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[or], 找到 365 個
conj.and; or
n.lord; master; owner; ruler; host; person or party concerned
n.crack (of a rifle or pistol); table tennis
n.female sex organ or genitals (arch. acc. to Xu Shen) [sic]
n.well; pit; shaft of a mine; The Well, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.surname; The Neck, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
n.benevolence, charity, humanity, love, kindheartedness; edible kernel of seeds or nuts of plants
v.urge somebody to drink or to eat; repay kindness, helping each other
n.dukes or princes; nobleman or high official; marquis
n.Budhist's chant or hymn
adj.stupid, foolish; silly; muddleheaded; dumb; think or act mechanically
n.value; price; valence or valency
n.partner, companion; a party of four; a class or kind; comarade, friends
v.to pare the edges and corners, to round off, to trim; to be worn or torn (away); to neglect; to dig
n.carving or engraving knife
classifierclassifier for horses or mules; classifier for bolts of cloth
n.measurement unit for grains, one tenth of a dou or dipper; litre, pint
n.danger; peril; The Rooftop, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
n.a minister or a high official; your; an emperors form of address for a minister; a term of endearment formerly used between husband and wife or among close friends
adj.thick; deep; profound; substantial; generous; sincere; virtuous; genuine; secure; rich or strong in flavour
n.wetstone; house; a grave or tombstone
n.The Three Stars, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky; corresponding to the three stars in the centre of the constellation Orion (arch.)
v.picking beans or peas (arch.)
n.ancient times; books or orthodoxies of ancient sages; the ancients; a surname
v.hold or contain in mouth
v.utter a sound or a word
onomatopoeiachirping of birds or rats
trans.first syllable of foreign words such as coffee or curry
onomatopoeiasound of creaking or squeaking; sound of babbling of young children learning to talk; chirp, laughing, moving
int.an expletive; an expression of surprise, of admiration, or of grief
onomatopoeiasound of ripping, giggling, or laughters
v.block up or choke
int.placed at the end of a sentence reconfirming assertion; modal particle indicating that things should only or can only be done a certain way
n.a song or a singing part of a Chinese opera
int.expression of amazement or doubt
trans.second syllable for foreign words such as coffee or morphine
n.noice made in coughing or vomiting
adj.the sound of chirping; strong wind or rain
v.pushing forward or upward
int.oh, an interjection expressing regret or sorrow
onomatopoeiasound for sobbing or crying
onomatopoeiabuzz (e.g. of bees or of airplanes)
v.cough; suck or draw with mouth; gargle
v.keep in the mouth or eyes, contain; hold in the mouth
int.sound addressing a horse or cart-animal to command it to move forward
int.oh; interjection for pain or sadness
n.words or act meant to amuse or to excite laughter
n.top of the head or of the skull, fontanel; gap between the bones of an infant's skull
v.plaster the wall; to pave the wall or the floor
v.put sth. under sth. else to raise it or make it level; fill up; pay for sb.
n.partition-wall; wall of a house; screen-wall; cliff; The Wall, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
v.block up, stop up, clog up; cover; pile up, heap soil or fertilizer over and around the roots
v.press; squeeze; insert between; pick up with incers or with chopsticks; carry secretly; mix; mingle
n.hip, the stride of man; name of constellation; The Legs, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
n.woman; daughter; girl; The Girl, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
n.abnormal thing or phenomena
n.a word used in woman's name; a concubine of Chou (紂) or Hsin (帝辛) who was the last ruler of the Shang dynasty
n.Aries; sow that seek for life mate; surname; The Bond, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
n.girl (in a intimate or mocking tone); affront
v.to rear or raise children under a roof (arch.)
