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[To], 找到 1418 個
𠂤v.to store up, to pile up
𠓛v.to assemble, to gather together
𠩺v.to split, rive, crack; to demolish
𠬞v.to use both hands
𢦏v.to cut, to wound, to hurt
𤏻v.to burn and roast in a big fire (arch.) to liaise and harmonize (arch.)
𦥑v.to hold with two hands
𦵯n.a herbal plant in Hunan province, very close to thyme
𩛥v.to prepare a meal; to serve food
v.to obey; to comply with; to follow the wishes of another
onomatopoeiato hum; to groan
v.an archaic script meaning 'to have' (arch.)
idiomin order to; by means of
v.to carry, to use for something (arch.)
v.to squat; to crouch
v.original form of 斥; to accuse; to blame, to expel; to drive off; to reject
v.to cease; to desist from
v.to wrap up
v.to breath with mouth open; exhale
v.to use pressure upon; to force
v.to feed, to eat and drink; to provide for; to prepare food, delicacies, dainties; to write, to compile
v.ascend, go up; go on; send to; pay in; go ahead
prep.to; for
n.short wall to hide from arrows in defence (parapet)
v.cover, be unable to see
v.to assist; to come to rescue
adj.the middle; target hit, attained; related to China
v.to connect, league, to string up
v.to depend on; to entrust with
v.arrive at; go to; to do; leave
v.to squint; to narrow the eyes into a slit; to hlance side ways; to tuck
n.female sex organ or genitals (arch. acc. to Xu Shen) [sic]
v.to divine by means of a willow stick writing on the sand
乿v.to cure; to heal
v.to serve; to wait upon; be engaged
v.to take small steps
prep.on; to; from; with
adj.inferior; secondary; second to; ugly (arch.)
v.mix; cross, intersect; exchange, barter; communicate; bargain; deliver, hand to, hand over, give up; commit to; pay; have intercourse with, to copulate; join, interwine, interlace; engage; associate with
v.to enter; to self-cultivate
v.lie between; border on; take seriously, take to heart
v.hand over; transfer; commit to; give to; pay
idiomin order to; by means of
prep.by, through, with; according to
v.to be equal to; to cover; to violate
v.trust to, rely on, confide in; appoint, employ; bear, be responsible for, assume office, take up a job; allow, tolerate, let
仿v.imitate, copy; ape; resemble; to model after
v.to stand on tiptoe; to look for; to anxiously expect; to look forward to; to plan
v.stretch out; extend; straighten out; redress; report to
v.send, tell sb.to do sth.
v.stand for a long time; look forward to, wait for
v.to take position
adj.confused due to old age
v.to order; to help, to aid
v.urge somebody to drink or to eat; repay kindness, helping each other
v.supply, feed; contribute to
prep.according to
v.follow; comply with; trust to; depend on; obey; be near to; listen to; yield to
v.belong to; be, is, are
v.amputate one leg (arch.); lean to one side
v.to look carefully; to scrutinize; to spy on
v. to pretend, appear as if; to be touched
n.sth.to live for; Li nationality
v.bend; submit to
倀v.not know what course to take
v.lean by; rely on; depend on; be near to
v.to ask for
v.to pull a long face
v.to rely on
v.ask somebody to do something
v.worth; happen to; meet
v.to walk alone
v.be close to; lean close to, snuggle up to; comfort
adj.inclined to one side; leaning; partial; prejudiced; determined
v.to fuss
v. to oppose; to deviate and to desert
v.compel, to exert pressure, force; bother
v.teach, instruct; lay on, apply; close to; depend on; assist; stick to
adv.beside, be close to
adj.proud, arrogant; refuse to yield to; brave; defy
v.upset; be overthrown; collapse; subvert; fall flat; pour out; incline; bend the head; lean to; assay; test; smelt
v.to worry
v.seem;appear to be
v.to stop
v.to be greedy for; to attack; to assault; to intercept; to accuse; to charge; to do
v.to compare
v.to do to the utmost
v.to sell
v.to complete; to end
v.to interrupt during a conversation
n.temperance; abstinence; a group of fearless warriors in ancient Yueh; an ancient festival to exorcise the demons causing any plague; to drive away pestilence
v.to permit, to consent; to allow
v.fill up; satify; act in place of; become; pretend to be, pose as; charge; serve as
v.escape, to flee from flood (arch.); portend, foretell
v.be able to; subdue, overcome; fix upon; restrain
v.to advance, to promote
v.enter; come in, come to; join, be admitted into; put in
adj.fair, equitable, just, equal, impartial; public, open to all, collective; common; general
v.venerate, to revere (arch.); share; work together,
v.to enthrone, to crown; to invest with rank; to confer honours
v.rush, risk; feign, imitate; dare; to emit; to emerge
v.to move on; to go out
v.precede ;to put on a man's hat ceremonially signifying one's coming of age
v.to cover with cloth, cover
v.to freeze
v.to cool
v.freeze; congeal; coagulate; curdle; accomplish; bring to pass
v.to kill (with knife)
v.cut, mince, slice, carve; feel, urge; correspond to; be sure to
v.to mow; to cut off; to behead; to reap
v.to row or paddle boat; to scratch
v.to pare the edges and corners, to round off, to trim; to be worn or torn (away); to neglect; to dig
v.to plane; to level; to peel with a knife; to dig; to excavate
v.to cut; delete, erase
v.arrive at; reach; attain to; go to
v.to cut open and clean; to slice off; to scratch; to kill; to sacrifice; to stab
v.to cut open; to hollow out; to kill; to eliminate; to injure sombody cruelly; to rip up
v.pare; scrape; delete from tablets by scraping; sharpen to a point; seize territory
v.to scold; to censure; to beat; to subdue; to destroy; to overcome; to cut down; to deduct; to embezzle
v.(arch.) to cut
v.to omit; to cut; to carve; to prick
v.cut to make even
v.to kill or execute a person in secrecy
v.aid; second; rend, tear; correspond to, fit
v.to slash, to cut; dictate, to rule or judge
v.to cut off; to amputate; to behead
v.to stab; to cut off; to cut; to wound, to injure; to meet; to get together
v.to bore; to cut; to mince; to polish
v.to cut; to divide; to partition
v.add to, add; plus; augment; put in; append; increase; grant; raise to; appoint
v.to aid, to help, to assist
v.to give gifts to
v.to stimulate an effort, to encourage; to exhort
v.to scold; to censure; to beat; to subdue; to embezzle
v.to encourage; to excite; to stimulate
v.be engaged in; devote one's efforts to
v.overcome; vanquish; excel; be equal to; sustain; bear; be worthy of; surpass; be superior to
v.toil; suffer; give trouble to; reward, recompense; encourage
adj.diligent; industrious; willing to toil; hardworking
v.to put forth effort
v.to come to help
v.(arch.) to cut, to stab, to sever
v.to beg for alms
v.to fall prostrate
v.to respect
adv.back to back (arch.)
v.run counter to, act contrary to (arch.)
n.the gourd-shaped ladle; a washbasin with a tubular handle to let the water run off
n.waters converging to one spot; whirling waters; bank draft; letter of credit; collection, assemblage
v.compare, be equal to; be a match for; on a par with
v.to halve
v.to raise
n.fourth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches; double knife (arch.); early morning hours; mortise; slot cut into wood to receive a tenon
v.to announce; to make public; to exhort
adv.about to (arch.); immediately;promptly, quickly, accordingly; now
v.to sympathize, to pity; to comfort; to worry about
v.to limp
v.to approach, reach, be near; assume
v.to place a coffin in a temporary shelter pending burial
v.to experience (arch.)
v.to trample with feet
n.The Three Stars, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky; corresponding to the three stars in the centre of the constellation Orion (arch.)
v.counsel; consult together, refer; join, enter, take part in; intervene; consider; collate; compare; impeach; report; mix, blend; visit a superior; reach to, penetrate
v.extend; reach to; come up to
v.to stitch; to connect
v.to borrow
v.to search
v.to like, to take pleasure in, to regard with favour (arch.)
v.control; manage; preside; take charge of; attend to
v.shut, close; enclose; combine, unite, join, joined, pair; gather; agree; total; suit, agree; be equal to, add up to
prep.to, towards; from
v.to sip
int.placed at the end of a sentence to express astonishment
v.to swindle; to cheat (HK Cant.)
