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[In], 找到 188 個
𤏻v.to burn and roast in a big fire (arch.) to liaise and harmonize (arch.)
𦵯n.a herbal plant in Hunan province, very close to thyme
var.archaic variant of 之, and in bronze script variant of
idiomin order to; by means of
n.proper name in antiquity
n.a tree; a kind of birch found in Manchuria
n.simplified form of 筴; pincers; a kind of grass used for divination in ancient times, (same as 策)
n.confusion, chaos (arch.); change (arch.); aboriginals in Southern China (arch.)
n.short wall to hide from arrows in defence (parapet)
n. child's hairstyle bound in two tufts
onomatopoeiapong as in pingpong or table tennis
v.to kill or execute a person in secrecy
adj.hectic; urgent; in haste, hurriedly
n.seal; a person assuming a kneeling posture (arch.); one of the characters used in kwukyel, an ancient Korean writing system
v.talk in distinctly; whisper; lick, taste; petty
n.name of place in Taiwan
v.to put in the mouth
v.hold in the mouth
n.rare personal name used in antiquity
n.foot (coming downward or closing in)
n.female name in antiquity
n.gynecological events in women, such as menstruation, labour, miscarriage, etc.
pron.A pronoun used in antiquity by a woman referring to herself
n.ancient name for a star, probably Venus; planet Venus in the morning
n.female proper name in antiquity
adj.compliant, yielding; easy-going; gentle in temperament
adj.beautiful; fine looking; elegant (in ancient Southern dialects)
n.proper name for women in antiquity
v.to murmur in one's dream; dream talk
n.name of mountain in Shanxi province
n.place name in Hunan province
n.name of a legendary hill in Shanxi
n.proper name for a mountain in China
n. a nationality in South-Western China; one revolution or one round of circular motion; cuckoo the bird
n.object held by dancer; a multicolored prop used in dancing
n.used in person's names
onomatopoeiasound of curtain blown in wind
n.divinatory commentary in The Book of Changes; a hog; a hedgehog; a porcupine
怀n.bosom, breast; carry in bosom
n.name of a state in Western region of ancient China
v.collect, draw in, gather; receive
n.arrow-quiver; a move in Taichi (太極), being the first part of a sequence of four moves constituting the trick Lanquewei 攬雀尾
n.dipper; Chinese peck for measuring grain or liquid; measuring unit containing 10 sheng, or roughly 1.63 gallons; name of constellation (Ursa Major); The Dipper, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
n.banner made of feathers in five colors used to decorate a leading vehicle
v.to stand in the sun
n.daylight; a surname in Chinese legends
n.moon appearing in the west sky towards the end of the lunar month
v.to lock up in a cage
rel.always used in conjunction withas 栴檀
n.a kind of tree mentioned in antiquity
n.a kind of tree known in antiquity
var.variant ofin antiquity
v.to assist; to support in the state
n.spear, long lance; a board game in antiquity
n.a kind of tree recorded in antiquity, with very hard wood, ilex
adj.be in great difficulty; be perplex
n.name of a river and a villiage in Shandong province
n.Mi(luo) river in Hunan province where Qu Yuan drowned himself
n.name of a river in Shanxi province, originating in the Zhongtiao Mountains and merging from north to south into the Yellow River
浿n.ancient name of a river now in North Korea; ancient name of a county
n.name of river in ancient China
n.name of river in ancient Shandong
n.tributary; a branching river (used in place names)
v.to agree; to chime in with others
n.name of a river in Yong prefecture in ancient China
n.name of a river in today's Henan
n.name of a river in antiquity
n.(proper name) a spring in Henan province
n.a river in Shandong province; a sluice
n.the River Gan in Jiangxi
v.to poach in hot water to remove feather or hair; to learn or memorize by heart
n.Torch;candle; power in terms of watts
n.used only as personal name in antiquity
n. Gelao, a non-Han ethnic group in Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou
n.a badger like animal in ancient China; an ethnic minority in China
v.(of animal) flee in a frightened manner
n.a river in Hu bei; a bank; a foreshore
n.a minority in southern China
adj.vulgar in speech
n.a dog breed in Southern part of the Zhao state
n. an ape-like animal black in color but a white waist
n.a breed of hunting dog in antiquity
n.a species of wolf; name of an aboriginal tribe in South China, mostly hunters
n.a kind of ape; a minority in ancient China (in today's Sizhuan)
n.jade with defect; jade carver; surname; a state in the Western region
n.Gem, streaks in jade; (arch.) an ancient form of putting the name of the first Emperor of the Zhou dynasty
n.place name in antiquity
n.a place in south-eastern Shantong, namely 琅琊
n.earthenware vessel in two parts
n.leprosy (as in 痲瘋); numbness (as in 痲痺); measles (as in 痲疹)
v.to recover, to be healed, to convalesce, to improve in health
n.a cooking utensil in antiquity
