright and white; distinct; clear, plain; pure
n.an earthen vessel with a big belly and a small mouth
adj.perverse; cruel; ruthless and tyrannical
adj.be blurred in eyesight; dull and mixed-up; dim-sighted; bewildered
n.a deep and piercing gaze; surname Sui
n.area between the eyebrows and the eyelashes
n.beauty of the eyes and the eyebrows
adj.sparkling and transparent
v.to spy on, to look on and find out
adj.wise and farsighted
v.to look right and left in alarm; to look about in fright
v.stand tall and upright
v.to press and smooth; to touch; to calender
v.to pierce; to treat and cure; to stab
n.board game of Chinese origin, played with black and white stones; any game similar to chess
n.fragment; small pieces; odds and ends
adj.big-headed; big, large; erudite, broad and profound
adj.lumpy; sincere; uneven; open and honest
n.punishment by dismembering the head and extremities from the body; right falling stroke in Chinese calligraphy
n.pile of sand and gravel in water, moraine; desert
adj.strict and severe; incisive
v.to bless and to protect (with divine power)
v.favour sb. with fortune; bless and protect; spread
v.exorcise, expiate; dispel, remove, drive away; scatter and disppear, dissipate
n.a ceremony of purification held on the edge of a river in spring and autumn for averting evils
n.propriety; good manners; politeness, courtesy; etiquette; rite; ceremony; worship; external exemplification of eternal principles; feeling of respect and reverence; gift; present
n.power and authority
adj.many and dense; thick
adj.luxuriant; fine and dense
adj.sow early and ripe late
adj.far-reaching; quiet and secluded; dark; fine; conceal
adj.profound; unreplenished; beautiful, charming; excessive; gentle and graceful; slender; quiet and modest
adj.hollow, sunken; depressed; of poor quality; corrupt; lazy; thin and weak; hollow, empty
v.to sing and dance, dancing while singing; beating a drum
n.lath and bamboo strip; bed-like plank
n.bamboo with thin and broad leaves
n.flat stringed instrument with originally five and later thirteen strings; zither; Japanese koto
n.large groove of bamboo on a mountain, mountain valley with clumps of trees and bamboos
v.push with a punt-pole and cause a ship to move
adj.long and slender
v.to feed, to provide for delicacies, dainties; to drink and eat; to write, to compile
n.cakes made from rice-flour and honey
n.a round and thick cake made of rice
n.rice grain; grain; rice-gruel mixed with meat; fried cakes of rice and meat
n.pure white and fine silk; an fan made from fine silks
adj.numerous and disorderly
adj.colorful; luxuriant (in ornaments and colors)
n.monks and priests; robes of monks
adj.fine and dense; black
adj.wrong, false; solemn and silent
adj.rich and bright colors; gorgeous
n.color silk fabrics; fine thin silk; a silk pass; the fine gauze; the frayed edges of silk; silk torn into pieces, one of which was given as a credential and the other retained
n.Xie,a printing and dyeing method; figured fabrics; blush, flush
n.the flaxen thread; a kind of plant like the ramie; black and solid earth; an arch; a squat; a wide-mouthed jar for containing wine
n.an earthen jar with a big belly and a small mouth; an earthware for sucking water; fou, a clay musical instrument; a pottery; an earthenware
缿n. a jar-like container made of clay and with a small opening, used for keeping money
adj.empty; serious and neat; full, all
n.the handle of the Big Dipper; a hill; the name of certain stars and the gods supposed to live in them
n.clan name of Chu State in the Spring and Autumn period
adj.thin and weak; fatiqued; inferior
adj.of flying rapidly, lightly; admirable and unrestrained, elegant
adj.white and sleek
n.long and hard feather; writing brush; writing, letter; word
conj.and; and yet; and then; but; nevertheless
adj.bright; uneasy, disturbed, sad, sorrowful; upright, be honest and just
n.the region between the heart and the diaphragm
n.anus; anus and anal canal
n.meat and fish dishes
n.descendants or offspring of kings and nobles
n.shank; leg; shin; shinbone; tibia (the thicker of the two long bones between knee and ankle)
adj.rich and generous; good; shameless; be ashamed
n.dried and preserved birds meat; dried meat
adj.fat and sturdy
n.fat part of belly pork; intestines of dogs and hogs; oil
adj.salted and dried
var.variant ofand
conj.and; or
v.ship or boat running aground and be stuck
n.wild; the mat grass in the lairs of beasts and birds
adj.lush; green; exuberant and vigorous foliage
adj.supple and small; small; soft; tiny
adj.numerous; deep and rich in colour
n.garden; surname; centre(of art and literature,etc.)