v.present to a superior; submit; assume; reveal, disclose, manifest
v.tell, inform, notify; declare, announce to; accuse, lay an accusation, indict
v.suddenly greet loudly to catch one's attention
v.to chew; chewing
v.to gasp; to rest; to breathe
v.to rebuke; to give a talking to; to break with
v.to taste; to chew, to masticate
v.to curse
v.to grin
n.measure of length equal to eight inches
v.to peck
onomatopoeiasound of creaking or squeaking; sound of babbling of young children learning to talk; chirp, laughing, moving
v.to squeak
particle(Cant.) a final particle indicating doing something to the full extent possible
v.to smile; to sneer at
v.to bend (one's waist)
v.to pause
v.to urge, to prompt to drink
v.to snore
v.to chant (as in Buddhist singing)
v.to put in the mouth
v.abet sb. to do evil, instigate, incite
v.to use bad language
v.to recite; to chant, to intone
v.to bluff, to intimidate, to frighten, to scare
v.to cry
v.to smile at ...
v.to eat; to peck; to suck
v.to peck; to preen; to bite (usually referring to birds); to slander (fig.)
v.to humbug, to hoodwink; to tell with an irritating voice
v.to drink, to taste,to sip; to expectorate, to spit; to scold
v.to eat; to taste; feed; bait, entice; chew; bite
v.to eat; to chew; to bite
v.to sip; to taste; to drink; suck up; to weep; to keep talking
adj.a fish sticking its mouth out of the water; looking up to
v.to call out
v.to condole with; to express condolence (唁)
v.to vomit; to throw up
v.to breathe; to inhale
v.to suck
v.to boast; to speak figuratively
v.to cry, to sob, to express regret
v.to belch; to chirp; to gag; to vomit
v.to give vocal signals to a dog; to set a dog on; to instigate; to order about; to urge; to incite
n.ancient musical instrument similar to ocarina
v.to shout aloud
v.to bless
v.(Cant.) to waste; to belittle
v.to lap; to swallow; to bite; to suck
v.to snort
v.to meet; to talk together
v.to reproach; to scold
v. to chew; to munch; to eat
int.sound addressing a horse or cart-animal to command it to move forward
v.to peck
v.to hiccup; to vomit; to split; to spurn
v.to belch; to breathe out, to exhale, to sigh
v.to wail; to call; to neigh
n.words or act meant to amuse or to excite laughter
v.to enjoin; to charge; to order
v.gobble; to swallow hurriedly in large mouthfuls
onomatopoeiaah; oh; to laugh heartily
v.to bawl
v.wish to speak; wisper
v.two persons facing each other (arch.); direct; incline to, favor; adore
v.to move the mouth as in speaking; to chatter
v.to laugh; to burst into laughter
v.to praise; to satirize
v.to cheat
aux.combine with other verbs to show the continuation of the action
v.to plaster over with layer of mud; to whitewash
v.to fly upward; to gush; to assemble; to gather; to turn up the soil; to dig; to bring together
v.to crack; to split open; to tear; to chap; to burst
v.hang down; droop; let fall; hand down; condescend; be favourable to
n.an octapole land; a domain; a limit; a hundred million; a battlefield; a front; flight of steps leading up to a house; a boundary; wilds beyond the frontier
n.the path leading to a tomb; a tomb passage; a boundary; a limit
v.to plant (arch.)
v.grasp; hold; seize; retain; manage; direct, control, take charge of; attend to; carry out; observe; catch; capture
v.to bore a hole
adj.venerable; grave; referring to relationship between cousins of the same clan (usually bearing the same surname)
n.hall; reception room; meeting-place; court of justice; polite way of referring to a friend's mother
v.to ask divine favour of rain by sacrificing human (arch.)
v. to bury; to lower the coffin into the grave; beerdigen (Ger.)
v.collapse, cave in; lose, fall; keep close to; settle down; sink, droop
v.plaster the wall; to pave the wall or the floor
v.put sth. under sth. else to raise it or make it level; fill up; pay for sb.
v.increase, add to, augment, gain
adj.related to a senior female member of the family
v.to squat; to crouch
v.to turn over when asleep
v.to fork
v.to break; die young
v.shoulder; fish for; swell; to ram; to tamp
v.level to the ground
v.big mouthing; to massively exaggerate
v.report to the throne; memorialize the emperor; play music; celebrate; go forward, advance; display; achieve; produce
v.pay respect; pay offerings to the dead, lay foundation
v.to bind, to tie up
adj.to hang down; richly grown; dangling
v.to commit adultery; to rebel, to steal
v.to quarrel
v.love; fond of; be addicted to
n.known to be used as proper name for women only.
v.to act as a go-between
var. variant of 娩 (according to 康熙字典)
v.to chatter like an old woman
pron.A pronoun used in antiquity by a woman referring to herself
n.wife of husbands elder brother; elder sister; surname; the elder ones among the many concubines married to the same husband
v.to mate; to copulate; to be jealous
v.to help one another
v.to betroth; be engaged; to marry
v.be obdient to; work hard
n.younger sister; sister-in-law; the younger ones among the many concubines married to the same husband
v.to give birth to a child
v.to play
adj.indecent; obscene; to be improperly familiar with someone
v.to commit an outrage on a woman; to lust after
v.to move
v.to copulate, to have sexual intercourse; negotiate peace; dote on; meet
v.girl gets married; to shift, to transfer; to attribute to (some one)
v.to patronize whorehouses; to visit prostitutes
v.to warm; to rear, to bring up
n.name of a lady who stole the elixir of immortality and fled with it to the moon
v. to lay eggs (poultry)
v.to take as favorite
n.evolution; succession to the throne; transmutation; abdication
v.(arch.) to love; to admire; to adore
n.letter; written character; word; style name given to a man when he comes of age
v.to rear or raise children under a roof (arch.)
v.to moan
v.disobedient to ones parents; harm
v.(arch.) to store; to stand for long
v.to create an internal disorder; to usurp
v.guard; protect; observe, abide by; keep; attend to; hold on to; maintain; defend
v.to assess or survey (arch.); to pass; loaf about; to indulge; to procrastinate; droop; to delay; to defer
v.to display sacrificial meat on an altar (arch.); order rightly; be fit
v.to treat with leniency; to forgive; to remit; to excuse
v.to live in groups
v.injure, do harm, impair; cause trouble to; destroy; suffer, contract; take a disease
n.officials in charge of the allotment to the feudal nobles
v.to immerse, to soak
v.to awake from the sleep; to realize; to meet
v.to murmur in one's dream; dream talk
v.seal up; blockade; appoint to office; bestow honours; confer nobility; canonize
v.to project; to shoot out, to fire; to aim at
idiomabout to
n.polite way of referring to a friend's father
v.to honour; to venerate; to respect
v. to plant a tree; to erect something
idiomand besides; in addition to
v.add; append to; honour; esteem; surpass; ascend; go to; proceed; be in charge of
v.to swell; swelling (of the legs)
prep.according to
v.come to; go to; complete; follow
v.to impersonate the dead (arch.)
v.to sexually abuse, to copulate; to have intercourse with
v.to squat (arch.); dwell, reside, live; remain; be in; occupy; put into practice; sit; claim; assert
int.(Cant. vulg.) obscene exclamation equivalent to "fuck" in English
v.discharge excrement or urine; to defecate or urinate; to ease nature
v.belong to; be subject to; be connected with; be near to; assemble; entrust to
v.to come somebody's way to receive
v.tower aloft; stand face to face, tower facing each other
v.landslide, landslip; collapse, crash to the ground, burst apart; fall in ruin; break, down burst
v.to patrol, to cruise
v.to stop
v.hope earnestly; wait anxiously; cling to; stick to; be close to, be next to
v.to go round, to circumscribe; to make a revolution, to turn round
n.a piece of cloth for ancient men to tie their hair; cap
v.oppose; offend against; attend to; concern; involve; seek; arrange
v.to protect (arch.); to administer; to prepare; to regulate; to hand up
v.to shelter; to protect; to cover, to shield
v.to dwell together
v.to store; to archive
v.to come bid farewell
v.to cook
rel.related to
v.to hinder; to stop; to inhibit
v.to cover; to shelter; to rest
adv.if only; perhaps; so as to
v.to cook, to roast (arch.)
v.lean to
n.plot allotted to a household; store, shop
v.to enslave
v.to travel afar (arch.); to delay, to postpone; to procrastinate; to lengthen, to prolong, to extend; to protract; to invite; to engage, to send for; to receive; to elongate
v.to use both hands
v.to cover over; to hide
v.to hide; to cover up
v.stop, put down, remove; submit to; subjugate
v.to catch in a trap
adj.strong; to be filled; weak; full; substantial
n.a bow stretched to the full
v.to stretch
v.to draw a bow to the full
v.make judgment (arch.); to foretell
v.sweep; expose to the sun
彿conj.similar to
v.go, walk, advance; to; die, disappear
v.perambulate; publicly expose; comply with, give in to; sacrifice; display
modal v.can; may; ought; should; must; have to
v.move from one place to another; change; exile
v.to stand
v.walking to and fro
v.come; solicit; send ones best wishes to
adj.imperial or royal; related to the emperor, the empress, the king, or the queen
v.to wait for; to treat somebody coldly; to expect
v.to change; to err
v.to disgrace; to have the honor to be; to throw forward
adj.loyal, devoted to a task; faithful, honest
v.be disobedient to; touch; crisscross
v.bashful; be accustomed to sth.
