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[To], 找到 1023 個
v.ascend, go up; go on; send to; pay in; go ahead
v.to assist; to come to rescue
adj.the middle; target hit, attained; related to China
v.to connect, league, to string up
v.to depend on; to entrust with
v.arrive at; go to; to do; leave
v.to squint; to narrow the eyes into a slit; to hlance side ways; to tuck
n.female sex organ or genitals (arch. acc. to Xu Shen) [sic]
v.to divine by means of a willow stick writing on the sand
v.to serve; to wait upon; be engaged
v.to take small steps
prep.on; to; from; with
adj.inferior; secondary; second to; ugly (arch.)
v.mix; cross, intersect; exchange, barter; communicate; bargain; deliver, hand to, hand over, give up; commit to; pay; have intercourse with, to copulate; join, interwine, interlace; engage; associate with
v.to enter; to self-cultivate
v.lie between; border on; take seriously, take to heart
v.hand over; transfer; commit to; give to; pay
idiomin order to; by means of
prep.by, through, with; according to
v.to be equal to; to cover; to violate
v.trust to, rely on, confide in; appoint, employ; bear, be responsible for, assume office, take up a job; allow, tolerate, let
仿v.imitate, copy; ape; resemble; to model after
v.to stand on tiptoe; to look for; to anxiously expect; to look forward to; to plan
v.stretch out; extend; straighten out; redress; report to
v.stand for a long time; look forward to, wait for
v.to take position
adj.confused due to old age
v.to order; to help, to aid
v.urge somebody to drink or to eat; repay kindness, helping each other
v.supply, feed; contribute to
prep.according to
v.follow; comply with; trust to; depend on; obey; be near to; listen to; yield to
v.belong to; be, is, are
v.amputate one leg (arch.); lean to one side
n.sth.to live for; Li nationality
v.bend; submit to
倀v.not know what course to take
v.lean by; rely on; depend on; be near to
v.to ask for
v.to pull a long face
v.to rely on
v.ask somebody to do something
v.worth; happen to; meet
v.to walk alone
v.be close to; lean close to, snuggle up to; comfort
adj.inclined to one side; leaning; partial; prejudiced; determined
v.teach, instruct; lay on, apply; close to; depend on; assist; stick to
adv.beside, be close to
adj.proud, arrogant; refuse to yield to; brave; defy
v.upset; be overthrown; collapse; subvert; fall flat; pour out; incline; bend the head; lean to; assay; test; smelt
v.to be greedy for; to attack; to assault; to intercept; to accuse; to charge; to do
v.to compare
n.temperance; abstinence; a group of fearless warriors in ancient Yueh; an ancient festival to exorcise the demons causing any plague; to drive away pestilence
v.to permit, to consent; to allow
v.fill up; satify; act in place of; become; pretend to be, pose as; charge; serve as
v.escape, to flee from flood (arch.); portend, foretell
v.be able to; subdue, overcome; fix upon; restrain
v.enter; come in, come to; join, be admitted into; put in
adj.fair, equitable, just, equal, impartial; public, open to all, collective; common; general
v.venerate, to revere (arch.); share; work together,
v.to enthrone, to crown; to invest with rank; to confer honours
v.rush, risk; feign, imitate; dare; to emit; to emerge
v.precede ;to put on a man's hat ceremonially signifying one's coming of age
v.to cover with cloth, cover
v.to freeze
v.to cool
v.freeze; congeal; coagulate; curdle; accomplish; bring to pass
v.to kill (with knife)
v.cut, mince, slice, carve; feel, urge; correspond to; be sure to
v.to mow; to cut off; to behead; to reap
v.to pare the edges and corners, to round off, to trim; to be worn or torn (away); to neglect; to dig
v.to plane; to level; to peel with a knife; to dig; to excavate
v.to cut; delete, erase
v.arrive at; reach; attain to; go to
v.to cut open and clean; to slice off; to scratch; to kill; to sacrifice; to stab
v.to cut open; to hollow out; to kill; to eliminate; to injure sombody cruelly; to rip up
v.pare; scrape; delete from tablets by scraping; sharpen to a point; seize territory
v.to scold; to censure; to beat; to subdue; to destroy; to overcome; to cut down; to deduct; to embezzle
v.(arch.) to cut
v.to omit; to cut; to carve; to prick
v.aid; second; rend, tear; correspond to, fit
v.to cut off; to amputate; to behead
v.to stab; to cut off; to cut; to wound, to injure; to meet; to get together
v.to cut; to divide; to partition
v.add to, add; plus; augment; put in; append; increase; grant; raise to; appoint
v.to aid, to help, to assist
v.to give gifts to
v.to stimulate an effort, to encourage; to exhort
v.to encourage; to excite; to stimulate
v.be engaged in; devote one's efforts to
v.overcome; vanquish; excel; be equal to; sustain; bear; be worthy of; surpass; be superior to
v.toil; suffer; give trouble to; reward, recompense; encourage
adj.diligent; industrious; willing to toil; hardworking
v.to put forth effort
v.(arch.) to cut, to stab, to sever
v.to fall prostrate
adv.back to back (arch.)
v.run counter to, act contrary to (arch.)
n.the gourd-shaped ladle; a washbasin with a tubular handle to let the water run off
n.waters converging to one spot; whirling waters; bank draft; letter of credit; collection, assemblage
v.compare, be equal to; be a match for; on a par with
v.to halve
n.fourth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches; double knife (arch.); early morning hours; mortise; slot cut into wood to receive a tenon
adv.about to (arch.); immediately;promptly, quickly, accordingly; now
v.to limp
v.to place a coffin in a temporary shelter pending burial
n.The Three Stars, one of the 28 mansions or constellations, located in the Western sky; corresponding to the three stars in the centre of the constellation Orion (arch.)
v.counsel; consult together, refer; join, enter, take part in; intervene; consider; collate; compare; impeach; report; mix, blend; visit a superior; reach to, penetrate
v.extend; reach to; come up to
v.to search
v.to like, to take pleasure in, to regard with favour (arch.)
v.control; manage; preside; take charge of; attend to
v.shut, close; enclose; combine, unite, join, joined, pair; gather; agree; total; suit, agree; be equal to, add up to
prep.to, towards; from
int.placed at the end of a sentence to express astonishment
v.to swindle; to cheat (HK Cant.)
v.present to a superior; submit; assume; reveal, disclose, manifest
v.tell, inform, notify; declare, announce to; accuse, lay an accusation, indict
v.suddenly greet loudly to catch one's attention
v.to rebuke; to give a talking to; to break with
v.to taste; to chew, to masticate
v.to curse
v.to grin
n.measure of length equal to eight inches
onomatopoeiasound of creaking or squeaking; sound of babbling of young children learning to talk; chirp, laughing, moving
v.to squeak
particle(Cant.) a final particle indicating doing something to the full extent possible
v.to smile; to sneer at
v.to bend (one's waist)
v.to pause
v.to chant (as in Buddhist singing)
v.abet sb. to do evil, instigate, incite
v.to use bad language
v.to recite; to chant, to intone
v.to bluff, to intimidate, to frighten, to scare
v.to cry
v.to eat; to peck; to suck
v.to peck; to preen; to bite (usually referring to birds); to slander (fig.)
