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[A], 找到 1703 個
𠦒n.pan with stalk used for disposal of dung or manure; a surnamea>
𠦝n.a script component depicting the scenario of a rising suna>
𣎆n.a legendary animala>
𣪘n.a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handlesa>
𤏻v.to burn and roast in a big fire (arch.) to liaise and harmonize (archa>.)
𦵯n.a herbal plant in Hunan province, very close to thymea>
𨚵n.Name of a state during the Spring and Autumn eraa>
𩛥v.to prepare a meal; to serve fooda>
n.a tree; a kind of birch found in Manchuriaa>
n.a bag opening at both ends, an enlarged bag, a parcel, a bundle, a packagea>
n.utensils, earthen pot; a deep cooking pota>
n.simplified form of 筴; pincers; a kind of grass used for divination in ancient times, (same asa> 策)
n.black silk; a dark, drab colour, typical of Buddhist monksa>
n.one, unity; the first; a, an, the; the same, uniforma>
n.an individual; person; male adult; imitation of tinkling sounds; member of a family; population; cube; fourth of ten celestial stemsa>.
n.bough, branch of tree used as a walking stick (arch.); obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks releasea>
n.a flat top instrument used for holding things; surnamea>
var.possibly a variant ofa> 万
n.hillock, mound; mountain, hill; grave; a surnamea>
n.ball, pellet; anything like a small ball; pilla>
v.manage; be in charge of; indicate; signify; hold a definite view about somethinga>
n.a morally and intellectually outstanding personalitya>
n.a long timea>
adj.last in a series; tender, smalla>
n.crack (of a rifle or pistol); table tennisa>
n.black bird; swallow; duck; guts of a fish; second of the ten celestial stemsa>
v.to squint; to narrow the eyes into a slit; to hlance side ways; to tucka>
n.a surnamea>
v.to divine by means of a willow stick writing on the sanda>
n.well; pit; shaft of a mine; The Well, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern skya>
adj.a little, a few; some; slightly; a bita>
n.Bo, capital of Shang Dynasty; a city in Anhui Provincea>
n.a gatea>
var.a variant ofa> 甚
n.a surplus, an excess; a tithea>
n.a surnamea>
idiom(coll.) three in count (cannot be followed by a measure word likea> 個)
n.five; funeral director; an opponent; a match; an equala>
v.trust to, rely on, confide in; appoint, employ; bear, be responsible for, assume office, take up a job; allow, tolerate, leta>
n.part, portion, share, dividend; duties of a post; lot; positiona>
n.file of five men; company; comrade; a group of five families having mutual responsibility; fivea>
n.a female performer; artistry, skilla>
v.rent land from a landlorda>
v.stand for a long time; look forward to, wait fora>
n.ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient Chinaa>
n.a surnamea>
n.fellow, guy; a grown-up male persona>
adj.a hundred; all; everya>
n.the commanding officer; establishment (for ancient army unit); a hundreda>
n.the ranks of ancient dance; a row of dancers employed at the ancestral sacrifices under the Chou dynastya>
n.a sacrificial utensil; a chopping blocka>
n.two; several, a few, somea>
v.banker after, covet; make a pet of sb. , favor sba>
v.borrow; lend; avail of; make a pretext ofa>
v.to pull a long facea>
n.child; end, main threads of a complicated affair; surnamea>
n.price, value; a turn in coursea>
idiomindecent intention of a womana>
n.teacher; a surnamea>
v.depend on; assist a ruler in governing a country; accompany; followa>
n.a word used in one's namea>
n.monk; a surnamea>
n.a hundred thousanda>
n.a slick sly persona>
n.Dan prefecture; Dan county; a unit of weighta>
v.carry on a shoulder pole; carry by two personsa>
n.low-grade slave; a servanta>
n.partner, companion; a party of four; a class or kind; comarade, friendsa>
n.fellows; associates; a class; a company; a sign of plurala>
v.to interrupt during a conversationa>
n.temperance; abstinence; a group of fearless warriors in ancient Yueh; an ancient festival to exorcise the demons causing any plague; to drive away pestilencea>
n.a sign; omen; million; billion (old); trillion; megabytea>
adj.two; both; a few; couplea>
n.two; pair; couple; a unit of weighta>
n.bamboo tablets bound up with strings (arch.); book, volume; imperial edict; a formal writa>
n.hat, crown, cap; first prize; ceremony marking a man's coming of age at twenty (archa>.)
v.precede ;to put on a man's hat ceremonially signifying one's coming of agea>
n.winter, a seasona>
n.a surnamea>
n.a depression, a pass, valley; notch; denta>
n.pouch for keeping arrows, a quiver (arch.); letter; armour; case, box, envelopa>
n.knife; sword; razor; a kind of metal currency circulated in Chinese antiquity in the Qi Statea>
adj.tricky, sly; knavish; unkind; having partiality for a particular kind of fooda>
n.one tenth of an inch; part; function, duty; a unit of length; a unit of area; a unit of weight; minute; a unit of interesta>
n.a carpenter's planea>
v.to plane; to level; to peel with a knife; to dig; to excavatea>
v.scrape; make a racket, clamor; blow; plunder, fleece; shavea>
v.pare; scrape; delete from tablets by scraping; sharpen to a point; seize territorya>
v.to kill or execute a person in secrecya>
v.cut off the nose (a punishment in ancient China); cut offa>
n.a simple farming device used for ploughing (arch.); strength; force; power; a unit of strength for testing bows; ability; capability; influencea>
n.work, labour; meritorious deed, service, toil; shrikes (a species of bird as ina> 伯勞)
n.ladle, scoop, spoon; a unit of a capacitya>
n.the bottle-gourd; music instruments using a gourd as basea>
n.the gourd-shaped ladle; a washbasin with a tubular handle to let the water run offa>
v.compare, be equal to; be a match for; on a par witha>
n.a kind of headgear; scarf; kerchiefa>
n.a horizontal inscribed board; a big round shallow basketa>
n.measurement unit for grains, one tenth of a dou or dipper; litre, pinta>
n.omen; a surnamea>
n.guard-house at a pass; customs barrier; check posta>
n.a person assuming a kneeling posture (archa>.)
n.seal; a person assuming a kneeling posture (arch.); one of the characters used in kwukyel, an ancient Korean writing systema>
n.a container for holding winea>
n.fourth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches; double knife (arch.); early morning hours; mortise; slot cut into wood to receive a tenona>
n.a roll of paper; book; essay, documenta>
n.a minister or a high official; your; an emperors form of address for a minister; a term of endearment formerly used between husband and wife or among close friendsa>
n.the thousandth part of a Chinese foot; likin tax; the thousandth part of a tael; unit of annual interest ratea>
n.wetstone; house; a grave or tombstonea>
v.to place a coffin in a temporary shelter pending buriala>
v.be faint, fall into a coma; kowtow; be short ofa>
n.lid; operculum; a covering flap ; shella>
v.counsel; consult together, refer; join, enter, take part in; intervene; consider; collate; compare; impeach; report; mix, blend; visit a superior; reach to, penetratea>
n.ancient times; books or orthodoxies of ancient sages; the ancients; a surnamea>
n.a chief; a sovereign; ruler; gentleman; monarcha>
n.song (as a type of classical poetrya>)
v.utter a sound or a worda>
v.make (a sounda>)
n.The Kingdom of Wu (one of the Three Kingdoms); A surnamea>
v.make a noise; bicker, squabble; wrangle, hubbuba>
onomatopoeiaroar or howl of an animal; bellow of rage; sound of a Buddhist incantationa>
n.vertebrae (arch.); some kind of meta plates (arch.); a surname; musical notea>
int.placed at the end of a sentence to express astonishmenta>
v.present to a superior; submit; assume; reveal, disclose, manifesta>
n.a necktie; a tirea>
n.the cry of a babya>
v.to rebuke; to give a talking to; to break witha>
onomatopoeiaa dropping sound; rat-a-tata>
v.make a dina>
n.a wry mouth; a surname; name of an ancient countrya>
particle(Cant.) a final particle indicating doing something to the full extent possiblea>
v.groan, snort; hum, croon, chant in a low voicea>
int.placed at the end of a sentence reconfirming assertion; modal particle indicating that things should only or can only be done a certain waya>
n.a song or a singing part of a Chinese operaa>
n.the cry of a crane, wild goose, etca>
n.a smiling countenancea>
n.a speaking evila>
classifier(Cantonese) a few; some quantity of; a littlea>
n.cry of a child; noisea>
adj.a fish sticking its mouth out of the water; looking up toa>
n.description of a sudden sounda>
adj.a wry moutha>
n.a surnamea>
n.proverb; a saying of olda>
n.crop of a bird; small bottlea>
v.have a liking for; have an insatiable desire fora>
v.sigh, heave a sigh; gasp in admiration, highly praisea>
n.inheritor; progeny; a surnamea>
adj.affectedly sweet, talk and act like a spoiled child; rever in, be proud of; excellent, outstandinga>
onomatopoeiamake a hubbub, whine; crya>
v.to give vocal signals to a dog; to set a dog on; to instigate; to order about; to urge; to incitea>
n.a whistling; hissing sounda>
int.sigh of disapproval; a sounda>
v.whisper; emit a small sounda>
n.movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of watera>
int.sound addressing a horse or cart-animal to command it to move forwarda>
n.beak of a birda>
adj.long-winded, wordy; strong; murmur, in a whispera>
onomatopoeiasound of a large bella>
n.Ku,a name of legendary emperor; inform quickly; an urgent communicationa>
n.a note in singinga>
n.a time, an occasion; a chaptera>
n.sphere, ball, circle; mass, lump; group, society; regiment (a 300-man troop); organizationa>
n.earth; soil; ground; a place; locality; territory; position; situation; region; field; backgrounda>
n.dust; earth; a bank of eartha>
v.sit, take a seat; try a case at law; travel by; be situated; assign; recoil; kick backa>
n.hollow; col; a flabland in a mountain rangea>
n.a cracka>
n.an octapole land; a domain; a limit; a hundred million; a battlefield; a front; flight of steps leading up to a house; a boundary; wilds beyond the frontiera>
n.small hollows for sowing seeds; a quantifier for plantsa>
n.earth dyke; pit; long, narrow mound; a lowbank of earth between fieldsa>
n.city; wall of a citya>
n.the path leading to a tomb; a tomb passage; a boundary; a limita>
n.toe wall; raised path between crop fields; margin; water flow on the mountains; ancient name of a place in Shanxi provincea>
n.the field of razor calm; a large earthen wine jar without handles having a shape like a peara>
n.a border; a limit; a dike; a frontier; a boundarya>
n.a cavity; a holea>
v.to bore a holea>
n.hall; reception room; meeting-place; court of justice; polite way of referring to a friend's mothera>
n.flat ground in either end of a bridgea>
n.Yao; a surnamea>
n.a ridge; a dama>
v.paint a roof; paint, adorn; take; resta>
n.a high and clear placea>
n.high dyke of a bank, dangerous bank; cliff, dangerous cliffsidea>
n.city wall; high wall; a fortified walla>
n.a hanging objecta>
n.ink, ink stick; a measure of five feet; handwriting, painting, calligraphya>
n.partition-wall; wall of a house; screen-wall; cliff; The Wall, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern skya>
v.carry on a shoulder pole; quibblea>
n.a display of musical instruments (particularly drums); primitive graph for druma>
adj.related to a senior female member of the familya>
n.summer, a season; Xia Dynasty; Chinese ethnic group(s) (archa>.)