v.to gaze in astonishment
v.to look askance at, to take a glance at somebody in disdain; to glare at
n.place name in Shanxi province
n.side altar inside ancestral temple; river in Shandong
n.order in sacrificial ceremony
v.to burry; to put a coffin in a grave
v.being in a cave
n.cellar; pit, vault; store in pit
n.a wood wind instrument in ancient China
adj.colorful; luxuriant (in ornaments and colors)
n.purse; small bag; sack; place in ancient China in today's Gansu province
n.part of a garment in antiquity; knee cover
n.feathers held by dancers during ceremonies in antiquity
n.feathers used to decorate coffin; large wooden fan carried in funeral procession
v.soaring in the heights
adj.aged; in one's nineties; senile
n.lobule of the ear (or its hanging piece of soft tissue); mostly used as proper name in antiquity
n.natural fibre veins of skin; line of thought in writing
idiomin discord with
n.s small boat; a place in Taipei city, Taiwan
var.variant of 屆, used in the State of Song (宋)
n.hollow pulse, one type of pulse identified in Chinese medicine; scallion stalk; onion, leek
n.a herb mentioned in ancient text
adv.to be circumspect, cautious in ones behaviour and speech
n.personal name in antiquity
n.grass in spring time
n.name of county in Yunnan province
n.a medicinal herb; milkwort (Polygala myrtifolia), with roots used in Chinese medicine
n.a kind of grass mentioned in ancient texts, used as inlay of shoes
n.a kind of very small crab known in antiquity
v.to move slowly (in the manner of a worm); to tip-toe
n.water-beetle; a form of money in antiquity
n.egg; the Dan ethnic group in South-Western China
n.a weevil found in rice etc; mantis
v.to move in a zigzag or meandering fashion
n.minute flies, small insects produced in damp places
n.buskins; knee-pads; costumes of aboriginals in the South
v.to give birth to , to propagate; to multiply in number
n,name of place in the ancient Song state
adj.long dress billowing in the wind; flag flapping
v.carry in the bosom or the sleeve; wrap, conceal
v.to carry in the bosom or the sleeve; to wrap, to conceal; to conceive (a child)
v.to spy on; to observe in secrecy
v.to consult, to confer; to communicate in
v.to speak with a friendly voice in a relaxed pace
adj.being stubborn in speech; obstinate; not easily subdued
v.cry in pain; shout
n.pig big in size
n.a kind of wild dog in the steppe; prison
n. a kind of rounded coin minted in the Qi State during the Warring States Period; a ship with the figure of a bird carved in the front
n.upward cut in Chinese calligraphy
v.to jump; moving about in a hurry; to stand out markedly; to show forth
n.a crossbar in carriage for guiding direction
n.land on hill slope; used often as nme of places in Southern China and Hong Kong
onomatopoeianoise of vehicle in motion; noises of traffic; loud music playing
n.a proper name in antiquity, notably as in the case of 關龍逄
trans.used to form the name 邏逤, which refers to the name of Lhasa in Tibet, used during the Tang Dynasty.
n.Ancient Pi state; Pi prefecture, Han dynasty county in modern Jiangsu; surname
n.an ancient feudal state, in today's Shanxi province
n.name of a country in Spring and Autumn period in modern Shandong
n.an ancient state in Henan
n.name of a district in ancient Shandong
n.place name (near Linfen in today's Shanxi Province)
n. a place in Henan province; an ancient state in Henan
n.county in Shandong province
n.(proper name) name of a district in Gansu, close to present Xining
n.name of place in the state of Song during the period of Spring and Autumn; a surname
n.name of city in Lu state during the Spring and Autumn period
v.to blend in ingredients during wine making; to mix; to flavour
v. to remove astringency; remove puckery taste; to bleach in water
v.to pour wine in a libation; offering wine to a deity
n.spoon, key; a technique in acupuncture
n.Dougong, a unique structural element of interlocking wooden brackets used in traditional Chinese architecture
adv. in distress; adverse
n.name of lake in antiquity
n.place in Shanxi province; ladder
n.city walls in ruin
n.name of a place in antiquity
v.to fall in drops
n.dried leather; used in the Han Dynasty as part of the phonetic transcription of the name for (possibly) the Roman Empire
n.sheath; drum used in army in ancient China
n.music in Shang Dynasty
v.floating in the air
n.wind in high places
adj.in good condition, in good shape (referring to a horse)
n.a horse in blue-black colour (blue roan)
n.horse, the tailhead of which is white in color
adv.horses galloping in herd
idiomhair rolled up in a bun; hair dishevelled, as in mourning
n.earthenware vessel in two parts
n.owl-like bird; Otus scops; buzzard; in antiquity supposedly a bird that signals bad luck
n.a pheasant-like bird in antiquity
n.a kind of bird in the Eastern part of China
n.water bird pale white in color, related to some species of wild duck
v.to chew the cud (in cattle or other ruminants)
v.hold in veneration; behold with respect