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[arch], 找到 396 個
𠓛n.triangular shape; lid; the cover of utensil (arch.)
𠨍v.two persons squatting or sitting, facing each other (arch.)
𠬝v.subdue (arch.)
𤎩n.flint; torch; beacon fire (arch.); warfare
𤏻v.to burn and roast in a big fire (arch.) to liaise and harmonize (arch.)
𦣞n.comb; emblem of clan (arch.)
n.shackles, handcuffs (arch.)
particlean ancient form of the possessive particle 之 (arch.)
v.an archaic script meaning 'to have' (arch.)
v.to carry, to use for something (arch.)
n.flag (arch.)
n.confusion, chaos (arch.); change (arch.); aboriginals in Southern China (arch.)
v.link (arch.)
n.bough, branch of tree used as a walking stick (arch.); obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release
n. musicians (arch.); ten thousand
adj.his, her, their, this, that (arch.)
v.give, grant (arch.)
v.mow, cut down shrubs and trees (arch.); spread, extend
adj.oblique and lopsided (arch.); lack, exhausted
v.abolish (arch.)
classifiernumerary adjunct for vehicles; the count of four (arch.)
v.beg, go begging; ask, request, hope; give, bestow (arch.)
n.female sex organ or genitals (arch. acc. to Xu Shen) [sic]
n.Korean place name; step with right foot (arch.)
n.flute (arch.); sigh (arch.)
adj.inferior; secondary; second to; ugly (arch.)
n.an inverted mouth (arch.)
v.sigh (arch.)
n.wheat (arch.); coming; returning
v.amputate one leg (arch.); lean to one side
n.Japan (arch.)
n.quiver, arrow bag (arch.); equipment; perfection; readiness; completeness
n.wizard (arch.); brother, senior
v.escape, to flee from flood (arch.); portend, foretell
n.female rhinoceros (arch.)
v.venerate, to revere (arch.); share; work together,
n.sieve (arch.)
n.bamboo tablets bound up with strings (arch.); book, volume; imperial edict; a formal writ
n.hat (arch.)
n.copulation; confluence (arch.)
v.meet; encounter; coupulate (arch.)
n.hat, crown, cap; first prize; ceremony marking a man's coming of age at twenty (arch.)
n.tray, tablet (arch.)
n.hole, pit (arch.); receptacle
n.pouch for keeping arrows, a quiver (arch.); letter; armour; case, box, envelop
n.small knife (arch.)
v.(arch.) to cut
n.a simple farming device used for ploughing (arch.); strength; force; power; a unit of strength for testing bows; ability; capability; influence
v.(arch.) to cut, to stab, to sever
adv.back to back (arch.)
n.back (arch.); north
v.run counter to, act contrary to (arch.)
n.basket; shell; Kuang town (arch); Lushan mountain; surname
n.ancient board game (arch.)
v.fight (arch.); play games; gamble; speculate
n.a person assuming a kneeling posture (arch.)
n.seal; a person assuming a kneeling posture (arch.); one of the characters used in kwukyel, an ancient Korean writing system
n.fourth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches; double knife (arch.); early morning hours; mortise; slot cut into wood to receive a tenon
v.kill, slaughter (arch.)
v.suppress (arch.); print; stamp; mark; engrave
adv.about to (arch.); immediately;promptly, quickly, accordingly; now
n.cliff, precipice, (river) bank, cave (arch.); factory, workshop
n.cliff, precipice, cave (arch.)
v.to experience (arch.)
n.The Three Stars, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky; corresponding to the three stars in the centre of the constellation Orion (arch.)
v.picking beans or peas (arch.)
adj.crook, crooked (arch.); bend, curl
n.hook (arch.); sentence; expression; phrase
v.to like, to take pleasure in, to regard with favour (arch.)
v.enter (arch.)
n.ruler, sovereign (arch.); queen, empress
v.speaking aloud (arch.); bawl
n.vertebrae (arch.); some kind of meta plates (arch.); a surname; musical note
n.quotient (math.); travelling merchant (arch.); commerce, business, trade; trader, businessman, dealer; Shang Dynasty; Antares (lat.), main star of the Scorpio constellation (arch.)