n.a legendary one-legged creature; Name of musical official in Chinese antiquity; Kui prefecturea>
adv.greatly; fully; in a great way; in a large scale; verya>
n.sky, firmament; heaven; weather; a day; god; naturea>
n.name of a prominent Buddhist monk in the Tang dynastya>
n.a legendary figure of the Xia Dynasty revered as the patron of fishermena>
n.a mirrored dressing case for lady; a box; dowry; a bridal trousseaua>
n.a matchmaker; a go-between (representing the side of the femalea>)
v.to act as a go-betweena>
adj.a woman being jealous of her husband (arch.); being jealous in generala>
n.a surname; a word used in woman's namea>
n.mother in general (arch.); a deceased mother; woman ancestorsa>
n.a word used in woman's name; a concubine of Chou (紂) or Hsin (帝辛) who was the last ruler of the Shang dynastya>
n.an old woman; a womana>
pron.A pronoun used in antiquity by a woman referring to herselfa>
n.elder sister; term of respect for a young ladya>
v.depute; send; appoint, entrust, put in charge of; commision; give up; abandon, throw away, cast aside; bow under a burdena>
n.Jiang River; an ethnic group in Western China; a surnamea>
n.a pretty woman; a beautiful girl; a fine ladya>
adj.A woman being uglya>
n.the name of a concubine of the father of the Emperor Yaoa>
v.to give birth to a childa>
v.take a wife, marrya>
v.marry a wife, marry, weda>
n.beauty; a word used in womens namea>
n.mutual term of address used by sons-in-law; a brother-in-lawa>
n.name of a star; Wu river; Wu prefecturea>
n.ancient name for a star, probably Venus; planet Venus in the morninga>
n.a disreputable womana>
v.to commit an outrage on a woman; to lust aftera>
adj.a man being jealous of his wife (arch.); enviousa>
n.a surname; Gui River; Gui prefecturea>
v.marry; match; compare, draw a parallela>
n.a woman; an old woman; mothera>
n.The legendary concubine of Emperor Huangdi, a surnamea>
n.girl (in a intimate or mocking tone); affronta>
n.name of a lady who stole the elixir of immortality and fled with it to the moona>
v.pamper; act like a pampered childa>
n.a baby rabbita>
n.a favorite; a parasitea>
n.woman; a concubine of an emperor; a woman attendant at courta>
n.son; child; posterity; bride; wife; the young of animal; bullet; shot; an officer; gentleman; a philosopher; person; offspring; fruit, seed of; first of twelve Terrestrial Branchesa>
n.letter; written character; word; style name given to a man when he comes of agea>
v.to rear or raise children under a roof (archa>.)
n.season; a quarter of the year; crop; the youngest brother; last of a seriesa>
n.a branch of learning; learning; knowledge; subject of study; school; collegea>
n.a thief; a treacherous fellow; a traitor; a villaina>
n.clans descended from a common ancestor; class; kind; school; sect; ancestor; principal aim, purpose; model, mastera>
n.eaves of a house (arch.); time as a concept; infinite timea>
v.settle in a strange place, live in a strange place; be a strangera>
n.northeast corner of a housea>
v.injure, do harm, impair; cause trouble to; destroy; suffer, contract; take a diseasea>
v.entertain at a banquet; eat, takea>
n.house; family; home; relatives; household; residence; specialist in a certain field; noun suffix for a school of thought (eg. Confucian or Taoist) or for a specialist of some kind (eg. physicist or musiciana>)
n.eaves (of a great mansion); Polaris (Earth's present northern polestar); imperial palacea>
n.invader; enemy; foe; bandit; a surnamea>
conj.used as a term of comparison:-rather; it is bettera>
pron.a humble way of saying 'mya>'
n.bedroom; imperial bedroom; coffin chamber in a imperial mausoleuma>
n.one inch below the wrist where a Chinese physician takes the patient's pulse (arch. , med.); incha>
n.junior officer; a military rank (above the rank of warrant officer and below that of major); vice-county magistratea>
n.polite way of referring to a friend's fathera>
v. to plant a tree; to erect somethinga>
v.oppose; face; make a pair; compare; check; identify; set; adjust; suit; treat; cope with; countera>
adj.a little, a few; some; slightly; a bit (Canta>.)
adj.few, a little; less; inadeqate, short of; scarce; younga>
v.blame; bear a grudge; murmura>
n.a staggering gait; an embarrassing situationa>
n.corpse, cadaver; wizard acting as surrogate for the dead during funeral rituals (arch.); a spirit tablet (archa>.)
n.a foot (unit of length); foot rule, rulera>
n.position, circumstance, state of affairs; style, fashion; a game, set; office; shop; association; company; board; bureau; gathering; ruse, trapa>
n.butcher; a surnamea>
n.the name of a mountain in Henan province of Chinaa>
n.a county in Shanxi provincea>
n.a hill in Hunana>
n.side of a mountain; cape, spit; promontory; a narrow passage between two mountainsa>
n.high mountain; wife's parents; a surnamea>
n.a well-wooded hill;residence of one's fathera>
n.shore; bank; beach; coast; end of a journey; high forehead; waterfronta>
n.a territorial division during the Ming dynasty; mountain in the province of Gansua>
n.a place in Taiwan Tainana>
n.Xiao mountain; the name of a mountain in Henana>
n.name of a legendary hill in Shanxia>
n.proper name for a mountain in Chinaa>
n.the name of a mountain in Szechwana>
n.cliff; cave; a place in State of Sung during the Spring and Autumn Perioda>
n.the name of a mountain in Gansu province; the place of sunseta>
n.the irregular outline of a range of hillsa>
n.a path on a hill; Wuling mountain ridge; a high mountain; the ridge or the highest peak of a mountaiin; a mountain tracka>
n.name of a pass in Shanxi provincea>
n.a high mountain peaka>
n. a nationality in South-Western China; one revolution or one round of circular motion; cuckoo the birda>
n.a cliff; a precipitous peaka>
n.a group of small hillsa>
n.the top of a mountain; summit; peaka>
n.islet in river (arch.); a region; a state; departmental division, political division; a county; empire division in ancient Chinaa>
n.warp of a fabric (arch.); vertical threads on weaving machine; streams running underground; flowing watera>
n.nest; den; house; a surnamea>
n.worker; labour; labourer; job; time occupied in doing a piece of work; work; project; man-daya>
n.a piece of string or thread (arch.); the sixth of ten celestial stems; self, oneselfa>
n.open hand; crust on a pota>
n.towel; a piece of cloth; turbana>
v.to go round, to circumscribe; to make a revolution, to turn rounda>
n.calico; cotton cloth; shirting; linen; cloth; a kind of metal currency circulated in Chinese antiquity in the Jin Statesa>
n.a skirt; long robe for womena>
n.object held by dancer; a multicolored prop used in dancinga>
n.flag-sign of a tavern; bootha>
n.cloth slip-case for a book; book, volumea>
n.teacher, instructor, master; model, example; multitude; troops, army; capital city; a division in the Chinese armya>
n.a cloth for binding the haira>
n.woman's headgear; woman's mourning-hat; a cap worn by womena>
n.a scroll of cloth or silk which contains congratulations or condolencesa>
n.a piece of cloth for ancient men to tie their hair; capa>
n.shield; stem; bank of a river; consequence, resulta>
n.a villagea>
n.bottom; base, foundation; heart of a matter; copy kept as a record; ground, background; draft; constitutiona>
n.rule; law; limit; measure, a unit of measure; an interval in music; degree; manner; extent; tolerance; magnanimity; considerationa>
n.a low-built housea>
n.of or by the concubine; the common people; a surnamea>
n.kitchen; a cook; cupboarda>
n.plot allotted to a household; store, shopa>
n.rooms around the principal room; houses; a corridor, a verandah, a porch; eaves; a covered waya>;
n.hut, cottage; hostel; name of a mountain in Jiangxi provincea>
n.crown, cap; a low ranking military officera>
v.put on a man's hat ceremonially signifying one's coming of age; put at the head; put beforea>
n.weiqi, a game played with black and white pieces on a board of 361 intersection pointsa>
n.middle part of a bowa>
v.stretch, string, extend, expand; draw a bow; set forth; snare; open out; make a display, publish, proclaim; The Extended Net, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern skya>
n.a trap; a snarea>
v.to catch in a trapa>
n.a bow stretched to the fulla>
v.to draw a bow to the fulla>
n.a fully stretched crossbar or archera>
n.divinatory commentary in The Book of Changes; a hog; a hedgehog; a porcupinea>
n.a class; a seriesa>
n.a surnamea>
onomatopoeiathe sound of a druma>
v.obtain; acquire; gain; effect; attain; result in (of a calculation); needa>
v.drive a carriage; ride on; rule, administer; control; command; resist; your arrival; stop; defensea>
n.a patha>
adj.loyal, devoted to a task; faithful, honesta>
adj.terrified, be panis-stricken, be seized with terror; stunned; in a dazea>
n.parents; a fathera>
adj.impatient; pit-a-pat; ardent; anxiousa>
pron.he (a polite and courteous way of referring to a third persona>)
n.obsequies, a funeral rite or ceremonya>
v.rest; desist; put a stop to, cease, stop, end; appease; blow; breathe; sigh; growa>
n.feeling, sentiment, emotion; affection; desire; circumstance, situation, condition; fact of a case; love; passion; favour; kindnessa>
n.a surnamea>
v.make a fool of, deceivea>
n.wickendness; a villain; a calamity; overcast; miasma; tabooed words; a mistake; evila>
v.rest, have a resta>
adv.on a long journey; fara>
n.city, citadel (arch.); achievement; result; the whole; one tenth of a suma> (一成)
n.relative; a surnamea>
n.a small steelyarda>
v.weigh with a small steelyarda>
n.house; building; room; wife, concubine; branch of a family; The Room, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern skya>
n.the bolt for fastening a door from outside; a bar; a doora>
v.to shut a doora>
v.follow a princea>
n.gap between two fingers; remainder of a divided sum during the process of divinationa>
n.name of a state in Western region of ancient Chinaa>
n.a short slender point piece of metal,bamboo,etca>.