v.to assess or survey (arch.); to pass; loaf about; to indulge; to procrastinate; droop; to delay; to defer
n.house; mansion; home; apartment; room; wife; The encampment, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
classifierclassifier for families or businesses
n.house; family; home; relatives; household; residence; specialist in a certain field; noun suffix for a school of thought (eg. Confucian or Taoist) or for a specialist of some kind (eg. physicist or musician)
n.tail; rear, behind; the end; extremity; stern; promontory; remaining part; remnant; The Tail, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
classifiernumerary adjunct for term, class, or regular meetings
v.discharge excrement or urine; to defecate or urinate; to ease nature
n.shoes; straw sandals or slippers that have no heel-back
n.a path on a hill; Wuling mountain ridge; a high mountain; the ridge or the highest peak of a mountaiin; a mountain track
n.a piece of string or thread (arch.); the sixth of ten celestial stems; self, oneself
n.a scroll of cloth or silk which contains congratulations or condolences
n.curtain or sunscreen for carriages; pennant, streamer; storey
n.couch, bed; board or framework on which things rest
n.of or by the concubine; the common people; a surname
v.stretch, string, extend, expand; draw a bow; set forth; snare; open out; make a display, publish, proclaim; The Extended Net, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
adj.imperial or royal; related to the emperor, the empress, the king, or the queen
n.heart; mind; affection; intention; centre; middle; The Heart, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
v.disregard, overlook, ignore; be careless or indifferent; despise; neglect
adj.sad; sorrowful or disappointed
v.idle; treat without proper respect or courtesy
adj.neglect, do not care or worry; indifferent
n.obsequies, a funeral rite or ceremony
adv.calm; indifferent to fame or gain
prefixamyl- or pentyl- base (organic chemistry)
conj.or; whether; either
n.house; building; room; wife, concubine; branch of a family; The Room, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
v.expand; open up; support or push
v.break; turn, bend; disobey, violate; hard to pronounce; force sth. up or open; turn back
v.to force; to compel; to press or squeeze hard
v.carry on the arm; wear sth.over ones shoulder or at ones side
v.select; touch; take along sth. to or for; glance(at); back a cart, drive backwards; fade
v.carry or hold in both hands; cup one's hands; praise, support
v.wind thread or rope; seek, get to the bottom of the matter; deck out, make up
v.hide or carry in ones clothes; put in pocket of; be pregnant; impose (one's views,etc.) on others; measure; estimate
v.to knead; to rub; to hide or carry in one's clothes; to thump
v.to oar; to berth; to hide; to cover; to touch; to flog with stick or bamboo split
v.press with the hand or finger
v.support from under, buttress; sustain; move or push with a pole; maintain, keep up; open. unfurl
n.malformed or crooked extremities
n.an imperial order or decree
v.to hack with a knife or an axe (or in expression of anger); to attack; to strike; to cut with a sword; to chop
v.to swim; to move or rove freely; to parade
n.the ancient flag or banner made of a yak's tail; the yak's tail; a yak; a yak-like hill; the name of a kind of star; an outstanding person; the hair; the feather; the wool; the down
n.guest; stranger; traveller; brigade (a 500-man troop or an enlarged regiment); order; sequence; journey
n.banner; a long, square flag, with design of tortoise or snake
n.star; point of light; planet; spark; heavenly body; The Star, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
pron.I, my; the royalI” (used exclusively by the emperor or king to meanI”), the sovereign
n.cane, stick; rod or staff used for specific purpose
classifiercup, glass; numerary adjunct for drinks such as water, tea, or wine
n.the side of a ship or boat; an oar; a rowing-sweep; a stand for bending a bow