n.chatter, whispering; yes (arch.)
v.two persons facing each other (arch.); direct; incline to, favor; adore
n.window (arch.); chimney
v.to plant (arch.)
v.to ask divine favour of rain by sacrificing human (arch.)
n.earth, ground (arch.)
n.thigh (arch.)
v.resist; meet resistance (arch.)
n.summer, a season; Xia Dynasty; Chinese ethnic group(s) (arch.)
n.apes, monkeys (arch.)
n.lean pork taken from under the spinal column (arch.); distant place
n.man with stretched arms, human being (arch.)
n.man with head inclined towards one side (arch.)
n.male adult (arch.); sage; distinguished person; man; husband; labourer
v.(arch.) exaggerate; brag, boast, overstate
v.exaggerate, magnify (arch.)
adv.lacking, absent, without (arch.)
n.couple (arch.); wife; imperial concubine; the wife of the Crown Prince; goddess
adj.a woman being jealous of her husband (arch.); being jealous in general
n.mother in general (arch.); a deceased mother; woman ancestors
v.give as wife (arch.)
n.female slave (arch.); concubine, hetaera
n.elder sister; mother (arch.)
n.beautiful lady, good looking woman (arch.)
n.awe; pomp; mother-in-law (arch.)
adj.a man being jealous of his wife (arch.); envious
v.beautiful, pretty (arch.); romp; make fun of; amuse
v.(arch.) play with; flirt with; (Cant.) angry
n.snail (arch.); surname; Royal family of Chin Kingdom, later Empire; Ying village
v.(arch.) to love; to admire; to adore
v.to rear or raise children under a roof (arch.)
n.eldest son (arch.); first month of each season (arch.)
v.(arch.) to store; to stand for long
var.(arch.) archetypic variant ofand 佇; nowadays used exclusively as the simplified form of 寧.
n.snake (arch.)
v.to assess or survey (arch.); to pass; loaf about; to indulge; to procrastinate; droop; to delay; to defer
n.eaves of a house (arch.); time as a concept; infinite time
v.to display sacrificial meat on an altar (arch.); order rightly; be fit
adj.calm, peaceful (arch.)
v.live in solitude (arch.)
adj.ugly (arch.)
n.one inch below the wrist where a Chinese physician takes the patient's pulse (arch. , med.); inch
n.corpse, cadaver; wizard acting as surrogate for the dead during funeral rituals (arch.); a spirit tablet (arch.)
v.to impersonate the dead (arch.)
v.to squat (arch.); dwell, reside, live; remain; be in; occupy; put into practice; sit; claim; assert
adj.no tail, short-tailed (arch.)
n.islet in river (arch.); a region; a state; departmental division, political division; a county; empire division in ancient China
n.warp of a fabric (arch.); vertical threads on weaving machine; streams running underground; flowing water
v.help, assist (arch.)
n.carpenter's square (arch.)
n.a piece of string or thread (arch.); the sixth of ten celestial stems; self, oneself
n.foetus (arch.); sixth of twelve Terrestrial Branches
n.skirt (arch.)
n.silk (arch.); present; wealth; coin; token; money; currency
n.man carrying harvested crops (arch.); year; age; new year
n.freedom from misfortune (arch.); good fortune
adj.tiny, small (arch.); dusky; deep; peaceful; secret, hidden
广n.house (arch.)
v.to protect (arch.); to administer; to prepare; to regulate; to hand up
n.armoury (arch.); warehouse; treasury; storehouse; granary
v.to cook, to roast (arch.)