v.criticize; comment; endorse a petition; reply officially to an inferior; make an order of court; officially authorize; lease; arrange for the purchase of; sell wholesale; slap, smacka>
v.seek; look for; find; pay a balance; exchange; give change; call on; want to see; approacha>
v.throw at, throw into, fling, hurl; jump into; cast (as a vote); present; hand over to; go in the direction of; projecta>
v.take off; diminish, reduce, deduct; snap; break off; bend, twist; humble; bow down; decide a cause; give an equivalent for; set off against; fold; see, barter; calculate a proportiona>
v.pull, tug, drag; seize, hold; lengthen; draw a bowa>
v.to mix, to separate; to toss (a salada>)
v.tie, fasten; fasten with a bolt; hirea>
n.a torturing device used for sqeezing the victim's fingersa>
v.hit from behind; get close to; suffer; wait; drag on, scrabble for a living; leana>
n.a form of scraper for levelling a seed-plot; a form of Eight used in accounts to prevent frauda>
v.select; touch; take along sth. to or for; glance(at); back a cart, drive backwards; fadea>
n.a plectrum for stringed instrumentsa>
v.twist with the fingers; to take a pincha>
v.to develop; to unfold; to pare with a knifea>
n.arrow-quiver; a move in Taichi (太極), being the first part of a sequence of four moves constituting the trick Lanqueweia> 攬雀尾
v.to draw a bow (arch.); to control; to accuse; to chargea>
v.make a bow with hands clasped; give grounda>
n.a kind of hairpin usable as a scratchera>
v.drive a nail, wedge,etc. into the walla>
v.to dab with a soft dry object that is sopped up with the liquid; to move; to wipe tears; to binda>
v.beat with a pestle, pound; attack; cause trouble, disturb, mess upa>
v.dismiss with a hand gesture; get rid of, abandon; strike; fall; lock in arms; fasten tightly to stha>.
v.poke together, move with a stick together; stick up, turn upward; snap, break sth.long and narrowa>
v.support from under, buttress; sustain; move or push with a pole; maintain, keep up; open. unfurla>
n.a surnamea>
n.a dustera>
v.raise, hold up a curtain,skirt,etc.from the bottom; sprinkle; wind, disorder; incite, provoke, stir up; flirt witha>
v.stick up; prize, pry up; force with a levera>
n.a tarta>
v.carry with a pole over the shoulder; take responsibility; undertake; sustaina>
v.pass through; jab the poker into a stove to stir the fire in order to remove the ashesa>
v.fling, throw; do sth. in a hurry; instigatea>
v.attract; hold; take a photograph of; converge; arrange; absorb, assimilate; act fora>
v.spread out, unfold; take a share in, contributea>
v.respect, honour, revere; drink a toast to someone; offera>
v.oppose; be a match for, match; fight; resista>
v.gather; harvest; levy; put a body into coffina>
n.a corn measure nominally holding ten pecks but generally holding about fivea>
n.handle of a ladle; wheeleta>
n.a unit of weight (catty); axe with brace (archa>.)
n.the edge of an axe; a big hoea>
v.to hack with a knife or an axe (or in expression of anger); to attack; to strike; to cut with a sword; to chopa>
n.scallops along the lower edge of a flag (arch.); paradea>
n.a red flag; a felt; a silken banner hanging from a staff bent over at the topa>
n.the ancient flag or banner made of a yak's tail; the yak's tail; a yak; a yak-like hill; the name of a kind of star; an outstanding person; the hair; the feather; the wool; the downa>
n.guest; stranger; traveller; brigade (a 500-man troop or an enlarged regiment); order; sequence; journeya>
n.banner; a long, square flag, with design of tortoise or snakea>
n.the ribbon of a flag; the tassels on ancient crowns; fringes of pearls on crowns; a pennanta>
n.a pennant, a banner; a streamera>
n.banner made of feathers in five colors used to decorate a leading vehiclea>
n.a banner emblazoned with falcons, which is displayed by high officials in feudal times; naturally wavy haira>
n.sun; a day; daytimea>
var.possibly a variant ofa> 昊
n.a bright dawna>
n.daylight; a surname in Chinese legendsa>
pron.a dual pronoun; I; you and me; we twoa>
n.spring (of the year); a season; love; lust; life, vitalitya>
n.one full year after a child's birth; day; a year of a person's lifea>
n.a shadow cast by the sun; the sunshine; the light; the day; the time; the gnomon of a sundial; the orbita>
n.a Chinese character that empress Wu Ze Tian created for her own namea>
adv.a little while; formerlya>
n.group, team; a surname; people of the same kinda>
n.conference; society; guild; association; meeting; gathering; party; union; opportunity; occasion; a little while, short space of timea>
n.the name of a planta>
n.trunk of a tree (arch.); red; vermilion; cinnabara>
n.a toothless rake, used to smooth seed-plotsa>
n.shaft of a spear; polea>
n.branch of a tree; forka>
n.a kind of treea>
n.a low and square stool; a stake; the stump of a tree; sterilitya>
v.hold, grasp; flog with a sticka>
n.a tiny wooden post, stake; peg; a kind of fruita>
n.a kind of tree, probably lindena>
n.the tip of a twig; the enda>
adj.gloomy; deep and serene; remote; obscure, mysterious; without a tracea>
n.a wooden instrument for combing silka>
n.a kind of tree with very hard wood (Quercus glauca Thunba>.)
n.a square peck-shaped wooden box used for supporting a traditional Chinese flagstaffa>
n.hedge thorn;trifoliate orange;(Cant.) a pluga>
n.hollo stump of a treea>
v.lay on a frame; put up, erect; support; fend off; ward off; withstand; support; prop; help; kidnapa>
v.compel to wear a canguea>
n.a specie of oak; silkworm oak; drumsticka>
n.the side of a ship or boat; an oar; a rowing-sweep; a stand for bending a bowa>
n.leaf (arch.); a table, flat pieces of wood, a slipa>
n.handle of a sicklea>
v.dye; infect; catch a disease; apply colour in paintinga>
n.three-bristle cudrania; sugarcane; a thorny treea>
n.cage, pen for wild animals; scabbard (of a sworda>)
v.to lock up in a cagea>
n.a wooden bat (serving as a game for children); a kind of farm tool; tip of a twiga>
n.handle of dagger-axe (a kind of weapona>)
v.make a burnt offeringa>
n. a device used for divinationa>
n.a wooden peg, a pin; a bottle stopper, a switch, blockage as in thrombosisa>
n.a kind of hammera>
n.the pointed end of an arrow; Mongolian snakegourd; a builder's frame for measuringa>
n.hemp plam; a place in Jiangsu provincea>
n.trunk of a tree; stem of a plant; roota>
n.a basketa>
n.astrolabe used to perform augury in ancient China; a kind of treea>
n.a big wooden collar; purlin; pontoon bridgea>
n.a bar; a reel thread or wire on a revolving frame; a coir-palma>
n.table, desk; bench; bar; case, a case at law; legal record, legal filea>
n.a general term for paulownia or tung tree; stringed instrumenta>
n.quince (a kind of tree); a flail used for threshing cropsa>
n.a square rafter; a twig; wood; a latha>
n.a long wooden rod; a species of palm that its pith can produce sagoa>
n.one of nine empire divisions of ancient China; bridge over a brook; beam; ridge; joist; fine graina>
n.a wooden stick; a frame; an iron stick; a club; a cudgel; a stalka>
v.to poke a hole on a slain piga>
n.a stockadea>
n.thin end of a twig top; twig; enda>
n.a kind of tree (Chinese ash), with medical valuea>
var.an old variant ofwhich refers to a bowl for keeping fooda>
n.a kind of date (treea>)
n.a kind of tree mentioned in antiquitya>
n.a tropical tree with pear-like fruitsa>
n.post; door-posts; orange; a prop; a staya>
n.ridgepole; main beams supporting a housea>
n.tally; flags carried by a guard of honoura>
n.a kind of tree which bears edible red fruits; a kind of tree with natural rubber texturea>
n.thorny shrub with yellow flowers; a kind of oaka>
n.a short rod; a whipa>
v.to flog with a club; to whipa>
n.(long) oar; boat; a kind of treea>
v.to row (a boata>)
n.forking branch of a treea>
n.the coat hanger; a clothes-horsea>
n.a kind of tree known in antiquitya>
椿n.a long-living tree; Chinese toon; (literary metaphor for) fathera>
n.wooden block; a kind of treea>
n.a kind of treea>
v.drive a wedge between; planta>
n.a kind of thornsa>
n.a last for making shoes; hat blocka>
n.hardwood; terminal posts used in building a wall in ancient times; mainstay, pillar; evergreen shruba>
n.a marking stakea>
n.profession; property; business; trade; industry; occupation; employment; job; course of study; a Buddhist term for retributiona>
n.the shield; a balustrade; banister; a rail; the horizontal bar of a railing; a parapeta>
n.hairpin; a kind of wooda>
n.ridgepole of a house; pole; utmost pointa>
n.principal columns of a hall; a unit to count the quantity of houses; pillara>
n.Chinese torreya, a species of yew found in North Chinaa>
n.a press for extracting juice,oil,etca>
n.pavilion or house on a terrace; halla>
n.the base of a pillar; supporta>
n.a Chinese holly; a stump; a fine and white wood used for arrowsa>
n.wooden tray; revolving part at the front of a plowa>
n.spear, long lance; a board game in antiquitya>
n.a branch; a stubble; a wood rafta>
n.a pole; a levera>
n.a kind of tree; hut connected with buildings; straight wood used for door lock; ritual vessel used for storing grainsa>
n.an outer coffin; a brick vaulta>
n.a wooden wheel without spokes; ridgepole of a housea>
槿n.Hibiscus; the rose of Sharon; a tree, the blossoms of which fade in a daya>
n.stake, pile; the first player in a game; a piece of (casea>)
classifier(Cant.) classifier for plants or trees; a tree-trunka>
v.put up a notice; put a mark; labela>
v.(a tree) bending downwards; to coil; to wind; to seeka>
n.a kind of hawthorn; rose hipa>
n.shade of a treea>
n.name of a plant with small leavesa>
n.the paddle or oar; a boata>
n.a bag opening at one end; sacka>
v.to rely on; to carry things in a sacka>
n.purlin; a cross beam; the combing round the hatches of a ship; the bole of a treea>
n.(arch.) tool used for shaping wood; to edit a texta>
n.a call to arms in ancient times; lettera>
n.a wooden pestle or rammera>
n.a kind of tree recorded in antiquity, with very hard wood, ilexa>
n.sound of wind blown over a wooda>
n.a species of tree; cork treea>
n.A kind of oaka>
n.small evergreen shrub; the tea plant (Camellia sinensis); Catalpa, a genus of mostly deciduous treesa>
n.label on a book; envelopea>
n.lemon; a type of locusta>
n.a stand for weaving silka>
n.cart with a cage for prisoners; wooden cage, pen for animal; balustradea>
n.a kind of tree; date-plum; jelly fungi; short pillar on the beama>
n.a kind of tree suitable for use to make axles for large cartsa>
n.obsolete name of a fruita>
n.a palma>
n.a manger; a stable; frames; a species of oaka>
n.a coffin, especially the inner one; Chinese parasol treea>
n.a kind of pagoda tree with large and black leavesa>
n.zelkova schneideriana; a kind of elm suitable for furniturea>
n.sandalwood (Santalum album), a Nepalese tree producing fragrant oil; comet; tail of a cometa>
n.railing; balustrade; pen for animals; column in a newspapera>
n.(arch.) a weight used as standard; power, right, authority; influence; exigency, expediency; circumstance; opportunisma>
n.a wooden bucket; a kind of incensea>
particleused to begin a sentence or a discoursea>
n.item; an amount; article in a treaty; desire, wish; inscriptiona>
欿n.a pit; a holea>
v.smear the blood of a sacrifice on the mouthan ancient form of swearing an oath; to drink; to smear the blooda>
n.a ballada>
particleused to express admiration, doubt, surprise; to mark a questiona>
n.marriage of a woman (archa>.)