忿v.to hate; to get anger
v.to be ashamed; to change the complexion
v.force sb.to do sth.
v.to stare without any focus; to be loyal without reflection
v.to rely on; to persist in; to presume to
v.to grieve
n.nature; disposition; spirit; temper; property; quality; character; sex; gender; character used to make up abstract nouns in the translation of loanwords
v.to blush; to look ashamed
v.to violate; to transgress
pron.he (a polite and courteous way of referring to a third person)
v.to think of; to consider
v.to trust; be in confidence
v.to forgive, to pardon; to excuse
v.to violate; to go against
adv.wantonly, to ones hearts content
v.to worry; to pity, to sympathize; to help out; to take into account; to nurse
v.to hate, to dislike; to resent; to regret
adv.calm; indifferent to fame or gain
v.rest; desist; put a stop to, cease, stop, end; appease; blow; breathe; sigh; grow
v.to sigh with emotion
v.like; be happy to
v.to enjoin upon
v.to venerate, to honour
v.be contrary to, go against; screen; rebel
v.to change, to alter; to repent; to stop; to reform
adj.be desirous but unable to speak out
v.attach importance to; advise
v.to poison; to envy; to hate; to instruct
v.to puzzle; to confuse
modal v.would like to
v.think; speculate; plan; consider; call to mind; hope; suppose; reckon; want to; feel like doing something; miss
v.to take pity on; to show tender care of; to foster; to sympathize with; to grieve
v.to consider
v.to hessitate
v.love; be fond of; like; be keen on; covet; cherish, treasure; hold dear; take good care of; be apt to; be in the habit of
v.to be pleased; to be satisfied; to satisfy
adv.be sure to
v.to reckon; to deliberate
v.to change; to hide; to do evil secretly
adj.accustomed to; experienced in; addicted to
v.be used to; be in the habit of
v.to tease; to ridicule; to irritate; to be annoyed; to excite
v.to spare
v.to worry
v.to vex; to worry; to befuddle
v.to rancour; to hate; to abhor; to dislike
v.wake, up to reality
v.recall, recollect; bring to mind; reflect upon; remember
modal v.should; ought to; must
v.answer; respond; echo; deal with; cope with; reply; correspond to; fulfil; be fulfilled; comply with; grant; suit
adj.to rejoice; feeling pleased
v.to hate; to dislike; to abhor
v.to love; to long for; to infatuate; feel attached to, be reluctant to part; miss sb.
v.to injure, to damage (arch.)
v.(Cant.) to pile up, to upright
v.to infringe, to fake
v.bend; come to; violate; break, split
v.to shut a door
v.to bundle; to divine
v.to direct
v.to shake
v.criticize; comment; endorse a petition; reply officially to an inferior; make an order of court; officially authorize; lease; arrange for the purchase of; sell wholesale; slap, smack
v.seek; look for; find; pay a balance; exchange; give change; call on; want to see; approach
v.to clap one's hands; beat; stamp, tread; to dance; to cheer
v.break off; to shake; to bend
v.to strain; to pour out; to express, to convey
v.to hold something with cupped hands
v.throw at, throw into, fling, hurl; jump into; cast (as a vote); present; hand over to; go in the direction of; project
v.to pawn; to arrest; to take into custody; to send under escort; to bet; to press down, to stamp
v.to mix, to separate; to toss (a salad)
v.to grasp; to reach; to take; to catch
v.break; turn, bend; disobey, violate; hard to pronounce; force sth. up or open; turn back
v.arrest, detain; restrain, constrain; stick to; being inflexible
v.include; enclose; embrace; come to; draw together; contract
v.to lay hold of; to pursue; to lift
v.to force; to compel; to press or squeeze hard
v.bind, tie; put together, join together; be ready to risk one's life, go all out in work
v.to burst or to split
v.point; indicate; direct; refer to
prep.according to, as
v.place the hand on; press down, push down; stop, repress, restrain, control; leave aside; examine, check, refer to
v.hit from behind; get close to; suffer; wait; drag on, scrabble for a living; lean
v.shake; move; excite to action; flap; relieve; save; restore order; recall; receive; contain; rise with force and spirit; brace up
v.to stroke; to finger; to feel
v.ladle out; to bale out; to decant liquids
v.to hold with both hands
v.to pick up; to take; to impeach
v.to pluck; to gather in the fingers; to rub; to scrape off; strock
n.a form of scraper for levelling a seed-plot; a form of Eight used in accounts to prevent fraud
v.to slick off; to push aside
v.select; touch; take along sth. to or for; glance(at); back a cart, drive backwards; fade
v.to give up willingly, to surrender; to abandon; to give alms, dispense charity; reject; spend
v.to twist with hands;to break; to reverse; to turn back; to turn round; to violate; to offend; to disagree
v.to strike with hands; to break off with fingers and thumb; to open; to spread out
v.wind thread or rope; seek, get to the bottom of the matter; deck out, make up
v.to roll up
v.twist with the fingers; to take a pinch
v.to sweep; to clear away; to brush
v.give to; confer; transmit; award
v.to dig; to amass wealth by heavy taxation; to attack; to break; to hold something with cupped hands; to fall forward; to exact
v.pinch, nip; choke to death, throttle; inlay; count on one's fingers
v. to take; to hold; to give forcefully
v.to develop; to unfold; to pare with a knife
v.to throw; to smash (Canton. colloq.)
v.to quiver; (Cant.) to pull on something;
v.receive; continue, succeed to; catch, take hold of; join, connect; welcome; meet; accept; graft; take over
v.to draw a bow (arch.); to control; to accuse; to charge
v.push, shove; expel; shirk; decline; yield; extend; enlarge; infer; investigate; deduce; include; elect; promote; recommend; praise; esteem; give up; hand over to
v.to beat the nightwatches; to grasp
v.to carry on the shoulder
v.to cut apart; to shear; to exterminate
v.to expel
v.to roll up sleeves; to slap with the palm; to hit; to push; to lift up; to fill
v.lift in the hand; raise, put forward, bring up; pull up; pick up; mention; refer to; bring forward; suggest; carry; promote
v.to tug upward, to pull up; to promote; to hold the saddle; to eradicate
v.to fold; to trot; to divide into portions; to abandon; to give up; to sort out the divining stalks
v.to gesticulate; play antics; to ridicule
v.to carry things on one's back
v.(Cantonese) to delay (usually purposely), to waste time; to throw down, to beat; to hang down
v.to knead; to rub; to hide or carry in one's clothes; to thump
v.to dab with a soft dry object that is sopped up with the liquid; to move; to wipe tears; to bind
v.to oar; to berth; to hide; to cover; to touch; to flog with stick or bamboo split
v.to jab; to stab; to prick; to stick in; to push hard; to exchange; to seek; to hold; to dip in; to soak; to feign ignorance; to daub; to thrust
v.to tear, to peel, twist with the fingers; to pinch (Cant.)
v.to fan; to strike on face; to stir up; to incite
v.to dig; to disturb
v.to pull up; to pick; to hold up; to lift up; to seize; to gather; to pluck up
v.to clutch at; to grip forcefully
n.using the side hand to strike
v.to strangle; to mess up with; to inquire
v.to slap
v.to drive off; to expel; to arrange; to get rid of
v.to stack up; to pile up
v.to take up; to collect; to improve; to pick up; to pluck; to select; to choose; to censure
v.to shake, to rattle
v.to pull; to lift up (Cant.)
v.to knead, to roll round with the hand ; to gather; to wheel, to spiral, to hover; to hold; to model; to lead
v.dismiss with a hand gesture; get rid of, abandon; strike; fall; lock in arms; fasten tightly to sth.
