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[In], 找到 667 個
n.gentleman, man, husband, elder; unit of length in old China equal 3.3 meters
v.ascend, go up; go on; send to; pay in; go ahead
n.assistant officer (in ancient China); deputy
prep.among; within; in; between
v.manage; be in charge of; indicate; signify; hold a definite view about something
adj.last in a series; tender, small
prep.at; in; from; than
onomatopoeiaforas in pingpong
int.exclamatory particle suggesting pause in speech
particle(in Classical Chinese) final particle implying strong affirmation
adj.having an position merely in name
n.well; pit; shaft of a mine; The Well, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.surname; The Neck, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
n.Bo, capital of Shang Dynasty; a city in Anhui Province
idiomin order to; by means of
idiom(coll.) three in count (cannot be followed by a measure word like 個)
v.trust to, rely on, confide in; appoint, employ; bear, be responsible for, assume office, take up a job; allow, tolerate, let
v.prostrate; yield; suffer; lie in ambush; hide; conceal; suppress; sit on eggs
trans.Character used often in the transliteration of proper names of foreign languages; transcription of first syllable of Gamma Ray; transcription of Sanskrit 'gha' in Buddhist texts; transcription of first syllable of the Carmelite order
adj.easy, graceful in movement; hunchbacked
n.ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient China
adv.all, completely; together, in company
v.in the company of, along with
v.build; put in order
n.officer in charge of royal chariots; assistant; herdsman
conj.if in case; perhaps
n.man; son-in-law
n.price, value; a turn in course
v.fall in ones back, lay down; cease, stop; lodgy
v.be together with, be in the company of
v.depend on; assist a ruler in governing a country; accompany; follow
n.a word used in one's name
v.prepare; provide; put in order; complete; be equipped with, have
n.the Dai nationality in South China
adj.sham, hypocritical; undue; fault, crime, in disorder; modest
n.Nung, an ethnic nationality in Yunnan Province
adj.black; fast; dark green silken fabrics becoming white in color
n.name of the god of South Sea in ancient Chinese myth; flash; name of fish
n.temperance; abstinence; a group of fearless warriors in ancient Yueh; an ancient festival to exorcise the demons causing any plague; to drive away pestilence
conj.if; supposing; in case; in the event of; in case of accidents; if anything untoward happens
v.fill up; satify; act in place of; become; pretend to be, pose as; charge; serve as
v.confuse; wrap in; wrap up, bind up, move around; canvass,canvas; take sth.with ladle,dipper, etc.
v.enter; come in, come to; join, be admitted into; put in
v.be in charge of; control; mortgage; give in pledge
adj.cold; in disorder
n.knife; sword; razor; a kind of metal currency circulated in Chinese antiquity in the Qi State
v.arrange in order; enumerate; classify; line up; list
v.cut in two; divide; judge; decide; distinguish, discriminate; sentence; condemn
adj.former; preceding; in front of; before
v.prick with knife; stick in the ground; stab
v.cut off the nose (a punishment in ancient China); cut off
v.add to, add; plus; augment; put in; append; increase; grant; raise to; appoint
n.horizontal stroke in writing
v.bridle; restrain; extort; force; coerce; engrave; rein in
v.be engaged in; devote one's efforts to
n.work, labour; meritorious deed, service, toil; shrikes (a species of bird as in 伯勞)
v.ascend, arise, rise, go up, hoist; advance in office, promote
adj.united in; joint; common
v.aid, help; harmonize, be in accord
n.danger; peril; The Rooftop, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
adj.thick; deep; profound; substantial; generous; sincere; virtuous; genuine; secure; rich or strong in flavour
v.to place a coffin in a temporary shelter pending burial
v.go away; remove; get rid of; do away with; kill; depart; go up; go in
n.The Three Stars, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky; corresponding to the three stars in the centre of the constellation Orion (arch.)
v.counsel; consult together, refer; join, enter, take part in; intervene; consider; collate; compare; impeach; report; mix, blend; visit a superior; reach to, penetrate
idiomin addition
idiomin time for
adv.besides; in addition; separately; again
v.to like, to take pleasure in, to regard with favour (arch.)