v.return to; revert to; go back; belong; restore; send back; divide; send a present of fooda>
v.use up, exhaust; exterminate; be in a comaa>
n.A phonetic trasncription of the Sanskrit name of river Gangesa>
n.ashes of a cremated person (arch.); wealtha>
n.a starvelinga>
n.a die-young person; the dead in a battlea>
n.a file of ten soldiersa>
v.funeral and burial; keep a coffin in a temporary shelter before buriala>
v.(arch.) to apply acupuncture to a person with abdominal ailmenta>
n.a thick congee cooked from finely ground ricea>
aux.used at the beginning of a sentencea>
n.pervert, scoundrel, rascal, a wicked person; lascivious, sexually promiscuousa>
n.labour; delivery of a babya>
v.to prevent; tp guard against; take care; gushing from a springa>
n.a thick and rough serge from Tibeta>
n.a fine woollen blanket or cloth; a mat used by the emperor in worshippinga>
n.family, clan; a woman's maiden name; a female; family name, surnamea>
n.(blinded) slave (arch.); people; mankind; a member of a nationality; civilian; subjects; citizensa>
n.neon (Ne); No.10 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.xenon (Xe), no. 54 of the periodic table, a chemical elementa>
n.fluorine (F); No.9 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.niton; radon (Rn); No.86 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.xenon (Xe), no. 54 of the periodic table, a chemical elementa>
n.helium (He);No.2 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.oxygen (O); No.8 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.krypton (Kr); No.36 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.hydrogen (H); No.1 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.argon (Ar); No.18 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.nitrogen (N); No.7 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.chlorine (Cl); No.17 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.name of a river and a villiage in Shandong provincea>
n.branch of a rivera>
v.wash; wash in a pan or basketa>
n.winding catchment, a stream which leaves the main branch and afterwards flows into it; the ditch of stagnant water; Si River; the water banka>
n.a surname; Ru Rivera>
n.mercury; hydrargyrum (Hg); No.80 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.puddle; a puddle of somethinga>
onomatopoeiasound or barking of a doga>
n.ancient sacrifice by drowning lifestock or sinking precious jade (arch.); a surnamea>
n.take a holiday; thin rice gruel; Mu rivera>
n.small island in a stream; isleta>
n.name of a river; name of a town in the State of Wei; dimnessa>
n.tributary; arm, small bay in a river; Tuo Rivera>
沿v.follow a course; go along; coast; hand down; continue; conservea>
adj.gushing from a springa>
n.the name of a river in Hebeia>
v.floating on board a shipa>
v.pour water into a pot; soak; arrive, reach, up toa>
n.a whirlpool; the Fu River; an eddy; a race; used in place-names to indicate the spot as a stopping-place for boatsa>
n.Zhu River; a small stream in Shantunga>
n.a ditch, a gutter, a drain, a moata>
n.deep pond; depression; Wa River; a winding ditcha>
n.proper noun for a river in Shenxia>
洿n.a pool; a pond; a low-lying land; stagnate watera>
n.name of a river in Shanxi province, originating in the Zhongtiao Mountains and merging from north to south into the Yellow Rivera>
n.any of the three ten-day divisions of a montha>
浿n.ancient name of a river now in North Korea; ancient name of a countya>
v.ford a stream, wade; pass through, go through; experience; be connected with; involve; concern; implicatea>
v.wash in a pan or basket; spend; search fora>
v.the water leaks into a boata>
v.to take a batha>
v.soak; flood, submerge; stay for a long timea>
n.name of a river in Shanxi; Wei River; Wei prefecture (arch.); the roaring of rapidsa>
n.lake; a sheet of watera>
n.name of a river in Henan provincea>
n.a river in Hu Bei province of Chinaa>
n.bromine (Br); No.35 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a privy; a pig-stya>
n.Wengjiang River; the rising of the clouds; the appearance of a watery expansea>
n.name of a river in Henan provincea>
n.tributary; a branching river (used in place namesa>)
n.Hutuo River; the bank of a streama>
n.The name of a river in Shanxi provincea>
n.a state of buoyancya>
n.a river in Hu Bei provincea>
n.the Han River (arch.); name of a dynasty; the Milky Way, the Galaxy; man, male adult; a surnamea>
particleused as a modal particle (archa>.)
n.a surnamea>
n.name of a river in Yong prefecture in ancient Chinaa>
n.the ice floating on a river during the spring thaw; a corpse; icea>
n.Sheng River; the name of a river in Henan and Shandonga>
n.a bay; a creeka>
n.name of a tributary of the Yangtze River in Sichuana>
n.a river in Hubei; a bank; a foreshore; waterfronta>
n.a river in Guang Xi Zhuang autonomous regiona>
n.name of a river in today's Henana>
n.river bank; a river in He Nan province; gusha>
n.a rapid river; branch of the rivera>
n.small lake; a tributary in Yunnan province; a place in Yunnan provincea>
n.a moat or a trench; the Hao River; Haozhou prefecturea>
n.a river in Hunan province; a place in Xiangxiang city of Hunan provincea>
n.name of a river in antiquitya>
n.(proper name) a spring in Henan provincea>
n.a watery expansea>
n.a well that intermittently runs out of water supply; water from a well or springa>
n.overflowing of a great amount of watera>
n.a river in Shandong province; a sluicea>
n.a group of springsa>
n.kang,a heatable brick beda>
n.a person's namea>
n.the wick of an oil lamp; a candle wick; a torch; a lamp; a lantern; an ignitable columnar thing; stick of incensea>
v.brand; bake in a pan; cauterize; burna>
v.to evaporate; to steam; to advance; to involve in an adulterous act with a female member of an older generationa>
v.to roast or simmer on a slow firea>
n.a kind of bird now unidentifiable (archa>.)