v.to humbug, to hoodwink; to tell with an irritating voice
v.to drink, to taste,to sip; to expectorate, to spit; to scold
v.to eat; to taste; feed; bait, entice; chew; bite
v.to sip; to taste; to drink; suck up; to weep; to keep talking
adj.a fish sticking its mouth out of the water; looking up to
v.to call out
v.to suck
v.to boast; to speak figuratively
v.to cry, to sob, to express regret
v.to belch; to chirp; to gag; to vomit
v.to give vocal signals to a dog; to set a dog on; to instigate; to order about; to urge; to incite
v.to bless
v.to lap; to swallow; to bite; to suck
v.to snort
v.to reproach; to scold
int.sound addressing a horse or cart-animal to command it to move forward
v.to hiccup; to vomit; to split; to spurn
v.to belch; to breathe out, to exhale, to sigh
v.to wail; to call; to neigh
n.words or act meant to amuse or to excite laughter
v.to enjoin; to charge; to order
v.gobble; to swallow hurriedly in large mouthfuls
onomatopoeiaah; oh; to laugh heartily
v.to bawl
v.wish to speak; wisper
v.to move the mouth as in speaking; to chatter
v.to laugh; to burst into laughter
aux.combine with other verbs to show the continuation of the action
v.to fly upward; to gush; to assemble; to gather; to turn up the soil; to dig; to bring together
v.to crack; to split open; to tear; to chap; to burst
v.hang down; droop; let fall; hand down; condescend; be favourable to
n.an octapole land; a domain; a limit; a hundred million; a battlefield; a front; flight of steps leading up to a house; a boundary; wilds beyond the frontier
n.the path leading to a tomb; a tomb passage; a boundary; a limit
v.grasp; hold; seize; retain; manage; direct, control, take charge of; attend to; carry out; observe; catch; capture
v.to bore a hole
adj.venerable; grave; referring to relationship between cousins of the same clan (usually bearing the same surname)
n.hall; reception room; meeting-place; court of justice; polite way of referring to a friend's mother
v.to ask divine favour of rain by sacrificing human (arch.)
v.collapse, cave in; lose, fall; keep close to; settle down; sink, droop
v.plaster the wall; to pave the wall or the floor
v.put sth. under sth. else to raise it or make it level; fill up; pay for sb.
v.increase, add to, augment, gain
v.to fork
v.to break; die young
v.shoulder; fish for; swell; to ram; to tamp
v.level to the ground
v.report to the throne; memorialize the emperor; play music; celebrate; go forward, advance; display; achieve; produce
v.pay respect; pay offerings to the dead, lay foundation
v.to commit adultery; to rebel, to steal
v.love; fond of; be addicted to
v.to act as a go-between
v.to chatter like an old woman
n.wife of husbands elder brother; elder sister; surname; the elder ones among the many concubines married to the same husband
v.to betroth; be engaged; to marry
v.be obdient to; work hard
n.younger sister; sister-in-law; the younger ones among the many concubines married to the same husband
v.to give birth to a child
v.to play
adj.indecent; obscene; to be improperly familiar with someone
v.to commit an outrage on a woman; to lust after
v.to copulate, to have sexual intercourse; negotiate peace; dote on; meet
v.girl gets married; to shift, to transfer; to attribute to (some one)
v.to patronize whorehouses; to visit prostitutes
v.to warm; to rear, to bring up
n.name of a lady who stole the elixir of immortality and fled with it to the moon
v. to lay eggs (poultry)
v.to take as favorite
n.evolution; succession to the throne; transmutation; abdication
n.letter; written character; word; style name given to a man when he comes of age
v.to rear or raise children under a roof (arch.)
v.to moan
v.disobedient to ones parents; harm
v.to create an internal disorder; to usurp
v.guard; protect; observe, abide by; keep; attend to; hold on to; maintain; defend
v.to assess or survey (arch.); to pass; loaf about; to indulge; to procrastinate; droop; to delay; to defer
v.to display sacrificial meat on an altar (arch.); order rightly; be fit
v.to treat with leniency; to forgive; to remit; to excuse
v.to live in groups
v.injure, do harm, impair; cause trouble to; destroy; suffer, contract; take a disease
n.officials in charge of the allotment to the feudal nobles
v.to awake from the sleep; to realize; to meet
v.seal up; blockade; appoint to office; bestow honours; confer nobility; canonize
v.to project; to shoot out, to fire; to aim at
idiomabout to
n.polite way of referring to a friend's father
v.to honour; to venerate; to respect
idiomand besides; in addition to
v.add; append to; honour; esteem; surpass; ascend; go to; proceed; be in charge of
prep.according to
v.come to; go to; complete; follow
v.to impersonate the dead (arch.)
v.to sexually abuse, to copulate; to have intercourse with
v.to squat (arch.); dwell, reside, live; remain; be in; occupy; put into practice; sit; claim; assert
int.(Cant. vulg.) obscene exclamation equivalent to "fuck" in English
v.discharge excrement or urine; to defecate or urinate; to ease nature
v.belong to; be subject to; be connected with; be near to; assemble; entrust to
v.tower aloft; stand face to face, tower facing each other
v.landslide, landslip; collapse, crash to the ground, burst apart; fall in ruin; break, down burst
v.to patrol, to cruise
v.to stop
v.hope earnestly; wait anxiously; cling to; stick to; be close to, be next to
n.a piece of cloth for ancient men to tie their hair; cap
v.oppose; offend against; attend to; concern; involve; seek; arrange
v.to shelter; to protect; to cover, to shield
v.to cook
v.to cover; to shelter; to rest
adv.if only; perhaps; so as to
v.to cook, to roast (arch.)
v.lean to
n.plot allotted to a household; store, shop
v.to enslave
v.to travel afar (arch.); to delay, to postpone; to procrastinate; to lengthen, to prolong, to extend; to protract; to invite; to engage, to send for; to receive; to elongate
v.to cover over; to hide
v.stop, put down, remove; submit to; subjugate
v.to catch in a trap
adj.strong; to be filled; weak; full; substantial
n.a bow stretched to the full
v.to stretch
v.to draw a bow to the full
v.sweep; expose to the sun
彿conj.similar to
v.perambulate; publicly expose; comply with, give in to; sacrifice; display
modal v.can; may; ought; should; must; have to
v.move from one place to another; change; exile
v.to stand
v.walking to and fro
v.come; solicit; send ones best wishes to
adj.imperial or royal; related to the emperor, the empress, the king, or the queen
v.to wait for; to treat somebody coldly; to expect
v.to change; to err
v.to disgrace; to have the honor to be; to throw forward
adj.loyal, devoted to a task; faithful, honest
v.be disobedient to; touch; crisscross
v.bashful; be accustomed to sth.