v.hold or contain in mouth
adj.same; together; alike; identical; similar; in common
v.share in
v.hold in the mouth; contain; cherish, nurse, harbour; embody; restrain
v.draw in the breath, inhale; suck up; absorb; attract
v.be on good term with; be in accord with; harmonize; rehearse ensemble music; draw
v.groan, snort; hum, croon, chant in a low voice
v.to chant (as in Buddhist singing)
v.hold in the mouth; harbor, cherish; contain; accept
n.noice made in coughing or vomiting
v.chatter; mumble in repetition
v.sigh, heave a sigh; gasp in admiration, highly praise
adj.affectedly sweet, talk and act like a spoiled child; rever in, be proud of; excellent, outstanding
v.keep in the mouth or eyes, contain; hold in the mouth
adj.long-winded, wordy; strong; murmur, in a whisper
v.gobble; to swallow hurriedly in large mouthfuls
v.to move the mouth as in speaking; to chatter
v.somniloquy; speak in ones sleep; shiver
n.a note in singing
v.put in jail; defend
prep.at; in; on
v.consist in; be present, exist; be alive; rest with; depend on
n.furrow in field, small drainage
n.lump; bar in sea; word used for place's name
n.earthen terrace; an earthen stand for putting goblets in ancient ceremonies; circles
n.hollow; col; a flabland in a mountain range
n.toe wall; raised path between crop fields; margin; water flow on the mountains; ancient name of a place in Shanxi province
n.chalk; The Cretaceous Period (geological period 140-65m years ago) as in the term 白堊紀
n.flat ground in either end of a bridge
v.block up; bury in oblivion; waste
v.collapse, cave in; lose, fall; keep close to; settle down; sink, droop
v.model in clay; mould
v.stop up; block; cork; fill in; squeeze in; stuff
n.partition-wall; wall of a house; screen-wall; cliff; The Wall, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
v.press; oppress; crush; repress; keep in order; urge
n.rampart; base in baseball
n.black and solid earth; adobe table in ancient wineshop; wineshop
n.a legendary one-legged creature; Name of musical official in Chinese antiquity; Kui prefecture
idiomin addition
adj.long-standing; early; former; in normal times, usually
adj.great, big, large; tall; vast; extensive; noble; high in rank; major; much
adv.greatly; fully; in a great way; in a large scale; very
n.pit, depression; used in name of places
n.hip, the stride of man; name of constellation; The Legs, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
adj.bright; great; generation, age; in sequence of generations
n.name of a prominent Buddhist monk in the Tang dynasty
n.woman; daughter; girl; The Girl, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
adj.a woman being jealous of her husband (arch.); being jealous in general
n.a surname; a word used in woman's name
n.mother in general (arch.); a deceased mother; woman ancestors
n.sisters-in-law; wives of brothers
n.a word used in woman's name; a concubine of Chou (紂) or Hsin (帝辛) who was the last ruler of the Shang dynasty
v.depute; send; appoint, entrust, put in charge of; commision; give up; abandon, throw away, cast aside; bow under a burden
n.Jiang River; an ethnic group in Western China; a surname
n.awe; pomp; mother-in-law (arch.)
n.couple; brother's wife; sister in law
n.younger sister; sister-in-law; the younger ones among the many concubines married to the same husband
n.Aries; sow that seek for life mate; surname; The Bond, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
n.old woman, mother-in-law
n.beauty; a word used in womens name
n.mutual term of address used by sons-in-law; a brother-in-law
婿n.husband; son-in-law
婿v.become son-in-law
n.daughter-in-law, wife
n.girl (in a intimate or mocking tone); affront
v.evolve; transmute; hand over; replace; abdicate; change in succession
n.lady-in-waiting; ancient term for female court officials
n.aunt; wife of father's younger brother; younger brother's wife; sister-in-law
adj.in pairs
v.propagate, multiply, breed in large numbers
v.pacify; soothe; settle; place; fix on; arrange; set; rest in
v.settle in a strange place, live in a strange place; be a stranger
n.house; mansion; home; apartment; room; wife; The encampment, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
v.to live in groups
n.government official in ancient China; prime minister
n.house; family; home; relatives; household; residence; specialist in a certain field; noun suffix for a school of thought (eg. Confucian or Taoist) or for a specialist of some kind (eg. physicist or musician)
宿adv.usually; in advance
宿v.stay overnight; be in; be stationed; imply
n.officials in charge of the allotment to the feudal nobles
v.live in solitude (arch.)