庿n.temple (arch.)
n.Liao state (arch.); surname
v.to travel afar (arch.); to delay, to postpone; to procrastinate; to lengthen, to prolong, to extend; to protract; to invite; to engage, to send for; to receive; to elongate
n.stake, peg, (arch.)
v.bend, arch
n.sound of bow (arch.)
v.make judgment (arch.); to foretell
n.sacrificial vessels; cardinal principle (arch.); the Yi nationality
n.step with left foot (arch.)
n.thought (arch.)
v.think (arch.)
adj.anxious,sad (arch.); silent, quiet, still
n.evil; vice; wickedness;faeces (arch.)
n.an axe-like weapon (arch.); the fifth of the ten celestial stems
pron.you (arch.)
n.city, citadel (arch.); achievement; result; the whole; one tenth of a sum (一成)
n.saw-like weapon (arch.); self
v.to injure, to damage (arch.)
n.tablet, signboard (arch.)
adj.span with hands; arch
v.to draw a bow (arch.); to control; to accuse; to charge
n.talent, ability (arch.)
n.pot made of bronze for holding food (arch.)
v.attack (arch.); urge, manage; advice and encourage
n.tattoo (arch.); literature; arts; culture; writing, literary composition, literary accomplishment; character; script; language; prose
n.soup (arch.)
n.a unit of weight (catty); axe with brace (arch.)
v.cut, tear apart (arch.)
n.firewood (arch.)
n.scallops along the lower edge of a flag (arch.); parade
n.arrowhead (arch.); clan, tribe; class; family; death penalty imposed on the whole family; race, nationality
adv.finished eating (arch.); already; completed
n.delicious food (arch.); meaning, aim, purpose; decree; purport
n.(arch.) sunshine
adj.obscure; be ignorant of, have hazy notions about; blind (arch.)
n.stars (arch.); crystal; quartz
v.place both hands above the eyes to look better into the distance (arch.)
n.earthen rice steamer (arch.)
v.subdue (arch.); wear; serve; submit; be willing; swallow, take; be convinced; obey; be accustomed to
v.visit in the beginning of each moon (arch.); bear (arch.)
n.reputation; prestige; full moon (arch.)
n.trunk of a tree (arch.); red; vermilion; cinnabar
n.The East (arch.)
n.leaf (arch.); a table, flat pieces of wood, a slip
n. branch of tree (arch.), axe-handle; stalk;
v.to divine (arch.)
n.unfilial bird (arch.); owlet; smuggler; trafficker
n.funeral car (arch.); shed; bamboo or wood cart; warehouse, storehouse; tavern
n.Chinese catalpa (tree) (arch.); chair; idesia polycarpa (bot.)
v.ride (arch.); multiply (arch.)
n.bushes and shrubs (arch.); name of feudal state Chu in the Eastern Zhou dynasty
n.fence; bird or beast cage; Fan city (arch.); surname
n.(arch.) tool used for shaping wood; to edit a text
n.arch; smoke tree
n.(arch.) a weight used as standard; power, right, authority; influence; exigency, expediency; circumstance; opportunism
n.goldenrain tree; arch; twin; surname
v.man blowing or yawning (arch.); owe, lack, be deficient, insufficient
n.foot (arch.)
n.The planet Jupiter (arch.), annual displacement of planet Jupiter along its orbit; year; age; harvest
n.marriage of a woman (arch.)
n.bone fragment (arch.)
v.(arch.): behead, kill, exterminate; distinguish; define
n.ashes of a cremated person (arch.); wealth
v.hammer, forge (arch.)
v.(arch.) to apply acupuncture to a person with abdominal ailment
n.(blinded) slave (arch.); people; mankind; a member of a nationality; civilian; subjects; citizens
v.swim (arch.)
n.Yangzi River (arch.); large river
n.ancient sacrifice by drowning lifestock or sinking precious jade (arch.); a surname
n.school (arch.); Pan river
v.wash one's foot (arch.); wash; bathe; rinse; purify; polish or grind gems
n.Tu River; December (arch.)
n.name of a river in Shanxi; Wei River; Wei prefecture (arch.); the roaring of rapids
n.the Han River (arch.); name of a dynasty; the Milky Way, the Galaxy; man, male adult; a surname
particleused as a modal particle (arch.)
