所有字 | 常用字 | 冷僻字

an, 找到 192 個
n.one, unity; the first; a, an, the; the same, uniform
n.an individual; person; male adult; imitation of tinkling sounds; member of a family; population; cube; fourth of ten celestial stems.
adj.having an position merely in name
n.a surplus, an excess; a tithe
v.be an official, fill an office; study
n.ren,an ancient measure of varying length; Ren village
n.five; funeral director; an opponent; a match; an equal
n.an article; letter; corespondence; paper; document
adj.big and clumsy; speak with an accent
n.umbrella; sth. like an umbrella
n.an imbecile
n.Nung, an ethnic nationality in Yunnan Province
n.temperance; abstinence; an ancient festival to exorcise the demons causing any plague; to drive away pestilence
n.victory; triumphant return of an army
n.knife-edge, blade; sword, knife; an ancient measure of varying length
n.one tenth of an inch; part; function, duty; a unit of length; a unit of area; a unit of weight; minute; a unit of interest
n.quarter of an hour; moment
v.to stimulate an effort, to encourage; to exhort
n.a minister or a high official; your; an emperors form of address for a minister; a term of endearment formerly used between husband and wife or among close friends
n.an old man; Sou nationality
v.tell, inform, notify; declare, announce to; accuse, lay an accusation, indict
n.a wry mouth; a surname; name of an ancient country
int.an expletive; an expression of surprise, of admiration, or of grief
v.to humbug, to hoodwink; to tell with an irritating voice
v.be fond of; like; have an inclination of
v.inform; know; report; raw an analogy
n.name of an ancient song
int.oh, an interjection expressing regret or sorrow
v.have a liking for; have an insatiable desire for
v.make an uproar, clamour
n.Ku,a name of legendary emperor; inform quickly; an urgent communication
n.a time, an occasion; a chapter
n.top of the head or of the skull, fontanel; gap between the bones of an infant's skull
n.earthen terrace; an earthen stand for putting goblets in ancient ceremonies; circles
n.an octapole land; a domain; a limit; a hundred million; a battlefield; a front; flight of steps leading up to a house; a boundary; wilds beyond the frontier
n.an old woman; a woman
v.to chatter like an old woman
n.Jiang River; an ethnic group in Western China; a surname
v.to commit an outrage on a woman; to lust after
n.a woman; an old woman; mother
n.woman; a concubine of an emperor; a woman attendant at court
n.son; child; posterity; bride; wife; the young of animal; bullet; shot; an officer; gentleman; a philosopher; person; offspring; fruit, seed of; first of twelve Terrestrial Branches
v.to create an internal disorder; to usurp
v.judge; hold an official inquiry; investigate; examine, go over; interrogate; try
n.a staggering gait; an embarrassing situation
n.error; disprecancy; job; servant of an official
n.rule; law; limit; measure, a unit of measure; an interval in music; degree; manner; extent; tolerance; magnanimity; consideration
n.bowstring, chord of an arc; string; crescent; (Pythagorus Theorem) hypotenuse
n.an evil person
n.dagger-axe(an ancient weapon); weapons; war
n.an axe-like weapon (arch.); the fifth of the ten celestial stems
n.weapons; army; chariot; warfare; an ancient name for the people in the west; soldier; surname
n.an ancient axe
v.criticize; comment; endorse a petition; reply officially to an inferior; make an order of court; officially authorize; lease; arrange for the purchase of; sell wholesale; slap, smack
v.take off; diminish, reduce, deduct; snap; break off; bend, twist; humble; bow down; decide a cause; give an equivalent for; set off against; fold; see, barter; calculate a proportion
v.resist; oppose; withstand; knock; butt; substitute, give as an equivalent; make good; arrive at, reach; support; sustain; prop; compensate for
v.gather together; collect, receive, accept; harvest; put away; close; bind; restrain, control; bring to an end, stop
n.an imperial order or decree
n.the edge of an axe; a big hoe
v.to hack with a knife or an axe (or in expression of anger); to attack; to strike; to cut with a sword; to chop
