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[be], 找到 312 個
v.cover, be unable to see
v.manage; be in charge of; indicate; signify; hold a definite view about something
v.to serve; to wait upon; be engaged
v.die; perish; be lost; go away; forget
v.be an official, fill an office; study
idiom(coll.) three in count (cannot be followed by a measure word like 個)
v.to be equal to; to cover; to violate
v.trust to, rely on, confide in; appoint, employ; bear, be responsible for, assume office, take up a job; allow, tolerate, let
adj.be good at thinking, quick
v.be lost; be discarded, escape
v.follow; comply with; trust to; depend on; obey; be near to; listen to; yield to
v.belong to; be, is, are
v.resemble, be alike
v. to pretend, appear as if; to be touched
v.lean by; rely on; depend on; be near to
v.be weary of; be tired of; decline
v.be close to; lean close to, snuggle up to; comfort
v.be together with, be in the company of
v.work, make; act; be; do
adv.beside, be close to
v.prepare; provide; put in order; complete; be equipped with, have
v.upset; be overthrown; collapse; subvert; fall flat; pour out; incline; bend the head; lean to; assay; test; smelt
adj.be greedy for, request endlessly; lucky; flighty, superficial
v.fall down; overturn; be defeated
v.seem;appear to be
v.to be greedy for; to attack; to assault; to intercept; to accuse; to charge; to do
v.fill up; satify; act in place of; become; pretend to be, pose as; charge; serve as
v.be able to; subdue, overcome; fix upon; restrain
v.enter; come in, come to; join, be admitted into; put in
v.be in charge of; control; mortgage; give in pledge
v.cut, mince, slice, carve; feel, urge; correspond to; be sure to
v.to pare the edges and corners, to round off, to trim; to be worn or torn (away); to neglect; to dig
v.chop, cleave, split; strike; be right against (ones face)
v.be engaged in; devote one's efforts to
v.overcome; vanquish; excel; be equal to; sustain; bear; be worthy of; surpass; be superior to
v.compare, be equal to; be a match for; on a par with
v.aid, help; harmonize, be in accord
v.approach, reach, be near; assume, undertake
v.to approach, reach, be near; assume
v.be faint, fall into a coma; kowtow; be short of
v.be satisfied; loathe, abhor, detest; be fed up with, be bored with
v.shut, close; enclose; combine, unite, join, joined, pair; gather; agree; total; suit, agree; be equal to, add up to
v.be on good term with; be in accord with; harmonize; rehearse ensemble music; draw
int.placed at the end of a sentence reconfirming assertion; modal particle indicating that things should only or can only be done a certain way
v.call out; call up; be called
v.be fond of; like; have an inclination of
adj.affectedly sweet, talk and act like a spoiled child; rever in, be proud of; excellent, outstanding
v.clatter, be garrulous; chat, gossip
v.choke; block up; choke with sobs; be depressed
v.close one's mouth; close; shiver; be used up
v.be noisy, loud
v.be stranded; be hard pressed; surround, pin down
v.consist in; be present, exist; be alive; rest with; depend on
v.sit, take a seat; try a case at law; travel by; be situated; assign; recoil; kick back
v.hang down; droop; let fall; hand down; condescend; be favourable to
v.be defeated, fail, collapse
adj.luxuriant; young; be delicate and charming; tender and beautiful
adj.strong; stout, be big and thick
adj.be angry
v.love; fond of; be addicted to
n.known to be used as proper name for women only.
v.be pregnant
v.begin; be the first
v.be lenient; tolerate; act under pressure
v.to mate; to copulate; to be jealous
v.to betroth; be engaged; to marry
v.be obdient to; work hard
v.be pregnant; contain
adj.indecent; obscene; to be improperly familiar with someone
v.be pregnant
v.envy, be jealous; hate, detest
v.be skillful at, have the knack of
v.be pregnant; contain
v.exist, be; live; survive; remain; accumulate, collect; deposit; store, keep, reserve, retain; file; preserve; lay by
adj.narrow; meagre, mean, inferior; be cautious and meticulous; cowardly; fragile; feeble; lowly; cowardly
v.to display sacrificial meat on an altar (arch.); order rightly; be fit
v.settle in a strange place, live in a strange place; be a stranger
宿v.stay overnight; be in; be stationed; imply
v.sleep; be silent
v.add; append to; honour; esteem; surpass; ascend; go to; proceed; be in charge of
v.to squat (arch.); dwell, reside, live; remain; be in; occupy; put into practice; sit; claim; assert
v.belong to; be subject to; be connected with; be near to; assemble; entrust to
v.hope earnestly; wait anxiously; cling to; stick to; be close to, be next to
v.do away with; abrogate; waste; destroy; dispense with; be out of office; stop short; give up; abolish
adj.strong; to be filled; weak; full; substantial
v.hate; be jealous of; taboo, avoid, shun, eschew; scruple
v.forget; be unmindful of; neglect; overlook
v.to disgrace; to have the honor to be; to throw forward
v.be disobedient to; touch; crisscross
v.bashful; be accustomed to sth.
