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of, 找到 620 個
𠂤n.heap of soil; ~buttocks
𠓛n.triangular shape; lid; the cover of utensil (arch.)
𠕞var.variant of
𠦒n.pan with stalk used for disposal of dung or manure; a surname
𠦝n.a script component depicting the scenario of a rising sun
𡆠var.variant ofreportedly introduced by Empress Wu of the Tang Dynasty
𡒄var.variant of
𢇛var.prototype of
𤎩var.variant of
𦣞n.comb; emblem of clan (arch.)
𦣞var.variant of
𦩻var.prototypical variant of
𨙻var.variant of
𨚵n.Name of a state during the Spring and Autumn era
var.prototypic variant of
v.to obey; to comply with; to follow the wishes of another
var.archaic origin of
var.Variant of
particlean ancient form of the possessive particle 之 (arch.)
var.archaic variant of 之, and in bronze script variant of
idiomin order to; by means of
var.archaic variant form of
v.original form of 斥; to accuse; to blame, to expel; to drive off; to reject
var.old form of
n.a tree; a kind of birch found in Manchuria
n.simplified form of 筴; pincers; a kind of grass used for divination in ancient times, (same as 策)
n.bough, branch of tree used as a walking stick (arch.); obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release
var.archaic prototype of
var.variant of
n.meaning uncertain; piece(s) of jade
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.small child; keeper of horses
var.variant of
adj.of exquisite beauty and elegance
idiomindecent intention of a woman
var.variant of
n.name of musical piece of Northern nomads
n.plant of the jute family
var.variant of
var.variant of 剋, 克
var.variant of
onomatopoeianoise of waters
n.a kind of headgear; scarf; kerchief
n.seal; a person assuming a kneeling posture (arch.); one of the characters used in kwukyel, an ancient Korean writing system
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.the original form of
var.variant of
var.prototype of
n.chirping of birds
onomatopoeiaroar or howl of an animal; bellow of rage; sound of a Buddhist incantation
var.variant of
n.voice of anger
var.variant of
n.name of place in Taiwan
classifier(Cantonese) a few; some quantity of; a little
var.variant of
n.proverb; a saying of old
var.variant ofand of
onomatopoeiasound of swallowing or gurgling
n.movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of water
var.variant of
n.(wish of) double happiness
var. variant of
v.to plaster over with layer of mud; to whitewash
var.variant of
n.clod of earth, lump of soil
var.prototypic variant of
var.variant of
n.ocarina; wind instrument consisting of an egg-shaped chamber with holes
n.interment of the coffin
var.variant of
n.a display of musical instruments (particularly drums); primitive graph for drum
adj.related to a senior female member of the family
n.a legendary figure of the Xia Dynasty revered as the patron of fishermen
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.vast expanse of water; abyss
var. variant of 娩 (according to 康熙字典)
n.woman of poise axnd grace
n. number 44 of 64 hexagrams
var.variant of
adj.beautiful; good-looking (of women)
adj.fine and elegant looking (of women)
adj.variant of
adj.a man being jealous of his wife (arch.); envious
n.the appearance of an old woman; hag
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.proper name of ancient state
n.larvae of mosquito; maggot
var.(arch.) archetypic variant ofand 佇; nowadays used exclusively as the simplified form of 寧.