n.a cooking methoda>
onomatopoeiathe sound of a fiercely-burning fire (Cantonesea>)
v.to colour by smoke; being smoked to get a dark coloura>
v.to extinguish or put out a fire, light, etc; to wither away, to die out, to come to an enda>
n.bear; a surnamea>
n.a blaze of firea>
v.burn; light a fire; ignitea>
v.braise, cook in a covered pot over a slow fire, stewa>
n.a hot sun; warmtha>
n.a spark; a torcha>
v.to make a fire drawa>
n.father; uncle, male relative of a senior generation; term of respect for old mena>
n.a stand for weaving silka>
prep.within a definite time or spacea>
n.one half of a divided paira>
n.slanting pillar; cross bar, horizontal timber across the legs of a chair or tablea>
v.to tend as a shepherd, to rear cattle or livestock in general; to herda>
v.to string a cow by its nosea>
v.to run; to rush about (of a herd of bulls); to fleea>
n.dog; a courteous way to mention one's sona>
n.a kind of fierce Mongolian dog; a species of wild dog with black mouth and nose; the prison; the lock-up; the elka>
n. Gelao, a non-Han ethnic group in Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhoua>
n.a badger like animal in ancient China; an ethnic minority in Chinaa>
n.a tribe of Scythian nomadsa>
n.a kind of cat-like mammala>
v.(of animal) flee in a frightened mannera>
n.(arch.) vicious dog; beast resembling a wolfa>
n.a river in Hu bei; a bank; a foreshorea>
n.name of a beast, a kind of tapir; a fierce beast depicted on the door of prisonsa>
n.a fabulous beast, a tribute animal presented to the Chinese emperor, probably a liona>
n.a mad doga>
n.a minority in southern Chinaa>
n.scream or roar of a tigera>
n.the lion; a wild beast or a wild horse which can do 500 li (250 kilometers) a daya>
n.a kind of monkey found in West Chinaa>
n.a dog giving birth to tripletsa>
n.(extinct.) an animal that resembles a harea>
n.a wild animal in ancient legenda>
n.the macaque; a monkey with yellow haira>
n.dog with a short snout; smoke or flames from firea>
n.a kind of otter; mythical beast similar to an ape with dog's heada>
n.a kind of beasts; a jackal; the name of a tribe in Kwangsi and Hunana>
n.a dog breed in Southern part of the Zhao statea>
n.a kind of wild animala>
n.a legendary tiger-like unfilial beast that eats its own mothera>
n. an ape-like animal black in color but a white waista>
n.Lao nationality; a word that the northerners would call the southerners in a scold during the ancient timesa>
n.a breed of hunting dog in antiquitya>
n.a species of wolf; name of an aboriginal tribe in South China, mostly huntersa>
n.the long-mouth dog; Xian nationality; a black dog with yellow heada>
n.a tribe of Scythians which invaded China during the Hsia dynastya>
n.the rhesus monkey; the macaque; a female monkeya>
n.a kind of ape; a minority in ancient China (in today's Sizhuana>)
n.a dog with a long snout or muzzle; a derogatory name of the northen nomads (later known as Hsiungnu or Huns) given by the Chinese in the Zhou Dynastya>
n.jade with defect; jade carver; surname; a state in the Western regiona>
onomatopoeiathe sound of jingling or tinkling a jadea>
n.a stone like pearl; an inferior kind of gema>
n.semiprecious stone; a kind of jadea>
n.a kind of gem inferior to jade; a place in Mian Chi of Henan provincea>
n.a supernatural, legendary pearl; mysterious gema>
n.a flaw in a piece of jade; defect; staina>
n.a jade-like stone; an ornament on a bridlea>
n.a kind of jadea>
n.an ornament attached to a woman's hairpina>
n.big jade; precious stone; name of a county in Sichuana>
n.name of a kind of jadea>
n.top gem of the pendants from a girdlea>
n.a jade tablet or baton, which varied in shape according to different ranks, conferred upon the feudal princes by the emperor as a symbol of dignity and authoritya>
n.a jade tablet signifying the sceptrea>
n.a jade-like stone or a coarse jade or jaspera>
n.a precious stonea>
n.a place in south-eastern Shantong, namelya> 琅琊
n.the decoration on the upper part of the sheath of a sworda>
n.name of a beautiful jade; glitter of gemsa>
n.The Chinese lute or guitar; a general name for certain musical instrumenta>
n.a fine jade; a precious gema>
n.a ceremonial jade; the tortoise shella>
n.a jewel-like stonea>
n.name of a jadea>
n.a big-hole or a large ring of jadea>
n.coral; a kind of sacrificial vessela>
n.jade tablet given to feudal princes on their investiture, as a sign of authority and rank; keepsake; happy omena>
n.a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument; rustlea>
n.a kind of jadea>
n.type of white cornelian; a stone resembling pearla>
n.a jadea>
n.a jade-like stonea>
n.a stone like jade; locka>
n.fine gold; a kind of jade; an alternative name for golda>
n.a jade pendant of semi-circular shapea>
n.gem, a piece of precious jadea>
n.a pearl that is not quite round; third star of the Big Dippera>
n.a kind of jadea>
n.pieces of jade stringed with silk thread hanging from a coroneta>
n.a kind of jadea>
n.an earthenware used for filling with water; concave channels of tiling; a long-necked jara>
n.a pottery wine pota>
n.large plate or pan; bricks for fixing the inside wall of a well; brickwork of a well; surnamea>
n.earthen pot with a large mouth but shallow enough to be used at table as a chafing disha>
n.wall or brickwork of a wella>
v.to build a well with bricksa>
n.a jar without ears; bricka>
n.rafters supporting roof tiles; fastigium, ridge of a housea>
n.urn; earthen jar; a squat jar for holding winea>
n.a white tigera>
n.one of bell's handle; road flanked by walls; Yong river; Ningbo city; a measure of capacitya>
n.raised path between farm fields, balk, baulk; field; a Japanese measure of length; a measure of area (archa>.)
v.scoop up with a dustpana>
n.a Chinese land-measure of areaa>
n.hand-net (arch.); name of a constellation that resembles a hand-net; The Net, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western skya>
adv.slightly; a littlea>
n.rectangular pieces of land in a field separated by ridges, fifty acre; field; forma>
v.plant in a fielda>
v.undertake; act as; fill an office; occupy a position; be equal to; treat as; regard as; represent; bear; accept; undertake; work as; serve as; deservea>
n.the land measure of 12 or 30 mu; a gardena>
classifiera bolt (of clotha>)
n.the stem of a fruita>
n.a boil; a venereal ulcer; a bubo; syphilitic soresa>
n.epigasteric pain; hernia; Xenon (Xe); No.54 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a seasonal disease that appears in summer; dialecta>
n.a rash or eruption; disease; pustules of any kind; Measles; various kinds of fevera>
n.crust over a sore, scabiesa>
n.a whitlowa>
n.a wasting disease, consumption, tuberculosisa>
n.a purulent tumor; a running sore; an ucler; anal fistulaa>
n.consumption; tuberculosis, a wasting diseasea>
n.leprosy; pestilence; a sore; an ulcer; swelling and sores caused by varnish-poisoninga>
n.furuncle; a small sore; a pimplea>
v.issue; put forth; send forth; rise; manifest; send out; deliver; distribute; utter; express; discharge; shoot; emit; develop; expand; bring into existenceget into a certain stage; become; show one's feeling; feela>
n.spoken part in a playa>
n.a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handlesa>
n.marshland; paddy field; highland along a river banka>
n.an acne; a blister; bleb; a pustule; a pimple; herpesa>
n.a cooking utensil in antiquitya>
n.an earthen vessel with a big belly and a small moutha>
v.inspecting one's own countenance by gazing at one's reflection in a bowl of water (arch.); inspect, supervise, oversee; revise; look intoa>
n.an utensil used for containing food in ancient times; lid of a caldrona>
n.a look with big eyes; name of an ancient statea>
n.a deep and piercing gaze; surname Suia>
v.narrow; take a nap; unable to open one's eye while getting something in it; be blindeda>
v.look sideways, cast a sidelong glance; look far into the distancea>
n.eye; eyelet; fingerhole of a flute; space, aperture; small holea>
v.to see, to look; keep a lookout; admire; to long for, to gaze ata>
v.nod; take a napa>
v.to look askance at, to take a glance at somebody in disdain; to glare ata>
n.Strabismus, a misalignment of the eyes; one of the 64 hexagramsa>
v.narrow one's eyes; take a short nap; get into one's eyea>
n.a blind; a senior; a shrinka>
n.a legendary birda>
v.shoot a glance at; glimpsea>
v.steal a glance; look, seea>
n.blink; twinkling, in a wink, a flasha>
n.look down from a height, bird's-eye view; peep at; look far into the distancea>
n.an arrow for shooting birds; a short arrow; a bolt for a crossbow; an arrow or a dart with a silk thread fastened to ita>
n.the sliding weight of a steelyard; stone roller; brick; piecea>
n.a stockade; stronghold; a camp; a military outpost; a walled village; brothel; a pen for stocka>
n.a kind of precious stonea>
n.a cluster of stone-arrowa>
onomatopoeiato make a loud sound; water splashing on rock; cracking noisea>
n.arsenic (As); No.33 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.silicon (Si); No.14 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.selenium (Se); No.34 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.sulphur (S); No.16 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.boron (B); No.5 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
v.to pound with a pestle or mortara>
n.iodin; iodine (I); No.53 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a word used in place name; suburba>
n.high rock; stone tablet with a round top; Jieshi mountaina>
n.a brilliantly coloured stone with veins running through it; Dang Mountaina>
n.tellurium (Te); No.52 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.carbon (C); No.6 of the Periodic table; a chemical elementa>
n.stubby hairs or beard; fragment, small broken pieces of ice, glasses, etc.; chipped edge of a containera>
n.a roller used to husk graina>
n.a milla>
n.a heap of stones; boulders; grievancea>
n.stone steps on a hill path; stepa>
n.thin stone; water flowing over stones; noise of a rapid, or of carts; phosphorous; phosphorus (P); No.15 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a word for place namesa>
n.a block of stonea>
n.old name of Taiyuan county; a surname; a female deera>
pron.He, Him (honourific form of third person pronoun usually used for a deity such as Christian Goda>.)
v.offer a sacrifice toa>
v.obit, offer a sacrifice; wielda>
n.a ceremony of purification held on the edge of a river in spring and autumn for averting evilsa>
n.sacrifice; a surnamea>
v.to offer a sacrifice with reverenea>
v.to make a sacrifice to the god of war before a campaigna>
n.a surnamea>
n.a term applied to a deceased father after his tablet has been placed in the ancestral templea>
v.to offer a sacrifice to exorcise evils; to drive off; to praya>
n.region; Yu mountain; a kind of monkeya>
禿n.stump of a writing brusha>
n.cricket (OBS/BS, arch.); autumn; fall of the year; a season, a time; harvest time; yeara>
v.to feed a horsea>
n.a glutinous variety of cereal; long needlea>
adv.slightly; a little, a bit; rathera>
n.child; a surnamea>
n.deccan grass, a barnyard grassa>
n.the pulp; a bumper harvest; the stalk of grain; the fully grown paddy; full; Rang county; ten billionsa>
v.to offer a sacrifice to exorcise evils; to get rid of; to repel; to feel disturbed; to stuffa>
v.to burry; to put a coffin in a gravea>
n.a cavity; a depression; a puddle; a hoof-printa>
v.being in a cavea>
n.a hollow depression; denta>
v.to rush out of a den; to sweep; to hanga>
n.a tablet-shaped hold; a wooden pail; a small door or window; a hole in the walla>
v.to climb over a wall; to chisel; to hope presumptuously; to cut through a walla>
n.hole; side door; mouth of a sewer; cellar; sinus; surname; Dou prefecture (archa>.)
n.stage of a journey; stop, stationa>
v.to sing and dance, dancing while singing; beating a druma>
v.(a girl) coming of age at fifteena>
n.a bamboo skimmer; a ladlea>
n.a kind of bamboo; basket made of bambooa>
n.bamboos placed across wooden frames for drying grain; a wooden frame; a kind of music instrumenta>
n. a species of bambooa>
n.a reed pipe wind instrumenta>
n.rope made of bamboo for fastening a boata>
n.a species of bambooa>
n.a broom; a besoma>
n.two halves of a tally, tally; charm, amulet, spell; magic figure drawn by Taoist priesta>
n.a coarse mat of rushes or bamboo; rope made of bamboo used for pulling boatsa>
prefixused in front of a number to build up an ordinal numbera>
n.a bamboo trap for fishing at the opening of a weira>
n.a flat basket-tray for graina>
n.a kind of bamboo used as a walking sticka>
n.a potscouring brush; a bamboo brusha>
n.a round rice-washing bamboo basket; a boxa>
n.a bobbina>
n.a conduit made of long bamboo polesa>
n.a winnowing basket; chopsticks; divining-strawsa>
n.large groove of bamboo on a mountain, mountain valley with clumps of trees and bamboosa>
n.trumpet for chariots; a wood wind instrumenta>
n.a whip; twigs of bambooa>
n.needle; probe; a type of didactic literary compositiona>
n.a wood wind instrument in ancient Chinaa>
n.seal character; a seal of office; official positiona>
n.leaf of a book; section; essay; book; tablet of bamboo formerly used for writing ona>
v.push with a punt-pole and cause a ship to movea>
n.a kind of bambooa>
n.a kind of bamboo; luxuriant growth of bambooa>
n.a bamboo sieve or cagea>
n.sound of step of a horsea>
n.bamboos suitable for poles; a horna>
n.A flute made of bamboo with 7 holesa>
n.a skimmer or scoop used by cooksa>
n.a hut next to a paviliona>
n.a hundred catty of golda>
n.a round- mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handlesa>
n.a bamboo vessel; a box; a basketa>
n.bamboo; a musical instrument made of bamboo, likea> 笙
n.a bamboo utensil for holding cooked rice; small basketa>
n.a square grain receptacle for ceremonial purpose (archa>.)