忿v.to hate; to get anger
v.to be ashamed; to change the complexion
v.force sb.to do sth.
v.to rely on; to persist in; to presume to
n.nature; disposition; spirit; temper; property; quality; character; sex; gender; character used to make up abstract nouns in the translation of loanwords
v.to blush; to look ashamed
v.to violate; to transgress
pron.he (a polite and courteous way of referring to a third person)
v.to think of; to consider
v.to trust; be in confidence
v.to forgive, to pardon; to excuse
adv.wantonly, to ones hearts content
v.to worry; to pity, to sympathize; to help out; to take into account; to nurse
v.to hate, to dislike; to resent; to regret
adv.calm; indifferent to fame or gain
v.rest; desist; put a stop to, cease, stop, end; appease; blow; breathe; sigh; grow
v.like; be happy to
v.be contrary to, go against; screen; rebel
v.to change, to alter; to repent; to stop; to reform
adj.be desirous but unable to speak out
v.attach importance to; advise
v.to poison; to envy; to hate; to instruct
v.to puzzle; to confuse
modal v.would like to
v.think; speculate; plan; consider; call to mind; hope; suppose; reckon; want to; feel like doing something; miss
v.to take pity on; to show tender care of; to foster; to sympathize with; to grieve
v.to consider
v.love; be fond of; like; be keen on; covet; cherish, treasure; hold dear; take good care of; be apt to; be in the habit of
v.to be pleased; to be satisfied; to satisfy
adv.be sure to
v.to change; to hide; to do evil secretly
adj.accustomed to; experienced in; addicted to
v.be used to; be in the habit of
v.to tease; to ridicule; to irritate; to be annoyed; to excite
v.to spare
v.to worry
v.to vex; to worry; to befuddle
v.to rancour; to hate; to abhor; to dislike
v.wake, up to reality
v.recall, recollect; bring to mind; reflect upon; remember
modal v.should; ought to; must
v.answer; respond; echo; deal with; cope with; reply; correspond to; fulfil; be fulfilled; comply with; grant; suit
adj.to rejoice; feeling pleased
v.to hate; to dislike; to abhor
v.to love; to long for; to infatuate; feel attached to, be reluctant to part; miss sb.
v.to injure, to damage (arch.)
v.bend; come to; violate; break, split
v.to shut a door
v.to shake
v.criticize; comment; endorse a petition; reply officially to an inferior; make an order of court; officially authorize; lease; arrange for the purchase of; sell wholesale; slap, smack
v.seek; look for; find; pay a balance; exchange; give change; call on; want to see; approach
v.to clap one's hands; beat; stamp, tread; to dance; to cheer
v.break off; to shake; to bend
v.to strain; to pour out; to express, to convey
v.to hold something with cupped hands
v.throw at, throw into, fling, hurl; jump into; cast (as a vote); present; hand over to; go in the direction of; project
v.to pawn; to arrest; to take into custody; to send under escort; to bet; to press down, to stamp
v.to mix, to separate; to toss (a salad)
v.break; turn, bend; disobey, violate; hard to pronounce; force sth. up or open; turn back
v.arrest, detain; restrain, constrain; stick to; being inflexible
v.include; enclose; embrace; come to; draw together; contract
v.to lay hold of; to pursue; to lift
v.to force; to compel; to press or squeeze hard
v.bind, tie; put together, join together; be ready to risk one's life, go all out in work
v.point; indicate; direct; refer to
prep.according to, as
v.place the hand on; press down, push down; stop, repress, restrain, control; leave aside; examine, check, refer to
v.hit from behind; get close to; suffer; wait; drag on, scrabble for a living; lean
v.shake; move; excite to action; flap; relieve; save; restore order; recall; receive; contain; rise with force and spirit; brace up
v.to stroke; to finger; to feel
v.ladle out; to bale out; to decant liquids
v.to pick up; to take; to impeach
v.to pluck; to gather in the fingers; to rub; to scrape off; strock
n.a form of scraper for levelling a seed-plot; a form of Eight used in accounts to prevent fraud
v.to slick off; to push aside
v.select; touch; take along sth. to or for; glance(at); back a cart, drive backwards; fade
v.to give up willingly, to surrender; to abandon; to give alms, dispense charity; reject; spend
v.to twist with hands;to break; to reverse; to turn back; to turn round; to violate; to offend; to disagree
v.to strike with hands; to break off with fingers and thumb; to open; to spread out
v.wind thread or rope; seek, get to the bottom of the matter; deck out, make up
v.to roll up
v.twist with the fingers; to take a pinch
v.to sweep; to clear away; to brush
v.give to; confer; transmit; award
v.to dig; to amass wealth by heavy taxation; to attack; to break; to hold something with cupped hands; to fall forward; to exact
v.pinch, nip; choke to death, throttle; inlay; count on one's fingers
v.to develop; to unfold; to pare with a knife
v.receive; continue, succeed to; catch, take hold of; join, connect; welcome; meet; accept; graft; take over
v.to draw a bow (arch.); to control; to accuse; to charge
v.push, shove; expel; shirk; decline; yield; extend; enlarge; infer; investigate; deduce; include; elect; promote; recommend; praise; esteem; give up; hand over to
v.to beat the nightwatches; to grasp
v.to carry on the shoulder
v.to cut apart; to shear; to exterminate
v.to roll up sleeves; to slap with the palm; to hit; to push; to lift up; to fill
v.lift in the hand; raise, put forward, bring up; pull up; pick up; mention; refer to; bring forward; suggest; carry; promote
v.to tug upward, to pull up; to promote; to hold the saddle; to eradicate
v.to fold; to trot; to divide into portions; to abandon; to give up; to sort out the divining stalks
v.to gesticulate; play antics; to ridicule
v.to knead; to rub; to hide or carry in one's clothes; to thump
v.to dab with a soft dry object that is sopped up with the liquid; to move; to wipe tears; to bind
v.to oar; to berth; to hide; to cover; to touch; to flog with stick or bamboo split
v.to jab; to stab; to prick; to stick in; to push hard; to exchange; to seek; to hold; to dip in; to soak; to feign ignorance; to daub; to thrust
v.to dig; to disturb
v.to pull up; to pick; to hold up; to lift up; to seize; to gather; to pluck up
n.using the side hand to strike
v.to drive off; to expel; to arrange; to get rid of
v.to stack up; to pile up
v.to take up; to collect; to improve; to pick up; to pluck; to select; to choose; to censure
v.to knead, to roll round with the hand ; to gather; to wheel, to spiral, to hover; to hold; to model; to lead
v.dismiss with a hand gesture; get rid of, abandon; strike; fall; lock in arms; fasten tightly to sth.