var.prototype of
conj.used as a term of comparison:-rather; it is better
var.old variant of
n.cicada; small branch of tree
v.to swell; swelling (of the legs)
var.variant of
var.prototype of
n.mountain without vegetation (some give the opposite meaning);residence of one's mother
n.name of mountain in Shanxi province
n.name of a legendary hill in Shanxi
n.one of China's five mountain peaks
n. a nationality in South-Western China; one revolution or one round of circular motion; cuckoo the bird
adj.steep; precipitous (of mountain); lofty
n.warp of a fabric (arch.); vertical threads on weaving machine; streams running underground; flowing water
n.fringe; ornament of banner
var.variant of 縿
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
onomatopoeiasound of fire on wind
var.variant of
n.the wooden structure holding the metallic part of the plough
n.rotten smell of old houses
n.legendary animal with one horn capable of distinguishing between right and wrong; mythical unicorn-like creature
var.archaic variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.middle part of a bow
n.nock at end of bow; stretch
onomatopoeiasound of curtain blown in wind
n.divinatory commentary in The Book of Changes; a hog; a hedgehog; a porcupine
var.variant of
var.variant of
adj.(of hearing) acute; astute; clever
n.faculty of hearing
var.variant of
n.mast (of ship)
adj.of fine literary style; swift, rapid
var.variant of
n.gap between two fingers; remainder of a divided sum
n.name of a state in Western region of ancient China
n.binding of both hands with shackles or handcuffs
n.arrow-quiver; a move in Taichi (太極), being the first part of a sequence of four moves constituting the trick Lanquewei 攬雀尾
n.a kind of hairpin usable as a scratcher
v.get ride of
var. variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of 愔; erroneous variant of 搖 [yáo]
var.variant of
v.to put on (clothes); literally to put one's arms through sleeves of clothes
var.variant of
var.variant of
v.to be weary of; to dislike; to terminate
var.variant of
n.dipper; Chinese peck for measuring grain or liquid; measuring unit containing 10 sheng, or roughly 1.63 gallons; name of constellation (Ursa Major); The Dipper, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
n.banner made of feathers in five colors used to decorate a leading vehicle
var.possibly a variant of
var.prototype of 暘, 陽
n.vast expanse of the sky
var.variant of
n.Pleiades nebula, The Hairy Head, one of the 28 mansions or constellations
n.name of star
n.moon appearing in the west sky towards the end of the lunar month
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.a kind of tree
n.a kind of tree, probably linden
n.leaf (arch.); a table, flat pieces of wood, a slip
n. The vertical pole of the rack used for silkworm culture
n.handle of a sickle
n.calyx of flower; railing raft; handle
n.cage, pen for wild animals; scabbard (of a sword)
n.cedar; variety of evergreen tree; Machilus nanmu
var.variant of
n.a wooden bat (serving as a game for children); a kind of farm tool; tip of a twig
n.handle of dagger-axe (a kind of weapon)
var.variant of 杯(sig.)
n.a kind of hammer
n.quince (a kind of tree); a flail used for threshing crops
v.to squeeze out of; to extract
n.a kind of tree (Chinese ash), with medical value
n.a kind of date (tree)
n.a kind of tree mentioned in antiquity
n.species of yew
var.phonic variant of 榧, 篚, and
n.thorny shrub with yellow flowers; a kind of oak
n.(long) oar; boat; a kind of tree
var.variant of
n.species of tree resistant to cold weather
n.a kind of tree known in antiquity
n.wooden block; a kind of tree
n.a kind of tree
n.hairpin; a kind of wood
n.tree trunk; pillar; important officials of the state
n.a wooden wheel without spokes; ridgepole of a house
n.a kind of hawthorn; rose hip
n.a kind of tree recorded in antiquity, with very hard wood, ilex
n.a species of tree; cork tree
n.A kind of oak
n.small evergreen shrub; the tea plant (Camellia sinensis); Catalpa, a genus of mostly deciduous trees
n.a kind of tree suitable for use to make axles for large carts
n.obsolete name of a fruit
n.a kind of pagoda tree with large and black leaves
n.sandalwood (Santalum album), a Nepalese tree producing fragrant oil; comet; tail of a comet
n.a wooden bucket; a kind of incense
var.variant ofand
int.interjection of pleas
n.A phonetic trasncription of the Sanskrit name of river Ganges
n.artifacts or decorative items made of feather or fur
n.fine hair or fur of animal; down feathers of bird
n.xenon (Xe), no. 54 of the periodic table, a chemical element
var.variant of
n.spirit of harmony; prosperity
n.name of a river and a villiage in Shandong province
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.name of river;
n.cracks or marks of perforations on rocks caused by natural or artificial forces
onomatopoeiasound of water splashing
var.variant of
浿n.ancient name of a river now in North Korea; ancient name of a county
n.name of river in ancient China
var.variant of
onomatopoeiaroar of dashing waves
var.variant of
v.(of cloud) forming; to flood
n.gushing of water; turbulence
onomatopoeiaroar of waves or turbulent waters
adj.flowing of water
n.name of river in ancient Shandong
n.a state of buoyancy
n.saliva (of legendary dragon); spittle; seepage
onomatopoeianoise of dashing waves
var.variant of
onomatopoeiasound of torrent
n.name of a river in Yong prefecture in ancient China
n.name of a river in today's Henan
v.grating (of surfaces)
n.name of a river in antiquity
n.a well that intermittently runs out of water supply; water from a well or spring
onomatopoeiasound of water
n.overflowing of a great amount of water
var.prototypical variant of
var.variant of
n.a group of springs
var.an old variant of
adj.crashingly high (of waves)
var.variant of 災, an archaic way of writing the script
var.Variant of
var.variant of
n.village of the Hsiung Nu
adj.glowing (of fire)
n.Torch;candle; power in terms of watts
adj.gleaming of fire
var.prototype variant of
var.variant of
n.one half of a divided pair
runto run; to rush about (of a herd of bulls); to flee
var.variant of
var.variant of
adv.showing an angry look (of dogs)
v.(of animal) flee in a frightened manner
n.scream or roar of a tiger
var.variant of
n.a kind of otter; mythical beast similar to an ape with dog's head
n.a dog breed in Southern part of the Zhao state
n.a kind of wild animal
n.collapse, die of dog bite (arch.)