n.bedroom; imperial bedroom; coffin chamber in a imperial mausoleum
n.archery, being one of the 6 basic items of classical education in Chinese antiquity
idiomand besides; in addition to
v.add; append to; honour; esteem; surpass; ascend; go to; proceed; be in charge of
n.tail; rear, behind; the end; extremity; stern; promontory; remaining part; remnant; The Tail, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
v.dwell, reside, live; remain; be in; occupy; put into practice; sit; claim; assert
n.in time, in place; the set time
int.(Cant. vulg.) obscene exclamation equivalent to "fuck" in English
n.the name of a mountain in Henan province of China
n.a county in Shanxi province
n.a hill in Hunan
n.mountain in Northwest Szechwan
n.a territorial division during the Ming dynasty; mountain in the province of Gansu
n.a place in Taiwan Tainan
n.high mountain in Tibet
n.Xiao mountain; the name of a mountain in Henan
v.landslide, landslip; collapse, crash to the ground, burst apart; fall in ruin; break, down burst
n.flat-topped mountain with steep slopes; used in names of places
n.the name of a mountain in Szechwan
n.cliff; cave; a place in State of Sung during the Spring and Autumn Period
n.the name of a mountain in Gansu province; the place of sunset
n.mountain in Shaanxi
n.name of a pass in Shanxi province
n.Name of hills in Shandong
n.range of mountains in Hunan
n.islet in river (arch.); a region; a state; departmental division, political division; a county; empire division in ancient China
n.worker; labour; labourer; job; time occupied in doing a piece of work; work; project; man-day
巿n.sacrificial clothing in imperial Chinese courts
n.calico; cotton cloth; shirting; linen; cloth; a kind of metal currency circulated in Chinese antiquity in the Jin States
n.commander-in-chief; local leader; governor
n.teacher, instructor, master; model, example; multitude; troops, army; capital city; a division in the Chinese army
v.put in jail; hide
n.rule; law; limit; measure, a unit of measure; an interval in music; degree; manner; extent; tolerance; magnanimity; consideration
n.hut, cottage; hostel; name of a mountain in Jiangxi province
v.stretch, string, extend, expand; draw a bow; set forth; snare; open out; make a display, publish, proclaim; The Extended Net, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
v.to catch in a trap
v.perambulate; publicly expose; comply with, give in to; sacrifice; display
idiomin vain
v.obtain; acquire; gain; effect; attain; result in (of a calculation); need
adj.in order
n.heart; mind; affection; intention; centre; middle; The Heart, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
adj.hurried; in haste; anxious; busy; flustered
adj.terrified, be panis-stricken, be seized with terror; stunned; in a daze
v.to rely on; to persist in; to presume to
n.nature; disposition; spirit; temper; property; quality; character; sex; gender; character used to make up abstract nouns in the translation of loanwords
adv.thus; so; in this way
v.to trust; be in confidence
adj.stuffy, stifling; depressed, boring, bored, dejected, in low spirits; muffled; dull; gloomy, melancholic
v.be perplexed, be puzzled, be bewildered; puzzle, delude, confuse, mislead; indulge in; lose
v.love; be fond of; like; be keen on; covet; cherish, treasure; hold dear; take good care of; be apt to; be in the habit of
adj.accustomed to; experienced in; addicted to
v.be used to; be in the habit of
v.encourage, exhort, urge; do one' best, do all in one's power
v.carry in the bosom; cherish; dwell on; long for; comfort; conceive
n.weapons; army; chariot; warfare; an ancient name for the people in the west; soldier; surname
v.store up; stop; converge; live in seclusion; restrain
v.cut in two; intercept; obstruct; sever; stop; check; stem
n.house; building; room; wife, concubine; branch of a family; The Room, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
v.pull, draw; turn round; debate; climb; seek connections in high places
v.throw at, throw into, fling, hurl; jump into; cast (as a vote); present; hand over to; go in the direction of; project
v.bind, tie; put together, join together; be ready to risk one's life, go all out in work
adv.in sequence, by turns
v.to pluck; to gather in the fingers; to rub; to scrape off; strock
n.a form of scraper for levelling a seed-plot; a form of Eight used in accounts to prevent fraud
v.carry or hold in both hands; cup one's hands; praise, support
n.right-falling stroke in Chinese characters
v.hold in palm; behold, estimate, judge, weigh
v.manage; control; superintend; hold in one's hand; be in charge of
v.place in order, arrange; dispose; push; clear out; open out; settle; rehearse; exclude, eject, discharge
v.support sb. by the arm; assist; tuck in; hide; thrust in one's belt
v.hold in both hands; scoop; grasp; curl
v.lift in the hand; raise, put forward, bring up; pull up; pick up; mention; refer to; bring forward; suggest; carry; promote
v.hide or carry in ones clothes; put in pocket of; be pregnant; impose (one's views,etc.) on others; measure; estimate
v.to knead; to rub; to hide or carry in one's clothes; to thump
v.do; carry on; be engaged in; make; produce; work out; set up; start; organize; get, get hold of; secure
v.to jab; to stab; to prick; to stick in; to push hard; to exchange; to seek; to hold; to dip in; to soak; to feign ignorance; to daub; to thrust
v.dismiss with a hand gesture; get rid of, abandon; strike; fall; lock in arms; fasten tightly to sth.
n.left-falling stroke (in Chinese characters); things liking left-falling stroke
v.contrain; pick up, collect; put in order; examine
v.squeeze; press; crowd; conceal; hold in one's arms; embrace; hug; gather around; have, possess
v.lift up; prop up, bear, support; hold; cup one hand in the other before the chest
v.scour; clean; rub in; wipe; spread on; put on
v.pick, pluck; hold in the lap
v.put, place; spread; arrange; set in order; wave to and fro; shake; move
v.pass through; jab the poker into a stove to stir the fire in order to remove the ashes
v.climb; seek connections in high places; depend on; implicate
v.fling, throw; do sth. in a hurry; instigate
v.spread out, unfold; take a share in, contribute
v.attack; assault; apply oneself to; work at; accuse, charge; study, specialize in
v.put, place in, place on; release, free, liberate, loosen, let go; drive away, banish; indulge; issue; accord with; reach to; imitate
v.set in order; put right; repair, mend; adjust; marshal
v.grant, carry out; apply; narrate in detail; propagate; be sufficient for
v.to hack with a knife or an axe (or in expression of anger); to attack; to strike; to cut with a sword; to chop
v.to chop off; to beat; to strike; to cut in twain
prep.in; on; at; by; from
v.revolve; circle; spin; move in an orbit; come back
n.a banner emblazoned with falcons, which is displayed by high officials in feudal times; naturally wavy hair
n.in the evening; late in the day; sunset; dusk
n.sunlight; daylight; used mostly in personal names
adv.formerly; ancient; in beginning
n.star; point of light; planet; spark; heavenly body; The Star, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.Name of feudal state Jin in the Eastern Zhou dynasty; also name of the imperial dynasty (265-420 CE) that succeeded the Wei Dynasty; Short for Shanxi (Shan1Xi) province; one of 64 hexagrams
v.shine upon; dry in the sun
v.dry up; to dry in the sun
v.dry in the sun; suspend, treat coldly
v.dry in the sun; exhibit; stick out; stand out; bulge
v.expose to the sun, dry in the sun, bask; print by light; shine upon
v.change, alter; attend to; be experienced in; replace
idiomin place of
n.the strips of meat cut from the flank and dried in the wind; Qu county
v.to bend; to offer dried meat in sacrifice
v.visit in the beginning of each moon (arch.); bear (arch.)