v.to leave aside; to bypass; to throw off; to shoot down; to outstrip; to surpass; to throw down
v.to strike; to beat
adj.fill to the point of bursting
v.to disturb; to stir; to hinder; to flinch, to yield; to surrender; to scratch
v.rip, tear, to buy (tear) cloth fom retailer
v.to split; to command; to waggle; to wave
v.to press; to push
v.arrogate to oneself, make bold; surpass; to be good at; occupy
prep.according to
v.to blow one's nose with the fingers
v.put, place; spread; arrange; set in order; wave to and fro; shake; move
v.pass through; jab the poker into a stove to stir the fire in order to remove the ashes
v.to push; to stab; to fall; to abuse; to fend off
v.gather together; collect, receive, accept; harvest; put away; close; bind; restrain, control; bring to an end, stop
v.attack; assault; apply oneself to; work at; accuse, charge; study, specialize in
v.put, place in, place on; release, free, liberate, loosen, let go; drive away, banish; indulge; issue; accord with; reach to; imitate
v.imitate, follow the example of; fulfil; verify; put forth effort, labour earnestly, devote to
v.to decree
v.dare; presume; venture; have the confidence to; be certain
v.respect, honour, revere; drink a toast to someone; offer
v.to hack with a knife or an axe (or in expression of anger); to attack; to strike; to cut with a sword; to chop
v.to behead; to decapitate;to chop off; to cut; to severe
v.to chop off; to beat; to strike; to cut in twain
v.to craft, to cut; to chop; to hack
v.to swim; to move or rove freely; to parade
v.to rise, to ascend
v.to start; to appear; to manifest
v.to be
v.be to the west
v.to appear (of sun)
v.dry up; to dry in the sunexpose to the sun
v.to faint
v.to suffer heatstroke; to change colour
v.to dry up; dried by exposing to the sun
adj.the sun about to rise
n.expose to the sun; expose to the open air
v.expose to the sun, dry in the sun, bask; print by light; shine upon
v.change, alter; attend to; be experienced in; replace
v.to write
v.place both hands above the eyes to look better into the distance (arch.)
v.meet; assemble; co-operate; see; be able to; be good at; understand; be skillful at; be likely to; be sure to
v.subdue (arch.); wear; serve; submit; be willing; swallow, take; be convinced; obey; be accustomed to
v.to bend; to offer dried meat in sacrifice
pron.I, my; the royalI” (used exclusively by the emperor or king to meanI”), the sovereign
adj.principal; original; native; current; present; according to; based on; essential; my; our
n.a toothless rake, used to smooth seed-plots
v.to shake
v.pillow; sleep; be near to
v.compel to wear a cangue
v.to paddle; to row
v.to divide; to distinguish; to open up
v.to seek out; to search into; check; to examine; look into, to investigate; look up, consult
n.an instrument made of wood used in ancient times to start the orchestra
v.to compare; to collate; to revise; to proofread
n.astrolabe used to perform augury in ancient China; a kind of tree
v.to fill with; to reel
v.to poke a hole on a slain pig
v.to flog with a club; to whip
v.to wither
v.tp paddle; to oar
v.to mark; to indicate
v.reach the end of, push to extremes; stop at nothing
n.principal columns of a hall; a unit to count the quantity of houses; pillar
v.to fell trees; to hew; to cut; to chop
v.laugh; take pleasure; be glad to; enjoy
v.to resist; to support
v.(a tree) bending downwards; to coil; to wind; to seek
v.to bend; to yield; to disturb; to weaken; to row; to disperse
v.to rely on; to carry things in a sack
n.a call to arms in ancient times; letter
v.to store
v.to weigh; to assess; to consider; to balance
v.to cough
v.smear the blood of a sacrifice on the mouthan ancient form of swearing an oath; to drink; to smear the blood
v.to smell; to touch; to admire; to like
particleused to express admiration, doubt, surprise; to mark a question
v.return to; revert to; go back; belong; restore; send back; divide; send a present of food
v.bring disaster to
v.to die of hunger; to perish
v.kill, put to death, punish
v.to bury; to die of hunger; to present oneself before something or someone
v.to die young; to die in childhood; to die
v.to die; to kill; to exterminate
v.(arch.) to apply acupuncture to a person with abdominal ailment
v.to eat; to use as food
v.rear; give birth to, bring up; nourish; educate
v.to prevent; tp guard against; take care; gushing from a spring
v.to make angry; to enrage; to bully; to insult; to annoy
v.to flood; to float; to overflow
氿v.to spurt from the side
v.to parboil; to quick boil
n.wriggle springlet; traps to catch beasts (ancient meaning)
v.to infuse; to make tea
v.dash against, charge, rush; clash with, collide; pour out; infuse; soar to; wander from; rinse; flush
v.to sweat; to dip in ink
v.to drip; to trickle; to shed tears; to glisten; to sparkle; to weep
v.sail against the current; trace back to; whirl
v.to break; to wash clean
v.pour water into a pot; soak; arrive, reach, up to
n.a whirlpool; the Fu River; an eddy; a race; used in place-names to indicate the spot as a stopping-place for boats
v.to flow underground; to swim as fish
v.to overflow
洿v.to stagnate; to dig; to decline; to contaminate; to humiliate; to defile
v.to rinse the mouth
v.to weep; to snivel
v.to drip; to strain
v.have illicit sexual relations; allow to run wild; be greedy for; indulge in; exceed
v.to take a bath
v.converge; gather together; hurry to; move close to; make up; happen to
v.be given to heavy drinking; indulge in; back on, turn back
v.to wash; to cleanse; to purge; to purify; to soak
v.to mourn
v.to warm; to revive, to review; to recapitulate
v.to mix the powder with water; to wash; to excrete stool and urine; to urinate; to spit; to excrete semen; to soak in water as meals
v.drown; indulge, give over to; be stick in; pass urine
v.to accumulate (water); to pent up
v.to be painted strongly; to float, as the clouds
v.ret, soak or steep and cause to change; to macerate; paint honey
adj.Chinese; belonging to China
v.(of water) to dash against (arch. sic)
v.to dry up; to totally disappear; to exhaust; to drain dry
v.to rain; to moisten
v.to fertilize; to anoint; to benefit; to favour
v.to become watery as paste
v.to remove
v.to bleach; to wash clean
v.to overflow; to level up
v.help, aid, relieve; cross; complete; be up to standard
v.border on, be close to
v.be close to, border on
v.to gush
v.to illumine; to reflect
v.to burn; to light, to kindle, to ignite
v.to melt; to roast; to scorch; to warm at the fire