n.a breed of hunting dog in antiquity
n.a species of wolf; name of an aboriginal tribe in South China, mostly hunters
n.dog of good breed (arch.); hound
n.a kind of ape; a minority in ancient China (in today's Sizhuan)
var.variant of
n.semiprecious stone; a kind of jade
var.variant of
var.variant of
n. mother-of-pearl
n.jade-like stone; jade from North-Western part of China
onomatopoeiatingling of jade pendants
n.luster of gem; smiling composure
n.fine gold; a kind of jade; an alternative name for gold
n.a kind of jade
var.variant of
n.large plate or pan; bricks for fixing the inside wall of a well; brickwork of a well; surname
n.wall or brickwork of a well
n.wine jar made of earthenware
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.big eyes; name of an ancient state
n. pupil (of the eye)
n.beauty of the eyes and the eyebrows
var.variant of
var.archaic variant of
var.variant of
n.a kind of precious stone
var.variant of
onomatopoeianoise of hammering stones
n.a heap of stones; boulders; grievance
pron.He, Him (honourific form of third person pronoun usually used for a deity such as Christian God.)
n.prints of animal paws or hoofs
n.darnel; ryegrass; young buds of the willow
n.dense growth of crops
onomatopoeiahowling of wind
n.a kind of bamboo; basket made of bamboo
n.bamboos placed across wooden frames for drying grain; a wooden frame; a kind of music instrument
n. a species of bamboo
n.whip made of bamboo; tablet made of bamboo used for learning or writing
n.basket of brides made of bamboo
var.variant of
n.a kind of bamboo used as a walking stick
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.Variant of
n.a kind of bamboo
n.a kind of bamboo; luxuriant growth of bamboo
n.A flute made of bamboo with 7 holes
n.rural raincoat made of straw or palm leaves
var.variant of
n.bamboo; a musical instrument made of bamboo, like
n.projecting overhang at the lower edge of a roof; eaves of house; brim
var.variant of
n.a style of seal script used throughout the pre-Han period
n.rain cape made of grass or bamboo
n.a kind of bamboo used for making flutes or pipes
n.a weir of bamboo to catch fish or crabs
n.coarse husk of wheat
n.a round and thick cake made of rice
n.hectometer (metric unit of length=100 meter=hm)
n.dumpling made of glutinous rice
n.biscuit being made of rice-flour
n.dumpling made of glutinous rice
var.variant of
var. variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.thread; red silk crest of helmet
var.variant of
n.seam of leather
n.ornament made of leather placed beneath the tail of bulls or horses
var.variant of
n.mourning garments of coarse hemp
n.part of a garment in antiquity; knee cover
var.variant of
縿n.streamer; ornament of banner; fringe
var.variant of
n.a kind of fishing-net or animal trap
n.a belt or ribbon made of silk
n.the trimmed lower hem of the ancient Chinese gown.
n.knot on a thread of silk; flaw
缿n. a jar-like container made of clay and with a small opening, used for keeping money
n.continuous flow of river
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.a species of goat
n.a kind of goat with small horns
var.variant of
n.Rank odour of raw mutton; goaty smell
var.variant of
n.lobule of the ear (or its hanging piece of soft tissue); mostly used as proper name in antiquity
v.to cut the left ears of the captives or the slain
var.variant of
n.repetition of sacrificial rituals on two successive days
n.descendants or offspring of kings and nobles
n.hipbone; pelvis; light of new moon
var. variant of
n.internal cavity of stomach; gastral cavity
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.early symptoms of pregnancy
n.natural fibre veins of skin; line of thought in writing
n.smoldering of one's emotion due to anger or wrath
n.(Cant.) the smell of oily food that has gone bad
var.variant of
var.old variant of
var.variant of
n.lump of meat; sliced meat
var.variant of
v.flee out of fear (arch.)