v.to leave aside; to bypass; to throw off; to shoot down; to outstrip; to surpass; to throw down
v.to strike; to beat
adj.fill to the point of bursting
v.to disturb; to stir; to hinder; to flinch, to yield; to surrender; to scratch
v.rip, tear, to buy (tear) cloth fom retailer
v.to split; to command; to waggle; to wave
v.to dust
v.to press; to push
v.arrogate to oneself, make bold; surpass; to be good at; occupy
v.(Cant.) to guard against, take precautions
v.to put on (clothes); literally to put one's arms through sleeves of clothes
v.to beat (one's breast); to pound; to break off
prep.according to
v.to blow one's nose with the fingers
v.put, place; spread; arrange; set in order; wave to and fro; shake; move
v.pass through; jab the poker into a stove to stir the fire in order to remove the ashes
v.to tickle; to hit
v.to detain; to restrain; to take into custody
v.to hinder; to obstruct, to impede; to stop; to resist
v.to push; to stab; to fall; to abuse; to fend off
v.to tap, to knock lightly
v.gather together; collect, receive, accept; harvest; put away; close; bind; restrain, control; bring to an end, stop
v.attack; assault; apply oneself to; work at; accuse, charge; study, specialize in
v.to defend; to protect
v.put, place in, place on; release, free, liberate, loosen, let go; drive away, banish; indulge; issue; accord with; reach to; imitate
v.imitate, follow the example of; fulfil; verify; put forth effort, labour earnestly, devote to
v.to decree
v.dare; presume; venture; have the confidence to; be certain
v.to work on; to study; to hit
v.respect, honour, revere; drink a toast to someone; offer
v.to be weary of; to dislike; to terminate
v.to hack with a knife or an axe (or in expression of anger); to attack; to strike; to cut with a sword; to chop
v.to behead; to decapitate;to chop off; to cut; to severe
v.to chop off; to beat; to strike; to cut in twain
v.to craft, to cut; to chop; to hack
v.to swim; to move or rove freely; to parade
n.banner made of feathers in five colors used to decorate a leading vehicle
v.to stand in the sun
v.to rise, to ascend
v.to start; to appear; to manifest
v.to open out
v.to confuse
v.to be
v.be to the west
v.to appear (of sun)
v.dry up; to dry in the sunexpose to the sun
v.to faint
v.to suffer heatstroke; to change colour
v.to dry up; dried by exposing to the sun
adj.the sun about to rise
n.expose to the sun; expose to the open air
v.expose to the sun, dry in the sun, bask; print by light; shine upon
v.change, alter; attend to; be experienced in; replace
v.to write
v.place both hands above the eyes to look better into the distance (arch.)
v.meet; assemble; co-operate; see; be able to; be good at; understand; be skillful at; be likely to; be sure to
v.subdue (arch.); wear; serve; submit; be willing; swallow, take; be convinced; obey; be accustomed to
v.to bend; to offer dried meat in sacrifice
pron.I, my; the royalI” (used exclusively by the emperor or king to meanI”), the sovereign
adj.principal; original; native; current; present; according to; based on; essential; my; our
n.a toothless rake, used to smooth seed-plots
v.to stab; to pierce
v.to plaster
v.to shake
v.pillow; sleep; be near to
v.compel to wear a cangue
v.to paddle; to row
v.to lock up in a cage
v.to divide; to distinguish; to open up
v.to seek out; to search into; check; to examine; look into, to investigate; look up, consult
v.to divine (arch.)
n.an instrument made of wood used in ancient times to start the orchestra
v.to hate; to bear grudge
v.to compare; to collate; to revise; to proofread
n.astrolabe used to perform augury in ancient China; a kind of tree
v.to fill with; to reel
v.to poke a hole on a slain pig
v.to squeeze out of; to extract
var.an old variant ofwhich refers to a bowl for keeping food
v.to assist
v.to flog with a club; to whip
v.to row (a boat)
n.species of tree resistant to cold weather
v.to strike, hit, beat, hammer; to harm; to castrate
n.ox yoke placed on the horns (to prevent the ox from hurting people); wooden board
v.to wither
v.tp paddle; to oar
v.to mark; to indicate
v.reach the end of, push to extremes; stop at nothing
n.principal columns of a hall; a unit to count the quantity of houses; pillar
v.to assist; to support in the state
v.to fell trees; to hew; to cut; to chop
v.to paste wall with dirt or mud
v.laugh; take pleasure; be glad to; enjoy
v.to resist; to support
v.(a tree) bending downwards; to coil; to wind; to seek
v.to bend; to yield; to disturb; to weaken; to row; to disperse
v.to rely on; to carry things in a sack
n.(arch.) tool used for shaping wood; to edit a text
n.a call to arms in ancient times; letter
n.a kind of tree suitable for use to make axles for large carts
v.to store
v.to weigh; to assess; to consider; to balance
particleused to begin a sentence or a discourse
v.to bid farewell
v.to cough
v.to sigh; to exclaim
v.to laugh
v.smear the blood of a sacrifice on the mouthan ancient form of swearing an oath; to drink; to smear the blood
v.to smell; to touch; to admire; to like
v.to gesticulate; to teasae, to derife, or to ridicule
n.nausea; an urge to vomit
particleused to express admiration, doubt, surprise; to mark a question
v.to sip, to drink, to suck
v.return to; revert to; go back; belong; restore; send back; divide; send a present of food
v.to die; pass away
v.bring disaster to
v.to die of hunger; to perish
v.to faint; to swoon; to exhaust beyond cure
v.to bury temporarily
v. to decompose; to starve to death;
v.kill, put to death, punish
v.to indulge
v.to bury; to die of hunger; to present oneself before something or someone
v.to die young; to die in childhood; to die
v.to die; to kill; to exterminate
v. to abort
v.(arch.) to apply acupuncture to a person with abdominal ailment
v.to eat; to use as food
v.to pound or grind rice
v.rear; give birth to, bring up; nourish; educate
v.to prevent; tp guard against; take care; gushing from a spring
v.to help, to assist; to connect, to adjoin
v.to make angry; to enrage; to bully; to insult; to annoy
v.to flood; to float; to overflow
氿v.to spurt from the side
v.to parboil; to quick boil
v.to sink
n.wriggle springlet; traps to catch beasts (ancient meaning)
v.to infuse; to make tea
v.dash against, charge, rush; clash with, collide; pour out; infuse; soar to; wander from; rinse; flush
v.to overflow; to indulge
v.to write; to indite; to carve
v.to sweat; to dip in ink
v.to drip; to trickle; to shed tears; to glisten; to sparkle; to weep
v.sail against the current; trace back to; whirl
v.to break; to wash clean
v.pour water into a pot; soak; arrive, reach, up to
n.a whirlpool; the Fu River; an eddy; a race; used in place-names to indicate the spot as a stopping-place for boats
v.to flow underground; to swim as fish
v.to overflow
洿v.to stagnate; to dig; to decline; to contaminate; to humiliate; to defile
n.name of a river in Shanxi province, originating in the Zhongtiao Mountains and merging from north to south into the Yellow River
v.to rinse the mouth
v.to weep; to snivel
v.get dirty, to smear, soil or defile; contaminate; to mess up
v.to flood
v.to drip; to strain
v.have illicit sexual relations; allow to run wild; be greedy for; indulge in; exceed
v.to take a bath
v.to discharge; to remove;
v.(of cloud) forming; to flood
v.converge; gather together; hurry to; move close to; make up; happen to
v.be given to heavy drinking; indulge in; back on, turn back
v.to wash; to cleanse; to purge; to purify; to soak
v.to mourn
v.to warm; to revive, to review; to recapitulate
v.to mix the powder with water; to wash; to excrete stool and urine; to urinate; to spit; to excrete semen; to soak in water as meals
v.drown; indulge, give over to; be stick in; pass urine
v.to accumulate (water); to pent up
v.to be painted strongly; to float, as the clouds
v.ret, soak or steep and cause to change; to macerate; paint honey
adj.Chinese; belonging to China
v.to agree; to chime in with others
v.(of water) to dash against (arch. sic)
v.to dry up; to totally disappear; to exhaust; to drain dry
v.to rain; to moisten
v.to fertilize; to anoint; to benefit; to favour
v.to become watery as paste
v.to remove
v.to bleach; to wash clean
v.to overflow; to level up
v.help, aid, relieve; cross; complete; be up to standard
v.border on, be close to
v.be close to, border on
v.to gush
v.to boil; to wash, to cleanse, to soak
v.to burn (arch.)