v.disregard, overlook, ignore; be careless or indifferent; despise; neglect
v.to be ashamed; to change the complexion
v.to stare without any focus; to be loyal without reflection
adj.terrified, be panis-stricken, be seized with terror; stunned; in a daze
v.fear; apprehend; dread; be afraid of
v.fear, be afraid of; intimidate
v.be afraid
v.to trust; be in confidence
v.like; be happy to
adj.be confused; absurd, incredible; don't work, get nowhere
v.be contrary to, go against; screen; rebel
adj.be desirous but unable to speak out
adj.sad; be thin and pallied, withered; weak, tired; distressed
v.be perplexed, be puzzled, be bewildered; puzzle, delude, confuse, mislead; indulge in; lose
v.be on the alert against; distress, sad
v.think; be; obey; hope
v.worry, be anxious
v.love; be fond of; like; be keen on; covet; cherish, treasure; hold dear; take good care of; be apt to; be in the habit of
v.be pleased, be satisfied; content
v.be afraid
v.to be pleased; to be satisfied; to satisfy
v.flee; fear, be afraid, dread
adv.be sure to
v.yearn for, be attracted toward; admire
v.be used to; be in the habit of
v.be deeply touched, sigh with deep feeling
v.to tease; to ridicule; to irritate; to be annoyed; to excite
v.be anxious; plan; consider; ponder; think over, deliberate
adj.be at ease; be relieved
v.suffocate, feel oppressed; hold back, suppress; be at loggerheads with sb.
V.guard, warn, outpost; be alert
v.answer; respond; echo; deal with; cope with; reply; correspond to; fulfil; be fulfilled; comply with; grant; suit
v.be depressed and discontended; be indignant
adj.be weak and weary through illness; weak, delicate; feeble
v.fear, be afraid of
v.fear, be awed; terrorize; afraid
v.to love; to long for; to infatuate; feel attached to, be reluctant to part; miss sb.
v.guard against; be careful, caution; abstrain from;give up;stop
v.be dressed up as, play the part of, disguise
v.bind, tie; put together, join together; be ready to risk one's life, go all out in work
v.manage; control; superintend; hold in one's hand; be in charge of
v.hide or carry in ones clothes; put in pocket of; be pregnant; impose (one's views,etc.) on others; measure; estimate
v.do; carry on; be engaged in; make; produce; work out; set up; start; organize; get, get hold of; secure
v.throw away; wear; fall down; be familiar
v.arrogate to oneself, make bold; surpass; to be good at; occupy
v.come alongside; be near; sum up
v.ruin; destroy; spoil; fail; defeat, beat; lose, be defeated; decay, wither; sabotage
v.dare; presume; venture; have the confidence to; be certain
v.oppose; be a match for, match; fight; resist
v.grant, carry out; apply; narrate in detail; propagate; be sufficient for
v.to be weary of; to dislike; to terminate
adj.obscure; be ignorant of, have hazy notions about; blind (arch.)
v.conceal, hide, delude; offense; be greedy for
v.to be
v.be to the west
adj.dark; implicit; be unlucky
v.change, alter; attend to; be experienced in; replace
v.meet; assemble; co-operate; see; be able to; be good at; understand; be skillful at; be likely to; be sure to
v.have, possess; exist, be
v.subdue (arch.); wear; serve; submit; be willing; swallow, take; be convinced; obey; be accustomed to
v.pillow; sleep; be near to
n.small tree with branches that can be used in making walking sticks; fence
adj.tortuous; be happy
v.laugh; take pleasure; be glad to; enjoy
v.man blowing or yawning (arch.); owe, lack, be deficient, insufficient
v.be glad
v.use up, exhaust; exterminate; be in a coma
v.be buried alive with; sacrifice; follow
adj.be in great difficulty; be perplex
v.compare; contrast; associate with; follow; be near; emulate; compete; match; liken
v.moisten, soak; touch with; be stained with
v.be at anchor, berth, moor
v.float; drift; be suffused with
v.be sweeping and surging, turbulent
v.ford a stream, wade; pass through, go through; experience; be connected with; involve; concern; implicate
v.drool; be greedy for; vomit; drag
v.have illicit sexual relations; allow to run wild; be greedy for; indulge in; exceed
v.be given to heavy drinking; indulge in; back on, turn back
adj.be crystal, clear; deep; full
v.be neglected, fall into oblivion, bury; submerge; clog up, fill
v.drown; indulge, give over to; be stick in; pass urine
v.to be painted strongly; to float, as the clouds
v.ret, steep, soak; contaminate;be soiled with grease,etc.