v.to evaporate; to steam; to advance; to involve in an adulterous act with a female member of an older generation
v.to solder, to weld
v.to light; to put out
v.to warm something up
v.to burn; to heat
prep.according to, as
v.to stew; simmer, heat; burn; roast in ashes; roast in fresh cinders
v.to extinguish or put out a fire, light, etc; to wither away, to die out, to come to an end
v.to fry very quickly over hot fire
adj.ripe; cooked, done; prepared; processed; manufactured; skilled, practised, experienced; apt; accustomed to; intimate; well acquainted
v.to heat up by steaming
v.iron, press; roast; keep close to
v.stew, boil; extract sth.by heating; drag on;hold out; to endure
v.to ask divine favour of rain by sacrificing human (arch.); to toast; to burn; to dry by exposing to the sun; to bake by fire with little oil; to roast; to dry
v.to dry at the fire; to scorch; to burn; to heat
v.to burn; to roast meat for sacrifice
v.to burn; to toast; to heat
v.to roast in hot cinders; to stew
v.to make a fire draw
v.to tend as a shepherd, to rear cattle or livestock in general; to herd
v.to prop up obliquely; to keep off water with mud and stone
v.to meet; to violate
v.to till (soil); to plough up
n.dog; a courteous way to mention one's son
v.to be accustomed to something; to be bound or constrained by something; to take charge of; to be greedy; to incline to evil; to be familiar with
v.tame; domesticate; be improperly familiar with; be close to; to flirt with
v.award, give reward to
v.to hunt in night; to hunt with the torches
v.to hunt
v.to look at somebody angrily
n.a kind of gem inferior to jade; a place in Mian Chi of Henan province
n.an ornament attached to a woman's hairpin
v.to pierce the ear; to insert
n.a jade tablet or baton, which varied in shape according to different ranks, conferred upon the feudal princes by the emperor as a symbol of dignity and authority
v.manage; run; put in order; tidy up; pay attention to; acknowledge; regulate; arrange; regard
n.jade tablet given to feudal princes on their investiture, as a sign of authority and rank; keepsake; happy omen
n.beautiful jade; stone inferior to jade; the second star in the bowl of the constellation Big Dipper (Urs Major β)
v.produce; bring forth; beget; be born; give birth to; bear; grow
v.bear offspring; give birth to; produce
idiomso as to
prep.to; with; by
idiom there is no need to
prep.from; by; through; according to; because of, due to
v.to give, to offer
v.to come before the gods; to terminate
v.undertake; act as; fill an office; occupy a position; be equal to; treat as; regard as; represent; bear; accept; undertake; work as; serve as; deserve
v.to crouch (Cant.)
var.equivalent to 淋; erroneous spelling of
v.to worry; being ill in prison; to die in prison from cold and hunger; to treat with cruelty
v.to recover from any disease
adj.being unable to walk; having dysuria; infirm, being bent with age
n.illness due to anxiety; fistula, ulcer
adj.white; pure, unblemished; bright; clear, obvious; simple, easy to understand; empty; vain; naked; free, gratis
v.to flavour
v.to cover (arch.); gather
v.fill to overflow
v.to scrutinize; to gaze into distance; to take aim
v.to gaze at
v.narrow; take a nap; unable to open one's eye while getting something in it; be blinded
v.to open one's eyes wide
v.to look around
v.to look askance; to stare; to look at; to glance at
v.to look askance at; to dislike
v.to see, to look; keep a lookout; admire; to long for, to gaze at
v.stare angrily; to bear, to endure
v.to squint; to look at
v.to spy on, to look on and find out
v.to stare at somebody with anger or scorn; to peeve; to snab angrily
adj.blind; having no pupil to the eye
v.to blink, to gaze at
v.to understand; to look out over
v.to look right and left in alarm; to look about in fright
v.to pierce or bore through with an awl
n.an arrow for shooting birds; a short arrow; a bolt for a crossbow; an arrow or a dart with a silk thread fastened to it
v.to press and smooth; to touch; to calender
v.to grind, to rub, to pestle, to powder, to calender; study, research, investigate
v.to pierce; to treat and cure; to stab
n.board game of Chinese origin, played with black and white stones; any game similar to chess
v.break to pieces; smash
v.to pound with a pestle or mortar
v.to overflow; to exceed
n.a roller used to husk grain
v.to grind; to break into pieces
v.to sharpen; to grind; to temper oneself
n.god of the soil; altars to the god of the soil; god of the earth, god of the land; sacrifices to the local gods; village, hamlet; company; society; group of families; organised body; agency
v.worship; offer sacrifice to the gods or spirts of the dead
n.Ormazda, god of the Zoroastrians; Manicheanism, extended to god of the Manicheans
v.to pray; to entreat, to request ardently, to wish; to implore
n.the ceremony of offering sacrifice to gods to wash away evil influence
v.to cleanse; to remove evil; to wash away; to exorcise
n.ancient sacrifices to ancestors
v.to bury in the same tomb; to worship ancestors
v.offer a sacrifice to
v.to move; to surpass; to be or become an heir; to inherit
n.sacrificial rite or ceremony of pouring wine to irrigate the field as libation for the deities
v.to offer a sacrifice with reverene
v.bring calamity to; meet with disaster
v.to get bliss from divinities by complete sincerity
v.to make a sacrifice to the god of war before a campaign
n.a term applied to a deceased father after his tablet has been placed in the ancestral temple
v.to offer a sacrifice to exorcise evils; to drive off; to pray
v.to feed a horse
v.gather; arrange in order; offer sacrifices to gods or ancestors
adj.suitable; agreeable; correponding to
v.to accumulate
v.to offer a sacrifice to exorcise evils; to get rid of; to repel; to feel disturbed; to stuff
v.to rush out of a den; to sweep; to hang
v.to climb over a wall; to chisel; to hope presumptuously; to cut through a wall
n.hole; aperture; key to sth.
v.to measure
adj.related to India
prefixused in front of a number to build up an ordinal number
v.reply; respond to; echo; return; recompense; answer
v.to divine by stalks of plants; divining rod; diviation as prescribed in Iching or the Book of Changes
v.to divine by means of grass-stalks
n.bamboo mat spread on the floor for people to sit on; seat; feast
v.to flog
v.push with a punt-pole and cause a ship to move
n.a hut next to a pavilion
v.implore, request; summon, cry out to
v.to mash rice
v.to adorn oneself; to disguise; to pretend
v.to cook soup with rice; to disperse; to paint
v.to dispose of dung or manure (arch.)