v.to illumine; to reflect
v.to burn; to light, to kindle, to ignite
v.to melt; to roast; to scorch; to warm at the fire
v.to boast; to yell, to roar
v.to evaporate; to steam; to advance; to involve in an adulterous act with a female member of an older generation
v.to crack
v.to roast or simmer on a slow fire
v.to solder, to weld
v.to light; to put out
v.to warm something up
v.to burn; to heat
v.to colour by smoke; being smoked to get a dark colour
v.to shine, to flash; to cook
prep.according to, as
v.to stew; simmer, heat; burn; roast in ashes; roast in fresh cinders
v.to extinguish or put out a fire, light, etc; to wither away, to die out, to come to an end
v.to fry very quickly over hot fire
adj.ripe; cooked, done; prepared; processed; manufactured; skilled, practised, experienced; apt; accustomed to; intimate; well acquainted
v.to glow; to flash
v.to heat up by steaming
v.iron, press; roast; keep close to
v.stew, boil; extract sth.by heating; drag on;hold out; to endure
v.to ask divine favour of rain by sacrificing human (arch.); to toast; to burn; to dry by exposing to the sun; to bake by fire with little oil; to roast; to dry
v.to use the smoke of burning wormwood etc to repel insects
v.to dry at the fire; to scorch; to burn; to heat
v.to burn; to roast meat for sacrifice
v.to poach in hot water to remove feather or hair; to learn or memorize by heart
v.to blaze
v.To shine, to illuminate; to light up
v.to burn; to toast; to heat
v.to roast in hot cinders; to stew
v.to make a fire draw
v.to raise; to elevate; to lift; to enhance
v.to halve
v.to fill up; to stuff
v.to tend as a shepherd, to rear cattle or livestock in general; to herd
v.to prop up obliquely; to keep off water with mud and stone
v.to string a cow by its nose
v.to meet; to violate
v.to till (soil); to plough up
v.to run; to rush about (of a herd of bulls); to flee
v.to feed cattle or sheep with hay
n.dog; a courteous way to mention one's son
v.to be accustomed to something; to be bound or constrained by something; to take charge of; to be greedy; to incline to evil; to be familiar with
v.tame; domesticate; be improperly familiar with; be close to; to flirt with
n.a fabulous beast, a tribute animal presented to the Chinese emperor, probably a lion
v.to intimidate, to scare
v.be fed up with; to eat to the full
n.a dog giving birth to triplets
n.a kind of otter; mythical beast similar to an ape with dog's head
v.to hunt or search for
v.award, give reward to
v.to hunt in night; to hunt with the torches
v.to hunt
v.to look at somebody angrily
n.a kind of gem inferior to jade; a place in Mian Chi of Henan province
n.an ornament attached to a woman's hairpin
v.to pierce the ear; to insert
n.a jade tablet or baton, which varied in shape according to different ranks, conferred upon the feudal princes by the emperor as a symbol of dignity and authority
v.manage; run; put in order; tidy up; pay attention to; acknowledge; regulate; arrange; regard
v.to carve, to engrave, to cut out, to sculpt on jade
n.jade tablet given to feudal princes on their investiture, as a sign of authority and rank; keepsake; happy omen
n.beautiful jade; stone inferior to jade; the second star in the bowl of the constellation Big Dipper (Urs Major β)
n.stone second only to jade
n.earthen pot with a large mouth but shallow enough to be used at table as a chafing dish
v.to build a well with bricks
v.produce; bring forth; beget; be born; give birth to; bear; grow
v.bear offspring; give birth to; produce
idiomso as to
prep.to; with; by
idiom there is no need to
prep.from; by; through; according to; because of, due to
v.to give, to offer
v.to come before the gods; to terminate
v.to plough
v.to answer
v.undertake; act as; fill an office; occupy a position; be equal to; treat as; regard as; represent; bear; accept; undertake; work as; serve as; deserve
n.disease related to rheumatism
v.to crouch
v.to crouch (Cant.)
var.equivalent to 淋; erroneous spelling of
v.to worry; being ill in prison; to die in prison from cold and hunger; to treat with cruelty
adj.dumb, mute, unable to speak
v.to bury; to inter; to sacrifice
v.to recover from any disease
v.to recover, to be healed, to convalesce, to improve in health
adj.being unable to walk; having dysuria; infirm, being bent with age
n.illness due to anxiety; fistula, ulcer
adj.white; pure, unblemished; bright; clear, obvious; simple, easy to understand; empty; vain; naked; free, gratis
v.to chap; to crack
v.to flavour
v.to cover (arch.); gather
v.fill to overflow
v.bend; to subdue; violate; break, split
v.to gaze in astonishment
v.to stare; to glare at
v.to scrutinize; to gaze into distance; to take aim
v.to look upward
v.to gaze at
v.narrow; take a nap; unable to open one's eye while getting something in it; be blinded
v.to defy; to slight; to underestimate
v.to open one's eyes wide
v.to look around
v.to look askance; to stare; to look at; to glance at
v.to look askance at; to dislike
v.to look fearfully with eyes wide-opened
v.to see, to look; keep a lookout; admire; to long for, to gaze at
v.stare angrily; to bear, to endure
v.to squint; to look at
v.to look askance at, to take a glance at somebody in disdain; to glare at
v.to spy on, to look on and find out
v.to look into the distance
v.to stare at somebody with anger or scorn; to peeve; to snab angrily
adj.blind; having no pupil to the eye
v.to look with great attention; to scrutinize
v.to blink
v.to blink, to gaze at
v.to understand; to look out over
v.to spy on; to peep; to watch stealthily
v.to look right and left in alarm; to look about in fright
v.to pierce or bore through with an awl
n.an arrow for shooting birds; a short arrow; a bolt for a crossbow; an arrow or a dart with a silk thread fastened to it
v.to press and smooth; to touch; to calender
v.to grind, to rub, to pestle, to powder, to calender; study, research, investigate
v.to pierce; to treat and cure; to stab
onomatopoeiato make a loud sound; water splashing on rock; cracking noise
n.board game of Chinese origin, played with black and white stones; any game similar to chess
v.break to pieces; smash
v.to pound with a pestle or mortar
v.to overflow; to exceed
n.a roller used to husk grain
v.to grind; to break into pieces
v.to sharpen; to grind; to temper oneself
v.to crush, to impact; to fill, to extend
n.god of the soil; altars to the god of the soil; god of the earth, god of the land; sacrifices to the local gods; village, hamlet; company; society; group of families; organised body; agency
v.worship; offer sacrifice to the gods or spirts of the dead
v.to bless
n.Ormazda, god of the Zoroastrians; Manicheanism, extended to god of the Manicheans
v.to pray; to entreat, to request ardently, to wish; to implore
v.to bless and to protect (with divine power)
rel.related to
n.the ceremony of offering sacrifice to gods to wash away evil influence
v.to cleanse; to remove evil; to wash away; to exorcise
n.ancient sacrifices to ancestors
v.to bury in the same tomb; to worship ancestors
v.offer a sacrifice to
v.burning wood for sacrifice to Heaven
v.to move; to surpass; to be or become an heir; to inherit
v.pray, offer to ancestor
n.sacrificial rite or ceremony of pouring wine to irrigate the field as libation for the deities
v.to offer a sacrifice with reverene
v.bring calamity to; meet with disaster
v.to get bliss from divinities by complete sincerity
v.to make a sacrifice to the god of war before a campaign
n.a term applied to a deceased father after his tablet has been placed in the ancestral temple
v.to offer a sacrifice to exorcise evils; to drive off; to pray
v.to trample, to step on
v.to feed a horse
v.gather; arrange in order; offer sacrifices to gods or ancestors
adj.suitable; agreeable; correponding to
v.to accumulate
v.to offer a sacrifice to exorcise evils; to get rid of; to repel; to feel disturbed; to stuff
v.to burry; to put a coffin in a grave
v.to rush out of a den; to sweep; to hang
v.to climb over a wall; to chisel; to hope presumptuously; to cut through a wall
v.to bore; to dig
n.hole; aperture; key to sth.
v.to measure
v.to sing and dance, dancing while singing; beating a drum
adj.related to India
prefixused in front of a number to build up an ordinal number
v.reply; respond to; echo; return; recompense; answer
v.to divine by stalks of plants; divining rod; diviation as prescribed in Iching or the Book of Changes
v.to divine by means of grass-stalks
n.bamboo mat spread on the floor for people to sit on; seat; feast
v.to flog
v.push with a punt-pole and cause a ship to move
n.a hut next to a pavilion
v.to feed, to provide for delicacies, dainties; to drink and eat; to write, to compile
n.a weir of bamboo to catch fish or crabs
v.implore, request; summon, cry out to
v.to mash rice
v.to adorn oneself; to disguise; to pretend
v.to wash (rice etc.); to thin gruel; to prepare millet wine
v.to cook soup with rice; to disperse; to paint
v.to dispose of dung or manure (arch.)
