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[to], 找到 395 個
𠂤v.to store up, to pile up
𠓛v.to assemble, to gather together
𠩺v.to split, rive, crack; to demolish
𠬞v.to use both hands
𢦏v.to cut, to wound, to hurt
𤏻v.to burn and roast in a big fire (arch.) to liaise and harmonize (arch.)
𦥑v.to hold with two hands
𦵯n.a herbal plant in Hunan province, very close to thyme
𩛥v.to prepare a meal; to serve food
v.to obey; to comply with; to follow the wishes of another
onomatopoeiato hum; to groan
v.an archaic script meaning 'to have' (arch.)
idiomin order to; by means of
v.to carry, to use for something (arch.)
v.to squat; to crouch
v.original form of 斥; to accuse; to blame, to expel; to drive off; to reject
v.to cease; to desist from
v.to wrap up
v.to breath with mouth open; exhale
v.to use pressure upon; to force
v.to feed, to eat and drink; to provide for; to prepare food, delicacies, dainties; to write, to compile
prep.to; for
n.short wall to hide from arrows in defence (parapet)
v.cover, be unable to see
乿v.to cure; to heal
v.send, tell sb.to do sth.
v.to look carefully; to scrutinize; to spy on
v. to pretend, appear as if; to be touched
v.to fuss
v. to oppose; to deviate and to desert
v.compel, to exert pressure, force; bother
v.to worry
v.seem;appear to be
v.to stop
v.to do to the utmost
v.to sell
v.to complete; to end
v.to interrupt during a conversation
v.to advance, to promote
v.to move on; to go out
v.to row or paddle boat; to scratch
v.cut to make even
v.to kill or execute a person in secrecy
v.to slash, to cut; dictate, to rule or judge
v.to bore; to cut; to mince; to polish
v.to scold; to censure; to beat; to subdue; to embezzle
v.to come to help
v.to beg for alms
v.to respect
v.to raise
v.to announce; to make public; to exhort
v.to sympathize, to pity; to comfort; to worry about
v.to approach, reach, be near; assume
v.to experience (arch.)
v.to trample with feet
v.to stitch; to connect
v.to borrow
v.to sip
v.to chew; chewing
v.to gasp; to rest; to breathe
v.to peck
v.to urge, to prompt to drink
v.to snore
v.to put in the mouth
v.to smile at ...
v.to eat; to chew; to bite
v.to condole with; to express condolence (唁)
v.to vomit; to throw up
v.to breathe; to inhale
n.ancient musical instrument similar to ocarina
v.to shout aloud
v.(Cant.) to waste; to belittle
v.to meet; to talk together
v. to chew; to munch; to eat
v.to peck
v.two persons facing each other (arch.); direct; incline to, favor; adore
v.to praise; to satirize
v.to cheat
v.to plaster over with layer of mud; to whitewash
v.to plant (arch.)
v. to bury; to lower the coffin into the grave; beerdigen (Ger.)
adj.related to a senior female member of the family
v.to squat; to crouch
v.to turn over when asleep
v.big mouthing; to massively exaggerate
v.to bind, to tie up
adj.to hang down; richly grown; dangling
v.to quarrel
n.known to be used as proper name for women only.
var. variant of 娩 (according to 康熙字典)
pron.A pronoun used in antiquity by a woman referring to herself
v.to mate; to copulate; to be jealous
v.to help one another
v.to move
v.(arch.) to love; to admire; to adore
v.(arch.) to store; to stand for long
v.to immerse, to soak
v.to murmur in one's dream; dream talk
v. to plant a tree; to erect something
v.to swell; swelling (of the legs)
v.to come somebody's way to receive
v.to go round, to circumscribe; to make a revolution, to turn round
v.to protect (arch.); to administer; to prepare; to regulate; to hand up
v.to dwell together
v.to store; to archive
v.to come bid farewell
rel.related to
v.to hinder; to stop; to inhibit
v.to use both hands
v.to hide; to cover up
v.make judgment (arch.); to foretell
v.go, walk, advance; to; die, disappear
v.to stare without any focus; to be loyal without reflection
v.to grieve
v.to violate; to go against
v.to sigh with emotion
v.to enjoin upon
v.to venerate, to honour
v.to hessitate
v.to reckon; to deliberate
v.(Cant.) to pile up, to upright
v.to infringe, to fake
v.to bundle; to divine
v.to direct
v.to grasp; to reach; to take; to catch
v.to burst or to split
v.to hold with both hands
v. to take; to hold; to give forcefully
v.to throw; to smash (Canton. colloq.)
v.to quiver; (Cant.) to pull on something;
v.to expel
v.to carry things on one's back
v.(Cantonese) to delay (usually purposely), to waste time; to throw down, to beat; to hang down
v.to tear, to peel, twist with the fingers; to pinch (Cant.)
v.to fan; to strike on face; to stir up; to incite
v.to clutch at; to grip forcefully
v.to strangle; to mess up with; to inquire
v.to slap
v.to shake, to rattle
v.to pull; to lift up (Cant.)