v.bind, tie; control; restrain; keep in order
adv.futile, in vain
v.dye; infect; catch a disease; apply colour in painting
n.willow; The Willow, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.an instrument made of wood used in ancient times to start the orchestra
n.a wooden peg, a pin; a bottle stopper, a switch, blockage as in thrombosis
n.hemp plam; a place in Jiangsu province
n.astrolabe used to perform augury in ancient China; a kind of tree
v.comb one's hair; put in order
n.small tree with branches that can be used in making walking sticks; fence
n.bushes and shrubs (arch.); name of feudal state Chu in the Eastern Zhou dynasty
n.hardwood; terminal posts used in building a wall in ancient times; mainstay, pillar; evergreen shrub
v.engage in
n.Chinese torreya, a species of yew found in North China
槿n.Hibiscus; the rose of Sharon; a tree, the blossoms of which fade in a day
n.stake, pile; the first player in a game; a piece of (case)
v.stick in
v.to rely on; to carry things in a sack
n.a call to arms in ancient times; letter
v.escort in prisoner's van; imprison
n.railing; balustrade; pen for animals; column in a newspaper
n.item; an amount; article in a treaty; desire, wish; inscription
n.She county in Anhui
v.stop; desist; rest in; detain
v.use up, exhaust; exterminate; be in a coma
n.a die-young person; the dead in a battle
v.to die young; to die in childhood; to die
v.lay in coffin
v.funeral and burial; keep a coffin in a temporary shelter before burial
n.a fine woollen blanket or cloth; a mat used by the emperor in worshipping
n.base; root; Di nationality in ancient China; one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
n.deuterium 2H (an isotope of hydrogen); heavy hydrogen, with 1 neutron in the nucleus, so atomic weight=2
n.tritium (another isotope of hydrogen); radioactive isotope of hydrogen having 2 neutrons in its nucleus, so atomic weight 3
v.wash; wash in a pan or basket
n.Qian county in Shaanxi Province
n.Bian River in Henan Province; Bian prefecture, Eastern capital of North Song Dynasty (=Kaifeng nowadays)
n.Fen River in Shanxi province
v.indulge in
n.name of 2 rivers, one in Anhui province and one in Henan province
n.small island in a stream; islet
n.name of a river; name of a town in the State of Wei; dimness
n.tributary; arm, small bay in a river; Tuo River
idiomin addition
n.Mao lake; still waters; River in Kiangsu
v.to sweat; to dip in ink
n.the name of a river in Hebei
v.spread and sink in
n.a whirlpool; the Fu River; an eddy; a race; used in place-names to indicate the spot as a stopping-place for boats
n.Zhu River; a small stream in Shantung
n.river in shaanxi
n.Affluent of the Yellow River in Henan
n.proper noun for a river in Shenxi
v.penetrate, blend in with
n.Su River in Shansi
v.wash in a pan or basket; spend; search for
n.Lu River; the tributary of the River Hsiang in Hunan
v.have illicit sexual relations; allow to run wild; be greedy for; indulge in; exceed
v.quench; grind; temper by dipping in water, oil, etc.