n.a basket for holding eartha>
n.a large broad-rimmed bamboo or straw hat with a handle; a kind of vessela>
n.a vertical bamboo flute; end of a bowa>
n.projecting overhang at the lower edge of a roof; eaves of house; brima>
n.the flag as sign of a tavern (arch.); screen, curtaina>
n.a style of seal script used throughout the pre-Han perioda>
n.a map; a chart; a memorandum; a lista>
n.a slip of bamboo; tallya>
n.a kind of bamboo used for making flutes or pipesa>
n.a round basket for feeding cattle; a round basket for containing mullberry leaf; a tray; a bamboo mata>
n.a weir of bamboo to catch fish or crabsa>
n.fence; a bamboo or wicker or wire strainera>
n.a round and thick cake made of ricea>
n.a Tibetan staple food made by roasted floura>
n.field rations; food for a journey; cakesa>
adj.in a wretched state; in a mess; bad luck; pickled with grains or in winea>
n.back leather belt attached to a horse (arch.); name of tyrant ,name of last emperor of Shang Dynastya>
n.pivot, key; a know; a buttona>
n.a rope for leading cattle or horsea>
n.a sasha>
n.the fabric made from waste silk; the silk; a thread; a cluea>
n.a silk ribbon; a ribbon for a seal; a sasha>
n.a cable; a rope; a cord; a rein; a bridlea>
n.a coarse silk fabrica>
n.a garment of one colour with no lining; a dust coata>
v.contract; give a bond for; knot, knit, weave; connect, unite, join; congeal; form; forge; cement; bear fruit; form; finish; pay, settle, concludea>
v.bind up, tie; measure girth with a rope; measurea>
n.raw silk; silk fabric; plain silk; a spara>
n.the spoke near the axle; a rope; a rope for drawing water; a well-ropea>
n.heavy silk; thick silk fabrics; a cotton fabric; a coarse, thick, greenish-black pongee; a kind of artificial silk material in modern timesa>
n.warp of a fabric (arch.); classic books, classic works, classics; invariable rule; standard of conduct; longitude; scripture; canon; menses; menstruation; things running lengthwise; meridian; main artery; longitudesa>
n.a twisted rope; a corda>
n.large rope of a net; law; principle; bond; tie; outline; programmea>
v.catch with a neta>
v.woof, weft; the woof of a woven item; silk fabrics with patterns on both sidesa>
n.a heel piece of shoe (arch.); satina>
n.fishing line; a string of copper coins; Min state; surnamea>
n.weft or woof of a fabric, latitudea>
n.rope on the handle or hilt of a knife or sword; Gou mountain; surnamea>
n.a cord, a ropea>
v.to let down with a rope; to draw; to pulla>
n.a thin silk; a thin silk dressa>
n.a dense polychrome; a mattressa>
n.a districta>
n.part of a garment in antiquity; knee covera>
n.a black rope; a bonda>
v.to tie up with rope or chain; to fetter a prisoner; to take into custody; to restrain; to connecta>
int.a sighing sound, alasa>
v.wind round; offer a sacrifice toa>
v.surround; wind round; make a detour; coil; move round; circle; revolvea>
adj.resembling a cocoona>
n.a kind of fishing-net or animal trapa>
n.a belt or ribbon made of silka>
n.color silk fabrics; fine thin silk; a silk pass; the fine gauze; the frayed edges of silk; silk torn into pieces, one of which was given as a credential and the other retaineda>
n.fabrics; a red silk ribbon; a womans hair dressed in a buna>
n.knot on a thread of silk; flawa>
n.Xie,a printing and dyeing method; figured fabrics; blush, flusha>
n.the flaxen thread; a kind of plant like the ramie; black and solid earth; an arch; a squat; a wide-mouthed jar for containing winea>
n.big square banner or feather banner used in ancient Chinese army or in ceremony; a streamera>
n.an earthen jar with a big belly and a small mouth; an earthware for sucking water; fou, a clay musical instrument; a pottery; an earthenwarea>
缿n. a jar-like container made of clay and with a small opening, used for keeping moneya>
n.a crack in earthenware; a split; loopholes; a grudge; fissure; cleavagea>
n.an earthenware jar; a juga>
n.an earthenware small-mouthed jar, a pot, a pitchera>
n.a wooden drinking vessel; a jara>
n.a big fish-neta>
n.the handle of the Big Dipper; a hill; the name of certain stars and the gods supposed to live in thema>
n.a carved screena>
n.a small net; a fish-neta>
n.bird net with a long handlea>
n.fishnet; carpet; a kind of woolen fabrica>
n.a square-shaped fishing-neta>
n.the brown bear; a kind of beara>
n.bridle; a bun (archa>.)
n.a black ram or goata>
n.a ram or he-goata>
n.a species of goata>
n.a kind of goat with small hornsa>
v.assist a ruler; respecta>
n.a long-tailed pheasant; pheasant feather; plume; surnamea>
n.quill, shaft of a feather; wings; birdsa>
n.eye opacity; a feather cover; the nebula; a screen; the five-coloured bird; a shadea>
n.a harrow-like implement for pulverizing soila>
v.sow with a drill; till; spread manure with a drilla>
n.the name of an ancient farm tool; a rake for drawing earth over newly-sown grain, a harrow; the handle of a hoea>
n.a din; a clamour; a hubbuba>
n.a surname; Nie towna>
n.flesh; meat; pulp of fruit; disc of a jade ringa>
n.the ulcer of the lip; the gizzard; pustules of any kind; a rush or eruption; measles; various kinds of fevera>
v.to attend to a patient; to feel a patient's pulsea>
n.dried meat in lieu of salary for a teacher (arch.); fine fooda>
n.calf; illness; abuse; a cruel torturea>
v.make a prostrationa>
n.sheepy odor; rank odor; smell of mutton; a technical term from Chinese medicine for the center of the chesta>
n.a hair-lipa>
v.taking a desk-napping posture (arch.); lie down; crouch; lean on, grovela>
n.a target; a guidepost; a rule; a law; a provincial judge; the terminal; a spile; a limit; a small posta>
v.arrive, attain a high level; gathera>
n.magpie; shoes with a thick double-layered sole; the sole of a shoe; clog; footgear worn by the emperor or high officialsa>
n.a blood sacrifice (arch.); split on jade; hatred; crime, wrong; quarrel; disputea>
n.a kind of grass; Shun, the name of a legendary monarch in ancient China; surnamea>
n.kayak; a long knife-shaped boata>
n.a small boata>
n.a ponton bridge; a floating bridge; pontoona>
n.a sampana>
n.midships; the middle point of the length between both ends of a ship; the middle point of the load waterline lengtha>
n.a small house-boat with lookout windowsa>
n.stern of ship; a tandem shipa>
n.the side of a ship or airscraft; board; gunwalea>
n.s small boat; a place in Taipei city, Taiwana>
n.a small boata>
n.a despatch boata>
n.a light boat; bargea>
n.a small boata>
n.a fast-sailing boata>
n.bow of a shipa>
n.skiff; a light boat typically just for one persona>
n.bow of a Chinese boat or junka>
n.a long swift boat; an ancient warshipa>
n.the stem of a boat; prow of a shipa>
n.a large ship made of wooda>
n.the chinese water-chest-nut- Scirpus tuberosus; the shortened form of a common, chinese harbaceous peonya>
n.ligusticum wallichii; a Chinese medical herba>
n.a kind of straw found on seaside used for making matta>
n.a herba>
var.a semantic variant ofa> 蔥
n.Name of a plant- Chinese elder, it has mucilaginous roots which are used for various purposes; mixing vermilion ink for sealsa>
n.a fragrant plant; banana, plantaina>
n.thongs of a shield; edge of a body of water; Rui state; surnamea>
n.the name of a planta>
n.a biennials herbagea>
n.the pad in a shoe; the seed or the female plant of the nettle hemp; a gunny; a sackcloth; a rusha>
n.a herb mentioned in ancient texta>
n.licorice(arch.); glycoside; name for a series of organic compoundsa>
n.a surname; the thin layer inside the reed stalk; people dying from starvationa>
n.a plant yielding a red dyea>
n.Name of a county in Shandong provincea>
n.a kind of planta>
n.china root, a medicinal fungus found on the roots of some treesa>
n.Cyperus malaccensis; a kind of straw used for making matt; a medical plant used by vetsa>
n.a grass; surnamea>
n.banana-plant, waterlily (a water plant, Nymphoides peltatuma>)
n.the nuts of oak (arch.); grass; straw; herbs; weeds; draft; a style of writinga>
v.to draft (a documenta>)
n.tender bud; a kind of grass which is like barnyard grass; used figuratively for the tender hands of womena>
n.a kind of reed with a pithy stema>
n.a bitter edible plant; the white flower of congongrass,reeds,etc.; weeda>
n.a water-grass; hippurisa>
n.the villous themeda; a coarse grass used as mats; Jian towna>
n.Arthraxon hispidus; a kind of lentila>
n.a field that has been under cultivation for one year; withered trees; evil; calamitya>
v.to open up a wasteland; to reclaim a wasteland; to plough and weeda>
n.the celery cabbage, a variety of cabbagea>
n.a kind of wooden chips (vitex) used for divination; chaste tree wooda>
n.a herbage called penny cressa>
n.henbane; a kind of poisonous herb that might lead to hallucination, licorice being an antidotea>
n.a kind of herba>
n.a hut; small Buddhist temple, nunnery or monasterya>
n.a kind of grass used as animal feeda>
n.a kind of reed; a rush or sedgea>
n.A kind of fruit called Averrhoa Carambola, possibly yangtao or star fruit in Canton; used in personal namesa>
n.processed monkshood daughter root; a poisonous medicinal herba>;
n.a term for various plants similar to lettucea>
n.a kind of herb, Aralia cordataa>
n.a sod grass that can be used for medical purposesa>
n.a plant similar to radisha>
v.set forth; manifest, make known; write; put on, wear; belong to a place; blossoma>
n.director; a surnamea>
n.golden ornament on the car cover; the corolla of a flowera>
n.bulrush, flute, whistle; young shoot of a reed (archa>.)