v.to dust
v.(Cant.) to guard against, take precautions
v.to put on (clothes); literally to put one's arms through sleeves of clothes
v.to beat (one's breast); to pound; to break off
v.to tickle; to hit
v.to detain; to restrain; to take into custody
v.to hinder; to obstruct, to impede; to stop; to resist
v.to tap, to knock lightly
v.to defend; to protect
v.to work on; to study; to hit
v.to be weary of; to dislike; to terminate
n.banner made of feathers in five colors used to decorate a leading vehicle
v.to stand in the sun
v.to open out
v.to confuse
v.to stab; to pierce
v.to plaster
v.to lock up in a cage
v.to divine (arch.)
v.to hate; to bear grudge
v.to squeeze out of; to extract
var.an old variant ofwhich refers to a bowl for keeping food
v.to assist
v.to row (a boat)
n.species of tree resistant to cold weather
v.to strike, hit, beat, hammer; to harm; to castrate
n.ox yoke placed on the horns (to prevent the ox from hurting people); wooden board
v.to assist; to support in the state
v.to paste wall with dirt or mud
n.(arch.) tool used for shaping wood; to edit a text
n.a kind of tree suitable for use to make axles for large carts
particleused to begin a sentence or a discourse
v.to bid farewell
v.to sigh; to exclaim
v.to laugh
v.to gesticulate; to teasae, to derife, or to ridicule
n.nausea; an urge to vomit
v.to sip, to drink, to suck
v.to die; pass away
v.to faint; to swoon; to exhaust beyond cure
v.to bury temporarily
v. to decompose; to starve to death;
v.to indulge
v. to abort
v.to pound or grind rice
v.to help, to assist; to connect, to adjoin
v.to sink
v.to overflow; to indulge
v.to write; to indite; to carve
n.name of a river in Shanxi province, originating in the Zhongtiao Mountains and merging from north to south into the Yellow River
v.get dirty, to smear, soil or defile; contaminate; to mess up
v.to flood
v.to discharge; to remove;
v.(of cloud) forming; to flood
v.to agree; to chime in with others
v.to boil; to wash, to cleanse, to soak
v.to burn (arch.)
v.to boast; to yell, to roar
v.to crack
v.to roast or simmer on a slow fire
v.to colour by smoke; being smoked to get a dark colour
v.to shine, to flash; to cook
v.to glow; to flash
v.to use the smoke of burning wormwood etc to repel insects
v.to poach in hot water to remove feather or hair; to learn or memorize by heart
v.to blaze
v.To shine, to illuminate; to light up
v.to raise; to elevate; to lift; to enhance
v.to halve
v.to fill up; to stuff
v.to string a cow by its nose
v.to run; to rush about (of a herd of bulls); to flee
v.to feed cattle or sheep with hay
n.a fabulous beast, a tribute animal presented to the Chinese emperor, probably a lion
v.to intimidate, to scare
v.be fed up with; to eat to the full
n.a dog giving birth to triplets
n.a kind of otter; mythical beast similar to an ape with dog's head
v.to hunt or search for
v.to carve, to engrave, to cut out, to sculpt on jade
n.stone second only to jade
n.earthen pot with a large mouth but shallow enough to be used at table as a chafing dish
v.to build a well with bricks
v.to plough
v.to answer
n.disease related to rheumatism
v.to crouch
adj.dumb, mute, unable to speak
v.to bury; to inter; to sacrifice
v.to recover, to be healed, to convalesce, to improve in health
v.to chap; to crack
v.bend; to subdue; violate; break, split
v.to gaze in astonishment
v.to stare; to glare at
v.to look upward
v.to defy; to slight; to underestimate
v.to look fearfully with eyes wide-opened
v.to look askance at, to take a glance at somebody in disdain; to glare at
v.to look into the distance
v.to look with great attention; to scrutinize
v.to blink
v.to spy on; to peep; to watch stealthily
onomatopoeiato make a loud sound; water splashing on rock; cracking noise
v.to crush, to impact; to fill, to extend
v.to bless
v.to bless and to protect (with divine power)
rel.related to
v.burning wood for sacrifice to Heaven
v.pray, offer to ancestor
v.to trample, to step on
v.to burry; to put a coffin in a grave
v.to bore; to dig
v.to sing and dance, dancing while singing; beating a drum
v.to feed, to provide for delicacies, dainties; to drink and eat; to write, to compile
n.a weir of bamboo to catch fish or crabs
v.to wash (rice etc.); to thin gruel; to prepare millet wine
n.large rope; rope attached to bier
n.ornament attached to garment
v.to tie, to bind
v.to envy, to admire; to praise; to covet
n.feathers used to decorate coffin; large wooden fan carried in funeral procession
v.to play with
v.to fly
v.to plow; to cultivate; to weed
v.to cut the left ears of the captives or the slain
v.to bury temporarily by the roadside
v.to slice or chop up meat
v.to make sacrifices
v.to apply grease abundantly
n.smoldering of one's emotion due to anger or wrath
v.to pick, to fetch, to take (arch.)