n.the ancient flag or banner made of a yak's tail; the yak's tail; a yak; a yak-like hill; the name of a kind of star; an outstanding person; the hair; the feather; the wool; the down
n.guest; stranger; traveller; brigade (a 500-man troop or an enlarged regiment); order; sequence; journey
v.revolve; circle; spin; move in an orbit; come back
n.pine-tree; fir-tree; an emblem of longevity
n.the side of a ship or boat; an oar; a rowing-sweep; a stand for bending a bow
n.an instrument made of wood used in ancient times to start the orchestra
n.an old man's staff
n.the pointed end of an arrow; Mongolian snakegourd; a builder's frame for measuring
n.a wooden stick; a frame; an iron stick; a club; a cudgel; a stalk
n.an outer coffin; a brick vault
n.item; an amount; article in a treaty; desire, wish; inscription
v.smear the blood of a sacrifice on the mouthan ancient form of swearing an oath; to drink; to smear the blood
n.ten-thousandth part of an ounce; atom; the down on plants; fine long hair; writing brush
n.deuterium 2H (an isotope of hydrogen); heavy hydrogen, with 1 neutron in the nucleus, so atomic weight=2
v.act as an example; follow; model after
v.comment on; make an entry, record, register; fix the mind on, concentrate; stake; pour; annotate
n.a whirlpool; the Fu River; an eddy; a race; used in place-names to indicate the spot as a stopping-place for boats
n.Wu River; Wu mountain; Wu,an ancient place
n.the remnants of an expiring candle; candle stub
n.the wick of an oil lamp; a candle wick; a torch; a lamp; a lantern; an ignitable columnar thing; stick of incense
v.to evaporate; to steam; to advance; to involve in an adulterous act with a female member of an older generation
v.to extinguish or put out a fire, light, etc; to wither away, to die out, to come to an end
n.the grunting of an ox; Chou River
n.a stone like pearl; an inferior kind of gem
v.smear, stain; be an incompetent person
n.a jade-like stone; an ornament on a bridle
n.an ornament attached to a woman's hairpin
n.an octagonal jade badge denoting rank
n.an ancient musical instrument
n.an ancient chinese musical instrument
n.an earthenware used for filling with water; concave channels of tiling; a long-necked jar
n.an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rice; an utensil for distilling water
n.calamity, disaster; an ancient pottery (arch.); Zi River; evil; ground that has been under cultivation for one year
v.undertake; act as; fill an office; occupy a position; be equal to; treat as; regard as; represent; bear; accept; undertake; work as; serve as; deserve
n.an epidemic; epidemic disease
n.a purulent tumor; a running sore; an ucler; anal fistula
n.leprosy; pestilence; a sore; an ulcer; swelling and sores caused by varnish-poisoning
n.an acne; a blister; bleb; a pustule; a pimple; herpes
n.an ancient utensil
n.an earthen vessel with a big belly and a small mouth
n.an utensil used for containing food in ancient times; lid of a caldron
v.to pierce or bore through with an awl
n.an arrow for shooting birds; a short arrow; a bolt for a crossbow; an arrow or a dart with a silk thread fastened to it
v.cut or polish jade with an emery wheel
n.large stone for an anchor
v.to move; to surpass; to be or become an heir; to inherit
v.complete an essay; display
n.an ancient musical pipe; sound
n.pure white and fine silk; an fan made from fine silks
n.ribbon attached to an official seal or medal; cord
n.an ancient silk
n.the flaxen thread; a kind of plant like the ramie; black and solid earth; an arch; a squat; a wide-mouthed jar for containing wine
n.an earthen jar with a big belly and a small mouth; an earthware for sucking water; fou, a clay musical instrument; a pottery; an earthenware
n.an earthenware jar; a jug
n.an earthenware small-mouthed jar, a pot, a pitcher
羿n.wing; name of an archery's master
v.level land with such an implement
n.an animal-drawn seed plough
n.the name of an ancient farm tool; a rake for drawing earth over newly-sown grain, a harrow; the handle of a hoe
n.axilla; the right wing of an ancient military camp
n.the tenderloin; the meat at the back of an animal
n.fat of an animal
n.a long swift boat; an ancient warship