n.a acrid and strong-smelling vegetable; meat or fish dieta>
v.thatch, cover a roof with straw; repair a house, mend; polish; renovate, dredgea>
n.the pedicel of a fruit, flower; enda>
v.cover; conceal; receive from a superior; meet with; leave; cheat, deceive, dupea>
n.a medicinal herb; milkwort (Polygala myrtifolia), with roots used in Chinese medicinea>
n.a rush; scirpus cyperinus; a surnamea>
v.cover; hide; seal, affix a seal; build; erecta>
n.straw mat; mattress; a small bundle of straw; suckers, sproutsa>
n.Ricinus communis, a castor oil planta>
n.a kind of grass mentioned in ancient texts, used as inlay of shoesa>
n.a medical herb; nasturtium montanuma>
n.a surnamea>
n. rue, a herb used to repel insectsa>
n.Jobs tears; the heart of a lotus seeda>
n.name of a grass; straw raincoat (arch.); Xue state; surnamea>
n.climbing fig; creeping fig; a surnamea>
n.a herb; shallots, scalliona>
v.to die (applicable to a feudal prince or a high officiala>)
v.treat meat,fish,etc. with smoke; exert; burn; burn joss sticks and take a batha>
n.name of a herb; surnamea>
n.ashes; a kind of weed; hispid arthraxona>
n.a herb used as a medicinea>
n.Alisma plantago-aquatica; a common Chinese medical herba>
n.a kind of berrya>
n.a shallow lake overgrown with wild plants; place where fish or beast gather, den, haunta>
n.Hemiptelea davidii; a species of elm treea>
n.a kind of plant; Drabanemerosa hebecarpaa>
n.a kind of fragrant herb; Qi prefecture; surnamea>
n.a species of thyme or basil, perilla (Perilla frutescens); transliteration of Soviet; Abreviation of the Chinese province of Jiangsua>
n.a kind of wild gingera>
n.name of a grassa>
n.lotus-like plant, a plant which resembles wheat but has no edible graina>
n.a kind of herba>
n.radish; turnip; a creeping plant; doddera>
n.a variety of red-stalked fine milleta>
n.an amphibious beast resembling a tiger with horn(sa>?)
v.roar (of a tigera>)
n.poles of a rack on which musical instruments were hung, support structure for bell; bell pendant standa>
n.stripe pattern on a tiger's fura>
n.a kind of cicadaa>
n.a young dragona>
n.a worma>
n.a poisonous snakea>
n.horsefly, gadfly; a kind of arrowa>
n.a kind of shella>
n.a kind of worma>
n.a kind of mosquito; a gnata>
n.a kind of very small crab known in antiquitya>
n.millipede; a kind of anthropoda>
v.to move slowly (in the manner of a worm); to tip-toea>
n.a kind of cicadaa>
n.a red spotted lizard; horned toada>
n.water-beetle; a form of money in antiquitya>
n.a worm; a surnamea>
n.a tadpolea>
n.a variety of locusta>
n.a kind of locusta>
n.scales on the belly of a snake aiding locomotion; snaila>
n.a kind of mosquito; sandflya>
n.leech; a surnamea>
n.moth; beautiful eyebrows; some fungus similar to or likened to a moth; anta>
n.The Kingdom of Shu (one of the Three Kingdoms); caterpillar or larva of a butterfly or moth (arch.); Short for Sichuan provincea>
n.clam; a variety of bivalvesa>
n.mayfly; a large species of anta>
n.meadow grasshopper; a strange beasta>
n.a fabulous, injurious creature like a turtle; an evil spirit; a treacherous persona>
n.A tick, acari, acarina, ioxdes, cause of Lyme diseasea>
n.a kind of insect said to be good at carrying a heavy loada>
n.a weevil found in rice etc; mantisa>
n.bat; a kind of fisha>
n.a kind of insect said to be good at carrying a heavy loada>
n.a Chinese blister beetle; a fly which is used similarly to cantharidesa>
n.a venomous snake- Pallas pitvipera>
n.a kind of locust; lizarda>
v.to move in a zigzag or meandering fashiona>
n.the nymph of a locust, immature locustsa>
n.name of a beetle; mantisa>
n.a small cicada with a square heada>
n.a small cicada; a mantisa>
n.a wingless dragon of the cloudsa>
n.a dragon whose horns have not growna>
n.a chrysalis; nest of eggs of mantisa>
n.a short-lived insect; mayflya>
n.a long-headed grasshoppera>
n.a kind of insect that destructs the roots of rice seedlings; a pest; a fly which is used similarly to cantharidesa>
n.a green beetle that makes a noise with its wings like a cicada; the horse-leecha>
n.eggs of mantis; cicada; a small buga>
n.a kind of marine craba>
n.a kind of frog or toada>
n.a kind of grasshopper; a genus of frogsa>
n.a kind of scorpion; a sting in the taila>
n.caterpillar or larva of a butterfly or moth (archa>.)
n.a small green cicadaa>
n.action; conduct; behaviour; business firm; a row; a line; a seriesa>
n.yoke of an ox; railing; beam of a steelyard; authority; weighing apparatusa>
n.a vent in the sides of a garment; a slit in the middle of a skirt; the open seam of a garment which allows free movementsa>
n.front of a garment; sleeping mat; sleevea>
n.Buddhist cassock; Buddhist monk robe; a coarse kind of camleta>
n.lapel of a large size clothinga>
n.the legging of a pair of socksa>
v.put a thing in the sleevea>
n.plain, dark clothes; unlined garment; hem of a garmenta>
n.white underwear in summer; Uighur or Tajik robe buttoning down the front; a loop for fastening a buttona>
n.foldings on both sides of a funeral dress; funeral gowna>
n.scarf worn by a man for mourning purpose; an aprona>
v.to hold something with the front of a Chinese jacketa>
n.a border or band on the edge of a dressa>
v.repair, mend; patch; add to; help; fill a vacancy; supply; make up for; nourisha>
v.mount a picture; paper a ceiling or walla>
n.full front and back of a Chinese jacket or gown; tail of a robea>
n.a Chinese-style unlined jacketa>
n.swaddling band, a cloth for carrying small childrena>
n.a piece of string attached to clothes, used for hanging a jade pendanta>
n.a scent-pouch; a knee-pada>
n.little quilt; pouch worn at the girdle; a loin-clotha>
v.to tight a horse by corses; wreathea>
v.to carry in the bosom or the sleeve; to wrap, to conceal; to conceive (a childa>)
n.a pouch; a pocketa>
n.swaddling clothes; a rope; an ancient apparatus for catching tiger; a cloth used for carrying children on the backa>
n.a hood or cowla>
n.garment of coarse cloth, a rain-coata>
n.the sheath of a sworda>
n.folds or pleats in a garment; folds of the stomach, intestines, etca>.
n.lapel; front of a garment; brothers-in-law; minda>
v.to carry with the front of a robea>
v.to make a raid on, to attack; to replicate; to inherita>
n.a full length gowna>
v.turn over; topple; to throw a ridera>
v.court officials in ancient feudal states paying each other visits every three years (arch.); to scan or to scope over a wide range of distant objectsa>
n.a male witch; sorcerer; a wizarda>
v.go to court, present oneself before (a monarch); meet witha>
v.steal a glance at; narrow; carefully aim at; look aftera>
n.horn; angle; corner; point; a tenth of a dollar; The Horn, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern skya>
n.a beaker; a goblet; a wooden writing-tablet; an angular object; a regular beam; the corner; a law; a rule; the sword handle; an anglea>
n.a small goblet for ceremonial purposea>
n.an ancient measuring tool; a gobleta>
v.toast; drink; entertain at a banqueta>
觿n.a horn or ivory bodkin worn at the girdle for untying knotsa>
onomatopoeiathe sound of a crash; scream; loud noisea>
v.beg; demand, ask for; dun; punish; put to death; exterminate; send armed force to suppress; send a punitive expendition against; denounce; condemna>
v.tell; inform; state; accuse; lay a plaint; complain; relatea>
v.attend to a patient; examine; diagnosea>
n.archaism, old saying, the meaning of a worda>
v.leave behind; present, make a gift of stha>.
n.a sense of shame, humiliationa>
v.talk with; give a hint; tell to; speak, saya>
v.to confer a title posthumouslya>
v.visit; call on a senior; pay one's respect to; reporta>
v.talk nonsense; to make up (a storya>)
v.banter, tease without embarrassing, crack a joke; mocka>
v.to confer a title posthumouslya>
v.to speak with a friendly voice in a relaxed pacea>
n.a high official demoted to a minor post in an outlying district; fault, mistakea>
v.frame a case against somebody; cheat; accuse falsely; slandera>
n.a surnamea>
n.a feast, banqueta>
n.hatred; an enemy; a rivala>
v.deny, refuse to admit; frame a case against somebody; cheat; accuse falsely; slander, libela>
v.to decide judicially; report a case to the higher authorities, ask for instructions; distinguisha>
n.A hole or openinga>
谿n.a gully; a valley; a deep gorgea>
adj.clear, open, open-minded; in a twinkle, in a flasha>
n.vessel like a platter (arch.); bean; pea; legumes; pulses; dry measure; pecka>
n.a small kidney beana>
var.archaic variant of 禮; nowadays often regarded as a variant of 豐 (sica>)
n.suckling pig; pig; a surname; sand bags for building walls or dykesa>
n.a wild boar; animal fighta>
n.a legendary beast; an insect (creature) without feet or legsa>
n.a kind of wild dog in the steppe; prisona>
n.a northern minority nationality in ancient Han dynastya>
n.a legendary wild animal that devours humansa>
n.a kind of wild beara>
n.a pig-like animal; badgera>
n.a fabulous wild beast; a white fox; a kind of leoparda>
v.offer as tribute; levy a tax; tributea>
n.a string of 1000 coinsa>
v.string on a thread; go through; implicate; pierce; perforatea>
v.upbraid; ask from; demand, require; punish; question closely; blame; lay a charge upon; to reprimand, to admonisha>
v.a whole divides into two; be double-minded; to betray; assista>
v.congratulate; send a present with congratulationsa>
v.offer bribes; give as a present; accept bribesa>
n.a shella>
n.merchant (non-travelling); a surnamea>
v.to award; to give as a present; to present as a gift; to confer; to bestow on an inferior; to rewarda>
v.compensate, pay for; stand a loss; make an apologya>
n. a kind of rounded coin minted in the Qi State during the Warring States Period; a ship with the figure of a bird carved in the fronta>
v.make a profit, gain; earna>
v.to present a gift to a bereaved family; to contribute towards funeral expensesa>
n.gift presented to a senior at ones first visita>
n.a son-in-law who marries into wifes family taking her family namea>
n.a good-looking appearancea>
v.give as a present; confer posthumouslya>
v.able to support a great weight; to roara>
v.follow; expel; drive; pursue; avail oneself of; catch up with; overtake; try to catch; make a dash for; rush for; hurry througha>
v.to jump; moving about in a hurry; to stand out markedly; to show fortha>
v.to sit cross-legged, as a Buddhist devoteea>.