v.to separate the grain from the husk
v.to stick out the tongue
v.to govern; having jurisdiction over
adv.to be circumspect, cautious in ones behaviour and speech
n.henbane; a kind of poisonous herb that might lead to hallucination, licorice being an antidote
n.frame for silkworms to spin cocoons on; nest
n. rue, a herb used to repel insects
n.plant related to water caltrop
v.to die (applicable to a feudal prince or a high official)
v.to weed, mow
v.to entwine, interweave
v.to cry; to shout; to howl (all arch.)
v.to move slowly (in the manner of a worm); to tip-toe
v.to crawl
v.(of snakes) to crawl
v.to move in a zigzag or meandering fashion
v.to give birth to , to propagate; to multiply in number
v.to mend clothes
n.a piece of string attached to clothes, used for hanging a jade pendant
v.to carry in the bosom or the sleeve; wrap, conceal
v.to carry in the bosom or the sleeve; to wrap, to conceal; to conceive (a child)
v.to whisk; wipe off; brush clean
v.to examine; to investigate, to consider; to check; to verify; to audit
v.court officials in ancient feudal states paying each other visits every three years (arch.); to scan or to scope over a wide range of distant objects
v.to show up abruptly
adj.unclear due to obstructed view
v.to spy on; to observe in secrecy
v.to look with good will
v.to prove, to confirm, to verify
v.cheat; talk recklessly; to make deceitful or unfounded statements
v.to quarrel; to wrangle; to dispute
v.to speak gently
v.to slander
v.to avoid as taboo; to plan; to strive at
v.to think, to reckon; to miss someone; to consider; to inform, to tell; to know; to reprimand
v.to examine; to consider; to rectify
v.to confer a title posthumously
v.to consult, to confer; to communicate in
v.to scold; to criticize repeatedly
v.to beguile; to cajole
v.to induce; scold, censure; lead people toward virtuous ways
v.to be angry at; to laugh derisively
v.to speak with a friendly voice in a relaxed pace
v.to consult; to deliberate; to commerce
v.to roar; to lie
v.to interrogate; discuss
v.to shout, to roar, to cry aloud
v.to entertain, to feast
v.to counsel, to advice; to speak out
v.to slander, to utter evil words, to curse; to complain
v.to borrow; to beg
v. to give as present (arch.); to bestow
v.to jump; to go away; to leave; to ridicule
v.to falter; unable to move
v.to jump; moving about in a hurry; to stand out markedly; to show forth
v.to squat
v.to stand on one's toes
v.to kneel for a long time, to go down on hands and knees
v.to stumble; to slip; to fall
v.to walk with small steps
adj.contrary to
v.to skip (on one foot); to limp or walk lamely; to leap
v.to fall flat;act casually and unconventionally
v.to oppress; to bully
v.to crouch; to squat
v.to follow a path; imitate
v.to pass; to step over; to creep; to twine round
n.movement of an animal (refering mostly to a dragon)
v.to obstruct; to hinder
v. to crush; to ram over
n.a pall to cover the hearse; funeral carriage
v.to extend obliquely; to deviate from straight path
v.to collect, to match, to pair; to unite; to court
trans.used to form the name 邏逤, which refers to the name of Lhasa in Tibet, used during the Tang Dynasty.
v.to evade; to get away with, to escape from; to excuse; to disclaim
v.to fall; to sway; to cross
v.to hurry; to go to and fro
v.to go away; to migrate
n.(proper name) name of a district in Gansu, close to present Xining
v.to double ferment wine
v.to blend in ingredients during wine making; to mix; to flavour
v.to poison (arch.)
v.to rinse mouth with wine after eating
v.to drink heavily; to drink with others
v. to remove astringency; remove puckery taste; to bleach in water
v.to marinate, to salt, to pickle
v.to pour wine in a libation; offering wine to a deity
v.to solder, to weld by heat
v.to fetter
v.to solder, to weld by heat
v.to castrate
v.to remove with a spade
v.cut to make even
n.iron parts connected to the bridle of a horse
n.gate of a village; portal at the entrance to a settlement; doorway
v.to cover
v. to swindle (Cant.); to defile
v.to fall
v.to overflow
v.to fall in drops
v.to stretch a skin on a frame for a drum
v.to raise one's head
v.to raise one's head
var. relatable to variants as 颮, 飇, and
v.to prepare and eat cooked food
adj.in good condition, in good shape (referring to a horse)
v.to rage, to run wild
n.mare, mother horse, jenny (prefix to female animal)
v.to shave
idiomto make a top knot; (Cant.) ; to be slovenly dressed
n.fresh water fish similar to a river dolphin
n.water bird pale white in color, related to some species of wild duck
v.to till, to plow; to weed
v.to stick
adj.teeth unevenly spaced or grown due to overcrowding
v.to dispute
v.to grit one's teeth as a result of anger; grinding or clenching one's teeth while asleep
v.to chew, to ruminate
v.to chew the cud (in cattle or other ruminants)
v.to expose the teeth
v.to shed milk teeth and get adult teeth
v.to ruminate (goats)
v.to bite
v.to harmonize; to accord with; to agree