n.name of a river in Shanxi; Wei River; Wei prefecture (arch.); the roaring of rapids
v.wash with water colour in Chinese painting; play up; exaggerate
adj.flowing; in disorder; drunk
v.be given to heavy drinking; indulge in; back on, turn back
n.Ju River in Henan province
n.river in Hubei province
n.Li River, river in Anhui and Jiangsu provinces
n.name of a river in Henan province
n.Zhen River, one of the sources of the River Hwai in Henan
v.to mix the powder with water; to wash; to excrete stool and urine; to urinate; to spit; to excrete semen; to soak in water as meals
n.a river in Hu Bei province of China
v.drown; indulge, give over to; be stick in; pass urine
n.name of a river in Henan province
n.rising and dashing of waves; county in Henan
n.the water of washing rice; urine; water in which rice has been boiled
n.The name of a river in Shanxi province
n.a river in Hu Bei province
n.dripping water; rain pattern, river in Guangxi province
v.slant in; sprinkle; slip back
n.Sheng River; the name of a river in Henan and Shandong
n.name of a tributary of the Yangtze River in Sichuan
n.a river in Hubei; a bank; a foreshore; waterfront
n.a river in Guang Xi Zhuang autonomous region
n.Huihe River; water ditches in field
n.river bank; a river in He Nan province; gush
n.small lake; a tributary in Yunnan province; a place in Yunnan province
n.Pu River; Pu prefecture; county in Henan Province; surname
n.a river in Hunan province; a place in Xiangxiang city of Hunan province
n.rapids; Long River in ancient times
n.Rang River (in Henan province); flowing of water
n.Ba River in Shensi; Ba city
v.fry in fat or oil; scald; explode; burst; blow up; blast; bomb
v.brand; bake in a pan; cauterize; burn
v.to evaporate; to steam; to advance; to involve in an adulterous act with a female member of an older generation
v.heat with vapor in airtight vessel
v.decoct; torture; fry in shallow oil
adj.circling in the air; solitary; lonely, alone; desolate; sad; orphaned
v.to stew; simmer, heat; burn; roast in ashes; roast in fresh cinders
n.used in personal names
v.burn; roast, scald; singe; illuminate; hunt in night
v.heat up in hot water; scald, burn; iron; perm;wave
v.braise, cook in a covered pot over a slow fire, stew
v.to roast in hot cinders; to stew
prep.in, from
n.wooden tablets or slips for writing in ancient times; archives, documents; correspondance; books
n.ox; cow; bull; The Ox, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
v.to tend as a shepherd, to rear cattle or livestock in general; to herd
n.name of the legendary beast in Chinese myth; Armadillo; Cingulata
v.hunt in winter; visit
adj.fierce and malicious; hurry; in random
n.a kind of monkey found in West China
n.a wild animal in ancient legend
n.a kind of beasts; a jackal; the name of a tribe in Kwangsi and Hunan
n.Lao nationality; a word that the northerners would call the southerners in a scold during the ancient times
v.to hunt in night; to hunt with the torches
v.take in hunting; seize; capture, catch; obtain; win; reap
n.a dog with a long snout or muzzle; a derogatory name of the northen nomads (later known as Hsiungnu or Huns) given by the Chinese in the Zhou Dynasty
n.a kind of gem inferior to jade; a place in Mian Chi of Henan province
n.a flaw in a piece of jade; defect; stain
n.big jade; precious stone; name of a county in Sichuan
n.a jade tablet or baton, which varied in shape according to different ranks, conferred upon the feudal princes by the emperor as a symbol of dignity and authority
n.the jade piece put in the mouth of the dead before the burial
v.manage; run; put in order; tidy up; pay attention to; acknowledge; regulate; arrange; regard
n.beautiful jade; stone inferior to jade; the second star in the bowl of the constellation Big Dipper (Urs Major β)
n.nowadays used mainly in geographical names
n.hand-net (arch.); name of a constellation that resembles a hand-net; The Net, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
v.put in order; define; capture, seize; plunder; omit, delete, leave out
n.rectangular pieces of land in a field separated by ridges, fifty acre; field; form
v.plant in a field
classifiernumerary adjunct for patches of crops in agriculture
n.field with burned grass as fertilizer; She nationality; fields in the third year of cultivation
v.burn grass and wood in the field and use the ash as fertilizer
prep.in; at
adv.on end, in succession
v.hate; be in mourning
n.a seasonal disease that appears in summer; dialect
n.lump in the abdomen; ruffian; dyspepsia; spleen infection; constipation
v.to worry; being ill in prison; to die in prison from cold and hunger; to treat with cruelty
n.spasms or convulsions in young children caused by indigestion
n.spoken part in a play
n.Bulleye in archery, shooting target (arch.)
v.inspecting one's own countenance by gazing at one's reflection in a bowl of water (arch.); inspect, supervise, oversee; revise; look into
n.an utensil used for containing food in ancient times; lid of a caldron
v.move; disturb; swing, sway, wave; loose in morals
adj.blind in one eye; having one small eye smaller than the other; faraway; very small; exquisite, ingenious
v.glare; be keen on, indulge in
adj.be blurred in eyesight; dull and mixed-up; dim-sighted; bewildered
v.see, look at, observe, watch; read; examine; look in the direction of; consider, think; look after, take care of, guard; look upon; regard; treat; call on, visit
v.narrow; take a nap; unable to open one's eye while getting something in it; be blinded
adj.blind; stupid; fake; groundlessly; aimlessly; at random; in vain
v.close the eyes in death; sleep, doze off
n.blink; twinkling, in a wink, a flash
v.to look right and left in alarm; to look about in fright
adj.short; low; be low in grade
n.stone probe, stone needle used in acupuncture; hillside
n.ancient town near the present Ichang in Hupeh
n.a word used in place name; suburb
n.punishment by dismembering the head and extremities from the body; right falling stroke in Chinese calligraphy
n.pile of sand and gravel in water, moraine; desert
n.rock; reef; ore riched in silver
n.arsenic, name of some places in Fujian Province
v.to bury in the same tomb; to worship ancestors
adj.in secret, evil
n.a ceremony of purification held on the edge of a river in spring and autumn for averting evils
n.a term applied to a deceased father after his tablet has been placed in the ancestral temple
n.ear of grain; grain in the ear (Bible expression) (arch.)