v.burst, overflow; be utterly defeated, be routed; decompose; fester
v.help, aid, relieve; cross; complete; be up to standard
v.border on, be close to
adj.be crystal clear
v.be close to, border on
v.taming elephant (arch.); be; do; make; practice; act out; cause; act as, serve as
adj.be annoyed, be vexed; be superfluous and confusing; overelaborate; numerous; be sick of
v.to be accustomed to something; to be bound or constrained by something; to take charge of; to be greedy; to incline to evil; to be familiar with
v.tame; domesticate; be improperly familiar with; be close to; to flirt with
v.be fed up with; to eat to the full
v.smear, stain; be an incompetent person
n.earthen pot with a large mouth but shallow enough to be used at table as a chafing dish
v.produce; bring forth; beget; be born; give birth to; bear; grow
v.undertake; act as; fill an office; occupy a position; be equal to; treat as; regard as; represent; bear; accept; undertake; work as; serve as; deserve
v.hate; be in mourning
v.be ill, fall ill; disparage
v.recover from illness, be healed, be cured
adj.be wounded
v.be damaged, ulcerate
v.be abused
v.to recover, to be healed, to convalesce, to improve in health
adj.be lame, limp
v.examine, scrutinize; watch; be on the alert; economize, save; omit, leave out
v.glare; be keen on, indulge in
adj.be blurred in eyesight; dull and mixed-up; dim-sighted; bewildered
v.have dim eyesight, feel dizzy; be bewildered, puzzle; dazzlingly brilliant
v.narrow; take a nap; unable to open one's eye while getting something in it; be blinded
v.know; perceive; comprehend; be aware of; realize; inform, notify, tell
adj.short; low; be low in grade
v.be cut
v.to move; to surpass; to be or become an heir; to inherit
v.mature; accumulate; be familiar with
adj.be planted or mature ahead of time
v.govern; care for; control; manage; run; be in charge of; provide; guarantee
v.give; receive, admit; accept; enter; be appointed; insert
adj.long-winded; be sick of
v.loose; allow; relax; let go; let fly; be indulgent; release; set free
adv.very, be ever so
adj.only; alone; be tantamount to
v.bind; be attached to; depend upon; remember; draw; connect; unite; let; tie; fasten; do up; button up
v.enwind; wrap; be tangled up; pester; deal with
v.be short of; lack
v.be sociable
v.practise; study; exercise; review; get accustomed to, be used to, become familiar with
v.close; gather; be obedient to, submit to; change
v.indulge in; be keen on; delay, hang fire; take on
adj.bright; uneasy, disturbed, sad, sorrowful; upright, be honest and just
v.to be clamorous, noisy; to chat garrulously
v.deaf, be hard of hearing
adj.small, tiny; be like, be similar to
adj.rich and generous; good; shameless; be ashamed
v.be bored with, be tired of
v.be subject to
v.be satisfied; be rest content with (arch.); to hide
v.descend; come to; copy, imitate; face; overlook; arrive; be present
v.give, offer, grant, allow; get along with, be on good terms with; take part in, participate in; concede to; share in; be present at; be concerned about
v.ship or boat running aground and be stuck
adv.to be circumspect, cautious in ones behaviour and speech
v.eat; feed; be greedy for; endure; bear
n.a sod grass that can be used for medical purposes
v.grow aftergrass; have eaten one's fill; be full; rush
v.dwell; abide in, stay on; be at rest in; occupy; decide; judge; punish; settle, end; manage; adjust; attend to; place
v.to move, to flinch; to be nimble
n.a kind of insect said to be good at carrying a heavy load
n.a kind of insect said to be good at carrying a heavy load
n.epistaxis, bleeding from nose, ear, or gum; to be defeated
adj.happy; stable; outspoken; upright; to be pleased
v.suffer, be the object of; wear on the back
v.be naked to the waist, divest or unbutton one's upper garment; take off the outer clothing
v.be lined with silk waddings
v.be disrespectful, treat with irreverence, slight
v.want; wish; need; require; make an agreement; seek for; ask for; meet; force; demand; will be, be going to; need, take
v.perceive; be conscious of; sense; feel
adj.contended, self-satisfied, be pleased with oneself
adj.to be hesitant in speech; to be cautious in speech
v.stammer; be hardhearted enough to talk rarely
adj.to be stutter; exhausted; suddenly-mute