v.to spoil or to abuse
v.to starch
n.back leather belt attached to a horse (arch.); name of tyrant ,name of last emperor of Shang Dynasty
v.to tie
v.to sew
v.to draw forth; to collect; to investigate; to follow up
v.to fasten with cords; to remove
n.large rope; rope attached to bier
v.to sew with long stitches
v.to comb the hair
n.ribbon attached to an official seal or medal; cord
v.tie; hold together; hold fast; to string together; maintain; safeguard; preserve
v.to bind; to braid; to twist
v.to wear; to tie, to bind up; to coil up; carry on the arm; to string together; to roll up
n.ornament attached to garment
v.grab; lift up; comply with, conform to; gently pass
v.delay; neglect; retard; postpone; put off; recuperate; revive; come to;alleviate; mitigate; ease
v.to let down with a rope; to draw; to pull
v.to bind; to tie up
v.to hang, to suspend (arch.)
v.to sew; yo stitch; to mend
v.to tie, to bind
v.to stitch; to quilt; to baste
v.to tie; to twine; to bind
v.to tie up with rope or chain; to fetter a prisoner; to take into custody; to restrain; to connect
v.tie up; consume; smashed to pieces
adj.only; alone; be tantamount to
v.to tie; to bend; to fasten
v.to repeat; to translate; to turn; to browse; to noise; to interpret
v.wind round; offer a sacrifice to
v.to draw; to embroider; to sketch; to paint
v.bind; be attached to; depend upon; remember; draw; connect; unite; let; tie; fasten; do up; button up
v.to hem with invisible stitches; to reel silk from cocoons
v.to unravel, unreel, or draw silk; deduce, sort out; state; continue
v.connect; join on; add to; continue; extend; add; supply more
v.inherit, succeed to; write
v.to chink; to crack
v.to slander; hoodwink, to deceive; do not
v.to catch with net; to snare; to implicate
n.the handle of the Big Dipper; a hill; the name of certain stars and the gods supposed to live in them
v.to meet with; to suffer from; to offend; to violate; to happen to; to incur
v.to fish for; to catch
v.bolt; to trap; to arrange; spread out; collect, gather together; display; to sift
v.(arch.) to offer tribute or gifts
v.to envy, to admire; to praise; to covet
v.to mix; to interpolate; the sheep herd
v.practise; study; exercise; review; get accustomed to, be used to, become familiar with
v.close; gather; be obedient to, submit to; change
n.feathers used to decorate coffin; large wooden fan carried in funeral procession
v.to soar aloft; to fly aloft
v.to play with
v.to screen; to conceal; to shade
v.to fly
v.to plough (plow)
v.to plough (am. plow); to till land; to cultivate
v.to hoe, to weed; to abuse; to groan
v.to plow; to cultivate; to weed
v.to plough with the rake
v.to be clamorous, noisy; to chat garrulously
v.to cut the left ears of the captives or the slain
v.hear, listen to; understand; comply with; allow, let; acknowledge; await; heed; obey
v.to bury temporarily by the roadside
adj.small, tiny; be like, be similar to
v.consent to; to permit; wish; choose to; to confirm; to agree
v.give birth to; nourish; bring up, rear, raise; educate
v.turn the back on, turn away; disavow; memorize, recite from memory, learn by heart; carry on the back; act contrary to, violate
v.to attend to a patient; to feel a patient's pulse
adj.related to blood siblings (from the same womb)
v.to open sideway; to go aground; to rifle
v.to slice or chop up meat
v.to make sacrifices
v.to apply grease abundantly
n.smoldering of one's emotion due to anger or wrath
v.adhere to
v.narrate; report; offer sacrifice to
v.be subject to
v.to pick, to fetch, to take (arch.)
v.be satisfied; be rest content with (arch.); to hide
adj.near to
v.descend; come to; copy, imitate; face; overlook; arrive; be present
v.to smell (arch.); stink, emit foul odor
v.to send, to deliver; to convey to (arch.); cause, incur, bring about, occasion, result in; retire, resign; extend to; apply to; transmit; devote
v.to separate the grain from the husk
prep.with; by; to
v.give, offer, grant, allow; get along with, be on good terms with; take part in, participate in; concede to; share in; be present at; be concerned about
v.to stick out the tongue
adj.contrary to; radical
v.to run counter; to crisscross; to oppose
v.to govern; having jurisdiction over
v.to sail; to navigate
v.pull in to shore
v.to mow; to cut down; scythe
n.Gordon euryale; Euryale ferox; plant allied to the waterlily
idiomas if; as to
v.seem; conform to; accord with
adj.luxuriant; referring to Indigenous religion of Tibet
adv.to be circumspect, cautious in ones behaviour and speech
v.to draft (a document)
v.to repeat; to introduce, to recommend
v.to open up a wasteland; to reclaim a wasteland; to plough and weed
n.henbane; a kind of poisonous herb that might lead to hallucination, licorice being an antidote
v.to fade
n.a term for various plants similar to lettuce
n.a plant similar to radish
v.set forth; manifest, make known; write; put on, wear; belong to a place; blossom
v.to supervise; to direct; to command; to take charge of; rectify
v.to reach; administer, rule, manage; come to, arrive, at present; approach and watch
v.to vaporize; to worry; to weed
v.to wear on the head
v.to cover with straw
v.to feed animal with hay mixed with crops
n.five times; to increase five-fold
n.frame for silkworms to spin cocoons on; nest
v.to finish; to complete; to prepare; to command; to release
n. rue, a herb used to repel insects
v.to cover
v.to weed; to cut short; to shave
n.plant related to water caltrop
v.to die (applicable to a feudal prince or a high official)
v.to gather
v.to weed, mow
v.dip, submerge; attach to another surface by adhesive
v.to entwine, interweave
adj.brutal, cruel, ferocious; violent, perilous; to ones hearts content
v.dwell; abide in, stay on; be at rest in; occupy; decide; judge; punish; settle, end; manage; adjust; attend to; place
v.to cry; to shout; to howl (all arch.)
v.to wriggle; to curl
v.to move slowly (in the manner of a worm); to tip-toe
v.to despise
v.to crawl
v.degenerate; slough off, to exuviate, moult
n.moth; beautiful eyebrows; some fungus similar to or likened to a moth; ant
v.to move, to flinch; to be nimble
v.(of snakes) to crawl
n.a kind of insect said to be good at carrying a heavy load
n.a kind of insect said to be good at carrying a heavy load
n.a Chinese blister beetle; a fly which is used similarly to cantharides
v.to move in a zigzag or meandering fashion
n.a kind of insect that destructs the roots of rice seedlings; a pest; a fly which is used similarly to cantharides
v.to bore through; to corrupt; to harm
n.epistaxis, bleeding from nose, ear, or gum; to be defeated
adj.happy; stable; outspoken; upright; to be pleased
v.to give pleasure
v.burst, split; strip oneself naked to the waist; vindicate; give unprincipled support to
n.lengthwise from north to south; length; longitude
v.to give birth to , to propagate; to multiply in number
v.to hold something with the front of a Chinese jacket
v.to take off the clothes and expose the body; to carry in the girdle
v.to gather; to assemble; to collect; to praise; to capture
adj.abundant; well-to-do; tolerant
v.repair, mend; patch; add to; help; fill a vacancy; supply; make up for; nourish
v.to mend clothes
v.be naked to the waist, divest or unbutton one's upper garment; take off the outer clothing
n.a piece of string attached to clothes, used for hanging a jade pendant
v.to sew onto clothing
v.to carry in the bosom or the sleeve; wrap, conceal
v.(Cant.) to tie up, bind
v.to strip off; to take away from; to abolish; to get rid of; to pull; to abandon; to deprive of; to undress
v.to tight a horse by corses; wreathe
v.to carry in the bosom or the sleeve; to wrap, to conceal; to conceive (a child)
v.to whisk; wipe off; brush clean
n.the etiquette that ancient women need to perform
v.to carry with the front of a robe
v.to expose; to exalt
v.to make a raid on, to attack; to replicate; to inherit
v.to tie or stitch together
v.want; wish; need; require; make an agreement; seek for; ask for; meet; force; demand; will be, be going to; need, take
v.turn over; topple; to throw a rider
v.to examine; to investigate, to consider; to check; to verify; to audit
v.to spy on; to observe in secret; tp peek; to peep
v.court officials in ancient feudal states paying each other visits every three years (arch.); to scan or to scope over a wide range of distant objects
v.to show up abruptly
adj.unclear due to obstructed view
v.to spy on; to observe in secrecy
v.go to court, present oneself before (a monarch); meet with
v.to look with good will
v.to see, to observe, to view, to behold, to gaze, to watch; to travel for pleasure
v.loose; untie; release, relieve; get rid of; explain, interpret; solve; expound; seperate, divide; undo; allay; dispel; dismiss; to transport goods or prisoners under guard
v.to get
v.arrange; settle, fix, conclude, draw up, agree on; edit; collate; subscribe to
v.beg; demand, ask for; dun; punish; put to death; exterminate; send armed force to suppress; send a punitive expendition against; denounce; condemn