n.order, precedence, rank; official salary; decade=10 years (used in representing age of elderly people)
v.gather; arrange in order; offer sacrifices to gods or ancestors
n.rice growing in the field; paddy
adj.in disorder; dirty; evil, ugly, abominable; corrupt, foul
v.live in caves
idiomafter all, in the end
v.live in caves
n.birds nest in cave; nest; house; division; vacancy; pit, hole
v.fumigate; keep in dark place, store away in cellar; conjecture; close
n.a tablet-shaped hold; a wooden pail; a small door or window; a hole in the wall
adv.in private, secretly
idiomafter all; in the end
n.series; grade; degree; class; order; sequence; graduates in ancient times
prefixused in front of a number to build up an ordinal number
v.to divine by stalks of plants; divining rod; diviation as prescribed in Iching or the Book of Changes
n.sieve; dust pan; garbage bag; The Winnowing Basket, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
v.govern; care for; control; manage; run; be in charge of; provide; guarantee
v.wear in ones hair; stitch meet
adj.sugared; in syrup
adj.in a wretched state; in a mess; bad luck; pickled with grains or in wine
n.provision; grain; food; ration; tax in kind
idiomafter all; in the end
n.heavy silk; thick silk fabrics; a cotton fabric; a coarse, thick, greenish-black pongee; a kind of artificial silk material in modern times
n.carriage harness or rope; one of the five areas in ancient times; Sui river
v.pass through; pass by; undergo; experience; manage; regulate; transact; plan; arrange; deal in; engage in; stand; bear; endure
v.plait; weave; fabricate, invent, make up, cook up; arrange in order, organise, group; edit, compile; enroll; register; write, compose
adj.faraway, remote; in detail
v.draw in; draw back, withdraw, recoil; coil up; contract, shrink; shorten; bind fast
adv.in detail
v.fly in the air
n.fabrics; a red silk ribbon; a womans hair dressed in a bun
idiomin that case
n.big square banner or feather banner used in ancient Chinese army or in ceremony; a streamer
n.a crack in earthenware; a split; loopholes; a grudge; fissure; cleavage
n.the handle of the Big Dipper; a hill; the name of certain stars and the gods supposed to live in them
n.clan name of Chu State in the Spring and Autumn period
n.the Qiang nationality living in Sichuan
n.father-in-law; old man; man; father
v.circle in the air, soar
n.wings; shelter; The Wings, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.deceased father; flaws in jade
adj.aged; in one's eighties
n.the weeding hoe; the indulgence in sensual pleasures
v.indulge in; be keen on; delay, hang fire; take on
n.stomach; The Stomach, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
n.dried meat in lieu of salary for a teacher (arch.); fine food
v.(meat) dip in condiments
v.to send, to deliver; to convey to (arch.); cause, incur, bring about, occasion, result in; retire, resign; extend to; apply to; transmit; devote
n.one of three stars in Ursa Major, one of the three highest dignitaries of State; platform; stage, terrace; stand, support; Taiwan Province; desk, table
v.give, offer, grant, allow; get along with, be on good terms with; take part in, participate in; concede to; share in; be present at; be concerned about
n.a kind of grass; Shun, the name of a legendary monarch in ancient China; surname
v.pull in to shore
n.wild; the mat grass in the lairs of beasts and birds
adj.numerous; deep and rich in colour
adj.growing in profusion
n.the pad in a shoe; the seed or the female plant of the nettle hemp; a gunny; a sackcloth; a rush
n.Name of a county in Shandong province
trans.used in female names
adj.sedate, serious, grave, correct in conduct
n.village; farm; place of business; banker in gambling game; manor
n.river in Shandong province
n.A kind of fruit called Averrhoa Carambola, possibly yangtao or star fruit in Canton; used in personal names
v.hunt in spring or autumn; review troops; gather
n.an aromatic plant mentioned in ancient Chinese literature; iris; flower
n.yarrow, milfoil, reed; plant stalks used in divination
trans.the second syllable of the name for Tibet in ancient China (Tobo)
adj.vast; large; magnificent; easy and plain; level; broad and long; peaceful; unsettled; vagrant; dissipated; licentious; reckless, loose in moral; agitated; disturbed
n.skill; ability in handicraft; craft; art; trade; accomplishment
n.Chinese iris; surname; bulrush used in making mats
v.dwell; abide in, stay on; be at rest in; occupy; decide; judge; punish; settle, end; manage; adjust; attend to; place
n.big mound (arch.); void; emptiness; empyrean; The Emptiness, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Northern sky
n.captive; slave; non-Han nationalities living in the North and West in ancient times
adj.in swarms
n.a kind of scorpion; a sting in the tail
n.slave; savage, barbarians (in the south)
v.walk; do, act; travel; circulate; carry out; perform; engage in; put into effect
n.local authorities, government office in old China; court
n.a vent in the sides of a garment; a slit in the middle of a skirt; the open seam of a garment which allows free movements
v.lie; put ones clothes in order
v.put a thing in the sleeve
n.white underwear in summer; Uighur or Tajik robe buttoning down the front; a loop for fastening a button
v.tie horse with silk ribbon; curl upward, twine, wind; wave in the wind; sway
v.to take off the clothes and expose the body; to carry in the girdle
n.folds or pleats in a garment; folds of the stomach, intestines, etc.