n.willow; The Willow, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.railing, bars; bamboo or wooden ponton
n.a bar; a reel thread or wire on a revolving frame; a coir-palm
n.a general term for paulownia or tung tree; stringed instrument
classifierclassifier for houses or buildings
n.funeral car (arch.); shed; bamboo or wood cart; warehouse, storehouse; tavern
n.large-leaved dogwood; the type of bird which is good at imitating other birds' twitter or chirp
n.pavilion or house on a terrace; hall
n.fence; bird or beast cage; Fan city (arch.); surname
n.pillar; door or window frame
n.the paddle or oar; a boat
n.a wooden pestle or rammer
v.man blowing or yawning (arch.); owe, lack, be deficient, insufficient
v.die, perish; fall from the sky or outer space
v.to bury; to die of hunger; to present oneself before something or someone
n.a fine woollen blanket or cloth; a mat used by the emperor in worshipping
n.base; root; Di nationality in ancient China; one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
v.wash; wash in a pan or basket
onomatopoeiasound or barking of a dog
n.ancient sacrifice by drowning lifestock or sinking precious jade (arch.); a surname
n.mud; mire; mashed vegetable or fruit
adj.crystal-clear (of water or wine); pure
v.wash one's foot (arch.); wash; bathe; rinse; purify; polish or grind gems
v.wash in a pan or basket; spend; search for
v.ret, soak or steep and cause to change; to macerate; paint honey
n.a moat or a trench; the Hao River; Haozhou prefecture
v.fry in fat or oil; scald; explode; burst; blow up; blast; bomb
n.fire signal, emergency signal or alert
n.enthalpy, thermodynamic potential, or heat content
v.to extinguish or put out a fire, light, etc; to wither away, to die out, to come to an end
n.cinder; ashes; remnants; subjects left over from an overturned dynasty or defeated state
n.feudal title or rank; vessel for drinking (arch.)
classifierclassifier for strips of land or bamboo, shops, factories etc
n.bed (arch.); slit bamboo or chopped wood
prep.within a definite time or space
n.wooden tablets or slips for writing in ancient times; archives, documents; correspondance; books
n.slanting pillar; cross bar, horizontal timber across the legs of a chair or table
n.ox; cow; bull; The Ox, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
v.mooing or bellow (of cow); seek, obtain
v.to tend as a shepherd, to rear cattle or livestock in general; to herd
v.reward with gifts or money, food, drink etc.
v.to be accustomed to something; to be bound or constrained by something; to take charge of; to be greedy; to incline to evil; to be familiar with
n.the lion; a wild beast or a wild horse which can do 500 li (250 kilometers) a day
n.a dog with a long snout or muzzle; a derogatory name of the northen nomads (later known as Hsiungnu or Huns) given by the Chinese in the Zhou Dynasty
onomatopoeiathe sound of jingling or tinkling a jade
n.pearl or jade earring; ear-ornaments with jade or pearl; the tangent arch of the sun or the moon; solar prominence; the ears of the sword
n.a jade tablet or baton, which varied in shape according to different ranks, conferred upon the feudal princes by the emperor as a symbol of dignity and authority
n.(arch). the vein lines (or 'grain') of processes jade; reason; principle; fitness of things; right; texture; grain of wood; logic; truth
n.a jade-like stone or a coarse jade or jasper
n.The Chinese lute or guitar; a general name for certain musical instrument
n.a big-hole or a large ring of jade
n.gem cut like dragon, or jade cut with dragon motif
n.Makino bottle gourd or calabash
n.nephew or niece
n.hand-net (arch.); name of a constellation that resembles a hand-net; The Net, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
n.the land measure of 12 or 30 mu; a garden
n.a rash or eruption; disease; pustules of any kind; Measles; various kinds of fever
n.heumatism or numbness caused by draught,cold,damp,etc.