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.magpie; shoes with a thick double-layered sole; the sole of a shoe; clog; footgear worn by the emperor or high officials
n.linch-pin of wheel axle
var.variant of
n.bow of a ship
var.variant of 屆, used in the State of Song (宋)
n.bow of a Chinese boat or junk
n.a large ship made of wood
onomatopoeiableat of sheep
var.variant of
n.a kind of straw found on seaside used for making matt
n.hollow pulse, one type of pulse identified in Chinese medicine; scallion stalk; onion, leek
var.a semantic variant of
n.licorice(arch.); glycoside; name for a series of organic compounds
var.variant of
n.luxuriance of growth
n.a kind of wooden chips (vitex) used for divination; chaste tree wood
var.variant of 黎; variant of
n.henbane; a kind of poisonous herb that might lead to hallucination, licorice being an antidote
n.a kind of herb
n.name of medical herb; skullcap
n.a kind of grass used as animal feed
n.a kind of herb, Aralia cordata
n.orris root; leaf of the iris; medicine
var.variant of
n.kind of chrysanthemum, xanthium; Siberian cocklebur
n.name of county in Yunnan province
n.a kind of grass mentioned in ancient texts, used as inlay of shoes
n.peduncle or stem of plants
var.variant of
n.a kind of berry
n.name of plant, liquorice
n.a variety of red-stalked fine millet
n.tiger; head of tiger
n.poles of a rack on which musical instruments were hung, support structure for bell; bell pendant stand
var.variant of
n.a kind of cicada
n.maggot of certain insects
n.a kind of shell
n.a kind of worm
n.a kind of very small crab known in antiquity
n.millipede; a kind of anthropod
v.to move slowly (in the manner of a worm); to tip-toe
var.variant of
n.legs and maxilipeds of shrimps and crabs
var.variant of
n.a kind of cicada
var.variant of
n.water-beetle; a form of money in antiquity
n.larva of insect
n.a kind of locust
n.scales on the belly of a snake aiding locomotion; snail
var.variant of
v.(of snakes) to crawl
n.A tick, acari, acarina, ioxdes, cause of Lyme disease
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.phonetic variant of
n.nymphs or eggs of louse; nits; leech
n.eggs of mantis; cicada; a small bug
n.a kind of marine crab
n.a kind of frog or toad
n.the legging of a pair of socks
n.buskins; knee-pads; costumes of aboriginals in the South
n.book cover; one decade=10 years of one's lifetime; sheathe of sword
var.variant ofor
n.foldings on both sides of a funeral dress; funeral gown
n,name of place in the ancient Song state
n.a border or band on the edge of a dress
var.archaic variant of
n.a piece of string attached to clothes, used for hanging a jade pendant
n.robe made of flax or coarse hemp
var.variant of
n.the sheath of a sword
n.robe made of silk
n.sleeve of dress
var.variant ofor
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.archetype of 競/竸
var.variant of
n.posthumous name or title (of emperor, distinguished minister)
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.archaic variant of 禮; nowadays often regarded as a variant of 豐 (sic)
n.a kind of wild dog in the steppe; prison
n.a kind of wild bear
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
onomatopoeiasound of footsteps
n.track of wheel
n.path, orbit; course of stars; constellations
n.movement of an animal (refering mostly to a dragon)
n.two ends of yoke of a carriage
onomatopoeiasound of a bird
n.covering sail of a carriage
onomatopoeianoise of a moving vehicle
var.variant of
n.low rear part of carriage
n.land on hill slope; used often as nme of places in Southern China and Hong Kong
n.clamps for crossbar of carriage; linchpin
onomatopoeiarumbling of a cart
n.grease pot hung under axle of cart
n.great array of spears and chariots
onomatopoeianoise of vehicle in motion; noises of traffic; loud music playing
n.blinds on both sides of a carriage for guarding off dust
n.great array of spears and chariots
n.large ring on the yoke of a carriage, used for grouping the reins
n.rumbling sound of cart; cart;
trans.used to form the name 邏逤, which refers to the name of Lhasa in Tibet, used during the Tang Dynasty.