n.the instep; the foot; the leg; the end; to calyx; a prostrate liea>
n.half a step or short step; a stride equal to half a pacea>
v.to kneel for a long time, to go down on hands and kneesa>
v.to fall forward; fall prone; fall prostrate; to fall; to lay out a corpse; to be destroyed; to overturn; to fall down dead; to stumblea>
n.a jade or a lame donkey; a surname; obstructiona>
v.to ride a donkeya>
v.walk; go in a hurrya>
n.a short stepa>
v.fall; suffer a setback, suffer loss of; run; tramp; dig; exhaust, use upa>
adj.whole; wholesale; a lump suma>
n.a step; a pacea>
v.to trip and fall; to fall; to tumble; to suffer a setback; to hinder; to stumblea>
v.to follow a path; imitatea>
n.movement of an animal (refering mostly to a dragona>)
n.rut; track; path; orbit; axle of a wheel; rule, law; rail; coursea>
n.a crossbar in carriage for guiding directiona>
n.a high-fronted, curtained carriage (arch.); front of a palace under the eaves; house; balcony; lavatory; window or door; star's name; Xuanyuana>
n.a piece of wood serving as a brake to halt a carriage; an ancient measure of varying lengths; wheela>
n.two ends of yoke of a carriagea>
onomatopoeiasound of a birda>
n.covering sail of a carriagea>
onomatopoeianoise of a moving vehiclea>
n.a small hole on the axletree; fender of the carriage; end of the axletreea>
v.to surpass; to transgress (arch.); to excel; tomake a sudden violent attack, to assault; be scattereda>
n.horizontal bar in the front of a sedan chaira>
n.a horizontal beam; a chariot; a state carriagea>
n.cart wheel with no spokes used as a bier; cart carrying a coffin; mediocre talenta>
n.sides of a chariot; luggage rack on a chariot; surnamea>
v.mourn, draw a hearse; to pull a wheel-chaira>
n. a car-ruta>
onomatopoeiarumbling of a carta>
n.the rim or the felloe of a wheel; a tirea>
n.a pall to cover the hearse; funeral carriagea>
v.draw a carriage; ride; convey by vehicles,ships,etca>.
n.a light carriagea>
n.shafts of a cart; outer gate; cart; shaft of a plough; axle; magistrate's office; Yuan village; surnamea>
n.the track of a wheel; carriage, cart; road; way; error, lesson; rhyme of a songa>
n.blinds on both sides of a carriage for guarding off dusta>
n.a threshold; a wheel; neighboursa>
n.large ring on the yoke of a carriage, used for grouping the reinsa>
n.a windlass; pulleya>
v.to dismember [a person] (arch.) be unworthy of, to let down; to fall short of other's expectationa>
v.to meet face to face; to move towards; to slip away; to go to meet; to receive as a guesta>
n.a surnamea>
n.a proper name in antiquity, notably as in the case ofa> 關龍逄
n.a company of soldiersa>
n.a time; a turna>
v.pass; pass through; pass by; cross over; undergo a process; go through; go overa>
v.disobey; oppose; disregard; abandon a purpose; offend against; avoid; violate; be separateda>
v.keep away from; send away; keep at a distance, to distantiate; to avoida>
v.go to; reach; follow; pursue; marry; suit; succeed; be blessed with; happen; fall in with; (a woman being) married toa>
n.a time; a turna>
v.select for a posta>
n.the name of a small principality in what is now called Shensi, the home to the founder of the Chou dynastya>
n.a place in Sichuan province of Chinaa>
n.a surname; proper name for a state in what is today Hebeia>
n.name of a placea>
n.a surnamea>
n.guild hall; residence of a high official; hotel; till, toa>
n.name of a feudal state; surnamea>
n.crack; a special group of acupuncture points;animositya>
n.Xi town (under Chou dynasty); a surnamea>
n.proper noun for a surname; proper noun for a placea>
n.Xi- the name of a fief in the state of Chin; a crack; a rift; an illnessa>
n.name of a country in Spring and Autumn period in modern Shandonga>
n.name of a district in ancient Shandonga>
n. a place in Henan province; an ancient state in Henana>
n.(proper name) name of a district in Gansu, close to present Xininga>
n.name of place in the state of Song during the period of Spring and Autumn; a surnamea>
v.match, pair; to mate; become man and wife; be loaded with; be charged with; suffer punishment; compound; mix; distribute according to plan; deserve; to make up (a prescriptiona>)
v.to turn acid; to pledge a host in wine; to recompensea>
v.propose a toast, toast; reward, payment; friendly exchange; fulfil, realize; offer a sacrifice to; present each othera>
v.pour out a libationa>
n.a kind of green-colored wine; fine liquora>
v.to pour wine in a libation; offering wine to a deitya>
n.minced pickled meat; an excruciation by mincing up a victim into meata>
v.sacrifice with wine in ceremonies marking a man's coming of age or in weddings; marry (usually used in re-marryinga>)
v.contribute money to buy wine and drink together; to contribute to a feast; to pool (moneya>)
n. a kind of good winea>
n.lane; street; neighbourhood; country; a measure of length; sorrowa>
n.bronze, metals in general (arch.); gold; money; Mercury (the solar planet); aurum (Au); No.79 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.gadolinium (Gd); No.64 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.yttrium (Y); No.39 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.ruthenium (Ru); No.44 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element; a metal of the platinum groupa>
n.polonium (Po); No.84 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.scythe or sickle with long handle; samarium (Sm); No.62 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
v.to cut with a sickle; to mowa>
n.an armlet; a braceleta>
n.vanadium (V); No.23 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a hairpin (formerly worn by womena>)
n.thorium (Th); No.90 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.neodymium (Nd); No.60 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.palladium (Pd); No.46 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a square-mouthed wine vessel; francium (Fr); No.87 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.sodium; natrium (Na); No.11 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
v.sharpen wood; hammer iron to a pointa>
n.gold or silver shaped like a cake; a platea>
n.a plough's blade; a kind of arrowa>
n.calcium (Ca); No.20 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.holmium (Ho); No.67 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.titanium (Ti); No.22 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.scandium (Sc); No.21 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.niobium (Nb); No.41 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.cerium (Ce); No.58 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.cobalt (Co); No.27 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.long needle used in acupuncture; long lance; Beryllium (Be); No.4 of the Periodic table; a chemical elementa>
n.uranium (U); No.92 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.potassium (K); No.19 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.wine vessel (arch.); short spear; thallium (Tl); No.81 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.device for carrying a tripod; grand councillor; bowstring; string of a musical instrumenta>
n.a carpenter's planea>
n.bismuth (Bi); No.83 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a hoe;a surnamea>
n.platinum (Pt); No.78 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element; thin sheet of metala>
n.lead; plumbum (Pb); a chemical element listed as No.82 of the Periodic Tablea>
n.bell-shaped gong used in march; front of a bell bodya>
n.molybdenum (Mo); No.42 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.tantalum (Ta); No.73 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.californium (Cf); No.98 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a hook; hook-shaped ornaments; erbium (Er); No.68 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.chromium (Cr); No.24 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.hafnium (Hf); No.72 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.riches; money; wealth; treasure; silver (Ag); No.47 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.brass; bronze; copper (Cu); No.29 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
v.harvest grain crops using a sicklea>
n.the hole on an axe for installing a handlea>
n.a kind of hoe; fish-speara>
n.rhodium (Rh); No.45 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a kind of utensila>
n.rubidium (Rb); No.37 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.iridium (Ir); No.77 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.indium (In); No.49 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.thulium (Tm); No.69 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.europium (Eu); No.63 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.caesium; cesium (Cs); No.55 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.antimony; stibium (Sb); No.51 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element; stiboniuma>
n.a old translation of the chemical element Thorium (Tha>)
n.aluminium (Al); No.13 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.americium (Am); No.95 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.ornament atop the head of a horsea>
n.zinc (Zn); No.30 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.barium (Ba); No.56 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.tongs; pincers used by a blacksmith; sword; hilt (of sworda>)
n.sharp point; tip of a lance or bayonet; vanguarda>
v.work with a hoe; eliminate, uproot, wipe outa>
n.cramp; curium; Curkelium (Cm); No.96 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.osmium (Os); No.76 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.zirconium (Zr); No.40 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.lithium (Li); No.3 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.terbium (Tb); No.65 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
v.cut with a sawa>
n.roentgenium (Rg); No.111 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a grease-pot for carts; small ingots of silver; mock ingots for idolatrya>
n.actinium (Ac); No.89 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a pot or pan with feet; spear; a kind of chisela>
n.money; copper coin; cash; wealth; one tenth of a Chinese ouncea>
n.a needle; iron pin on the stick that pricks the horsea>
n.tin; stannum (Sn); No.50 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.manganese (Mn); No.25 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.rhenium (Re); No.75 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.neptunium (Np); No.93 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.mendelevium (Md); No.101 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element; a rare metala>
n.spoon, key; a technique in acupuncturea>
n.blade of a sworda>
n.frontlet; ornament mounted on the forehead of a horsea>
n.a weapon (tridenta>)
n.bolt of a Chinese lock; door-bolt; piano-key; keya>
n.strontium (Sr); No.38 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.germanium (Ge); No.32 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.magensium (Mg); No.12 of the Periodic Table; a chemical elementa>
n.a mineral like mica