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[by], 找到 127 個
v.to divine by means of a willow stick writing on the sand
idiomin order to; by means of
prep.by, through, with; according to
idiom(coll.) three in count (cannot be followed by a measure word like 個)
v.unsurp; take by force; occupy; seize; take; constitute; hold; make up; account for
倀n.madness, mania; traditional ghost who was devoured by tiger; spy
v.lean by; rely on; depend on; be near to
v.carry on a shoulder pole; carry by two persons
v.hew; cut; carve; engrave; erase by cutting away; print; publish
v.pare; scrape; delete from tablets by scraping; sharpen to a point; seize territory
onomatopoeiagobbling sound made by ducks
n.laugh; sound by craw; babble
adj.surrounded by; weary, tired; sleepy
v.sit, take a seat; try a case at law; travel by; be situated; assign; recoil; kick back
v.to ask divine favour of rain by sacrificing human (arch.)
v.build by piling bricks,clay,stones,etc
v.snatch; grasp; take away; rob; surpass; determine, decide; take by force; seize; wrest; force one's way
n.marriage; relation by marriage
n.mutual term of address used by sons-in-law; a brother-in-law
v.exist, be; live; survive; remain; accumulate, collect; deposit; store, keep, reserve, retain; file; preserve; lay by
v.guard; protect; observe, abide by; keep; attend to; hold on to; maintain; defend
n.cloth used by ancient males for binding up their hair
n.woman's headgear; woman's mourning-hat; a cap worn by women
v.side by side; amalgamate, combine
n.of or by the concubine; the common people; a surname
n.by-way; short cut; diameter; footpath; path; track; way; means
prep.from; through; by; since; whence
v.follow; comply with; abide by
v.bail out water for irrigation; lift water by dragon-bone water pedal
adv.in sequence, by turns
v.to dig; to amass wealth by heavy taxation; to attack; to break; to hold something with cupped hands; to fall forward; to exact
v.support sb. by the arm; assist; tuck in; hide; thrust in one's belt
v.strike; open by force; struggle; exert; earn
v.fish for, dredge up, scoop up from the water; drag for; gain by improper means
v.seize, take by force; repel
v.help by the arm, support with hand; mix, mingle
v.rob by force; reply
prep.in; on; at; by; from
idiomby the side of
n.a banner emblazoned with falcons, which is displayed by high officials in feudal times; naturally wavy hair
n.a shadow cast by the sun; the sunshine; the light; the day; the time; the gnomon of a sundial; the orbit
v.to dry up; dried by exposing to the sun
n.the sun that is hidden by clouds
v.expose to the sun, dry in the sun, bask; print by light; shine upon
pron.I, my; the royalI” (used exclusively by the emperor or king to meanI”), the sovereign
adv.one by one;one after another
n.tally; flags carried by a guard of honour
n.by the emperor himself; surname
n.a fine woollen blanket or cloth; a mat used by the emperor in worshipping
n.hanging fog; mist; the generative forces of heaven and earth, by means of which all things are reproduced constantly
n.ancient sacrifice by drowning lifestock or sinking precious jade (arch.); a surname
沿prep.along; by
prep.by the time, when
v.quench; grind; temper by dipping in water, oil, etc.
v.transport by water
idiomby degrees
v.burn; dry by fire, roast; set off by contrast; shine upon; bake
n.chimney (ancient meaning); torch tied by straw
v.to heat up by steaming
v.stew, boil; extract sth.by heating; drag on;hold out; to endure
v.to ask divine favour of rain by sacrificing human (arch.); to toast; to burn; to dry by exposing to the sun; to bake by fire with little oil; to roast; to dry
v.pull by hand; say, call; change
v.to be accustomed to something; to be bound or constrained by something; to take charge of; to be greedy; to incline to evil; to be familiar with
n.a dog with a long snout or muzzle; a derogatory name of the northen nomads (later known as Hsiungnu or Huns) given by the Chinese in the Zhou Dynasty
n.a jade tablet or baton, which varied in shape according to different ranks, conferred upon the feudal princes by the emperor as a symbol of dignity and authority
prep.to; with; by
n.one of bell's handle; road flanked by walls; Yong river; Ningbo city; a measure of capacity
prep.from; by; through; according to; because of, due to
v.detain; entertain; keep; put by; restrain; leave behind; transmit; remain, stay; reserve, keep, save; let grow, grow, wear
n.rectangular pieces of land in a field separated by ridges, fifty acre; field; form
n.heumatism or numbness caused by draught,cold,damp,etc.