n.spasms or convulsions in young children caused by indigestion
adj.round; protruding or projecting eyes; smiling; bright; beautiful; brilliant
v.look at each other adversely or angrily (arch.); staring
v.to stare at somebody with anger or scorn; to peeve; to snab angrily
v.look up or forward; look at with reverence
v.to pierce or bore through with an awl
n.carpenter's square; ruler for drawing squares or rectangles; rules, regulations, pattern
n.an arrow for shooting birds; a short arrow; a bolt for a crossbow; an arrow or a dart with a silk thread fastened to it
v.cut or polish jade with an emery wheel
v.press or rub against
int.reverberating sound of falling rock or thunder
v.to pound with a pestle or mortar
n.stubby hairs or beard; fragment, small broken pieces of ice, glasses, etc.; chipped edge of a container
n.thin stone; water flowing over stones; noise of a rapid, or of carts; phosphorous; phosphorus (P); No.15 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.either lapis chloriti or lapis micae aureum
v.worship; offer sacrifice to the gods or spirts of the dead
n.the ancestral temple or hall
v.to move; to surpass; to be or become an heir; to inherit
n.sacrificial rite or ceremony of pouring wine to irrigate the field as libation for the deities
v.gather; arrange in order; offer sacrifices to gods or ancestors
adj.be planted or mature ahead of time
n.millet or broomcorn millet; cereals, food crops; The God of Cereals; Ji town (arch.)
adj.thickly clustered as blossoms or plants; stout
n.hollow or empty space (arch.); free time, leisure; deficit; translation of the Sanskrit notion of śūnya
v.harbor; curl up; wrap or cover disorderly
n.a tablet-shaped hold; a wooden pail; a small door or window; a hole in the wall
v.flog, beat with bamboo cane or wooden stick
n.bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase; armor
classifier(Cantonese) classifier for place or spot
n.a coarse mat of rushes or bamboo; rope made of bamboo used for pulling boats
n.pen; pencil; writing brush; stroke of the brush or pen
v.to divine by stalks of plants; divining rod; diviation as prescribed in Iching or the Book of Changes
n.sieve; dust pan; garbage bag; The Winnowing Basket, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
n.a skimmer or scoop used by cooks
n.bamboo split or strip; the rind of reed or sorghum
n.a round- mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handles
n.a large broad-rimmed bamboo or straw hat with a handle; a kind of vessel
n.fence; a bamboo or wicker or wire strainer
v.to dispose of dung or manure (arch.)
adj.in a wretched state; in a mess; bad luck; pickled with grains or in wine
v.to spoil or to abuse
n.carriage harness or rope; one of the five areas in ancient times; Sui river
n.ribbon attached to an official seal or medal; cord
n.rope for tieing chest or clip; rope for fasting coffin; letter
n.weft or woof of a fabric, latitude
n.rope on the handle or hilt of a knife or sword; Gou mountain; surname
v.to tie up with rope or chain; to fetter a prisoner; to take into custody; to restrain; to connect
idiomafter all; sooner or later
n.cocoon; callosity, callus; callous skin on hands or feet
v.to unravel, unreel, or draw silk; deduce, sort out; state; continue
n.cap or hat ribbon; coloured ribbon; leather ribbon
n.big square banner or feather banner used in ancient Chinese army or in ceremony; a streamer
n.the net for birds or fish
trans.Kophen (ancient Central Asian country or place, near Punjab or Kashmir nowadays)
n.a ram or he-goat
v.(arch.) to offer tribute or gifts
adj.bright, clear; daybreak; next (day or year)
n.plume; tail or flight feathers of birds
n.wings; shelter; The Wings, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.Jesus or protestantism
n.stomach; The Stomach, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
n.the ulcer of the lip; the gizzard; pustules of any kind; a rush or eruption; measles; various kinds of fever
n.callus, callosity on the hands or feet; abdominal distention
n.malignant boil or furuncle
conj.and; or
var.prototype for 「槃」or「盤」
n.the side of a ship or airscraft; board; gunwale
n.boat; boat or ship used for transporting grains
n.bulrush; bract; root or stem
n.the pad in a shoe; the seed or the female plant of the nettle hemp; a gunny; a sackcloth; a rush
n.a hut; small Buddhist temple, nunnery or monastery
n.withered or dried leaves; tobacco
n.a kind of reed; a rush or sedge
n.gathering of people or collection of things
n.A kind of fruit called Averrhoa Carambola, possibly yangtao or star fruit in Canton; used in personal names
n.a acrid and strong-smelling vegetable; meat or fish diet
v.hunt in spring or autumn; review troops; gather
n.straw or palm-back rain coat
n.bamboo or wicker fence; bean
n.Hippuris or mare's tail
adj.dense (of grass or trees)
n.a shallow lake overgrown with wild plants; place where fish or beast gather, den, haunt
n.leaves of young beans or pulse; wrinkled giant hyssop
n.a species of thyme or basil, perilla (Perilla frutescens); transliteration of Soviet; Abreviation of the Chinese province of Jiangsu
n.big mound (arch.); void; emptiness; empyrean; The Emptiness, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
n.marine crab; pest or insect destructive of the roots of seedlings
n.rice or wheat weevil
n.mythical flood dragon; hornless dragon; young or male dragon
n.moth; beautiful eyebrows; some fungus similar to or likened to a moth; ant
n.The Kingdom of Shu (one of the Three Kingdoms); caterpillar or larva of a butterfly or moth (arch.); Short for Sichuan province
n.caterpillar or larva of a butterfly or moth (arch.)
