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[Chinese], 找到 103 個
particle(in Classical Chinese) final particle implying strong affirmation
n.(Chinese name for) Russia
n.name of the god of South Sea in ancient Chinese myth; flash; name of fish
n.knife; sword; razor; a kind of metal currency circulated in Chinese antiquity in the Qi State
n.the thousandth part of a Chinese foot; likin tax; the thousandth part of a tael; unit of annual interest rate
n.a song or a singing part of a Chinese opera
n.circle; dollar; official name of the Chinese legal tender (currency) and of the currencies of some other Asian countries
n.summer, a season; Xia Dynasty; Chinese ethnic group(s) (arch.)
n.a legendary one-legged creature; Name of musical official in Chinese antiquity; Kui prefecture
n.one inch below the wrist where a Chinese physician takes the patient's pulse (arch. , med.); inch
n.archery, being one of the 6 basic items of classical education in Chinese antiquity
巿n.sacrificial clothing in imperial Chinese courts
n.calico; cotton cloth; shirting; linen; cloth; a kind of metal currency circulated in Chinese antiquity in the Jin States
n.teacher, instructor, master; model, example; multitude; troops, army; capital city; a division in the Chinese army
n.virtue; moral excellence, morals, moral character; goodness; conduct, behaviour; energy, power; kindness; favour; ; (Chinese name for) Germany
n.idea; opinion; sentiment; thought; meaning; wish; will; purpose; desire; intention; suggestion; hint; trace; ; (Chinese name for) Italy
n.right-falling stroke in Chinese characters
n.left-falling stroke (in Chinese characters); things liking left-falling stroke
n.dipper; Chinese peck for measuring grain or liquid; measuring unit containing 10 sheng, or roughly 1.63 gallons; name of constellation (Ursa Major); The Dipper, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
n.daylight; a surname in Chinese legends
n.a Chinese character that empress Wu Ze Tian created for her own name
n.Chinese hackberry
n.Chinese wolfberry; Qi state
n.a square peck-shaped wooden box used for supporting a traditional Chinese flagstaff
n.Chinese chestnut, hairy chestnut; surname
n.pillar; Chinese soapberry; Huanshui River; Huanshan Mountain
n.Chinese catalpa; woodworker; printing blocks; native place; surname
n.a kind of tree (Chinese ash), with medical value
n.Chinese parasol tree; skew post
n.jujube, Chinese date
n.birchleaf pear; wild plums; the crab apple tree; white poplar; Chinese bush cherry
n.Chinese catalpa (tree) (arch.); chair; idesia polycarpa (bot.)
n.Tilia chinensis; Tilia miqueliana;Chinese linden; Nanjing Linden; basswood; poplar, aspen
椿n.a long-living tree; Chinese toon; (literary metaphor for) father
n.Chinese sweet gum; maple
n.Chinese pistache; model, pattern; standard script; surname
n.Chinese catalpa; deciduous tree; chessboard
n.Chinese torreya, a species of yew found in North China
n.a Chinese holly; a stump; a fine and white wood used for arrows
n.Chinese tamarisk; Cheng
n.Chinese juniper; Sabina chinensis, Juniperus chinensis
n.a coffin, especially the inner one; Chinese parasol tree
n.law; statute; regulation; rule; legal standard; plan; method; way; mode; model; the dharma; magic arts; example; (Chinese name for ) France
v.wash with water colour in Chinese painting; play up; exaggerate
adj.Chinese; belonging to China
n.Chinese pot with steep wall
v.cook with Chinese pot with steep wall
n.name of the legendary beast in Chinese myth; Armadillo; Cingulata
n.a fabulous beast, a tribute animal presented to the Chinese emperor, probably a lion
n.a dog with a long snout or muzzle; a derogatory name of the northen nomads (later known as Hsiungnu or Huns) given by the Chinese in the Zhou Dynasty
n.The Chinese lute or guitar; a general name for certain musical instrument
n.pipa, chinese string instrument
n.pipa, chinese string instrument
n.an ancient chinese musical instrument
n.a Chinese land-measure of area
n.Chinese honey locust (Gleditsia sinensis) (arch.); soap; yamen runner; menial servant
n.board game of Chinese origin, played with black and white stones; any game similar to chess
n.punishment by dismembering the head and extremities from the body; right falling stroke in Chinese calligraphy
n.Chinese harp-like instrument, aka. 箜篌
adj.many, numerous, manifold; troublesome; traditional Chinese characters
n.the trimmed lower hem of the ancient Chinese gown.
n.big square banner or feather banner used in ancient Chinese army or in ceremony; a streamer
n.(Chinese name for ) America
n.sheepy odor; rank odor; smell of mutton; a technical term from Chinese medicine for the center of the chest
n.bow of a Chinese boat or junk
n.the chinese water-chest-nut- Scirpus tuberosus; the shortened form of a common, chinese harbaceous peony
n.ligusticum wallichii; a Chinese medical herb
n.awn; Chinese silvergrass; ray
n.Chinese Plantain; common mallow (Malva sylvestris)
n.hollow pulse, one type of pulse identified in Chinese medicine; scallion stalk; onion, leek
n.Name of a plant- Chinese elder, it has mucilaginous roots which are used for various purposes; mixing vermilion ink for seals
n.Chinese trumpet creeper; Chinese milk vetch; Tiao River
n.flower; beauty; hero, outstanding person; (Chinese name for) England
n.Chinese iris; litchi
n.Chinese penni-setum; Scopolia japonica; buttercup (bot.)
adj.flowery; variegated; Chinese; magnificent, splendid; prosperous, flourishing
n.scandent hop; the wormwood; the Chinese catalpa; the firewood
n.a medicinal herb; milkwort (Polygala myrtifolia), with roots used in Chinese medicine
n.an aromatic plant mentioned in ancient Chinese literature; iris; flower
n.Alisma plantago-aquatica; a common Chinese medical herb
n.Chinese iris; surname; bulrush used in making mats
n.a species of thyme or basil, perilla (Perilla frutescens); transliteration of Soviet; Abreviation of the Chinese province of Jiangsu
n.a Chinese blister beetle; a fly which is used similarly to cantharides
v.to hold something with the front of a Chinese jacket
n.full front and back of a Chinese jacket or gown; tail of a robe
n.a Chinese-style unlined jacket
n.vertical stroke in Chinese character; young servant; fellow
n.Kingdom Yue in the late Spring and Autumn period; general term for Southern Chinese; Vietnam
n.upward cut in Chinese calligraphy
n.money; copper coin; cash; wealth; one tenth of a Chinese ounce
n.bolt of a Chinese lock; door-bolt; piano-key; key
n.Dougong, a unique structural element of interlocking wooden brackets used in traditional Chinese architecture
n.the piece of leather used for soles on Chinese shoes; a patch
n.Chinese chives
n.Wonton, a type of dumpling in Chinese cuisines
n.Wonton, a type of dumpling in Chinese cuisines
n.dark-blue horse; steed, fine horse; kylin, mythical unicorn in Chinese legends
n.the Chinese herring; a fish; a kind of shad; the spermary of a fish
n.Chinese Pond Heron
n.Chinese oriole; Oriolus oriolus
n.female of Chinese unicorn
n.mythical unicorn in Chinese legends, legendary auspicious animal
n.big deer; kylin; noble; rare and precious things; female of Chinese unicorn