v.to bend; to yield; to humiliate, to wrong; to demote, to oust, to relegate; to complete; to be over; to contract; to wrinkle; to crouch; to stammer
adj.fated to be; proper; said, respective
v.give birth to, be born
v.impede; interfere with; be mistaken; miss; harm
adj.be kindly and genial
v.speak of; say; style; be called, call, name
adj.be quiet and peaceful
v.to be angry at; to laugh derisively
v.preach; expound, explain, make clear; argue; discuss, negotiate; speak, say, tell; investigate; analyse; bargain; stress, pay attention to, be particular about
v.thank; be grateful for; decline; confess faults; die; fade; hand over; wither
v.deceive, hoodwink; deny; slander, calumniate, fling abuses; dont; be disrespectful
v.recognize; know; be acquainted with; distinguish; remember; record
v.to talk on and on, to harp on; to rave; to be delirious
v.be greedy for; desire for; corrupt
v.a whole divides into two; be double-minded; to betray; assist
v.be hired; rent
v.to include; to summarize; to have, to possess; to give; be prepared for ; be included in; be embraced in
adj.not progressing; to be checked
adj.crouching; be confined in; careful; cramped
v.to fall forward; fall prone; fall prostrate; to fall; to lay out a corpse; to be destroyed; to overturn; to fall down dead; to stumble
adj.urgent; embarrassed; distressed; worried, be in straitened circumstances
v.to wrinkle (brows); frown; force, compel; be close to, approach
v.rub; be smeared with; dillydally; dawdle
v.squat; stay; be situated
v.hesitate, falter, be undecided
v.ascend; arrive, reach; promote; strive to be among
v.to surpass; to transgress (arch.); to excel; tomake a sudden violent attack, to assault; be scattered
v.pay; bring in what is due; transport; introduce; lose; be beaten; exhaust; be wanting; submit; convey; contribute; donate
v.to dismember [a person] (arch.) be unworthy of, to let down; to fall short of other's expectation
v.insult; stifle; be indebted to
v.abscond, flee; be behind in payment; slack, delay
v.satisfy, fulfil; succeed; grow; be obedient to; comply with
v.disobey; oppose; disregard; abandon a purpose; offend against; avoid; violate; be separated
v.go to; reach; follow; pursue; marry; suit; succeed; be blessed with; happen; fall in with; (a woman being) married to
adj.difficult to walk; hard; be greedy for
v.be proficient in, master
adj.remote, be far away; long; uncertain, not sure; high and far, long-range
v.match, pair; to mate; become man and wife; be loaded with; be charged with; suffer punishment; compound; mix; distribute according to plan; deserve; to make up (a prescription)
v.be given to heavy drinking; be roaring drunk
n.wine or liquor that can be prepared overnight
adj.drunk; intoxicated; tipsy; be dead drunken
adj.drunk; liquor-saturated; be muddleheaded; be fanscinated; intoxicated
n.long needle used in acupuncture; long lance; Beryllium (Be); No.4 of the Periodic table; a chemical element
v.be confused; inlay; polish
v.to shut, to close; to lock up, shut in; to close down; to connect; implicate; to involve; be concerned with
v.adhere to; dependent on; append; enclose; attach; add to; increase; be possessed by; agree to
adj.clear; bright; superior; upper; front; positive; south of a hill (as in 衡陽) or north of a river (as in 洛陽) where more sunlight can be expected
v.to destroy; to overthrow; to jeopardize; to be lazy
v.grudge, be stingy; ridicule
adj.oblique, be inclined to one side, slant; partial, prejudiced, biased
v.be willing; be desirous, desire; hope, wish; be ready
v.manifest; show, display; be illustrious; seem, appear
adj.gluttonous; be greedy for food
adj.be full; rich, plentiful; surplus; numerous, many, much
adj.be tame and docile; good
v.be frightened, be shocked; shock; strike
v.fear; delay; ruin, be defective; lift up, fly up; soar
idiomto make a top knot; (Cant.) ; to be slovenly dressed
n.a big fish; the huge fish found in the Yellow River that is said to be unable to close its eyes; a widower; a unmarried man
n.legendary bird whose feathers can be used as poison; a bird like resembling the secretary falcon (Sagittarius serpentarius)
v.humiliate; be greedy for; act wantonly, misuse
v.classify, juxtapose, to be ranked or treated as member of a group (arch.)