n.epistaxis, bleeding from nose, ear, or gum; to be defeated
n.collar or lapel of garment
n.white underwear in summer; Uighur or Tajik robe buttoning down the front; a loop for fastening a button
v.mount a picture; paper a ceiling or wall
v.be naked to the waist, divest or unbutton one's upper garment; take off the outer clothing
n.full front and back of a Chinese jacket or gown; tail of a robe
n.a hood or cowl
n.folds or pleats in a garment; folds of the stomach, intestines, etc.
v.to tie or stitch together
v.meet or see unexpectedly; complete
n.horn; angle; corner; point; a tenth of a dollar; The Horn, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
n.horn-like hair on the owl-head (arch.); beak; The Turtle Beak, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
v.loose; untie; release, relieve; get rid of; explain, interpret; solve; expound; seperate, divide; undo; allay; dispel; dismiss; to transport goods or prisoners under guard
觿n.a horn or ivory bodkin worn at the girdle for untying knots
v.explain archaic or dialectal words in current language
n.posthumous name or title (of emperor, distinguished minister)
int.expressing sadness, fear or praise
v.to teach wholeheartedly; to edit, to compile; to write; to have; to exhort with precepts; to discourse in the praise of something or someone; to compose
v.to praise or flatter evildoers; to exaggerate
n.suckling pig; pig; a surname; sand bags for building walls or dykes
n.a legendary beast; an insect (creature) without feet or legs
v.borrow or lend; buy or sell on credit; hire out, rent; mortgage; pardon
v.give credit, buy or sell on credit; borrow
n.legendary first (or sixth) son of the dragon; turtle-like animal
n.half a step or short step; a stride equal to half a pace
n.a jade or a lame donkey; a surname; obstruction
v.to walk in small pace; to feel or show constraint
v.buy or sell wholesale; to store; to stack up; to stock
n.a high-fronted, curtained carriage (arch.); front of a palace under the eaves; house; balcony; lavatory; window or door; star's name; Xuanyuan
n.cross board at rear of carriage (arch.); carriage; rash; peg for tuning stringed-instrument; The Chariot, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.axle; carriage; personal name of Mengzi or Mencius
n.shaft or beam of cart
adj.light or lightweight; frivolous; worthless; unimportant; reckless
n.the rim or the felloe of a wheel; a tire
v.to deceive, to delude; to confuse, to charm, to fascinate or to infatuate; to become charmed, fascinated or infatuated
n.Short for Liaoning province; Liao or Khitan dynasty (907-1125); Liao River of northeast China
n.Mei county or Mei town, both in Shensi
n.Yan city or Yan state in Henan
n.wine or liquor that can be prepared overnight
v. to deal in liquors or spirits
n.mould or scum on liquids
n.religious service; Daoist or Buddhist ceremony
v.sacrifice with wine in ceremonies marking a man's coming of age or in weddings; marry (usually used in re-marrying)
n.bitter taste in wine; long after taste of wine or liquor
n.scythe or sickle with long handle; samarium (Sm); No.62 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.gold or silver shaped like a cake; a plate
n.golden flower; flower-like ornaments or foils; coins; money; gold or silver filagree; hairpin; inlaid work
v.to mount with gold, silver or shells from shell-fish; to cushion
n.inscription; inscribed or written maxim
n.sharp point; tip of a lance or bayonet; vanguard
n.a pot or pan with feet; spear; a kind of chisel