n.lapel; front of a garment; brothers-in-law; mind
conj.if, suppose, in case
v.to spy on; to observe in secret; tp peek; to peep
idiomin person
n.horn; angle; corner; point; a tenth of a dollar; The Horn, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Eastern sky
v.butt, vie in contest
n.horn-like hair on the owl-head (arch.); beak; The Turtle Beak, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky
n.name of county (Xie) in Shanxi province, birth place of the famous general Guan Yu; surname
adj.to be hesitant in speech; to be cautious in speech
v.record, write down; keep in mind, remember
v.explain archaic or dialectal words in current language
v.give imperial edict; recruit; call in
v.chant, sing, intone; narrate in poetic form; sing the praise of
v.to adulate, to flatter; to cajole; to toady; to act in an obsequious way
n.a high official demoted to a minor post in an outlying district; fault, mistake
v.to teach wholeheartedly; to edit, to compile; to write; to have; to exhort with precepts; to discourse in the praise of something or someone; to compose
adj.clear, open, open-minded; in a twinkle, in a flash
n.vertical stroke in Chinese character; young servant; fellow
v.feed pig with grains in sty; feed, raise; domesticate
n.a northern minority nationality in ancient Han dynasty
v.to include; to summarize; to have, to possess; to give; be prepared for ; be included in; be embraced in
v.to seek in an underhanded way; to bribe
n.fine payable for one's crime among the southern tribes (comparable to indulgence in the West)
n.tribute paid by tribes in Han dynasty
v.see sb. for the first time with gift; hold in one's hand
n.a son-in-law who marries into wifes family taking her family name
n.an amount of money paid in advance to show earnestness
n.Kingdom Yue in the late Spring and Autumn period; general term for Southern Chinese; Vietnam
趿v.walk in slippers; tread on
adj.crouching; be confined in; careful; cramped
adj.stiff in death
adj.walk in rhythm; in movement
v.walk; go in a hurry
v.to walk in small pace; to feel or show constraint
adj.urgent; embarrassed; distressed; worried, be in straitened circumstances
adv.personally, in person
v.carry in cart
n.cross board at rear of carriage (arch.); carriage; rash; peg for tuning stringed-instrument; The Chariot, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.horizontal bar in the front of a sedan chair
v.act personally in all affairs, decide and act alone
v.pay; bring in what is due; transport; introduce; lose; be beaten; exhaust; be wanting; submit; convey; contribute; donate
v.toss about in bed; roll; turn
n.bridle of horse, reins; name of an ancient nomadic tribe in the north-western borderland of the Shang Dynasty
v.to meet; to welcome; to receive; go in person to meet; to greet
v.alternate, take turns, do sth.in turn; stop
v.run away, flee in disorder; gush, spout; burst, break
v.abscond, flee; be behind in payment; slack, delay
idiomin order, in succession, one by one
v.swagger; sway in walking
v.escape; gallop; excel; retire from society and live in solitude
v.go to; reach; follow; pursue; marry; suit; succeed; be blessed with; happen; fall in with; (a woman being) married to
v.be proficient in, master
v.to walk in crowds
n.an ancient place in the state of Wu; name of an ancient river
n.the name of a small principality in what is now called Shensi, the home to the founder of the Chou dynasty
n.a place in Sichuan province of China
n.a surname; proper name for a state in what is today Hebei
n.Han village in today's Hebei province; personal name
n.surname; state in modern Shanxi
n.Bin town in ancient State of Sung, which is now in Shantung
n.Bei state in Henan
n.an ancient name for districts in Kansu and Shensi
n.Hou town in the State of Lu
n.ancient state in Shandong province; surname
n.Gao State- an ancient fief in Shantung bestowed on the eldest son of Wen Wang; rare surname
n.Xi- the name of a fief in the state of Chin; a crack; a rift; an illness
n.Mei county or Mei town, both in Shensi
n.Yun state; Yun city; county in Hubei province
n.county in Hebei province
n.Yong feudal state in the Zhou Dynasty, in today's Henan
n.Yan city or Yan state in Henan
n.surname Deng; an ancient state in today's Hubei
n.county in Hebei province
n.feudal state in today's Henan province
n.Zou village in Shantung (the birthplace of Confucius)
n.name of county in Hunan province
v.to turn acid; to pledge a host in wine; to recompense
v. to deal in liquors or spirits
v.pickle in soya sauce
v.sacrifice with wine in ceremonies marking a man's coming of age or in weddings; marry (usually used in re-marrying)
n.bitter taste in wine; long after taste of wine or liquor
n.bronze, metals in general (arch.); gold; money; Mercury (the solar planet); aurum (Au); No.79 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.pot; kettle; cauldron used in ancient China
