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[out], 找到 157 個
v.shout at someone, cry out
v.stretch out; extend; straighten out; redress; report to
v.fall over; lie down; knock down; pour out; invert
v.upset; be overthrown; collapse; subvert; fall flat; pour out; incline; bend the head; lean to; assay; test; smelt
adj.remote, out-of-the-way; evil; stubborn; rare, uncommon; eccentric
adj.lazy; tired out; worn; fatigued
v.to move on; to go out
v.die out; tacit agreement
v.come out; go out; manifest, appear; exceed, go beyond
v.to cut open; to hollow out; to kill; to eliminate; to injure sombody cruelly; to rip up
v.regulate, govern, restrain, restrict, control; determine, decide; fix; prepare; establish; overpower; make, manufacture; work out, formulate
v.pick out; scrape off; get rid of, scrape meat
v.dig; cut out; gouge out; scoop out
v.sigh; breathe out; appeal, petition
v.eat; drink; suffer, incur; absorb; use up, annihilate, wipe out, exhaust; take; live on
v.cry out; bawl; yell
v.cry out, shout
v.roar; shout, cry out; howl
v.call out; cry out; shout; exhale, breathe out; name
v.bite; cry out
int.yes; aha; look out; why; hello
v.sing; call out, cry
adj.a fish sticking its mouth out of the water; looking up to
v.call; halloo; shout; cry out; yell
v.to call out
v.call out; call up; be called
v.cry out; argumentative; click of the tongue
v.breathe out slowly; sigh
v.to belch; to breathe out, to exhale, to sigh
v.spurt; blow out; puff out; snort; emit; spout; gush; spray; sprinkle
v.call out
v.grasp; hold; seize; retain; manage; direct, control, take charge of; attend to; carry out; observe; catch; capture
adv.beyond; out
adj.the breath is dying out
adj.flourishing; red; angry; disappearing, fading out
v.examine into judicially; find out; scrutinize
v.to project; to shoot out, to fire; to aim at
v.open, unfold, unroll; stretch, extend, spread out; unfurl
v.notify; publish; spread out; display
v.do away with; abrogate; waste; destroy; dispense with; be out of office; stop short; give up; abolish
v.lead, guide; entice; introduce; draw out; stretch; induce, cause, make; conduct; quote, cite; lure, attract
v.stretch, string, extend, expand; draw a bow; set forth; snare; open out; make a display, publish, proclaim; The Extended Net, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
v.to worry; to pity, to sympathize; to help out; to take into account; to nurse
adj.be desirous but unable to speak out
v.wipe out; exterminate, destroy
v.bail out water for irrigation; lift water by dragon-bone water pedal
v.pull up; pierce; cut out; bind; fasten
v.pickle out, gouge out; pry; nitpick, expose; break off with the fingers and thumb; choose
v.to strain; to pour out; to express, to convey
v.drag out, draw out; delay; stretch
v.pull up, pull open; draw out; take out; divide up; levy; whip
v.drag after; drag out; involve; delay; implicate; pull; haul
v.bind, tie; put together, join together; be ready to risk one's life, go all out in work
v.ladle out; to bale out; to decant liquids
v.to strike with hands; to break off with fingers and thumb; to open; to spread out
v.wind thread or rope; seek, get to the bottom of the matter; deck out, make up
v.dig, hollow out; pull out, fish out
v.place in order, arrange; dispose; push; clear out; open out; settle; rehearse; exclude, eject, discharge
v.try; tempt; essay; scout, spy; search out; inquire after; explore; visit
v.measure, direction-find; conjecture, estimate; administer; put out
v.to fold; to trot; to divide into portions; to abandon; to give up; to sort out the divining stalks
v.do; carry on; be engaged in; make; produce; work out; set up; start; organize; get, get hold of; secure
v.perform one's duty negligently; keep out, ward off; spread over; evade, do sth. perfunctiorily
v.take; pull out hair; select
v.cast, let out; throw off all restraint, let oneself go; bend
v.select, choose, pick out
v.extract, drag, pull out; select; promote; erect
v.pick out; nitpick; order; expose; search; explore; split; thump
v.oust, drive out; expel
v.spread out, unfold; take a share in, contribute
adj.worn-out, old and shabby; tired; decayed, corrupted; my
v.grant, carry out; apply; narrate in detail; propagate; be sufficient for
v.bestow; grant; act, do, execute, carry out; exhibit; exert; impose; use, apply
v.to open out
v.dry in the sun; exhibit; stick out; stand out; bulge
adj.tired out
v.pull out; write; bind
v.sharpen; dispute; cross out; lift with both hands, carry together
v.to seek out; to search into; check; to examine; look into, to investigate; look up, consult