v.to spoil or to abuse
v.to starch
n.back leather belt attached to a horse (arch.); name of tyrant ,name of last emperor of Shang Dynasty
v.to tie
v.to sew
v.to draw forth; to collect; to investigate; to follow up
v.to fasten with cords; to remove
v.to sew with long stitches
v.to comb the hair
n.ribbon attached to an official seal or medal; cord
v.tie; hold together; hold fast; to string together; maintain; safeguard; preserve
v.to bind; to braid; to twist
v.to wear; to tie, to bind up; to coil up; carry on the arm; to string together; to roll up
v.grab; lift up; comply with, conform to; gently pass
v.delay; neglect; retard; postpone; put off; recuperate; revive; come to;alleviate; mitigate; ease
v.to let down with a rope; to draw; to pull
v.to bind; to tie up
v.to hang, to suspend (arch.)
v.to sew; yo stitch; to mend
v.to stitch; to quilt; to baste
v.to tie; to twine; to bind
v.to tie up with rope or chain; to fetter a prisoner; to take into custody; to restrain; to connect
v.tie up; consume; smashed to pieces
adj.only; alone; be tantamount to
v.to tie; to bend; to fasten
v.to repeat; to translate; to turn; to browse; to noise; to interpret
v.wind round; offer a sacrifice to
v.to draw; to embroider; to sketch; to paint
v.bind; be attached to; depend upon; remember; draw; connect; unite; let; tie; fasten; do up; button up
v.to hem with invisible stitches; to reel silk from cocoons
v.to unravel, unreel, or draw silk; deduce, sort out; state; continue
v.connect; join on; add to; continue; extend; add; supply more
v.inherit, succeed to; write
v.to chink; to crack
v.to slander; hoodwink, to deceive; do not
v.to catch with net; to snare; to implicate
n.the handle of the Big Dipper; a hill; the name of certain stars and the gods supposed to live in them
v.to meet with; to suffer from; to offend; to violate; to happen to; to incur
v.to fish for; to catch
v.bolt; to trap; to arrange; spread out; collect, gather together; display; to sift
v.(arch.) to offer tribute or gifts
v.to mix; to interpolate; the sheep herd
v.practise; study; exercise; review; get accustomed to, be used to, become familiar with
v.close; gather; be obedient to, submit to; change
v.to soar aloft; to fly aloft
v.to screen; to conceal; to shade
v.to plough (plow)
v.to plough (am. plow); to till land; to cultivate
v.to hoe, to weed; to abuse; to groan
v.to plough with the rake
v.to be clamorous, noisy; to chat garrulously
v.hear, listen to; understand; comply with; allow, let; acknowledge; await; heed; obey
adj.small, tiny; be like, be similar to
v.consent to; to permit; wish; choose to; to confirm; to agree
v.give birth to; nourish; bring up, rear, raise; educate
v.turn the back on, turn away; disavow; memorize, recite from memory, learn by heart; carry on the back; act contrary to, violate
v.to attend to a patient; to feel a patient's pulse
adj.related to blood siblings (from the same womb)
v.to open sideway; to go aground; to rifle
v.adhere to
v.narrate; report; offer sacrifice to
v.be subject to
v.be satisfied; be rest content with (arch.); to hide
adj.near to
v.descend; come to; copy, imitate; face; overlook; arrive; be present
v.to smell (arch.); stink, emit foul odor
v.to send, to deliver; to convey to (arch.); cause, incur, bring about, occasion, result in; retire, resign; extend to; apply to; transmit; devote
prep.with; by; to
v.give, offer, grant, allow; get along with, be on good terms with; take part in, participate in; concede to; share in; be present at; be concerned about
adj.contrary to; radical
v.to run counter; to crisscross; to oppose
v.to sail; to navigate
v.pull in to shore
v.to mow; to cut down; scythe
n.Gordon euryale; Euryale ferox; plant allied to the waterlily
idiomas if; as to
v.seem; conform to; accord with
adj.luxuriant; referring to Indigenous religion of Tibet
v.to draft (a document)
v.to repeat; to introduce, to recommend
v.to open up a wasteland; to reclaim a wasteland; to plough and weed
v.to fade
n.a term for various plants similar to lettuce
n.a plant similar to radish
v.set forth; manifest, make known; write; put on, wear; belong to a place; blossom
v.to supervise; to direct; to command; to take charge of; rectify
v.to reach; administer, rule, manage; come to, arrive, at present; approach and watch
v.to vaporize; to worry; to weed
v.to wear on the head
v.to cover with straw
v.to feed animal with hay mixed with crops
n.five times; to increase five-fold
v.to finish; to complete; to prepare; to command; to release
v.to weed, to eradicate; to pull up, to pull out
v.to cover
v.to weed; to cut short; to shave
v.to gather
v.dip, submerge; attach to another surface by adhesive
adj.brutal, cruel, ferocious; violent, perilous; to ones hearts content
v.dwell; abide in, stay on; be at rest in; occupy; decide; judge; punish; settle, end; manage; adjust; attend to; place
v.to wriggle; to curl
v.to despise
v.degenerate; slough off, to exuviate, moult
n.moth; beautiful eyebrows; some fungus similar to or likened to a moth; ant
v.to move, to flinch; to be nimble
n.a kind of insect said to be good at carrying a heavy load
n.a kind of insect said to be good at carrying a heavy load
n.a Chinese blister beetle; a fly which is used similarly to cantharides
n.a kind of insect that destructs the roots of rice seedlings; a pest; a fly which is used similarly to cantharides
v.to bore through; to corrupt; to harm
n.epistaxis, bleeding from nose, ear, or gum; to be defeated
adj.happy; stable; outspoken; upright; to be pleased
v.to give pleasure
v.burst, split; strip oneself naked to the waist; vindicate; give unprincipled support to
n.lengthwise from north to south; length; longitude
v.to hold something with the front of a Chinese jacket
v.to take off the clothes and expose the body; to carry in the girdle
v.to gather; to assemble; to collect; to praise; to capture
adj.abundant; well-to-do; tolerant
v.repair, mend; patch; add to; help; fill a vacancy; supply; make up for; nourish
v.be naked to the waist, divest or unbutton one's upper garment; take off the outer clothing
v.to sew onto clothing
v.to strip off; to take away from; to abolish; to get rid of; to pull; to abandon; to deprive of; to undress
v.to tight a horse by corses; wreathe
n.the etiquette that ancient women need to perform
v.to carry with the front of a robe
v.to expose; to exalt
v.to make a raid on, to attack; to replicate; to inherit
v.to tie or stitch together
v.want; wish; need; require; make an agreement; seek for; ask for; meet; force; demand; will be, be going to; need, take
v.turn over; topple; to throw a rider
v.to spy on; to observe in secret; tp peek; to peep
v.go to court, present oneself before (a monarch); meet with
v.to see, to observe, to view, to behold, to gaze, to watch; to travel for pleasure