n.illness caused by fatigue
n.spasms or convulsions in young children caused by indigestion
n.leprosy; pestilence; a sore; an ulcer; swelling and sores caused by varnish-poisoning
v.inspecting one's own countenance by gazing at one's reflection in a bowl of water (arch.); inspect, supervise, oversee; revise; look into
n.punishment by dismembering the head and extremities from the body; right falling stroke in Chinese calligraphy
v.to get bliss from divinities by complete sincerity
v.pray, perform rituals; curse by the gods (arch.); drink wine after ritual baths
n.tablet held by someone having authority, scepter
n.two halves of a tally, tally; charm, amulet, spell; magic figure drawn by Taoist priest
v.to divine by stalks of plants; divining rod; diviation as prescribed in Iching or the Book of Changes
v.to divine by means of grass-stalks
n.a skimmer or scoop used by cooks
n.a Tibetan staple food made by roasted flour
v.twist; twine, bind; gibbet; hang by the neck; cut; skein, hank
v.pass through; pass by; undergo; experience; manage; regulate; transact; plan; arrange; deal in; engage in; stand; bear; endure
v.plow side by side
v.hold sb.back by the elbow, hinder
v.turn the back on, turn away; disavow; memorize, recite from memory, learn by heart; carry on the back; act contrary to, violate
prep.with; by; to
n.Cyperus malaccensis; a kind of straw used for making matt; a medical plant used by vets
v.hide, conceal; hoard; store; lay by
v.dip, submerge; attach to another surface by adhesive
v.bore by insect
n.python; ceremonial robes worn by mandarins
v.to tight a horse by corses; wreathe
v.familiar, know well; learn by heart
v.strictly observe, abide by
n.tribute paid by tribes in Han dynasty
idiomas soon as; by the time
v.travel by feet, to walk
v.to overstep; to go beyond; to stride over; to step across; to skip over; to trample upon; to promote by pass the immediate leadership; to hold; to take
v.draw a carriage; ride; convey by vehicles,ships,etc.
v.roll over by cart; roll; bully by force; surpass; undergo
conj.until; by the time; while
idiomin order, in succession, one by one
v.pass by; approach; direct
v.pass; pass through; pass by; cross over; undergo a process; go through; go over
n.surname; inspector sent by the emperor to inform about public opinions
v.step, stride, surpass, pass by
v.to read loudly; to exceed; to pass by
n.city surrounded by waters; Yong prefecture; Nanning
n.minced pickled meat; an excruciation by mincing up a victim into meat
n.a hairpin (formerly worn by women)
v.weigh; select by qualification; arrange
n.tongs; pincers used by a blacksmith; sword; hilt (of sword)
v.adhere to; dependent on; append; enclose; attach; add to; increase; be possessed by; agree to
n.wagtail; twitter, chirp, warble; marsh surrounded by waters
v.whiten; to wipe off a shame or grievance by avenging
v.waste; die out; no, not; disperse, blown away by the wind; to fascinate with
n.equipment worn by horses, horse tack; skin
n.ancient music; name of music composed by Emperor Shun
adj.toseed by the wind or the wave
v.a pair of horses; stand side by side; combine, merge; gather, assemble, spread out, set out, enumerate
n.the tulip wine used in the offering sacrifice; a bowl case; sacrificial spirits made by fermenting millet and fragrant herbs