n.Lei River (arch.); Tahe River
v.(of water) to dash against (arch. sic)
n.Peng county (arch.)
n.gully, ravine, brook; mountain stream; ten vigintillion (arch.); Jian River
n.law (arch.)
n.soya bean milk (arch.)
v.to burn (arch.)
v.bake, roast (arch.)
v.taming elephant (arch.); be; do; make; practice; act out; cause; act as, serve as
n.a kind of bird now unidentifiable (arch.)
v.lack, not have; dance (arch.)
v.burn, roast (arch.)
v.to ask divine favour of rain by sacrificing human (arch.); to toast; to burn; to dry by exposing to the sun; to bake by fire with little oil; to roast; to dry
v.cook (arch.)
v.cook (arch.)
n.flint; flintstone; beacon; beacon fire (arch.); torch
n.feudal title or rank; vessel for drinking (arch.)
n.bed (arch.); slit bamboo or chopped wood
n.(arch.) vicious dog; beast resembling a wolf
n.collapse, die of dog bite (arch.)
n.dog of good breed (arch.); hound
n.prince; king; ruler, monarch; axe with edge facing downwards (arch.)
n.Gem, streaks in jade; (arch.) an ancient form of putting the name of the first Emperor of the Zhou dynasty
n.pearl or jade earring; ear-ornaments with jade or pearl; the tangent arch of the sun or the moon; solar prominence; the ears of the sword
n.jade cut into halves (arch.); class; company; team; shift, duty
n.(arch). the vein lines (or 'grain') of processes jade; reason; principle; fitness of things; right; texture; grain of wood; logic; truth
n.jade's fragment (arch.); chain; chain-like pattern; court ban (arch.); surname
v.(arch.) hunt; cultivate
n.lightning (arch.); ninth of twelve Terrestrial Branches
n.raised path between farm fields, balk, baulk; field; a Japanese measure of length; a measure of area (arch.)
n.calamity, disaster; an ancient pottery (arch.); Zi River; evil; ground that has been under cultivation for one year
n.hand-net (arch.); name of a constellation that resembles a hand-net; The Net, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
n.wing (arch.); irregular land (arch.)
n.boundary, border, limit (arch.)
n.roll, bolt of cloth; leg and foot (arch.)
n.Chinese honey locust (Gleditsia sinensis) (arch.); soap; yamen runner; menial servant
n.Bulleye in archery, shooting target (arch.)
n.cover, lid (arch.)
v.to cover (arch.); gather
v.inspecting one's own countenance by gazing at one's reflection in a bowl of water (arch.); inspect, supervise, oversee; revise; look into
adj.exhaustive (arch.); parched;
v.look at each other adversely or angrily (arch.); staring
adj.eyelid lowed (arch.)
n.eyelid; prefecture (arch.)
n.precious stone (arch.); boulder; rocky hills
n.site for sacrifice; sacrifice; year (arch.)
v.pray (arch.)
n.wizard (arch.)
v.pray, perform rituals; curse by the gods (arch.); drink wine after ritual baths
n.ear of grain; grain in the ear (Bible expression) (arch.)
n.cricket (OBS/BS, arch.); autumn; fall of the year; a season, a time; harvest time; year
n.fine variety of rice (arch.); feudal state of Qin; the Qin dynasty; short for Shanxi (Shan3xi) province
n.millet or broomcorn millet; cereals, food crops; The God of Cereals; Ji town (arch.)
n.hollow or empty space (arch.); free time, leisure; deficit; translation of the Sanskrit notion of śūnya
n.hole; side door; mouth of a sewer; cellar; sinus; surname; Dou prefecture (arch.)
n.Jun prefecture (arch.); smooth hard skin of bamboo; bamboo flute
n.a square grain receptacle for ceremonial purpose (arch.)
n.the flag as sign of a tavern (arch.); screen, curtain
簿n.book; document; secretary (arch.); written confession, deposition
n.congee, gruel, porridge (arch.)
n.unpolished rice (arch.)
v.bring up (arch.); marry off (arch.)