n.an annuals herbage
n.an organic compound
n.an aromatic plant mentioned in ancient Chinese literature; iris; flower
n.an auspicious fabulous plant
n.an edible water-plant
n.an aromatic, medical herb
n.a fabulous, injurious creature like a turtle; an evil spirit; a treacherous person
n.crab; an edible toad-like animal
n.yoke of an ox; railing; beam of a steelyard; authority; weighing apparatus
n.swaddling clothes; a rope; an ancient apparatus for catching tiger; a cloth used for carrying children on the back
v.want; wish; need; require; make an agreement; seek for; ask for; meet; force; demand; will be, be going to; need, take
n.a beaker; a goblet; a wooden writing-tablet; an angular object; a regular beam; the corner; a law; a rule; the sword handle; an angle
n.an ancient measuring tool; a goblet
n.an Islamic priest
v.to stop, to finish; to settle as an account
n.an ancient place name Zi; illness; defect
v.to adulate, to flatter; to cajole; to toady; to act in an obsequious way
n.a high official demoted to a minor post in an outlying district; fault, mistake
n.an incoherent talk
n.hatred; an enemy; a rival
n.sow (an adult female pig); cf. German: Sau
n.a legendary beast; an insect (creature) without feet or legs
v.to seek in an underhanded way; to bribe
v.to award; to give as a present; to present as a gift; to confer; to bestow on an inferior; to reward
v.compensate, pay for; stand a loss; make an apology
n.an amount of money paid in advance to show earnestness
n.the horse-drawn carriage of an emperor; the imperial halting-place
n.a piece of wood serving as a brake to halt a carriage; an ancient measure of varying lengths; wheel
n.bridle of horse, reins; name of an ancient nomadic tribe in the north-western borderland of the Shang Dynasty
n.an ancient place in the state of Wu; name of an ancient river
n.an ancient name for districts in Kansu and Shensi
n.Gao State- an ancient fief in Shantung bestowed on the eldest son of Wen Wang; rare surname
n.Xi- the name of a fief in the state of Chin; a crack; a rift; an illness
n.proper noun, name of an ancient town
n.proper noun for an ancient state; surname
n.surname Deng; an ancient state in today's Hubei
n.minced pickled meat; an excruciation by mincing up a victim into meat
n.an armlet; a bracelet
n.break; an ancient farm tool; the rich and bright colors of the sword
n.an axe
n.an ancient unit of weight; potters wheel; tuning standard
n.the hole on an axe for installing a handle
n.an ancient weight measure; baht, bat; surname
n.an ornament
v.record; make an entry; copy; choose; employ, hire
n.zi, an ancient measure of weight
n.an adze
n.an ancient musical instrument; metal sheath of spear handle
n.an ancient unit of weight
n.an ancient weapon which similar to a fork
n.the arrowhead; an arrow; the head of a javelin; dysprosium (Dy); No.66 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.bit of a horse; a horse; a dart-like weapon; an iron-pointed spear
n.gate of an alley; lane; door, house; community of 25 families in ancient China; native village; surname
n.a gatekeeper; a door-keeper; the gate of a palace; an eunuch; an entrance
n.the door or window in an upper storey
n.an earth-capped rock mountain; an unstable look
n.an ancient musical instrument; surname; nephew (arch.)
n.file of soldiers; army; battle; a time, an occasion
n.aisle leading to the coffin chamber of an ancient tomb; tunnel
n.pheasant; an ancient measure unit
particlean instant; all of a sudden
n.an orange color
v.dye; write an inscription for a tablet
n.an owl; a fabulous bird which is said to eat the whole of its mother without the head
n.the river deery, the general name for the hornless deer, a small deer- the muntjac; the name of an ancient country
n.an elk; the tailed deer; a brow; a young beast; the bank of waters
n.a black and blue figure; a ceremonial robe; a knee hide; the silk band; an ornamental textile of black and blue stripes used for the sacrificial robes of the emperor
n.an ancient small cooking vessel with two loop handles and three or four legs; a tripod with a small opening on the top
n.dragon; an emblem of imperialism