var.variant of
onomatopoeiagrunting sound of pigs
var.prototype of
n.name of a place
n.crack; a special group of acupuncture points;animosity
var.variant of
n.name of a country in Spring and Autumn period in modern Shandong
n.name of place
var.variant of
n.name of a district in ancient Shandong
n.(proper name) name of a district in Gansu, close to present Xining
n.name of place in the state of Song during the period of Spring and Autumn; a surname
n.name of city in Lu state during the Spring and Autumn period
n.name of Zhou period state; surname
var.Old variant of
n.gadolinium (Gd); No.64 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
var.variant of
n.holmium (Ho); No.67 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
var.variant of
n.an accessory for horse-riding made of iron
n.californium (Cf); No.98 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.a kind of utensil
n.thulium (Tm); No.69 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.americium (Am); No.95 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.ornament atop the head of a horse
var.variant of
n.terbium (Tb); No.65 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.roentgenium (Rg); No.111 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.neptunium (Np); No.93 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.frontlet; ornament mounted on the forehead of a horse
onomatopoeiafilled with the sounds of music instruments
onomatopoeiasound of bell (arch.)
n.technetium (Tc); No.43 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
v.moult, shed feathers, clip wings (of birds)
n.trowel, shovel; side of coin without words
n.spear made of iron
n.the trigger of a crossbow; the old translation of the chemical element samarium (Sm)
n.frontlet; ornament mounted on the forehead of a horse
n.darmstadtium (Ds); No.110 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.ytterbium (Yb); No.70 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.einsteinium (Es); No.99 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.bolt of a lock
n.ruthorfordium (Rf); No.104 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.iron parts connected to the bridle of a horse
n.gate of a village; portal at the entrance to a settlement; doorway
var.variant of
n.Dougong, a unique structural element of interlocking wooden brackets used in traditional Chinese architecture
var.an old variant of
n.door or gate of palace
var.variant of
n.name of lake in antiquity
var.variant ofor
adj.rough and meandering (of a road)
var.variant of
n.the steep bank of a stream; a rough mountain path
var.variant of
n.name of a place in antiquity
n.a kind of bird, probably a white pheasant
n.a flock of birds
var.archaic variant of
n.light rain, drops of rain (arch.)
n.rapid flow of water
n.dripping of rain from eaves;rain-water catcher
onomatopoeianoises of flocking together of birds
var.archaic variant of
n.dried leather; used in the Han Dynasty as part of the phonetic transcription of the name for (possibly) the Roman Empire
n.sides or uppers of shoes
var.variant of
n.leather, skin of animal
var.variant of
n.wrinkle or crease on the surface of leather; handling tools made of leather used on carriages
n.sound of howling wind
onomatopoeiasound of hiccup; hiccough
idiomThe appearance of a container full of things (food)
n.a fierce horse; name of a tribe
var.variant of
v.galloping (of horses)
v.thunderous beating of drums;terrify, frighten
n.horse, the tailhead of which is white in color
n.shinbone, tibia; the thicker of the two long bones between knee and ankle
n.a putrid carcase; remains of dead animals
n.the narrow part of the foot just above the ankle; cartilage of the chest or the rib case
var.variant of
var.variant of
var.variant of
n.tip of long hair, tail of a comet
var.variant ofand
n.ghost of a child
n. name of a star
n.grouper (a kind of fish); fish paste; seasoned rice mixed with fish or vegetable; sushi;
n.a type of fish
n. a species of fish; enualosa reevesii
n.hawk or eagle at the age of two
var.variant of
n.the Pycnonotidae or bulbul family of birds, Bulbul
n.a kind of bird in the Eastern part of China
n.a kind of hawk
n.crossbill, species of nightingale
n.water bird pale white in color, related to some species of wild duck
n.A species of owl
var.variant of
n.variant of
var.variant of
n.a type of eagle
n.shrike, a kind of bird
n.bit of a horse (arch.);
n.female of Chinese unicorn
var.variant of
n.a kind of goat
var.variant of
n.young of dear; fawn
var.once variant of
n.coarse husk of wheat
var.variant of
n.(arch.) day time; a kind of sea turtle; surname (eg. 鼂錯)
n.a kind of turtle
n.cover of tripod caldron
v.(of pigs) digging up earth with the snout
n.speak with a nasal twang; stoppage of the nose
n.gums (of the teeth)
v.to grit one's teeth as a result of anger; grinding or clenching one's teeth while asleep
n.rumination of sheep or goat
classifierclassifier for plays or chapters of classical novels
var.variant of
n.(teeth) bite of upper and lower jaws
n.rumination (of doe or deer)
adj.unevenly grown (of teeth)
n.missing of tooth or teeth; defect of utensils
n.appearance of a dragon flying
var.old variant of