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[on], 找到 279 個
prep.above; on
v.ascend, go up; go on; send to; pay in; go ahead
v.to depend on; to entrust with
v.to divine by means of a willow stick writing on the sand
prep.on; to; from; with
v.lie between; border on; take seriously, take to heart
v.trust to, rely on, confide in; appoint, employ; bear, be responsible for, assume office, take up a job; allow, tolerate, let
v.to stand on tiptoe; to look for; to anxiously expect; to look forward to; to plan
v.prostrate; yield; suffer; lie in ambush; hide; conceal; suppress; sit on eggs
v.depend on; destroy
v.follow; comply with; trust to; depend on; obey; be near to; listen to; yield to
v.to look carefully; to scrutinize; to spy on
idiomon the contrary
v.lean by; rely on; depend on; be near to
v.to rely on
v.teach, instruct; lay on, apply; close to; depend on; assist; stick to
v.depend on; assist a ruler in governing a country; accompany; follow
v.carry on a shoulder pole; carry by two persons
v.to move on; to go out
v.precede ;to put on a man's hat ceremonially signifying one's coming of age
v.override; bully, encroach on, insult; rise high, go up, soar; ride; cross, negotiate
v.compare, be equal to; be a match for; on a par with
v.eat; drink; suffer, incur; absorb; use up, annihilate, wipe out, exhaust; take; live on
v.breath on; roar; yawn
v.be on good term with; be in accord with; harmonize; rehearse ensemble music; draw
v.talk endlessly; chatter; babble; stramp on; suck
adv.later on
v.to give vocal signals to a dog; to set a dog on; to instigate; to order about; to urge; to incite
v.follow; rely on; accord with
prep.at; in; on
v.consist in; be present, exist; be alive; rest with; depend on
n.toe wall; raised path between crop fields; margin; water flow on the mountains; ancient name of a place in Shanxi province
v.carry on a shoulder pole; quibble
v.fawn on, toady, favor with; flatter
v.to commit an outrage on a woman; to lust after
v.to copulate, to have sexual intercourse; negotiate peace; dote on; meet
v.guard; protect; observe, abide by; keep; attend to; hold on to; maintain; defend
v.pacify; soothe; settle; place; fix on; arrange; set; rest in
v.to display sacrificial meat on an altar (arch.); order rightly; be fit
v.revere; bestow favor on, dote on; spoil (children)
adj.bent on
v.tread on; experience; put on; ascend the throne; fulfill; assume
n.a path on a hill; Wuling mountain ridge; a high mountain; the ridge or the highest peak of a mountaiin; a mountain track
n.warp of a fabric (arch.); vertical threads on weaving machine; streams running underground; flowing water
v.err, mistake; differ; send, dispatch; dispute on official business; go wrong
n.open hand; crust on a pot
n.book copied on silk; silk
onomatopoeiasound of fire on wind
n.couch, bed; board or framework on which things rest
n.store house for rice, granary; barn; scholars who live on government grants
v.put on a man's hat ceremonially signifying one's coming of age; put at the head; put before
n.weiqi, a game played with black and white pieces on a board of 361 intersection points
v.play on stringed instrument; snap the fingers; bounce, rebound; press down; accuse, criticize
v.go on foot
v.drive a carriage; ride on; rule, administer; control; command; resist; your arrival; stop; defense
v.penetrate; remove; strip off; destroy; cultivate on the share system
v.to rely on; to persist in; to presume to
v.rely on; support
v.be on the alert against; distress, sad
v.to take pity on; to show tender care of; to foster; to sympathize with; to grieve
v.love; be fond of; like; be keen on; covet; cherish, treasure; hold dear; take good care of; be apt to; be in the habit of
v.commiserate, take pity on
adv.on a long journey; far
v.carry in the bosom; cherish; dwell on; long for; comfort; conceive
v.wear, put on
v.beat; pound; strike; rush on
v.carry on the palm; support with the hand
v.seek; look for; find; pay a balance; exchange; give change; call on; want to see; approach