n.fodder chopper; sickle for cutting grass or hay
adj.fast-flying or swift (of arrows)
n.wok, cauldron, large bronze or iron pot
n.anvil; axe or mat used for cutting sb. in two at the waist (a punishment in ancient China); name of a star
n.prospering or good profit
n.the gate or barrier across a lane; the door
n.powerful individual, family or group; left-hand entrance in a triple gate; classification according to rank
n.threshold; gate; a commanding general or minister, door leading to the women's apartments; women's quarters; women; wife; a surname
n.the side door of the palace; the residence of the imperial concubines; the bedroom of one's parents; women's quarters; the examination hall or room for imperial examinations in ancient times
n.the door or window in an upper storey
n.a defile, a gorge, a mountain pass, a slope; the edge or niche near the kitchen stove; Xing town
n.negative or female principle in nature; genitals (both male and female); north of a hill (e.g. 華陰); south of a river (e.g. 淮陰)
adj.clear; bright; superior; upper; front; positive; south of a hill (as in 衡陽) or north of a river (as in 洛陽) where more sunlight can be expected
n.sun; heat; the male or positive element in nature; principle of light and life
n.corner of a mountain or river; corner; outlying place; nook
v.fall from the sky or outer space; lose; die; destroy
n.the male of birds; person or state having great power and influence
v.whiten; to wipe off a shame or grievance by avenging
n.colorful clouds, morning or evening glow; twilight
n.dew; beverage distilled from flowers, fruits or leaves; syrup
n.tyrant, usurper; waxing or waning moon
v.rain stops; clear up after rain or snow; calm down
n.the jaw; the cheeks, a mole or spot on the face
n.the leg of a boot; the tube-shaped part of stockings or shoes]
n.a saddle blanket or cloth; a saddle
adj.toseed by the wind or the wave
n.remains of a sacrifice or a meal
n.dry provisions or goods; rations (to take on expedition)
v.to feast; to provide dinner for; to entertain; to sacrifice; to offer food and drink; to enjoy; to receive entertainment; to grant; to offer in sacrifice or at a feast; to enjoy a sacrifice as the gods
v.go quickly or swiftly; hurry, gallop
n.tan or piebald horse
n.outside horses of a team of 3 or 4
v.embody; show consideration; personally do or experience
n.wispy bun, hair worn in a bun or coil
n.Ge state; diaphragm; Ge county; Ge River; yoke; tripod; vessel used for cooking or steaming
n.ghost; spirit; The Ghost, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.a mountain demon or elf
n.2 kinds of fishes (Coryphaena hippurus or Parabramis pekinensis)
n.silver or white pomfret
n.minced meat or fish
n.the osprey or fish-eagle; the talented person
n.duck (wild or tame)
n.small bird like the tit or wren
n.natural salt (arch.); halogen; thick gravy used as a sauce for noodles,etc.; bittern or concentrated brine
n.trees in the foot of a hill; foot of a hill or mountain
v.degrade or dismiss; abolish, abandon, annul; demote
n.embroidered official or sacrificial robe
n.large, three-legged bronze vessel for domestic use or ceremonial purpose
n.an ancient small cooking vessel with two loop handles and three or four legs; a tripod with a small opening on the top
n.smashed ginger, garlic or chives; finely chopped vegetables or meat
v.break or smash into pieces, pulverize; hash
v.classify, juxtapose, to be ranked or treated as member of a group (arch.)
v.to show or bare ones teeth
n.turtle or tortoise; cuckold