n.long needle used in acupuncture; long lance; Beryllium (Be); No.4 of the Periodic table; a chemical element
n.bell-shaped gong used in march; front of a bell body
n.sickle; grain crops harvested; ancient place name located in today's Anhui province
v.hold in the mouth; accept; harbor, cherish; contain
n.indium (In); No.49 of the Periodic Table; a chemical element
n.surname; a kind of cauldron used in ancient China; ring
n.a pewter heater for keeping spirits warm; a lathe; a thread in a screw
v.to turn in a lathe
v.to engage in fierce battle; to fight to the end
v.engrave; chisel; keep deeply in mind; cut down, reduce; demote, reduce to a lower rank
n.a small bell used in the army (arch.); bracelet
n.anvil; axe or mat used for cutting sb. in two at the waist (a punishment in ancient China); name of a star
v.lock up; come in
n.interval, space, space in between; place; opening
prep.among; in; on
n.powerful individual, family or group; left-hand entrance in a triple gate; classification according to rank
n.gate of an alley; lane; door, house; community of 25 families in ancient China; native village; surname
n.sluice board for controlling water in the lock gate
v.to live alone, live in solitude
n.boss, person in charge
n.the side door of the palace; the residence of the imperial concubines; the bedroom of one's parents; women's quarters; the examination hall or room for imperial examinations in ancient times
n.the door or window in an upper storey
v.to shut, to close; to lock up, shut in; to close down; to connect; implicate; to involve; be concerned with
v.place in battle array
n.negative or female principle in nature; genitals (both male and female); north of a hill (e.g. 華陰); south of a river (e.g. 淮陰)
v.sink, cave in; involve; beguile; betray; get stuck, get bogged down
adj.clear; bright; superior; upper; front; positive; south of a hill (as in 衡陽) or north of a river (as in 洛陽) where more sunlight can be expected
n.sun; heat; the male or positive element in nature; principle of light and life
n.a bend in the river; mountain recess; bay; bend; corner
adj.in a disorder
v.collapse; fall; corrupt; fall in ruins
n. slave, servant (arch.); a way of writing prevalent in the Chin and especially the Han dynasties
n.graupel; thin and floating clouds in high altitude; sky
v.call in a subordinate, invite; make up
adv.personally, in person
n.leather-made shoes filled with Ula grass in order to keep warmth
n.ball used in ancient China; a surname
n.nomads in the north; tartars
n.surname; one of seven main warring states in ancient China; Korea
idiomin accordance with; in sequence
v.obey; agree; go with; persist in; allow; indulge
idiomin advance
n.a time; a turn; rest in music; a meal
v.bow the head; stamp the foot; put in order, arrange, settle; prepare; pause; cease; injure; lose; discard
adj.in a difficult position
v.to sway in the wind
v.dance in the air, flutter; fade and fall
v.fly; go quickly; hover in the air; flutter in the air; dart
v.to sup, to dine; to soak the cooked rice in the water
n.Wonton, a type of dumpling in Chinese cuisines
n.Wonton, a type of dumpling in Chinese cuisines
v.carry food to laborers in the field
v.to feast; to provide dinner for; to entertain; to sacrifice; to offer food and drink; to enjoy; to receive entertainment; to grant; to offer in sacrifice or at a feast; to enjoy a sacrifice as the gods
n.bay horse (horse with a reddish brown coat); a livestock animal which is red in colour
n.dark-blue horse; steed, fine horse; kylin, mythical unicorn in Chinese legends
n.horse with the right hind foot in white; horse
adj.tall; high; exalted; lofty; noble; eminent; good in quality; high in price; loud in voice; elevated
n.hair style; mane; Mao nationality in South-Western part of China
n.wispy bun, hair worn in a bun or coil
v.dress hair in coiled knot; maid
n.the tulip wine used in the offering sacrifice; a bowl case; sacrificial spirits made by fermenting millet and fragrant herbs
n.ghost; spirit; The Ghost, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Southern sky
n.the four stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper; chieftain, leader; chief
n.mask worn in exorcistic rite
n.salmon; name of a fish in ancient; macular hemibarbus; cooked fish
n.a big fish; the huge fish found in the Yellow River that is said to be unable to close its eyes; a widower; a unmarried man
adj.black; dark (in color)
n.seagull; phoenix; silk fabric in blue-black colour
n.name of waterbirds; general name of a family in biology
v.stew in soy sauce
n.mythical unicorn in Chinese legends, legendary auspicious animal
n.trees in the foot of a hill; foot of a hill or mountain
n.black wood; Yi county in Anhui Province
n.a drum used in the army in ancient China; drumlet
n.take in both hands and offer to; to present in both hands