v.receive; inherit; bear, hold, carry; contain; support; contract for; undertake; continue, carry on; confess; acknowledge; please; flatter; meet
v.place the hand on; press down, push down; stop, repress, restrain, control; leave aside; examine, check, refer to
v.carry on the arm; wear sth.over ones shoulder or at ones side
v.hit from behind; get close to; suffer; wait; drag on, scrabble for a living; lean
v.pinch, nip; choke to death, throttle; inlay; count on one's fingers
v.to quiver; (Cant.) to pull on something;
v.to carry on the shoulder
v.hide or carry in ones clothes; put in pocket of; be pregnant; impose (one's views,etc.) on others; measure; estimate
v.to carry things on one's back
v.combat, fight, struggle; throb; pounce on
v.do; carry on; be engaged in; make; produce; work out; set up; start; organize; get, get hold of; secure
v.to fan; to strike on face; to stir up; to incite
v.apply on, put on
v.cast, throw; cast off; put on; fall;tumble, lose one's balance
adv.do sth. on one's own authority without permission
v.to put on (clothes); literally to put one's arms through sleeves of clothes
v.occupy, seize, take possession of; receive; base, rely on, lean on, depend on
v.scour; clean; rub in; wipe; spread on; put on
v.climb; seek connections in high places; depend on; implicate
v.hold; monopolize, dominate, take on everything; take sb.into ones arms, embrace; pick up
adj.;tilted; leaning; not standing solidly on its base
v.put, place in, place on; release, free, liberate, loosen, let go; drive away, banish; indulge; issue; accord with; reach to; imitate
v.to work on; to study; to hit
prep.in; on; at; by; from
n.arrowhead (arch.); clan, tribe; class; family; death penalty imposed on the whole family; race, nationality
n.the ribbon of a flag; the tassels on ancient crowns; fringes of pearls on crowns; a pennant
v.choke on something eaten; finished with eating
adj.principal; original; native; current; present; according to; based on; essential; my; our
v.lay on a frame; put up, erect; support; fend off; ward off; withstand; support; prop; help; kidnap
n.a bar; a reel thread or wire on a revolving frame; a coir-palm
v.put on fetters; bind, tie
v.to poke a hole on a slain pig
v.perch; stay; dwell, lodge at; withdraw; place (hope,etc.) on
n.mulberry; fungus on tree; anvil
n.ox yoke placed on the horns (to prevent the ox from hurting people); wooden board
n.wood pile on which chickens perch
n.pavilion or house on a terrace; hall
v.to rely on; to carry things in a sack
n.label on a book; envelope
n.a kind of tree; date-plum; jelly fungi; short pillar on the beam
v.smear the blood of a sacrifice on the mouthan ancient form of swearing an oath; to drink; to smear the blood
n.ten-thousandth part of an ounce; atom; the down on plants; fine long hair; writing brush
n.cracks or marks of perforations on rocks caused by natural or artificial forces
v.comment on; make an entry, record, register; fix the mind on, concentrate; stake; pour; annotate
v.floating on board a ship
adj.full; on friendly terms; damp
v.be given to heavy drinking; indulge in; back on, turn back
n.the ice floating on a river during the spring thaw; a corpse; ice
v.border on, be close to
v.be close to, border on
v.to roast or simmer on a slow fire
v.burn, set on fire, incinerate, cremate
idiomon fire
v.stew, boil; extract sth.by heating; drag on;hold out; to endure
n.name of a beast, a kind of tapir; a fierce beast depicted on the door of prisons
n.a jade-like stone; an ornament on a bridle
n.the decoration on the upper part of the sheath of a sword
v.to carve, to engrave, to cut out, to sculpt on jade
n.jade tablet given to feudal princes on their investiture, as a sign of authority and rank; keepsake; happy omen
adv.on end, in succession
v.lean against, lie on bed
v.ache, pain; love dearly, dote on
v.turn towards, incline, depend on
n.dirt accumulated on skin; light-ink strokes
v.examine, scrutinize; watch; be on the alert; economize, save; omit, leave out
v.glare; be keen on, indulge in