conj.and; if
adj.luxuriant, thick; outstanding, fine; rich and splendid; cyclopentadiene
adv.to be circumspect, cautious in ones behaviour and speech
adj.boundless and indistinct; puzzled, bewildered, confused, vague
adj.weak, timid and weak-willed; big
v.to open up a wasteland; to reclaim a wasteland; to plough and weed
n.collective name for beans and peas
n.a acrid and strong-smelling vegetable; meat or fish diet
onomatopoeiasound of water and wind
v.to reach; administer, rule, manage; come to, arrive, at present; approach and watch
adj.drooping, dangling; overladen with flowers and leaves
adj.vast; large; magnificent; easy and plain; level; broad and long; peaceful; unsettled; vagrant; dissipated; licentious; reckless, loose in moral; agitated; disturbed
adj.wasted, neglected; mixed and disorderly
v.treat meat,fish,etc. with smoke; exert; burn; burn joss sticks and take a bath
n.fallen leaves and bark
adj.robust and fierce
n.captive; slave; non-Han nationalities living in the North and West in ancient times
n.legs and maxilipeds of shrimps and crabs
n.oyster; hairy and poisonous caterpillars
n.clam; frog and toad
adj.(clothing) long and loose
adj.hot and suffocating
adj.slender and graceful; sweet and agreeable
v.to take off the clothes and expose the body; to carry in the girdle
v.cut out garments and make them; make, manufacture; construct; compound; compose literature
n.full front and back of a Chinese jacket or gown; tail of a robe
adj.cramped; narrow and small; poor; narrow-minded; irritable; flat; petty; mean
n.gentle breeze; stretch long and unbroken sound; morbidezza
adj.specially like and unduly trust one's subordinate; dirty
pron.the coalescence or merging of the two soundsand
v.look at, see; view and admire; inspect, examine, survey
adj.sumptuous; upright and outspoken
n.one horn turned up and one turned down; odd; strange; single
v.cut and polish horn
v.pay respectful and humble visit; reach, accomplish
v.question, interrogate, cross-examine; blame; investigate and ascertain; renovate, repair
adj.earnestly and sincerely; loyal; tirelessly
adj.be kindly and genial
adj.be quiet and peaceful
adj.pleased and joy
v.to talk on and on, to harp on; to rave; to be delirious
adj.deep and hollow; vast and empty
n.ceremonial vessel; utensil for rites and ceremonies (arch.)
n.diaphragm; warrior, brave and strong man; cardiac orifice, cardia; number 22 of 64 hexagrams
n.shells or pearls strung together and worn on women's neck
n.Kingdom Yue in the late Spring and Autumn period; general term for Southern Chinese; Vietnam
v.to kneel for a long time, to go down on hands and knees
v.whirl; turn back; walk to and fro; walk with one foot
v.tread, stamp, step on; tail and seek
v.to fall flat;act casually and unconventionally
v.to trample; to explore road; to wade; to tread through mud and water
v.loiter around, walk to and fro, stop
v.pace up and down; treadle and kick
v.to trip and fall; to fall; to tumble; to suffer a setback; to hinder; to stumble
v.to walk round and round
v.trample; bully and oppress, damage
adj.unique, superb, extraordinary; leisurely, peaceful and carefree
n.land on hill slope; used often as nme of places in Southern China and Hong Kong
v.act personally in all affairs, decide and act alone
n.great array of spears and chariots
n.great array of spears and chariots
adv.again and again
v.to bend around and turn; revolve
conj.conjunctive and disjunctive particle; also, and, however, then
v.to come and go; to loiter about; to yield; to retreat
v.escape; gallop; excel; retire from society and live in solitude
v.to hurry; to go to and fro
adj.urgent; forceful, vigorous, strong and healthy; firm, staunch; good
adj.distant; broad and open; far away
adj.remote, be far away; long; uncertain, not sure; high and far, long-range
adj.continuous and meandering; winding
n.an ancient name for districts in Kansu and Shensi
adj.rich and bright; abundant; fine; strong; depressed, gloomy, melancholy
var.variant ofand
n.name of a country in Spring and Autumn period in modern Shandong