v.to dispose of dung or manure (arch.)
n.back leather belt attached to a horse (arch.); name of tyrant ,name of last emperor of Shang Dynasty
n.Jiang capital (arch.)
v.twine (arch.)
n.warp of a fabric (arch.); classic books, classic works, classics; invariable rule; standard of conduct; longitude; scripture; canon; menses; menstruation; things running lengthwise; meridian; main artery; longitudes
n.bondage (arch.); silk; silk cloth, satin damask
n.a heel piece of shoe (arch.); satin
v.to hang, to suspend (arch.)
n.the flaxen thread; a kind of plant like the ramie; black and solid earth; an arch; a squat; a wide-mouthed jar for containing wine
n.net (arch.); the net of justice
n.bridle; a bun (arch.)
n.fine food offered as tribute (arch.); disgrace, shame
v.(arch.) to offer tribute or gifts
n.gas; Fu Xi (Fu Ηsi); sun; surname; sacrificial animal (arch.)
n.bird with blue-green feathers (arch.); kingfisher; green jade; Jadeite
n.bird with red feathers (arch.); kingfisher; jade, emerald, precious stone
n.beard (arch.)
n.scrab paste; moment; petty official (arch.); musical officer; surname
n.power; ability; talent; capability; skill; energy; bear (arch.)
n.dried meat in lieu of salary for a teacher (arch.); fine food
v.make dried-meat (arch.)
v.to pick, to fetch, to take (arch.)
v.taking a desk-napping posture (arch.); lie down; crouch; lean on, grovel
v.be satisfied; be rest content with (arch.); to hide
v.flee out of fear (arch.)
n.nose (arch,); self
v.to smell (arch.); stink, emit foul odor
v.to send, to deliver; to convey to (arch.); cause, incur, bring about, occasion, result in; retire, resign; extend to; apply to; transmit; devote
v.daggle, pull, drag (arch.)
v.carry by two or more people (four hands) (arch.); carry on one's shoulder
n.a blood sacrifice (arch.); split on jade; hatred; crime, wrong; quarrel; dispute
n.tub, basin (arch.); sort, manner, kind, category, way
n.licorice(arch.); glycoside; name for a series of organic compounds
n.the nuts of oak (arch.); grass; straw; herbs; weeds; draft; a style of writing
n.sunset, evening (arch.)
n.dodder, creeper; cuscuta; rabbit; tiger (arch.)
n.owl (arch.)
n.ten thousand; scorpion (arch.)
n.garlic (arch.); bottle gourd
n.bulrush, flute, whistle; young shoot of a reed (arch.)
v.attack, eradicate (arch.); disdain, despise; smear, besmirch, calumniate
v.dismember lower limb of victim, kill (arch.)
n.kind of bramble, goosefoot, pigweed; inferior meal (arch.)
n.name of a grass; straw raincoat (arch.); Xue state; surname
v.to cry; to shout; to howl (all arch.)
n.big mound (arch.); void; emptiness; empyrean; The Emptiness, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
onomatopoeiaroar of tiger (arch.)
n.The Kingdom of Shu (one of the Three Kingdoms); caterpillar or larva of a butterfly or moth (arch.); Short for Sichuan province
n.frog, toad (arch.); shrimp, prawn
n.caterpillar or larva of a butterfly or moth (arch.)
n.straw rain coat (arch.)
n.chemise, women's undergarments (arch.); heart; centre; inner feelings
n.shroud (arch.); coverlet, quilt
n.lining of clothing (arch.)
n.fur coat; furrier (arch.)
n.armour for soldiers (arch.); second-class formal attire (arch.); aid, benefit, help; supplement
n.red clothing (arch.); surname; soldier; silk wadding clothes; coffins ornaments; bag
n.court dress; informal dress (arch.); stockings (arch.); pleat, crease, wrinkle
v.undress (arch.); aid, assist, help; achieve; rise
西n.west; occident; nest of bird (arch.)