adj.to be hesitant in speech; to be cautious in speech
v.to stop, to finish; to settle as an account
v.blackmail; change, move; cheat; to swindle
v.meet face to face, move towards; wonder, surprised
v.stammer; be hardhearted enough to talk rarely
v.attend to a patient; examine; diagnose
v.to prove, to confirm, to verify
v.measure; consider, seek for; caluminate, to slander the righteous; detest; blame
v.to scold; to curse; to rail at; to abuse verbally
v.cheat; talk recklessly; to make deceitful or unfounded statements
v.to argue, to flatter
adj.to be stutter; exhausted; suddenly-mute
v.to bend; to yield; to humiliate, to wrong; to demote, to oust, to relegate; to complete; to be over; to contract; to wrinkle; to crouch; to stammer
v.ask about, inquire; try to ascertain
v.to revile, to talk abusively, to shame
v.contradict; to deceive, cheat, defraud; sly
v.to explain, to comment, to illustrate; to enforce
adj.fated to be; proper; said, respective
v.owe; deserve; belong to
詿v.to affect adversely; to impose upon; to disturb; to implicate; to cheat, to deceive
v.to eulogize the dead
v.punish; kill, sentence to death; demand uncompromisingly
v.give birth to, be born
v.to blame; to censure; to sneer at; to scold; to ridicule
v.talk with; give a hint; tell to; speak, say
v.to quarrel; to wrangle; to dispute
v.to speak gently
v.to slander
v.to adulate, to flatter; to cajole; to toady; to act in an obsequious way
v.to avoid as taboo; to plan; to strive at
v.to calumniate; to slander
v.to think, to reckon; to miss someone; to consider; to inform, to tell; to know; to reprimand
v.to boast; to quibble; to brag
v.to examine; to consider; to rectify
v.to forget; to bawl
v.to confer a title posthumously
v.to consult, to confer; to communicate in
v.to scold; to criticize repeatedly
v.to believe, to trust
v.to promise; to agree; to consent
v.visit; call on a senior; pay one's respect to; report
v.talk nonsense; to make up (a story)
v.to beguile; to cajole
v.to speak out boldly; to stutter, to stammer
v.to induce; scold, censure; lead people toward virtuous ways
v.to be angry at; to laugh derisively
v.to confer a title posthumously
v.preach; expound, explain, make clear; argue; discuss, negotiate; speak, say, tell; investigate; analyse; bargain; stress, pay attention to, be particular about
v.to speak with a friendly voice in a relaxed pace
v.to sing without instrumental accompaniment (arch.)
v.cough slightly; to speak softly
v.to consult; to deliberate; to commerce
n.a high official demoted to a minor post in an outlying district; fault, mistake
v.to roar; to lie
v.to teach wholeheartedly; to edit, to compile; to write; to have; to exhort with precepts; to discourse in the praise of something or someone; to compose
v.to slander
v.to scold; to ridicule; to blame
v.to interrogate; discuss
v.to talk on and on, to harp on; to rave; to be delirious
v.to deceive; to cheat; to lie
v.to shout, to roar, to cry aloud
v.to praise or flatter evildoers; to exaggerate
v.to change, to transform, to alter; to rebel
v.to entertain, to feast
v.to respond; to proof read; to hate
v.deny, refuse to admit; frame a case against somebody; cheat; accuse falsely; slander, libel
v.to cheer
v.to counsel, to advice; to speak out
v.to decide judicially; report a case to the higher authorities, ask for instructions; distinguish
v.to slander, to utter evil words, to curse; to complain
n.tapir?; white panther (sic. according to 爾雅); badger
var.variant of 貊 (according to 韻會)
v.to prophesy
v.bear; sustain; carry on the back; trust to, rely on; turn the back on; lose; fail; owe; betray
v.to borrow; to beg
v.to promote; to shift, to transfer; extend
v.buy to resell; sell out
v.upbraid; ask from; demand, require; punish; question closely; blame; lay a charge upon; to reprimand, to admonish
adj.auxiliary, subsidiary; treacherous; tempted to betray
v.a whole divides into two; be double-minded; to betray; assist
v.to include; to summarize; to have, to possess; to give; be prepared for ; be included in; be embraced in
v.to seek in an underhanded way; to bribe
v.to award; to give as a present; to present as a gift; to confer; to bestow on an inferior; to reward
n.fine payable for one's crime among the southern tribes (comparable to indulgence in the West)
v. to give as present (arch.); to bestow
v.to present a gift to a bereaved family; to contribute towards funeral expenses
n.gift presented to a senior at ones first visit
n.an amount of money paid in advance to show earnestness
v.to help, to support, to assist, aid; to praise, to admire, to second
v.able to support a great weight; to roar
v.to blush; to turn red
v.go to; get to, attend; jump into; join
v.to jump; to go away; to leave; to ridicule
v.to falter; unable to move
adj.not progressing; to be checked
v.follow; expel; drive; pursue; avail oneself of; catch up with; overtake; try to catch; make a dash for; rush for; hurry through
v.to jump; moving about in a hurry; to stand out markedly; to show forth
v.to squat
v.to sit cross-legged, as a Buddhist devotee.
v.to stand on one's toes
v.travel by feet, to walk
v.to sit cross-legged; to squat
v.to fall; to swoop down
n.the instep; the foot; the leg; the end; to calyx; a prostrate lie
v.go to; reach; distant from; resist; oppose; strike downwards with spears
prep.with; to
n.half a step or short step; a stride equal to half a pace
v.to step
v.to kneel for a long time, to go down on hands and knees
v.whirl; turn back; walk to and fro; walk with one foot
v.to tread on; to trample on; to step on irreverently
v.to stumble; to slip; to fall
v.to fall forward; fall prone; fall prostrate; to fall; to lay out a corpse; to be destroyed; to overturn; to fall down dead; to stumble
v.to walk with small steps
adj.contrary to
v.to skip (on one foot); to limp or walk lamely; to leap
v.to fall flat;act casually and unconventionally
v.to step; to stamp; to trot; to skip; to dance; to put the foot down
v.to ride a donkey
v.to trample
v.to walk in small pace; to feel or show constraint
v.to clear the traffic for the emperor's route, to keep persons off the route of the emperor when on tour
v.to wrinkle (brows); frown; force, compel; be close to, approach
v.to trample; to explore road; to wade; to tread through mud and water
v.to limp; to walk unsteadily
v.loiter around, walk to and fro, stop
v.to tread on; to kick; to pursue
v.to oppress; to bully
v.to stumble; to slip
v.to crouch; to squat
v.buy or sell wholesale; to store; to stack up; to stock
v.ascend; arrive, reach; promote; strive to be among
v.to overstep; to go beyond; to stride over; to step across; to skip over; to trample upon; to promote by pass the immediate leadership; to hold; to take
v.to walk about
v.to trip and fall; to fall; to tumble; to suffer a setback; to hinder; to stumble
v.to follow a path; imitate
v.to walk round and round
v.to pass; to step over; to creep; to twine round
v.to walk
v.to leap, to jump; to spurt out; to eject; to run
n.movement of an animal (refering mostly to a dragon)
n.a piece of wood serving as a brake to halt a carriage; an ancient measure of varying lengths; wheel
v.to surpass; to transgress (arch.); to excel; tomake a sudden violent attack, to assault; be scattered
v.to obstruct; to hinder
v.mourn, draw a hearse; to pull a wheel-chair
v.to assist, to complement, to help, to support
v. to crush; to ram over
n.a pall to cover the hearse; funeral carriage
adj.unlucky; unable to reach one's aim
v.to dismember [a person] (arch.) be unworthy of, to let down; to fall short of other's expectation
v.manage, do, handle, tackle, attend to; deal with; do business, transact; provide; set up, run; buy
v.insult; stifle; be indebted to
v.to pervert, to distort
v.till, up to
v.to extend obliquely; to deviate from straight path
v.to meet; to welcome; to receive; go in person to meet; to greet
v.to get near; to approach
v.to meet face to face; to move towards; to slip away; to go to meet; to receive as a guest
v.to meet someone unexpectedly
v.to bend around and turn; revolve
v.to deceive, to delude; to confuse, to charm, to fascinate or to infatuate; to become charmed, fascinated or infatuated
v.chase after, follow; pursue; overtake; escort; go back; trace out; follow to its source; seek for; reminisce; reflect upon; look back upon; press for payment
v.accompany, escort; send; give to, hand over; deliver; carry
v.to ramble; to wander; to stroll; to roam
v.to collect, to match, to pair; to unite; to court
v.pass through, go through; communicate; succeed; understand, know; circulate; connect; to commit adultery
v.(verb meaning 1) construct, build; begin; prepare; create; make; institute, train, educate; (verb meaning 2) go to, advance to, attain
v.to come and go; to loiter about; to yield; to retreat
v.meet, come upon; pander to
trans.used to form the name 邏逤, which refers to the name of Lhasa in Tibet, used during the Tang Dynasty.