v.loose; untie; release, relieve; get rid of; explain, interpret; solve; expound; seperate, divide; undo; allay; dispel; dismiss; to transport goods or prisoners under guard
v.to get
v.arrange; settle, fix, conclude, draw up, agree on; edit; collate; subscribe to
v.beg; demand, ask for; dun; punish; put to death; exterminate; send armed force to suppress; send a punitive expendition against; denounce; condemn
adj.to be hesitant in speech; to be cautious in speech
v.to stop, to finish; to settle as an account
v.blackmail; change, move; cheat; to swindle
v.meet face to face, move towards; wonder, surprised
v.stammer; be hardhearted enough to talk rarely
v.attend to a patient; examine; diagnose
v.measure; consider, seek for; caluminate, to slander the righteous; detest; blame
v.to scold; to curse; to rail at; to abuse verbally
v.to argue, to flatter
adj.to be stutter; exhausted; suddenly-mute
v.to bend; to yield; to humiliate, to wrong; to demote, to oust, to relegate; to complete; to be over; to contract; to wrinkle; to crouch; to stammer
v.ask about, inquire; try to ascertain
v.to revile, to talk abusively, to shame
v.contradict; to deceive, cheat, defraud; sly
v.to explain, to comment, to illustrate; to enforce
adj.fated to be; proper; said, respective
v.owe; deserve; belong to
詿v.to affect adversely; to impose upon; to disturb; to implicate; to cheat, to deceive
v.to eulogize the dead
v.punish; kill, sentence to death; demand uncompromisingly
v.give birth to, be born
v.to blame; to censure; to sneer at; to scold; to ridicule
v.talk with; give a hint; tell to; speak, say
v.to adulate, to flatter; to cajole; to toady; to act in an obsequious way
v.to calumniate; to slander
v.to boast; to quibble; to brag
v.to forget; to bawl
v.to believe, to trust
v.to promise; to agree; to consent
v.visit; call on a senior; pay one's respect to; report
v.talk nonsense; to make up (a story)
v.to speak out boldly; to stutter, to stammer
v.to confer a title posthumously
v.preach; expound, explain, make clear; argue; discuss, negotiate; speak, say, tell; investigate; analyse; bargain; stress, pay attention to, be particular about
v.to sing without instrumental accompaniment (arch.)
v.cough slightly; to speak softly
n.a high official demoted to a minor post in an outlying district; fault, mistake
v.to teach wholeheartedly; to edit, to compile; to write; to have; to exhort with precepts; to discourse in the praise of something or someone; to compose
v.to slander
v.to scold; to ridicule; to blame
v.to talk on and on, to harp on; to rave; to be delirious
v.to deceive; to cheat; to lie
v.to praise or flatter evildoers; to exaggerate
v.to change, to transform, to alter; to rebel
v.to respond; to proof read; to hate
v.deny, refuse to admit; frame a case against somebody; cheat; accuse falsely; slander, libel
v.to cheer
v.to decide judicially; report a case to the higher authorities, ask for instructions; distinguish
n.tapir?; white panther (sic. according to 爾雅); badger
var.variant of 貊 (according to 韻會)
v.to prophesy
v.bear; sustain; carry on the back; trust to, rely on; turn the back on; lose; fail; owe; betray
v.to promote; to shift, to transfer; extend
v.buy to resell; sell out
v.upbraid; ask from; demand, require; punish; question closely; blame; lay a charge upon; to reprimand, to admonish
adj.auxiliary, subsidiary; treacherous; tempted to betray
v.a whole divides into two; be double-minded; to betray; assist
v.to include; to summarize; to have, to possess; to give; be prepared for ; be included in; be embraced in
v.to seek in an underhanded way; to bribe
v.to award; to give as a present; to present as a gift; to confer; to bestow on an inferior; to reward
n.fine payable for one's crime among the southern tribes (comparable to indulgence in the West)
v.to present a gift to a bereaved family; to contribute towards funeral expenses
n.gift presented to a senior at ones first visit
n.an amount of money paid in advance to show earnestness
v.to help, to support, to assist, aid; to praise, to admire, to second
v.able to support a great weight; to roar
v.to blush; to turn red
v.go to; get to, attend; jump into; join
adj.not progressing; to be checked
v.follow; expel; drive; pursue; avail oneself of; catch up with; overtake; try to catch; make a dash for; rush for; hurry through
v.to sit cross-legged, as a Buddhist devotee.
v.travel by feet, to walk
v.to sit cross-legged; to squat
v.to fall; to swoop down
n.the instep; the foot; the leg; the end; to calyx; a prostrate lie
v.go to; reach; distant from; resist; oppose; strike downwards with spears
prep.with; to
n.half a step or short step; a stride equal to half a pace
v.to step
v.whirl; turn back; walk to and fro; walk with one foot
v.to tread on; to trample on; to step on irreverently
v.to fall forward; fall prone; fall prostrate; to fall; to lay out a corpse; to be destroyed; to overturn; to fall down dead; to stumble
v.to step; to stamp; to trot; to skip; to dance; to put the foot down
v.to ride a donkey
v.to trample
v.to walk in small pace; to feel or show constraint
v.to clear the traffic for the emperor's route, to keep persons off the route of the emperor when on tour
v.to wrinkle (brows); frown; force, compel; be close to, approach
v.to trample; to explore road; to wade; to tread through mud and water
v.to limp; to walk unsteadily
v.loiter around, walk to and fro, stop
v.to tread on; to kick; to pursue
v.to stumble; to slip
v.buy or sell wholesale; to store; to stack up; to stock
v.ascend; arrive, reach; promote; strive to be among
v.to overstep; to go beyond; to stride over; to step across; to skip over; to trample upon; to promote by pass the immediate leadership; to hold; to take
v.to walk about
v.to trip and fall; to fall; to tumble; to suffer a setback; to hinder; to stumble
v.to walk round and round
v.to walk
v.to leap, to jump; to spurt out; to eject; to run
n.a piece of wood serving as a brake to halt a carriage; an ancient measure of varying lengths; wheel
v.to surpass; to transgress (arch.); to excel; tomake a sudden violent attack, to assault; be scattered
v.mourn, draw a hearse; to pull a wheel-chair
v.to assist, to complement, to help, to support
adj.unlucky; unable to reach one's aim
v.to dismember [a person] (arch.) be unworthy of, to let down; to fall short of other's expectation
v.manage, do, handle, tackle, attend to; deal with; do business, transact; provide; set up, run; buy
v.insult; stifle; be indebted to
v.to pervert, to distort
v.till, up to
v.to meet; to welcome; to receive; go in person to meet; to greet
v.to get near; to approach
v.to meet face to face; to move towards; to slip away; to go to meet; to receive as a guest
v.to meet someone unexpectedly
v.to bend around and turn; revolve
v.to deceive, to delude; to confuse, to charm, to fascinate or to infatuate; to become charmed, fascinated or infatuated