n.salt (arch.); surname
n. compass (arch.); rules, regulation; customs; law; usage; fee; divider; gauge, feeler
v.court officials in ancient feudal states paying each other visits every three years (arch.); to scan or to scope over a wide range of distant objects
n.horn-like hair on the owl-head (arch.); beak; The Turtle Beak, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
v.to sing without instrumental accompaniment (arch.)
n.vessel like a platter (arch.); bean; pea; legumes; pulses; dry measure; peck
n.ceremonial vessel; utensil for rites and ceremonies (arch.)
n.wild boar (arch.); mane of wild boar (arch.); hair
n.elephant (arch.); one of nine empire divisions of ancient China; short for Henan province
v. to give as present (arch.); to bestow
n.abdomen (arch.); pregnancy (arch.); trunk, hull; ;body; person; lifetime, life
n.a high-fronted, curtained carriage (arch.); front of a palace under the eaves; house; balcony; lavatory; window or door; star's name; Xuanyuan
n.cross board at rear of carriage (arch.); carriage; rash; peg for tuning stringed-instrument; The Chariot, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
v.to surpass; to transgress (arch.); to excel; tomake a sudden violent attack, to assault; be scattered
輿n.public opinion; cart, palanquin (arch.)
n.chisel, jab (arch.); eigth of ten celestial stems
v.to dismember [a person] (arch.) be unworthy of, to let down; to fall short of other's expectation
n.guilt (arch.)
n.clam (arch.); the fifth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches; time, day, occasion
v.two persons facing each other (arch.)
n.wine, wine vessel (arch.); the tenth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches; small You mountain
n.chief of tribe, chieftain; old wine, aged liquor (arch.)
v.drink (arch.)
n.poisonous drink (arch.); acid radical; acyl
v.to poison (arch.)
v.sacrifice with blood (arch.)
n.bronze, metals in general (arch.); gold; money; Mercury (the solar planet); aurum (Au); No.79 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.wine vessel (arch.); short spear; thallium (Tl); No.81 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
v.bestow; confer (arch.)
adj.hard (arch.)
onomatopoeiasound of bell (arch.)
n.Bronze or champagne colored horse (arch.); Masurium (a now disqualified candidate for the Element No. 43)
n.a small bell used in the army (arch.); bracelet
n.an ancient musical instrument; surname; nephew (arch.)
n.battle array (arch.)
v.excavate, dig (arch.); cultivate, mould, educate
adj.uneven, rugged (landscape) (arch.); dangerous; sinister; vicious; venomous
n. slave, servant (arch.); a way of writing prevalent in the Chin and especially the Han dynasties
n.crow; raven (arch.); standard
v.birds flocking on a tree (arch.); assemble, collect together, gather together; compile; edit
n.a owl-like bird (arch.)
n.the hunting of wild birds (arch.); delicacy
n.pedator bird; eagle, vulture (arch.)
n.black-naped oriole (arch.); one of the eight trigrams; one of the 64 hexagrams
v.to wait [because of rain] (arch.); need; require; have to
n.light rain, drops of rain (arch.)
n.head (arch.); page, sheet; leaf
n.beard, whiskers (arch.) ; moment
n.straight forehead profile (arch.)
n.forehead (arch.); title; heading; headline; theme; subject; proposition; topic; problem
n.large head; surname; a kind of bird (arch.);
adj.tasty (arch.); stupid, dull; common; vulgar; rash; rough; rude
n.abalone; tanner (arch.); ear shell; surname; salted fish
n.cuttlefish (arch.): Crucian carp, squid, inkfish
n.pedator bird; eagle, vulture (arch.)
n.natural salt (arch.); halogen; thick gravy used as a sauce for noodles,etc.; bittern or concentrated brine
n.bit of a horse (arch.);
n.pair, couple (arch.); beauty
n.a dark sallow colour; dark complexion; old man (arch.)
n.frog (arch.)
n.(arch.) day time; a kind of sea turtle; surname (eg. 鼂錯)
v.classify, juxtapose, to be ranked or treated as member of a group (arch.)
n.big house (arch.); face; surname