v.to evade; to get away with, to escape from; to excuse; to disclaim
v.to walk as one pleases; to go carefully; to advance
v.to fall; to sway; to cross
adv.then, therefore; to the full; already
v.satisfy, fulfil; succeed; grow; be obedient to; comply with
v.to hurry; to go to and fro
n.surname; inspector sent by the emperor to inform about public opinions
v.arrive at, reach, extend, attain; penetrate, pass through; succeed; obtain advancement; apprehend; notify, make known, express, communicate; carry out, have access to
v.keep away from; send away; keep at a distance, to distantiate; to avoid
v.to roam; to ramble; to travel for pleasure
v.go to; reach; follow; pursue; marry; suit; succeed; be blessed with; happen; fall in with; (a woman being) married to
v.to go away; to migrate
adj.difficult to walk; hard; be greedy for
v.to avoid; to follow
v.to meet unexpectedly
v.to read loudly; to exceed; to pass by
v.to walk in crowds
n.the name of a small principality in what is now called Shensi, the home to the founder of the Chou dynasty
n.guild hall; residence of a high official; hotel; till, to
v.to look up; to distinguish
n.(proper name) name of a district in Gansu, close to present Xining
v.match, pair; to mate; become man and wife; be loaded with; be charged with; suffer punishment; compound; mix; distribute according to plan; deserve; to make up (a prescription)
v.be given to heavy drinking; be roaring drunk
v.to double ferment wine
v.to blend in ingredients during wine making; to mix; to flavour
v.to turn acid; to pledge a host in wine; to recompense
adj.drink to ones hearts content; flourishing; satisfied; intoxicated
v.to enjoy intoxication
v. to deal in liquors or spirits
v.propose a toast, toast; reward, payment; friendly exchange; fulfil, realize; offer a sacrifice to; present each other
v.to poison (arch.)
v.to rinse mouth with wine after eating
v.to drink heavily; to drink with others
v. to remove astringency; remove puckery taste; to bleach in water
v.to marinate, to salt, to pickle
v.to pour wine in a libation; offering wine to a deity
v.to filter
v.to wake up, arouse; startle, sober
v.to heal, to cure
v.contribute money to buy wine and drink together; to contribute to a feast; to pool (money)
v.repeat; lay stress on; attach importance to
v.to cut with a sickle; to mow
v.to solder, to weld by heat
v.to fetter
v.sharpen wood; hammer iron to a point
v.to mount with gold, silver or shells from shell-fish; to cushion
v.to hoe
v.to solder, to weld by heat
v.to plat with metal
v.to adze
v.to forge (metal, esp. iron); to temper, to refine
n.an ancient weapon which similar to a fork
v.to turn in a lathe
v.to engage in fierce battle; to fight to the end
v.to engrave, to carve
v.to engrave
v.to castrate
v.to remove with a spade
v.engrave; chisel; keep deeply in mind; cut down, reduce; demote, reduce to a lower rank
v.to cast metal; to mint coin; to educate people
v.cut to make even
n.iron parts connected to the bridle of a horse
n.gate to a village; hamlet; a surname
n.gate of a village; portal at the entrance to a settlement; doorway
v.to cover
v.to mourn, to grieve; to condole, offer ones condolences; encourage
n.powerful individual, family or group; left-hand entrance in a triple gate; classification according to rank
n.threshold; gate; a commanding general or minister, door leading to the women's apartments; women's quarters; women; wife; a surname
v.to shut; to stop; to obstruct; to conceal; to block; to restrain; to control
v.to look at closely
v.to live alone, live in solitude
v.to bend; to stop up; to block up
v.to fill up; to stuff
v.to shut, to close; to lock up, shut in; to close down; to connect; implicate; to involve; be concerned with
n.a wall around a market place; the gate leading to a market place
v. to swindle (Cant.); to defile
v.to bury alive; to involve; to entrap
n.steps leading to the eastern door
v.being close to danger
v.groan; lean towards; assent to; flatter
idiomnear to
v.adhere to; dependent on; append; enclose; attach; add to; increase; be possessed by; agree to
v.to descend, to fall; to come down from heaven; to send down; to degrade, to demote; to drop, to lower; to submit to; to surrender; to capitulate; to subdue
adj.related to genitalia; shady; secret; dark; mysterious; cold
v.to fall
v.to collapse
n.aisle leading to the coffin chamber of an ancient tomb; tunnel
v.follow; accord with; accompany; comply with; adapt to; let
v.to destroy; to overthrow; to jeopardize; to be lazy
adj.attached to; belonging to; subservient to
n.Asian barred owlet (Glaucidium cuculoides); refers also to a black horse with white mane
v.whiten; to wipe off a shame or grievance by avenging
v.to overflow
v.to wait [because of rain] (arch.); need; require; have to
v.to fall in drops
v.depend on; trust to; lean on; lean against; get near; keep to; come up to
v.waste; die out; no, not; disperse, blown away by the wind; to fascinate with
n.leather-made shoes filled with Ula grass in order to keep warmth
n.leather belt harnessed to the posterior part of livestock
v.to stretch a skin on a frame for a drum
v.give birth to, rear; bow
v.to interrogate a prisoner; to make a judicial investigation
n.top, summit; crown of the head; a button formerly worn on the hat to indicate rank
adj.inclined to side; just now
v.have to; wait; expect
v.to raise one's head
adj.oblique, be inclined to one side, slant; partial, prejudiced, biased
v.inscribe; bring to notice
v.to raise one's head
v.care for, look after; regard; turn the head round to look; attend to; take into consideration; visit; call on
v.to frown one' brows; to knit the brows; to scowl
v.to sway in the wind
v.to soar; to fly
v.to wave, to float
var. relatable to variants as 颮, 飇, and
v.to sup, to dine; to soak the cooked rice in the water
v.to cook until well done; hard boil
v.eat to the full
n.dry provisions or goods; rations (to take on expedition)
v.carry food to laborers in the field
v.starved to death; lack
v.to prepare and eat cooked food
v.to feast; to provide dinner for; to entertain; to sacrifice; to offer food and drink; to enjoy; to receive entertainment; to grant; to offer in sacrifice or at a feast; to enjoy a sacrifice as the gods
adj.in good condition, in good shape (referring to a horse)
v.to rage, to run wild
n.mare, mother horse, jenny (prefix to female animal)
v.to gallop disorderly; to make every effort to; rush about; pursue, run
v.to geld, to castrate
v.to gallop
prep.similar to, like
v.to lacquer
v.to dress the hair
v.to shave
idiomto make a top knot; (Cant.) ; to be slovenly dressed
v.to quarrel, to feud, to fight
v.to cast a lot; to draw lots
v.to have a nightmare; to delude; to confuse
v.to preserve
n.flatfish; flounder; sole; plaice, pleuronectid (all referring to a family of fish)
n.a big fish; the huge fish found in the Yellow River that is said to be unable to close its eyes; a widower; a unmarried man
n.fresh water fish similar to a river dolphin
v.to poison
n.an owl; a fabulous bird which is said to eat the whole of its mother without the head
v.to gather
n.a kind of legendary bird similar to phoenix; lovebird
v.to gallop; to seek for; to swim
n.water bird pale white in color, related to some species of wild duck
鷿n.a variety of waterbird which is similar to but smaller than a wild duck
v.to till, to plow; to weed
v.to flock together, to band together; to collect
v.to stick
v.to smear; to stain
v.to strive; to endeavor
v.to snore
n.take in both hands and offer to; to present in both hands
v.classify, juxtapose, to be ranked or treated as member of a group (arch.)
v.to gnaw; to peculate; to bite; to nibble
adj.teeth unevenly spaced or grown due to overcrowding
v.to dispute
v.to grit one's teeth as a result of anger; grinding or clenching one's teeth while asleep
v.to chew, to ruminate
v.to show or bare ones teeth
v.to chew the cud (in cattle or other ruminants)
v.to expose the teeth
v.to gnaw
v.to shed milk teeth and get adult teeth
v.to ruminate (goats)
v. to gnaw; to bite; to bark a tree
v.to bite
adj.imperial; related to the emperor
v.to harmonize; to accord with; to agree