v.to squeeze out of; to extract
v.exhaust; extinguish, put out, destroy
v.annihilate, wipe out
v.wash out, eliminate
v.dash against, charge, rush; clash with, collide; pour out; infuse; soar to; wander from; rinse; flush
v.divulge, give away, let out; discharge, release, drain; have diarrhoea; leak
v.gush out
v.ripple; fall into; die out
v.destroy; exterminate; wipe; extinguish, put out, turn off
n.a well that intermittently runs out of water supply; water from a well or spring
v.taming elephant (arch.); be; do; make; practice; act out; cause; act as, serve as
v.to light; to put out
v.to extinguish or put out a fire, light, etc; to wither away, to die out, to come to an end
v.smooth out, iron out
v.stew, boil; extract sth.by heating; drag on;hold out; to endure
v.run out
v.to carve, to engrave, to cut out, to sculpt on jade
v.put in order; define; capture, seize; plunder; omit, delete, leave out
v.issue; put forth; send forth; rise; manifest; send out; deliver; distribute; utter; express; discharge; shoot; emit; develop; expand; bring into existenceget into a certain stage; become; show one's feeling; feel
v.examine, scrutinize; watch; be on the alert; economize, save; omit, leave out
v.to spy on, to look on and find out
v.to understand; to look out over
adj.broken; ruined; damaged; torn; worn-out
v.resist, keep out, ward off
v.rush out; run against; offend; dash forward; charge
v.to rush out of a den; to sweep; to hang
v.investigate thoroughly; sift out
v.implore, request; summon, cry out to
v.stretch tight; jump out; stitch up; scowl; strain; split open
v.to unravel, unreel, or draw silk; deduce, sort out; state; continue
v.dismiss, put aside; place, put; arrange; lay out; establish, set up, install; purchase, buy
v.bolt; to trap; to arrange; spread out; collect, gather together; display; to sift
v.cut, trim; cut out, kill; wipe out, remove; reduce, cut down
v.spread out; smilling or laughing
v.undress, take off, strip; cast off; abandon; renounce; escape from; get out of; omit; slip off
v.pick out patella
v.flee out of fear (arch.)
v.to stick out the tongue
v.fall; drop, let drop; lose; scatter; die; enter; leave out; leave behind
v.to weed, to eradicate; to pull up, to pull out
v.call out; wail; shout; cry
v.walk; do, act; travel; circulate; carry out; perform; engage in; put into effect
v.deduce; expand; derive from; spread out; develop
v.cut out; cut off; diminish; reduce; moderate; regulate; plan; decide; calculate; settle
v.cut out garments and make them; make, manufacture; construct; compound; compose literature
v.inquire about; search out; visit; call on
v.establish, found, set up; build; arrange, work out; devise; suppose
v.to speak out boldly; to stutter, to stammer
v.to counsel, to advice; to speak out
v.buy to resell; sell out
v.borrow or lend; buy or sell on credit; hire out, rent; mortgage; pardon
v.walk; run; go, leave; travel; move; leak, let out, escape
v.rise; raise; start; begin; discharge; get up; stand up; remove; extract; pull; appear; build; set up; work out
v.to jump; moving about in a hurry; to stand out markedly; to show forth
v.follow up; search out
v.tread upon; trample; walk; follow; act on; carry out
v.to fall forward; fall prone; fall prostrate; to fall; to lay out a corpse; to be destroyed; to overturn; to fall down dead; to stumble
v.tread, stamp; follow; carry out
v.to leap, to jump; to spurt out; to eject; to run
v.crush; join; crowd around; roll; run over; oust; squeeze out; push out
v.walk out of the straight path; extend
v.chase after, follow; pursue; overtake; escort; go back; trace out; follow to its source; seek for; reminisce; reflect upon; look back upon; press for payment
v.drive out, expel; follow; pursue; chase
v.arrive at, reach, extend, attain; penetrate, pass through; succeed; obtain advancement; apprehend; notify, make known, express, communicate; carry out, have access to
v.pour out liquor; drink; weigh and consider
v.pour out a libation
v.release; unloose; open out; explain, elucidate
v.work with a hoe; eliminate, uproot, wipe out
v.spread out, arrange, extend, unfold; pave, lay
v.arrange; spread out; make a statement; make a plea; expose; lay out; put on display; state; explain
v.waste; die out; no, not; disperse, blown away by the wind; to fascinate with
n.set out food on display
v.desire strongly out of greed
v.a pair of horses; stand side by side; combine, merge; gather, assemble, spread out, set out, enumerate
v.count; check; punctuate; light; skim; drip; select; choose; hint; point out; burn; kindle