n.name of place in the state of Song during the period of Spring and Autumn; a surname
n.name of city in Lu state during the Spring and Autumn period
v.pour out liquor; drink; weigh and consider
v.match, pair; to mate; become man and wife; be loaded with; be charged with; suffer punishment; compound; mix; distribute according to plan; deserve; to make up (a prescription)
adv.merry and lively, soundly
adj.very drunk and cheerful looking
n.drunkenness and satiety; unstrained spirits; wine
n.brine from pickled and minced meat
n.wine with dergs and impurities
v.contribute money to buy wine and drink together; to contribute to a feast; to pool (money)
n.break; an ancient farm tool; the rich and bright colors of the sword
onomatopoeiasound of drums and bells
n.a footpath between fields leading north and south; road, path; grave
adj.simple and crude; (of knowledge) limited, shallow; shoddy, of poor quality
adj.rough and meandering (of a road)
n.negative or female principle in nature; genitals (both male and female); north of a hill (e.g. 華陰); south of a river (e.g. 淮陰)
n.sun; heat; the male or positive element in nature; principle of light and life
adj.peaceful; gentle and agreeable
n. slave, servant (arch.); a way of writing prevalent in the Chin and especially the Han dynasties
n.the male of birds; person or state having great power and influence
n.graupel; thin and floating clouds in high altitude; sky
n.thunder and lightning; thunder storm
adj.falling thick and fast; dense
var.variant ofand
adj.white; noble and unsullied; severe
n.cloudy sky; heavy clouds and mists
adj.fair and quiet; beautiful; quiet and secluded
n.martingale; carriages and horses; surname
n.a leather case for bow and arrow
n.colour; face; countenance; the space between the eyebrows and the eyes; complexion; prestige
n.a lean and sickly countenance
n.a lean and sickly countenance; dry facial features
v.dance in the air, flutter; fade and fall
var. relatable to variants as 颮, 飇, and
v.entertain (with food and drink); present
v.drink and eat, feed; prepare food
v.to prepare and eat cooked food
v.to feast; to provide dinner for; to entertain; to sacrifice; to offer food and drink; to enjoy; to receive entertainment; to grant; to offer in sacrifice or at a feast; to enjoy a sacrifice as the gods
adj.be tame and docile; good
n.tired and old horse; mediocre horse
adj.fatigued; relaxed and dissipated
n.a strong and robust horse
n.shinbone, tibia; the thicker of the two long bones between knee and ankle
var.variant ofand
adj.(hair) unkempt, untidy and disheveled
n.the tulip wine used in the offering sacrifice; a bowl case; sacrificial spirits made by fermenting millet and fragrant herbs
adj.first, best; big and tall, monstrous; outstanding
n.forest demon, elf; exhalation of the mountains and forests
n.Short for Shandong province; vassal state Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period of the Eastern Zhou dynasty
adj.short and weak
n.minced and salted fish
n.the mackerel; the mullet; a stew of fish and meat
n.big and fierce marine fish, possibly sawshark or hammerhead
n.a legendary creature with a human face and a bird's beak
n.a variety of waterbird which is similar and bigger than Mandarin duck
adj.rich and bright colors;
n.small birds like the wren and the tit
n.a variety of waterbird which is similar and bigger than Mandarin duck
n.strong and robust deer
n.big deer; kylin; noble; rare and precious things; female of Chinese unicorn
n.a black and blue figure; a ceremonial robe; a knee hide; the silk band; an ornamental textile of black and blue stripes used for the sacrificial robes of the emperor
n.an ancient small cooking vessel with two loop handles and three or four legs; a tripod with a small opening on the top
n.take in both hands and offer to; to present in both hands
v.drop of milk teeth and growth of permanent teeth
v.to shed milk teeth and get adult teeth
n.(teeth) bite of upper and lower jaws
adj.innumerable and disordered; tall, huge
adj.high and bright