v.see, look at, observe, watch; read; examine; look in the direction of; consider, think; look after, take care of, guard; look upon; regard; treat; call on, visit
v.to spy on, to look on and find out
v.to spy on; to peep; to watch stealthily
v.self-conceited, self-important, singing ones own praise; take pity on, sympathize with; lay emphasis on, uphold, advocate
onomatopoeiato make a loud sound; water splashing on rock; cracking noise
adj.big stone on mountain; hard
onomatopoeiawater splashing on rock
n.stone steps on a hill path; step
n.a ceremony of purification held on the edge of a river in spring and autumn for averting evils
v.to trample, to step on
n.rice plant with grain still on stalk
n.taxes; revenue; duty on goods
n.hole on ground
n.plan; scheme; strategy; bundle of bamboo slips for writing on; question; riding-whip
n.bamboo mat spread on the floor for people to sit on; seat; feast
n.large groove of bamboo on a mountain, mountain valley with clumps of trees and bamboos
v.write with seal character; carve; engrave on one's mind
n.leaf of a book; section; essay; book; tablet of bamboo formerly used for writing on
v.connect; join; hand down; continue, carry on
v.to wear; to tie, to bind up; to coil up; carry on the arm; to string together; to roll up
n.affix; ornament on the edge of sth.
v.woof, weft; the woof of a woven item; silk fabrics with patterns on both sides
n.rope on the handle or hilt of a knife or sword; Gou mountain; surname
n.cocoon; callosity, callus; callous skin on hands or feet
n.knot on a thread of silk; flaw
v.connect; join on; add to; continue; extend; add; supply more
n.squares on chess board
v.play, amuse oneself; make fun of, play tricks on, tease; play with
v.indulge in; be keen on; delay, hang fire; take on
v.depend on; chat
n.repetition of sacrificial rituals on two successive days
v.undertake, take on, bear, sustain
v.turn the back on, turn away; disavow; memorize, recite from memory, learn by heart; carry on the back; act contrary to, violate
n.callus, callosity on the hands or feet; abdominal distention
n.fat on intestine
n.the callous skin on the feet
v.taking a desk-napping posture (arch.); lie down; crouch; lean on, grovel
v.carry by two or more people (four hands) (arch.); carry on one's shoulder
v.give, offer, grant, allow; get along with, be on good terms with; take part in, participate in; concede to; share in; be present at; be concerned about
n.a blood sacrifice (arch.); split on jade; hatred; crime, wrong; quarrel; dispute
n.a kind of straw found on seaside used for making matt
n.fodder; straw; animals that feed on grass
n.china root, a medicinal fungus found on the roots of some trees
v.wear; carry on the back
v.set forth; manifest, make known; write; put on, wear; belong to a place; blossom
n.golden ornament on the car cover; the corolla of a flower
v.to wear on the head
n.frame for silkworms to spin cocoons on; nest
v.rely on; pretext
v.dwell; abide in, stay on; be at rest in; occupy; decide; judge; punish; settle, end; manage; adjust; attend to; place
n.poles of a rack on which musical instruments were hung, support structure for bell; bell pendant stand
n.stripe pattern on a tiger's fur
n.large size mussel; wild caterpillar feeding on celery leaves
n.scales on the belly of a snake aiding locomotion; snail
n.foldings on both sides of a funeral dress; funeral gown
v.suffer, be the object of; wear on the back
n.a border or band on the edge of a dress
n.swaddling clothes; a rope; an ancient apparatus for catching tiger; a cloth used for carrying children on the back
n.folds on clothes
v.to make a raid on, to attack; to replicate; to inherit
v.spread on; widely bestow
v.to spy on; to observe in secret; tp peek; to peep
v.to spy on; to observe in secrecy
n.horn-like hair on the owl-head (arch.); beak; The Turtle Beak, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
v.arrange; settle, fix, conclude, draw up, agree on; edit; collate; subscribe to
v.inquire about; search out; visit; call on
v.arrange; criticize; comment on; review; judge; appraise
v.visit; call on a senior; pay one's respect to; report