v.chase after, follow; pursue; overtake; escort; go back; trace out; follow to its source; seek for; reminisce; reflect upon; look back upon; press for payment
v.accompany, escort; send; give to, hand over; deliver; carry
v.to ramble; to wander; to stroll; to roam
v.pass through, go through; communicate; succeed; understand, know; circulate; connect; to commit adultery
v.(verb meaning 1) construct, build; begin; prepare; create; make; institute, train, educate; (verb meaning 2) go to, advance to, attain
v.to come and go; to loiter about; to yield; to retreat
v.meet, come upon; pander to
v.to walk as one pleases; to go carefully; to advance
adv.then, therefore; to the full; already
v.satisfy, fulfil; succeed; grow; be obedient to; comply with
n.surname; inspector sent by the emperor to inform about public opinions
v.arrive at, reach, extend, attain; penetrate, pass through; succeed; obtain advancement; apprehend; notify, make known, express, communicate; carry out, have access to
v.keep away from; send away; keep at a distance, to distantiate; to avoid
v.to roam; to ramble; to travel for pleasure
v.go to; reach; follow; pursue; marry; suit; succeed; be blessed with; happen; fall in with; (a woman being) married to
adj.difficult to walk; hard; be greedy for
v.to avoid; to follow
v.to meet unexpectedly
v.to read loudly; to exceed; to pass by
v.to walk in crowds
n.the name of a small principality in what is now called Shensi, the home to the founder of the Chou dynasty
n.guild hall; residence of a high official; hotel; till, to
v.to look up; to distinguish
v.match, pair; to mate; become man and wife; be loaded with; be charged with; suffer punishment; compound; mix; distribute according to plan; deserve; to make up (a prescription)
v.be given to heavy drinking; be roaring drunk
v.to turn acid; to pledge a host in wine; to recompense
adj.drink to ones hearts content; flourishing; satisfied; intoxicated
v.to enjoy intoxication
v. to deal in liquors or spirits
v.propose a toast, toast; reward, payment; friendly exchange; fulfil, realize; offer a sacrifice to; present each other
v.to filter
v.to wake up, arouse; startle, sober
v.to heal, to cure
v.contribute money to buy wine and drink together; to contribute to a feast; to pool (money)
v.repeat; lay stress on; attach importance to
v.to cut with a sickle; to mow
v.sharpen wood; hammer iron to a point
v.to mount with gold, silver or shells from shell-fish; to cushion
v.to hoe
v.to plat with metal
v.to adze
v.to forge (metal, esp. iron); to temper, to refine
n.an ancient weapon which similar to a fork
v.to turn in a lathe
v.to engage in fierce battle; to fight to the end
v.to engrave, to carve
v.to engrave
v.engrave; chisel; keep deeply in mind; cut down, reduce; demote, reduce to a lower rank
v.to cast metal; to mint coin; to educate people
n.gate to a village; hamlet; a surname
v.to mourn, to grieve; to condole, offer ones condolences; encourage
n.powerful individual, family or group; left-hand entrance in a triple gate; classification according to rank
n.threshold; gate; a commanding general or minister, door leading to the women's apartments; women's quarters; women; wife; a surname
v.to shut; to stop; to obstruct; to conceal; to block; to restrain; to control
v.to look at closely
v.to live alone, live in solitude
v.to bend; to stop up; to block up
v.to fill up; to stuff
v.to shut, to close; to lock up, shut in; to close down; to connect; implicate; to involve; be concerned with
n.a wall around a market place; the gate leading to a market place
v.to bury alive; to involve; to entrap
n.steps leading to the eastern door
v.being close to danger
v.groan; lean towards; assent to; flatter
idiomnear to
v.adhere to; dependent on; append; enclose; attach; add to; increase; be possessed by; agree to
v.to descend, to fall; to come down from heaven; to send down; to degrade, to demote; to drop, to lower; to submit to; to surrender; to capitulate; to subdue
adj.related to genitalia; shady; secret; dark; mysterious; cold
v.to collapse
n.aisle leading to the coffin chamber of an ancient tomb; tunnel
v.follow; accord with; accompany; comply with; adapt to; let
v.to destroy; to overthrow; to jeopardize; to be lazy
adj.attached to; belonging to; subservient to
n.Asian barred owlet (Glaucidium cuculoides); refers also to a black horse with white mane
v.whiten; to wipe off a shame or grievance by avenging
v.to wait [because of rain] (arch.); need; require; have to
v.depend on; trust to; lean on; lean against; get near; keep to; come up to
v.waste; die out; no, not; disperse, blown away by the wind; to fascinate with
n.leather-made shoes filled with Ula grass in order to keep warmth
n.leather belt harnessed to the posterior part of livestock
v.give birth to, rear; bow
v.to interrogate a prisoner; to make a judicial investigation
n.top, summit; crown of the head; a button formerly worn on the hat to indicate rank
adj.inclined to side; just now
v.have to; wait; expect
adj.oblique, be inclined to one side, slant; partial, prejudiced, biased
v.inscribe; bring to notice
v.care for, look after; regard; turn the head round to look; attend to; take into consideration; visit; call on
v.to frown one' brows; to knit the brows; to scowl
v.to sway in the wind
v.to soar; to fly
v.to wave, to float
v.to sup, to dine; to soak the cooked rice in the water
v.to cook until well done; hard boil
v.eat to the full
n.dry provisions or goods; rations (to take on expedition)
v.carry food to laborers in the field
v.starved to death; lack
v.to feast; to provide dinner for; to entertain; to sacrifice; to offer food and drink; to enjoy; to receive entertainment; to grant; to offer in sacrifice or at a feast; to enjoy a sacrifice as the gods
v.to gallop disorderly; to make every effort to; rush about; pursue, run
v.to geld, to castrate
v.to gallop
prep.similar to, like
v.to lacquer
v.to dress the hair
v.to quarrel, to feud, to fight
v.to cast a lot; to draw lots
v.to have a nightmare; to delude; to confuse
v.to preserve
n.flatfish; flounder; sole; plaice, pleuronectid (all referring to a family of fish)
n.a big fish; the huge fish found in the Yellow River that is said to be unable to close its eyes; a widower; a unmarried man
v.to poison
n.an owl; a fabulous bird which is said to eat the whole of its mother without the head
v.to gather
n.a kind of legendary bird similar to phoenix; lovebird
v.to gallop; to seek for; to swim
鷿n.a variety of waterbird which is similar to but smaller than a wild duck
v.to flock together, to band together; to collect
v.to smear; to stain
v.to strive; to endeavor
v.to snore
n.take in both hands and offer to; to present in both hands
v.classify, juxtapose, to be ranked or treated as member of a group (arch.)
v.to gnaw; to peculate; to bite; to nibble
v.to show or bare ones teeth
v.to gnaw
v. to gnaw; to bite; to bark a tree
adj.imperial; related to the emperor