v.to talk on and on, to harp on; to rave; to be delirious
v.bear; sustain; carry on the back; trust to, rely on; turn the back on; lose; fail; owe; betray
v.string on a thread; go through; implicate; pierce; perforate
v.borrow or lend; buy or sell on credit; hire out, rent; mortgage; pardon
v.provide, supply; subsidize, support, aid, assist; depend on, rely on; protect
n.shells or pearls strung together and worn on women's neck
v.give credit, buy or sell on credit; borrow
v.to award; to give as a present; to present as a gift; to confer; to bestow on an inferior; to reward
onomatopoeiasound of steping on the ground
n.callus, callous skin on hands or feet; blisters
趿v.walk in slippers; tread on
v.to stand on one's toes
v.trample, step on
v.carry on the back; hunchback, humpback
v.slide, slip; stamp; stand, stop; stand on tiptoe
v.step on, trample; tread on; search for
v.to kneel for a long time, to go down on hands and knees
v.tread upon; trample; walk; follow; act on; carry out
v.to tread on; to trample on; to step on irreverently
v.step on, trample; walk
v.stand on tiptoe
v.tread, step on; kick
v.to skip (on one foot); to limp or walk lamely; to leap
v.tread, stamp, step on; tail and seek
v.trample on; make inroads on, aggression, bully
v.tread on, trample under foot
v.tread on; kick; stamp
v.to clear the traffic for the emperor's route, to keep persons off the route of the emperor when on tour
v.tread on; pass; follow
v.step on
v.to tread on; to kick; to pursue
v.lift up; hold up; stand on tiptoe; lame; hold one's head high
v.tread; climb; put on; lighten ones step; follow; walk on tiptoe
n.a small hole on the axletree; fender of the carriage; end of the axletree
n.land on hill slope; used often as nme of places in Southern China and Hong Kong
n.sides of a chariot; luggage rack on a chariot; surname
v.shift; move; turn; change direction; revolve; transfer; transmit; pass on
n.blinds on both sides of a carriage for guarding off dust
n.framework of lattice on cart
n.large ring on the yoke of a carriage, used for grouping the reins
n.Gao State- an ancient fief in Shantung bestowed on the eldest son of Wen Wang; rare surname
n.mould or scum on liquids
n.glaze on porcelain
v.repeat; lay stress on; attach importance to
n.the hole on an axe for installing a handle
v.put handcuff on
n.a needle; iron pin on the stick that pricks the horse
n.frontlet; ornament mounted on the forehead of a horse
n.frontlet; ornament mounted on the forehead of a horse
n.a sword-blade, knob on the guard of a sword; a surname
prep.among; in; on
v.adhere to; dependent on; append; enclose; attach; add to; increase; be possessed by; agree to
v.arrange; spread out; make a statement; make a plea; expose; lay out; put on display; state; explain
v.birds flocking on a tree (arch.); assemble, collect together, gather together; compile; edit
v.birds flocking on a tree
v.depend on; trust to; lean on; lean against; get near; keep to; come up to
n.the jaw; the cheeks, a mole or spot on the face
v.to stretch a skin on a frame for a drum
n.the piece of leather used for soles on Chinese shoes; a patch
n.wrinkle or crease on the surface of leather; handling tools made of leather used on carriages
n.top, summit; crown of the head; a button formerly worn on the hat to indicate rank
v.care for, look after; regard; turn the head round to look; attend to; take into consideration; visit; call on
n.beard on chin
n.set out food on display
v.eat; apply; fool, deceive, palm off sth.on
n.dry provisions or goods; rations (to take on expedition)
n.horse with a white marking on its forehead
n.goods on draught animals
v.carry on the back
v.carry on the back
n.horse with revolving hair on the back
n.tufts of hair left on the heads of children after hair cut
n.sideburns, hair on temples
n.a wild bird, probably a sparrow hawk with a white spot on its tail
n.black spots on body; mole; scar; blemish
n.an ancient small cooking vessel with two loop handles and three or four legs; a tripod with a small opening on the top
n.teeth expose on lips